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H2020 projects about "enrich"

The page lists 137 projects related to the topic "enrich".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EXPLORATHON EXPLORATHON - European Researchers' Night Scotland 2014
2 DIVERSIFOOD Embedding crop diversity and networking for local high quality food systems 2015
3 lightMaterInt Exploiting light and material interaction 2015
5 HUMANE HUMANE: a typology, method and roadmap for HUman-MAchine NEtworks 2015
6 MECANEX Multimedia Content Annotations for Rapid Exploitation in Multi-Screen Environments 2015
7 AXIOM Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era 2015
8 SKEMAS Share Knowledge for Effective Management of Aviation Safety 2014
9 CLEANLIB Cleansing the Library: the Expurgatory Censorship of Books in Europe (Science and Humanities, 16th-18th cent.) 2016
10 PFCCMS Pattern Formation in Catalytic Colloidal Microswimmers 2015
11 FOODWASTE Food Waste In Denmark and Sweden - Understanding Household Consumption Practices to develop Sustainable Food Care 2016
12 EI-USAXS Imaging ultra-small angle x-ray scattering with edge-illumination: exploiting sub-pixel information in medical diagnostics, materials science and security screening 2015
13 MoStMusic Models of Structure in Music 2016
14 Adapting Dickens Dickens, Adaptation, and the Nineteenth-Century European Theatre 2016
15 cRISys Innovation Systems in Financial Crisis: Technological Dynamics, Industrial Structure and Business Cycles 2015
16 NCDIFFGEO Models of noncommutative differential geometries 2016
17 PFSEXOME Identification of protein kinases and signalling pathways important for Plasmodium falciparum malaria transmission 2015
18 CarboPlex Development of carbon-rich biochar-mineral complexes for soil amendment, carbon sequestration and beyond (CarboPlex) 2015
19 VR-Suit VR-Suit : MultiModal experiences in a Virtual World 2015
21 EI3POD EMBL Interdisciplinary, International and Intersectorial Postdocs 2015
22 GenoSpec Insights from Population Genomics to the Evolution of Host Specificity in Insect Fungi 2015
23 Enerbox Sustainable and Standalone Oxyhydrogen powered heat generator box 2015
24 GREYZONE Illuminating the 'Grey Zone': Addressing Complex Complicity in Human Rights Violations 2015
25 TRANSPOP The Transformation of Popular Politics in Europe’s Long Nineteenth Century 2015
26 Oligomers Characterising protein oligomers and their role in neurodegenerative disease in humans 2015
27 COGNITUS Converging broadcast and user generated content for interactive ultra-high definition services 2016
28 PPOSS Planetary Protection of Outer Solar System 2016
29 STREAM Strategies towards Excellence in Immuno-Oncology 2016
30 AQUISS Air Quality Information Services 2016
31 WPolitical Wittgenstein and Political Theory 2016
32 RGDQG Renormalisation Group methods for discrete Quantum Gravity 2016
33 CATA-LUX Light-Driven Asymmetric Organocatalysis 2016
34 FACELOOK Identity Management on Social Media by Diasporic LGBTQs 2016
35 COBOTNITY A community of surface bots for creative storytelling 2016
36 IGATO The introduction of the glaze in al-Andalus: technological waves and Oriental influences 2016
37 PEARLE Peers in ECEC centres: who are they and do they matter? An empirical analysis on ECEC group composition, its drivers and its effects 2016
38 CHIMMM Discovery of novel chiral magnetic molecular materials for the study of magnetochiral effects 2016
39 Age Asymmetry Age-Selective Segregation of Organelles 2016
40 CHAOS C-H Acids for Organic Synthesis 2016
41 LAWALISI Law, Authority and Learning in Imami Shi'ite Islam 2016
42 PERFORMART Promoting, Patronising and Practising the Arts in Roman Aristocratic Families (1644-1740). The Contribution of Roman Family Archives to the History of Performing Arts 2016
43 SuccessfulGovernance Success in Public Governance: Assessing and explaining how public problems are sometimes addressed remarkably effectively 2016
44 FRIENDKHANA Friendly gamification business model based on intelligent data analysis to enrich consumers personalized e-commerce experiences 2016
45 ENRICH Enriched communication across the lifespan 2016
