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H2020 projects about "wasted"

The page lists 122 projects related to the topic "wasted".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FRESH-DEMO Waste reduction and quality improvement of fruits and vegetables via an innovative and energy-efficient humidification/disinfection technology 2015
2 SYNCHRO-NET Synchro-modal Supply Chain Eco-Net 2015
4 G MOTIT Galileo-Enhanced MOTIT: an electric scooter sharing service for sustainable urban mobility 2015
5 E-saving Ultrasonics Energy-saving and reducing carbon emissions by applying advanced ultrasonic technology to industrial maintenance services for compressed air systems 2014
6 DeReco Feasibility Study on Decentralised Heat Recovery 2014
7 Global PERES Bringing a breakthrough e-nose solution on global markets for portable and reliable food safety and quality control 2014
8 Woolvation Development of sheep wool blocks to be used for greenhouse cultivation 2015
9 3F-FutureFreshFruit Elucidating the molecular basis of fruit resistance to desiccation: The cuticle as a key factor 2015
10 FOODWASTE Food Waste In Denmark and Sweden - Understanding Household Consumption Practices to develop Sustainable Food Care 2016
11 FreshInk Colour-code labelling for continuous monitoring of quality and safety of packed chicken meat 2015
12 BARAT Biomechancial Aneurysm Risk Assessment Trial 2015
13 SINANN Sonar INtegrated Advanced NavigatioN 2015
14 RePack Reusable, returnable packaging for e-commerce 2015
15 GReen Desalination GReen Desalination: A closed-loop technology for full recovery of water and raw materials from the wastewater effluent 2015
16 FRISCO Food Retail Industry Supply Chain Optimization (FRISCO): Food Discount Intelligence to Reduce Food Waste through the implementation of the FoodLoop Platform 2015
17 GATIPOR Guaranteed fully adaptive algorithms with tailored inexact solvers for complex porous media flows 2015
18 HyBurn New high temperature in-situ premix gas combustion systems for more efficient and cleaner combustion of hydrogen and lean gases 2015
19 CoPS Coevolutionary Policy Search 2015
20 platinDx A test for predicting the efficacy of common platinum drugs enabling personalized chemotherapy for bladder cancer patients. 2015
21 ParkBee Private garages’ access system, through a real-time and keyless solution, for cheaper and faster prime inner-city parking. 2015
22 ATOM Attention to Marketing (ATOM): Application of eye-tracking to the online market for advertising 2015
23 BioAqua Water as cosubstrate for biocatalytic redox reactions 2015
24 REFRESH Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain 2015
25 READEX Runtime Exploitation of Application Dynamism for Energy-efficient eXascale computing 2015
26 POWERCLOUD Cloud Energy management solution for Office It equipment and Smart devices 2015
27 NoMaD The Novel Materials Discovery Laboratory 2015
28 SaSHa Si on SiC for the Harsh Environment of Space 2016
29 SETA SETA: An open, sustainable, ubiquitous data and service ecosystem for efficient, effective, safe, resilient mobility in metropolitan areas 2016
30 STARS4ALL A Collective Awareness Platform for Promoting Dark Skies in Europe 2016
31 SavingFood An innovative solution to tackle food waste through the collaborative power of ICT networks 2016
32 SLICEWATCH Monitoring meat texture to optimize slicing yield and reduce wasted meat in high-speed slicing lines 2016
33 ChArGED CleAnweb Gamified Energy Disaggregation 2016
35 CONTREX Controlling Triplet Excitons in Organic Semiconductors 2016
37 SuccessfulGovernance Success in Public Governance: Assessing and explaining how public problems are sometimes addressed remarkably effectively 2016
38 Chatgrape Chatgrape. The world’s most advanced team chat meets enterprise search. 2016
39 ThermoHeart A revolutionary Stirling engine to use low and medium temperature waste heat to generate electricity and to reduce CO2 emissions 2016
40 AgriMax Agri and food waste valorisation co-ops based on flexible multi-feedstocks biorefinery processing technologies for new high added value applications 2016
41 LOWUP LOW valued energy sources UPgrading for buildings and industry uses 2016
