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H2020 projects about "tracks"

The page lists 83 projects related to the topic "tracks".

# achronym  title  year 
1 TRACKS Tenth Researchers' night Anniversary for Citizenship in the Knowledge Society 2014
2 IN2RAIL Innovative Intelligent Rail 2015
3 WRIST Innovative Welding Processes for New Rail Infrastructures 2015
4 RECOBA Cross-sectorial real-time sensing, advanced control and optimisation of batch processes saving energy and raw materials 2015
5 LOCOMOUSE Cerebellar circuit mechanisms of coordinated locomotion in mice 2015
7 UACSURF Understanding atmospheric circulation from a surface perspective 2015
8 Walgo What is an Algorithm? Extensional and Intensional Equivalences between Programs 2015
9 KEME Knitting early modern Europe: materials, manufacture and meaning 2015
10 DIRS Deusto International Research School 2016
11 WeSmartPark Giving Drivers Access to Conventional and Electric Car Parking Lots Through the WeSmartPark Enhanced Management System 2015
12 URBAVENTO An innovative, small footprint, vertical axis wind turbine for decentralized energy-production designed for urban areas, which is cheap to maintain and ensures energy production even at low wind speed 2015
13 STARS Satellite Technology for Advanced Railway Signalling 2016
14 TopDyn Probing topology and dynamics in driven quantum many-body systems 2016
15 Hyksos Enigma The Enigma of the Hyksos 2016
16 LINK Linking excellence in biomedical knowledge and computational intelligence research for personalized management of CVD within PHC 2016
17 BIAF Bird Inspired Autonomous Flight 2016
18 FUTURA FUTUre RAil freight transport: cost-effective, safe, quiet and green! 2016
19 ARIADNE ARgon ImAging DetectioN chambEr 2016
20 Recyclatrack 100% recovery and RECYCLing of construction vehicle crAwler TRACKs into constituent rubber and steel for sustainable raw material supply 2016
21 DIGITALIA Disruptive process for the construction of railway transition zones, reducing drastically construction and maintenance costs 2016
22 AutoScan AutoScan – Rail inspection by autonomous systems 2016
23 NATURAL_BAT_NAV Neural basis of natural navigation: Representation of goals, 3-D spaces and 1-km distances in the bat hippocampal formation – the role of experience 2016
24 NEOBALLAST New high-performant and long-lasting ballast for sustainable railway infrastructures 2016
25 Dycare Dynamic Care Solutions for clinical assessment of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders 2016
26 DTD SYSTEM A disruptive innovation for the minimisation of railway maintenance costs 2016
27 VERTEBRATE HERBIVORY Evolution of herbivory in vertebrates: developing combined isotope (Ca, Sr) and dental surface texture analysis as deep time diet proxies 2016
28 CODECHECK CRACKING THE CODE BEHIND MITOTIC FIDELITY: the roles of tubulin post-translational modifications and a chromosome separation checkpoint 2016
29 LEAPS Light effected autonomous molecular pumps: Towards active transporters and actuating materials 2016
30 WheelWatcher Advanced wheel measuring system for greater rail sector’s profitability 2016
31 StatusCities Migrant legal STATUS diversity and diversity dynamics in European CITIES 2017
32 Forwarder2020 Smart Forwarder for sustainable and efficient forest operation and management 2016
33 TrafficWise Transforming Cellular Network Data Into the Next Generation of Mobility Management Platform 2016
34 MonoDiaL Monolithic Diamond Raman Laser (MonoDial) 2016
35 RICA Reputation Matters in the Regulatory State: Re-thinking the Fundamentals of Regulatory Independence, Credibility and Accountability 2017
36 PISPA PISPA – Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics – Testing product market fit for a disruptive Information sharing platform for brands and resellers 2017
37 GRAILS-SWE Greater RAIL Safety using the Smart Washer Ecosystem 2017
38 TOPIOS Tracking Of Plastic In Our Seas 2017