46 IMCA Immersive Cabin 2016
47 VINCAT A Unified Approach to Redox-Neutral C-C Couplings: Exploiting Vinyl Cation Rearrangements 2017
48 ORCHESTRATE Building complex life through self-organization: from organ to organism 2016
49 BIOFAGE Interaction Dynamics of Bacterial Biofilms with Bacteriophages 2017
50 OpenAIRE-Connect OpenAIRE - CONNECTing scientific results in support of Open Science 2017
51 MARCO MArket Research for a Climate Services Observatory 2016
52 HIRMEOS High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science infrastructure 2017
53 CARER-AID Controlled Autonomous Robot for Early detection and Rehabilitation of Autism and Intellectual Disability 2017
54 SLAFNET Slavery in Africa: a dialogue between Europe and Africa 2017
55 VirFree Virus free Fruit Nurseries 2017
56 LIFECYCLE Early-life stressors and LifeCycle health 2017
57 Matryoshka Fast Interactive Verification through Strong Higher-Order Automation 2017
58 SURVANT SURveillance Video Archives iNvestigation assisTant 2017
59 CortIMod Implementation and Preliminary Validation of a Novel Noninvasive Neuromodulation Technique to Restore Hand Movement and Promote Recovery after Stroke 2016
60 NTPleasure Non-Thermal PLasma Enabled cAtalysis-Separation system for UpgRading biogasto mEthane-NTPleasure 2018
61 OCEANURB the unseen spaces of extended urbanization in the North Sea 2017
62 I2C8 Inspiring to Create 2017
63 WELCOME-UNIVERSITY Newcomers at the University. Welcome practices and staff involvement in the UK 2017
64 Sounds Delicious Sounds Delicious: A historical anthropology of listening and sound in Danish and French cooking 2018
65 BogomolovMultiplier Bogomolov Multiplier 2017
66 RELMED Electricity in the Mediterranean: Promoting good regulatory governance 2017
67 SELFCONTROLHEALTH Childhood Self-Control, Social Conditions, and Adult Health 2018
68 INTERSPINE From Neurons to Robots: Non-Invasive, General-Purpose Interfacing With Human Spinal Motor Neurons 2017
69 ISA-NPC-ASI In Situ structural Analysis of Nuclear Pore Complex ASsembly Intermediates by cryo-FIB-tomography 2018
70 3DviralRNA Structural and functional characterization of large viral and human non-coding RNA motifs involved in HIV infection 2018
71 WESTRAT Western Strategies in East Asia. The Reconfiguration of US, British and French security policies in the Pacific Century 2017
72 ROCKY Forests and Trees: the Formal Semantics of Collective Categorization 2017
73 FreeBC_Orgs The Freebird Club organisational membership portal 2017
74 AfriCultuReS Enhancing Food Security in AFRIcan AgriCULTUral Systems with the Support of REmote Sensing 2017
75 AniStyle Artistic Animation Rendering with Stylization 2018
76 LANGARCHIV Hausa and Kanuri languages as archive for the history of Sahara and Sahel in 18th and 19th century 2018
77 XDC eXtreme DataCloud 2017
78 DEEP-HybridDataCloud Designing and Enabling E-infrastructures for intensive Processing in a Hybrid DataCloud 2017
79 ENACT Development, Operation, and Quality Assurance of Trustworthy Smart IoT Systems 2018
80 INSENSION Personalized intelligent platform enabling interaction with digital services to individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities 2018
81 SULFOSOL Sulfur-based solutions for the selective functionalization of organic substrates 2018
82 DIM Decoding ISGylation events in Macrophages 2018
83 FutureHealth Global future health: a multi-sited ethnography of an adaptive intervention 2018
84 DISC Evolutionary diversification across scales 2018
85 MQC Maintaining Quantum Coherence for Quantum Information Applications 2018
86 POLY-SAAR Conjugated Hybrid Polymers from Unsaturated Heavier Group 14 Building Blocks 2019
87 SC-EpiTranscriptome Investigating differentiation using parallel single cell transcriptomic and epigenomic analysis 2019
88 QPARK A Quantitative Approach for Smart Parking 2018
89 TROMPA Towards Richer Online Music Public-domain Archives 2018
90 SimEA Modeling and Simulation for Engineering Applications 2019
91 SPAGAD Speech Acts in Grammar and Discourse 2019
92 HuMaInn DataMall DataMall (Behavee) is an open ecosystem for the eCommerce cyberspace 2018