42 INFARM The vertical farming revolution, urban Farming as a Service. 2016
43 SD4Food The Spot Demetallizing Film - a unique, environment and health-friendly technology for effective food packaging. 2016
44 APACHE The innovative heat pump boiler to double energy efficiency in heat generation 2016
45 SHOTL A shared mobility On-Demand Service 2016
46 SCRAMJET Empowering Business Flights 2016
47 INTEGRAL INitiative to bring the 2nd generation of ThermoElectric Generators into industrial ReALity 2016
48 Intranetum Disrupting the Way We Store and Search for Files, Replacing The Folder-Based With a Context-Based Filing Paradigm. 2017
49 PISPA PISPA – Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics – Testing product market fit for a disruptive Information sharing platform for brands and resellers 2017
50 ExtremoChem Chemically synthesised novel compounds for the stabilisation of biologics 2016
51 Obox A revolutionary and patented compact device that recovers the majority of the heat from waste water in residential and commercial places 2016
52 TRUST TRUck Suistanable Transport - Innovative project for management of Contract Logistics 2017
53 NAROBAND Environmental friendly narrow band-gap colloidal nanocrystals for optoelectronic devices 2017
54 CREG Chemist Researcher for Adhesive and Resolvable Electrolyte Gel Development 2017
55 TENGEAD Tribo-Electric-Nanogenerator for Energy Autonomous Devices 2017
56 Fresh Solutions Fresh Solutions –‘A fresh approach to food packaging’ 2017
58 DIAG-PANTOGRAPH Train Pantograph equipped with diagnostic system for reduction of faults and maintenance cost 2017
59 ECOSHEET-PRO An Eco-Innovative Alternative to Plywood 2017
60 Castor EDC Castor EDC: Unlocking the Potential of Data in Biomedical Research 2017
61 GASVESSEL Compressed Natural Gas Transport System 2017
62 UDO The ultimate commuting solution for a car-free city 2017
63 ECO-RIVEST An innovative ECO inteRnal coverIng for metal and plastic conVEntionalS conTainers 2017
64 OPTIBLANKS Hybrid EMAT-Vision solution for OPTImisation of advanced manufacturing process of automotive tailor welded BLANKS 2017
65 PureBlade PureBlade - Clean Sheet Compressor Design, Low Energy Air Supply for Food Drinks Production 2017
66 BENEFFICE Energy Behaviour Change driven by plug-and-play-and-forget ICT and Business Models focusing on complementary currency for Energy Efficiency for the Wider Population 2017
67 Efficoil Integrating Punching and Laser Coil Technology for Metal Manufacturing Industry 2017
68 SWAMP Smart Water Management Platform 2017
69 Propelair The refinement, miniaturisation and demonstration of an ultra low flush toilet capable of saving 2.8 billion litres of clean, potable water being unnecessarily wasted in Europe every day. 2017
70 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
71 FENIX Future business models for the Efficient recovery of Natural and Industrial secondary resources in eXtended supply chains contexts 2018
72 MANU-SQUARE MANUfacturing ecoSystem of QUAlified Resources Exchange 2018
73 PRETZEL Novel modular stack design for high pressure PEM water electrolyzer technology with wide operation range and reduced cost 2018
74 POHP Combined waste heat recovery and compact cooling with Pyroelectric-Oscillating Heat Pipe (POHP) system for low temperature thermal to electrical energy conversion 2018
75 Smart Cooking Low energy, infrared oven for an improved automated cooking 2018
76 LNGCOLD Improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by utilization of ultra-cold energy from the regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG) 2018
77 GENESIS Generic semiclassical transport simulator for new generation thermoelectric materials 2018
78 NanoPyroMat ZnS Wurtzite Nanotextured Ceramic Materials for Pyroelectric Energy Harvesting 2018
79 ANTHEM Advanced Hybrid Thermoelectric Materials through Vapor Phase Infiltration 2018
80 AIC24 Sustainable Datacenters Through Immersed Computing 2018
81 Datumate Field data analytics cloud platform using drone-photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms for construction infrastructure planning, execution and delivery 2018
