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H2020 projects about "phenomenological"

The page lists 66 projects related to the topic "phenomenological".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CATCH-EyoU Constructing AcTive CitizensHip with European Youth: Policies, Practices, Challenges and Solutions 2015
2 BETAPEV Beyond Empathy: Toward a phenomenological Ethics of Vulnerability 2015
3 Pathologies Pathologies of temporality. Abnormal experiences of time in mental disorders 2016
4 HIGGS-BSM-EFT Higgs and Beyond the Standard Model Effective Field Theory, systematic developments. 2015
5 BBP Bridging Belief and Practice 2015
6 TUCLA Towards a deepened understanding of combustion processes using advanced laser diagnostics 2016
7 IMFDforHIC Improved Fluid Dynamics for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions 2016
8 SM-GRAV Gravity, Holography and The Standard Model 2016
9 FEMSAG Feminist theory after sex and gender: The nature-nurture complex in contemporary feminism reconsidered in light of the Developmental Systems Theory approach to the philosophy of biology 2017
10 QUASIFT Quantum Algebraic Structures In Field Theories 2016
11 TAME-Plasmons a Theoretical chemistry Approach to tiME-resolved molecular Plasmonics 2016
12 RGDQG Renormalisation Group methods for discrete Quantum Gravity 2016
13 HIGGSBNDL Higgs bundles: Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Geometry 2016
14 NIOBE Non-Leptonic Three-Body B Decays: Theory and Phenomenology 2017
15 Phenclass Ancient Philosophy and the Emergence of European Thought: Phenomenology in Conversation with Classical Studies 2016
16 NaMeS “Interdisciplinary NAnoscience School: from phenoMEnology to applicationS” 2016
17 ESPCSS Efficient Spin-Photon Coupling in the Solid-State 2016
18 GravityLS Large Scale Structure Constraints of General Relativity 2016
19 NNLOforLHC2 New level of theoretical precision for LHC Run 2 and beyond 2016
20 MinimalSelf Embodiment, Intersubjectivity, and the Minimal Self 2016
21 NUTS Nuclei Using Topological Solitons 2016
22 FricLess A seamless multi-scale model for contact, friction, and solid lubrication 2016
23 SmartAnswer Smart mitigation of flow-induced acoustic radiation and transmission for reduced aircraft, surface transport, workplaces and wind energy noise 2017
24 UNIGLASS The Enigmatic Universality of Glass 2017
25 CholAminCo Synergy and antagonism of cholinergic and dopaminergic systems in associative learning 2017
26 LoTGlasSy Low Temperature Glassy Systems 2016
27 AtoFun Atomic Scale Defects: Structure and Function 2017
28 OpenRiskNet OpenRiskNet: Open e-Infrastructure to Support Data Sharing, Knowledge Integration and in silico Analysis and Modelling in Risk Assessment 2016
29 MagBURST Exploding stars from first principles: MAGnetars as engines of hypernovae and gamma-ray BURSTs 2017
30 SPINBEYOND Spin Transport Beyond Electrons 2017
31 DOMINO The Development of a Multiscale Modeling Framework for Investigating Marine Soft Clays 2018
32 DISFILM Fluorescent-based innovative measure in thin liquid films: A way to understand stability and energy dissipation in foams and emulsions 2017
33 InvasiveSDM Frontiers in invasive species distribution modelling: incorporating human-associations and intraspecific niche structure to improve risk predictions. 2017
34 Tau-SYNERGIES Closing in on New Physics in light-quark flavour transitions: from tau decays to the LHC 2017
35 AFFINITY Amplitudes and form factors via integrability 2018
36 HiProLoop Scattering Amplitudes for Higgs Production at High-Order as touchstone for Automated Multiloop Feynman Calculus 2018
37 MPAmplitudes Multi-particle scattering amplitudes for precision collider physics 2018
38 microKIc Microscopic Origins of Fracture Toughness 2017
39 NNNPDF Proton strucure for discovery at the Large Hadron Collider 2017
40 ParDHonS_FFs.TMDs Parton Dynamics in QCD Hadron Structure: collinear FFs and unpolarized TMDs 2018
41 AMPLITUDES Manifesting the Simplicity of Scattering Amplitudes 2018
42 OACTIVE Advanced personalised, multi-scale computer models preventing OsteoArthritis 2017
43 GWsFromEMRIs Gravitational waves from extreme mass-ratio inspirals 2018
44 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
45 JetDynamics High precision multi-jet dynamics at the LHC 2018
46 ElIonT Electron- and Ion Transfer at the Interface: a Hyphenated Dynamic Multi-Frequency Approach 2018
47 GlueCore Mapping the 3-dimensional gluon structure of the proton 2018
48 DUSTDEVILS The Dust Devils in Galaxy Centres 2018
49 Learn2 Learning and Being in Sport: A Phenomenological Investigation 2019
50 EPSKS Efficient pore-scale kinetic simulation of gas flows in ultra-tight porous media 2018
51 SQuHadron Strategies to tackle the Quest for Hadronization 2019
52 SAGEX Scattering Amplitudes: from Geometry to Experiment 2018
53 IAXOplus Towards the detection of the axion with the International Axion Observatory 2018
54 ARTSOUNDSCAPES The sound of special places: exploring rock art soundscapes and the sacred 2018
55 TMCS Topological Matter and Crystal Symmetry: From Microscopic Structure to Phenomenology 2019
56 hipQCD Highest Precision QCD predictions for a new era in Higgs boson phenomenology 2019
57 HydraMechanics Mechanical Aspects of Hydra Morphogenesis 2019
58 FLAY Flavor Anomalies and the origin of the Yukawa couplings 2019
59 AN-ICON An-Iconology: History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images 2019
60 HIEIC Heavy ion collisions: collectivity and precision in saturation physics 2019
61 CATCH-22 High temperature superconductivity and the Catch-22 conundrum 2019
62 PULSE-COM Photo-Piezo-ActUators based on Light SEnsitive COMposite 2019
63 NQTPS Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport, Probes and Simulations 2019
64 JQ4LHC Jet quenching for heavy-ion collisions at the LHC 2021
65 DhostHunt A new avenue in the hunt for dark energy 2020
66 Heart Fi-Re HEART FIne REgulation through mechanosensing in myosin filaments: merging theory and experiments into a multi-scale heart simulator 2021