93 EUREMnext Taking European EnergyManagers to next efficiency levels by implementing energy audit recommendations 2018
94 TERRIFFIC Tools for early and Effective Reconnaissance in cbRne Incidents providing First responders Faster Information and enabling better management of the Control zone 2018
95 DECENTER Decentralised technologies for orchestrated cloud-to-edge intelligence 2018
96 TheaTheor Theorizing the Production of 'Comedia Nueva': The Process of Play Configuration in Spanish Golden Age Theater 2018
97 Eternum A Novel Wine Elaboration Process 2018
98 MEDIKURA MEDIKURA: Digital Infrastructure for Drug Safety in Europe 2018
99 STOP STop Obesity Platform 2019
100 Pro-Enrich Development of novel functional proteins and bioactive ingredients from rapeseed, olive, tomato and citrus fruit side streams for applications in food, cosmetics, pet food and adhesives 2018
101 iqClock Integrated Quantum Clock 2018
102 ACOUPLASMA Market maturation of a blood plasma separation module enabling plasma based diagnostic point-of-care devices 2018
103 VIRTUALTIMES Exploring and Modifying the Sense of Time in Virtual Environments 2019
104 CoSP Combinatorial Structures and Processes 2019
105 TripIod Development of Triptycene-Based New Hypervalent Iodine Reagents for Selective Organic Synthesis 2019
106 Governance Democratic governance in a turbulent age 2018
107 MULTIPLY Municipal peer-to-peer learning in integrating transport, land-use planning and energy policy at district level 2018
108 PATHOS Photonic and nAnomeTric High-sensitivity biO-Sensing 2019
109 MIX2FIX Hybrid, organic-inorganic chalcogenide optoelectronics 2019
110 MARSoluT Managed Aquifer Recharge Solutions Training Network 2019
111 MICROB-PREDICT MICROBiome-based biomarkers to PREDICT decompensation of liver cirrhosis and treatment response 2019
112 RESIST3D Targeting drug resistance in ovarian cancer through large-scale drug-response profiling in physiologically relevant cancer organoids 2020
113 CoCoUnit CoCoUnit: An Energy-Efficient Processing Unit for Cognitive Computing 2019
114 SAPPAN Sharing and Automation for Privacy Preserving Attack Neutralization 2019
115 CuDiCy Power through Attraction: British, Greek and Turkish Cultural Diplomacy in Cyprus, 1945-1974 2019
116 GTBB General theory for Big Bayes 2019
117 SensStabComp Sensitivity, Stability, and Computation 2019
118 EBiSC2 EBiSC2 – A sustainable European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells 2019
119 ExPaNDS EOSC Photon and Neutron Data Services 2019
120 DIMMs Durable Infrastructure Materials Modified by self-assembled hollow nanostructured materials 2020
121 ODIX 2.0 A revolutionary cybersecurity SaaS helping small-medium business (SMEs) to protect their networks like large corporates do! 2019
122 AAT Appraising and accelerating theoretical progress in memory modification research with meta-science, Bayesian statistics, and an open-collaborative approach. 2020
123 HMS Homological mirror symmetry, Hodge theory, and symplectic topology 2020
124 SUBMODULAR The Power of Randomness and Continuity in Submodular Optimization 2019
125 MEMEX MEMEX: MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling 2019
126 ZETA-FM Zeta functions and Fourier-Mukai transforms 2020
127 RESILIENCE REligious Studies Infrastructure: tooLs, Experts, conNections and CEnters 2019
128 ForM-SMArt Formal Methods for Stochastic Models: Algorithms and Applications 2020
129 Worlds of Lithium A multi-sited and transnational study of transitions towards post-fossil fuel societies 2020
130 DisMaLS Distributional Macroeconomics in the Long and Short Run 2020
131 Geowox A platform supercharging residential property valuations. 2020
132 ciTTub Molecular Basis of Tubulin Transport During Cilium Formation 2020
133 ICEDRAGON Modelling of dust formation and chemistry in AGB outflows and disks 2020
134 PCPPP Poverty, Child Protection and Parents' Participation 2020
135 Matthew Expanding the Gospel according to Matthew: Continuity and Change in Early Gospel Literature 2020
136 ELECTRAMMOX Bioelectrochemical anaerobic oxidation of ammonia for sustainable N removal from wastewater 2020
137 AGenT Agricultural Genomics Transversal Postdoctoral Program 2021