82 POWDER POWDER: DeveloPment and Optimisation of 3D Printing with neW Certified PowDER Material. 2018
83 Is it fresh Is it fresh. Keeping it fresh digitally 2018
84 FoodMonitor Inline real-time 4.0 quality monitoring in food production 2018
85 Mimica Touch Bioreactive food expiry label that mimics the actual decay of food for a reliable and accurate method of reducing food waste 2018
86 AuriGen Next Generation Left Atrial Appendage Implant to Treat Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 2018
87 SensaSticker Improving the global cold chain with cutting-edge temperature monitoring solution 2018
88 XIMOFILM The first ultra-low extractable silicone film release liner for electronics, silicone adhesive market and medical applications 2018
89 DeLiver FISH-LIVER-HARVESTER (FLH) Project - an automated fish liver harvesting machine 2018
90 FRESHDETECT FRESHDETECT – food safety – fast and reliable 2018
91 SeafoodTrace SeafoodTrace: Intelligent Traceability Platform enabling full transparency in the Seafood supply chain 2018
92 Antiseptic-Wax Bioinspired superhydrophbic wax surfaces to eliminate biofilm formation in the food industry 2018
93 SmartCOOLBOX Smart modular passive cool boxes for sustainable logistics 2018
94 PREFE This proposal is about PREFEapp, an innovative mobile app that aims at cutting food waste at its roots thanks to the cooperation of final consumers, municipal undertakings and LSRT players. 2018
95 Symptoma Symptoma, Better Diagnosis for Patients with Rare and Complex Diseases 2018
96 FreshIndex Trust and Transparency for The Food Supply Chain 2018
97 ColorSensing A quantitative, multifunctional, non-invasive and cost-effective food freshness indicator to reduce food waste 2018
98 WIISAS Plug and play LED lighting control and monitoring system for new and existing installations 2018
99 DURAFRESH Advanced multi effect device to prevent fruit and vegetables ripening 2019
100 CCR Rotative Cylinder Compressor for energy efficient industrial compression process 2019
101 C123 Methane oxidative conversion and hydroformylation to propylene 2019
102 LAA-START Left Atrial Appendage Electrical Isolation via Bio-photonic Optical Confirmation to Treat Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 2019
103 ImpactVision A new standard for food safety and quality 2019
104 MataDOR Medium Density Fibreboard Recovery 2019
105 Prognolite The first holistic restaurant forecasting tool to reduce food waste by predicting future demand 2019
106 FRAMTID Sustainable food packaging technology as an alternative to plastic 2019
107 XSpectra XSpectra: The Most Advanced Real Time Food Contaminants Detector 2019
108 ProCEedS Promoting Circular Economy in the Food Supply Chain 2019
109 IRIS Phase-1 A revolutionary blood test to easily diagnose and prevent deadly complications of organs and tissue transplants. 2019
110 ViAjeRo ViAjeRo: Virtual and Augmented Reality passenger experiences 2019
111 ELAPHARMA A novel approach of organ preservation using anti-necrosis agent before transplantation. 2019
112 FertiCycle New bio-based fertilisers from organic waste upcycling 2020
113 Cryo-SECOM Workflow Unlocking the potential of cryo-electron tomography by simplification of the sample preparation workflow 2019
114 CQWLED Overcoming the efficiency limitation of semiconductor quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes 2020
115 MULTIMAG Multiscale Magnetic Models for Emerging Energy Conversion Applications 2020
116 Citibox Revolutionising the way in which parcels are delivered 2019
117 Waste reduction Freshness and expiration date measurement 2019
118 SIDEWIND Horizontal wind turbines for maritime transport ships 2019
119 Mashcream Launching the Mashcream Lifestyle With the In-Home Cool Plate Ice Cream Maker 2019
120 Gasgon Development of a Novel Medical Device to Remove Air Bubbles from Medicines, Which Will Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs of IV Infusion 2020
121 NEOSIGHT Bringing to the market a new generation of AI-powered Media Monitoring Tools 2020
122 FLAMINCO FLAmeless, affordable & high efficiency MIcro turbine system for sustainable residential COgeneration 2020