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H2020 projects about "curve"

The page lists 69 projects related to the topic "curve".

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1 ATHLOS Ageing Trajectories of Health: Longitudinal Opportunities and Synergies 2015
2 DormantMicrobes Revealing the function of dormant soil microorganisms and the cues for their awakening 2015
3 SAFEcrypto Secure Architectures of Future Emerging Cryptography 2015
4 Euler systems Euler systems and the Birch--Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture 2015
5 RepHorm A device that will dramatically improve the protection of babies during birth. It will monitor the child continuously with better acuity, resulting in better clinical outcomes at a lower cost. 2014
6 FOSICAV Families of Subvarieties in Complex Algebraic Varieties 2015
7 GREAT Deformations of fundamental Groups of REpresentATions 2016
8 GEOGRAL Geometry of Grassmannian Lagrangian manifolds and their submanifolds, with applications to nonlinear partial differential equations of physical interest 2015
9 INVLOCCY Invariants of local Calabi-Yau 3-folds 2015
10 LORENZLIDAR Classification of Forest Structural Types with LiDAR Remote Sensing Applied to Study Tree Size-Density Scaling Theories 2016
11 BIDAMARK BIg DAta-driven MARKeting for better competitiveness 2015
12 [e-POM-Bioanal] Electrobioanalytical Applications of Polyoxometalates 2015
13 PRINTOO PRINTOO - flexible, thin, printed electronics prototyping kit 2015
14 P3DNavitech Novel navigation system for arthroscopy that uses solely the endoscopic video to perform measurements inside the joints and provide the necessary guidance to the surgeon. 2015
15 CEITER Cross-Border Educational Innovation thru Technology-Enhanced Research 2015
16 RVT The Reversible Variable Transmission – Visionary Transmission for unprecedented Fuel, CO2 and Cost Savings 2015
17 NEUROSPECT Neurological application validation for photon counting spectral CT 2015
18 ALKAGE Algebraic and Kähler geometry 2015
19 OPTIMISED Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data 2015
20 EAVI2020 European AIDS Vaccine Initiative 2020 2015
21 Icarus Bringing Personalized Knowledge to Students in Public Schools Through Artificial Intelligence in ELearning 2016
22 INTHER Clinical validation and commercialization of innovative immunostimulating Interstitial Laser Thermotherapy 2016
23 Thomson Controller The Thomson Controller is a fully pre-programmed vehicle and chassis smart control module designed to provide energy efficient and safe supervisory control to an electric vehicle powertrain. 2016
24 IoF2020 Internet of Food and Farm 2020 2017
25 MultiViVax Development of Effective Vaccines against Multiple Lifecycle Stages of Plasmodium vivax malaria 2017
26 SURVANT SURveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant 2017
27 AGAGAP Algebraic Group Actions in Geometry, Arithmetic, and Physics 2017
28 Starflict Conflicts in start-ups: coping with stress and conflicts to promote well-being and entrepreneurial success 2018
29 BTMG Birational and Tropical Methods in Geometry 2018
30 GalRepsDiophantine Galois Representations and Diophantine Problems 2018
31 MO.RE. More: motion recognition to enable human muscles, the ultimate tom-tom of muscles for a new era of motor and sport rehabilitation. 2017
32 GeoLocLang GeoLocLang 2017
33 EXOCONDENSE Climate Dynamics of Exoplanets with Condensible Atmospheres 2017
34 MedicSen A new innovative method for diabetes treatment, the artificial pancreas system 2017
35 RAINBOW Rapid Biomechanics Simulation for Personalized Clinical Design 2018
36 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
37 EPIC Energy transfer Processes at gas/wall Interfaces under extreme Conditions 2017
38 MANANDNATURE Man and Nature in Developing Countries 2017
39 SUPERSTARS Type Ia supernovae: from explosions to cosmology 2018
40 GreatMoves General Relativistic Moving-Mesh Simulations of Neutron-Star Mergers 2018
41 TRUFUS MAZARO’s innovative transmissions for unrivalled electricity and fuel savings in transport 2017
42 Easy Reading Easy Reading: A Framework for Personalised Cognitive Accessibility when using Original Digital Content 2018
43 HomeEnergyStorage Cost-effective battery for storage of locally produced Photovoltaic energy at residential buildings 2017
44 PLUGandFLOW VessConnect “Plug Flow” innovative technology providing patients a safer, more effective and less costly procedure for vascular anastomosis 2017
45 MULTICURVE Unique multi-curve active catheter for complex endovascular navigation 2018
46 VERIFY Observation-based system for monitoring and verification of greenhouse gases 2018
47 HIPERFAN HIgh PERformance Journal Bearing Technology for new geared TurboFAN generations 2018
48 DetEdIn Micro-, Meso-, and Macro-Level Determinants of Educational Inequalities: An Interdisciplinary Approach 2018
49 APOLO SmArt Designed Full Printed Flexible RObust Efficient Organic HaLide PerOvskite solar cells 2018
50 TRANSHOLOMORPHIC New transversality techniques in holomorphic curve theories 2018
51 LowDegModCurve Low Degree Points on Modular Curves 2018
52 Spectro-Metrics Advanced Data Mining Procedures Applied to Raman Spectroscopy Investigations of Interactions between Drugs and Cells. 2018
53 eDrop Droplet Photoelectron Imaging 2018
54 PROCESS PROviding Computing solutions for ExaScale ChallengeS 2017
55 LIFESPAN Early-life influences on suicidal ideation, suicide attempts and suicide mortality: a life-courseperspective to inform prevention 2018
56 UpSurgeOn Academy UpSurgeOn Academy: A multilevel educational platform for neurosurgical training. 2018
57 Andrea A Novel Detection protocols for REliable prostate cancer Assays 2018
58 CURVE-X Industrialisation of curved sensors and related imagers 2019
59 MyKite Fly with Big Data 2019
60 DuraCap The first ultra-thin, flexible and durable pseudocapacitor fully integrated in a device for low power applications 2019
61 VINOQUANT11SUPERPLUS A digital based system for measuring, showing and regulation of the complexe system of wine feremtation with high precision via a Bluetooth -Refractometer, a Software and a Bluetooth Thermostat 2019
62 MEANINGFUL Miniaturised Energy harvester for AutoNomous INdustrial, Global retail and FUture smart-cities appLications 2019
63 SYZYGY Syzygies, moduli and topological invariants of groups 2020
64 X-BONECUT Next generation robotic surgery: robotic vision based safe endoscopic spine surgery 2019
66 SMART2 Advanced integrated obstacle and track intrusion detection system for smart automation of rail transport 2019
67 EXACTC Solving gauge theories in 4D: Exact correlation functions from integrability 2020
68 VASCUGRAFT Strain-stiffening vascular graft with outstanding compliance 2020
69 SNeX The origins of thermonuclear supernova explosions 2020