Progetti FP7 coordinati da "Istituto superiore di sanita"

# progetto  anno  totale costo  contributi 
1 NECOBELAC Network of collaboration between Europe and Latin American Caribbean countries to spread know-how in scientific writing and provide the best tools to exploit open access information in public health 2009 907˙177.00 800˙000.00
2 TRAIN 2009 Training through Research Application Italian INitative 2009 2011 2˙501˙550.00 1˙000˙620.00
3 RARE-BESTPRACTICES Platform for sharing best practices for management of rare diseases 2013 2˙299˙401.00 2˙000˙000.00
4 HERACLES Human cystic Echinococcosis ReseArch in CentraL and Eastern Societies 2013 3˙784˙916.00 2˙861˙500.00

Altri progetti

L'Ente istituto superiore di sanita partecipato anche in questi progetti.