39 LiveJourney LiveJourney 2017
40 Skylynx Upgrading Railways from the Air 2017
41 ENCIRCLE Enhancing Research Careers and mobility in Macedonia 2017
42 SKDWONTRACK Room temperature stabilization and all-electrical manipulation of chiral spin structures in metallic multilayers 2018
43 CANT Prepared for Every Fortune:Cynicism as an Analytical and Normative Perspective in Democratic Theory 2017
44 DIGITALIA 2 Disruptive process for the construction of railway transition zones, reducing drastically construction and maintenance costs 2017
45 CaseXtreme ChAnges in the Statistics of EXTremes Events in cliMatE 2017
46 KEEPERS Keepers: The Key to your Child’s Safety 2017
47 SAFE STRIP Safe and green Sensor Technologies for self-explaining and forgiving Road Interactive aPplications 2017
48 FINEPRINT Spatially explicit material footprints: fine-scale assessment of Europe’s global environmental and social impacts 2017
49 INTAC The International Register of Academic Job Categories. Facilitating Careers in the European Research Area 2017
50 DEMOBASE DEsign and MOdelling for improved BAttery Safety and Efficiency 2017
51 FAST-TRACKS Fast rAdio technologieS for uninterrupTed TRAin to traCKside communicationS 2017
52 IRIS Integrated and Replicable Solutions for Co-Creation in Sustainable Cities 2017
53 DANTE DANTE: Digital Alarm Network and Tracking Equipment for forest fire detection 2018
54 CULTRAMACY Normalizing a Difficult Past? Cultural trauma and collective memory in Austria and Croatia 2019
55 TransparencyMeters Transparency instruments to quantify the method transparency, analytic robustness, and replicability of empirical research 2018
56 MONSOON Monsoons and climate change: roles of atmospheric and oceanic processes 2018
57 ENSEMBLE ENabling SafE Multi-Brand pLatooning for Europe 2018
58 PALAEO-RA A Palaeoreanalysis To Understand Decadal Climate Variability 2018
59 PISPA Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics 2018
60 CircaCHIP Development of Circadian Rhythms on Chip 2018
61 WIRE2018 Smart Choices für innovative regional ecosystems. The Power of Connectivity, Entrepreneurship and Science & Research. 2018
62 FASTEN Fine-Grained Analysis of Software Ecosystems as Networks 2019
63 PULSAR Prototype for an Ultra Large Structure Assembly Robot 2019
64 MindGAP Bridging the gap between Mind, Brain and Body: exosome role and monitoring 2019
65 HomeSafe Non-Invasive, Private and Ultra-Low Cost 24/7 Health Care Monitoring for the Elderly Community 2019
66 NatDyReL Utilizing Natural Dynamics for Reliable Legged Locomotion 2019
67 DriveToTheFuture Needs, wants and behaviour of 'Drivers' and automated vehicle users today and into the future 2019
68 MigrationRadar Elucidating continental-scale patterns of bird migration with weather radars 2019
69 BabyBayes Bayesian Learning in the Infant Brain 2019
71 EIPOD4 EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoc Programme 4 2019
72 AVEHIL A modern professional race car simulator for racing teams and individuals 2019
73 SARIDAS SARIDAS: Saratoga Integrated Dental Simulation Platform 2019
74 MeDiTATe The Medical Digital Twin for Aneurysm Prevention and Treatment 2020
75 GLAD Global Lagrangian Cloud Dynamics 2020
76 POCITYF A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework 2019
77 ID Ward ID Ward: blockchain-based universal ID for privacy-preserving personalisation 2019
78 LT LaserTrain 2019
79 TRANSIT Train pass-by noise source characterization and separation tools for cost-effective vehicle certification 2019
80 SMART2 Advanced integrated obstacle and track intrusion detection system for smart automation of rail transport 2019
81 SURE 3-D Super resolution Ultrasound Real time imaging of Erythrocytes 2020
82 Optics-MISS Optical Real-Time Anatomical Tracking- Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 2020
83 OLI.VAS The Oligo-Vascular interface: understanding its properties and functions 2020