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H2020 projects about "hubs"

The page lists 151 projects related to the topic "hubs".

# achronym  title  year 
1 TWIST DIGITAL Transregional Web Innovative Services for Thriving Digital and Mobile Entrepreneurship 2015
2 ePlus Ecosystem Fostering Web Entrepreneurship in Europe: e-talent, e-mentoring, e-services and e-capital for e-entrepreneurs 2015
3 MY-WAY Strengthening the web entrepreneurship ecosystem in Europe for young people by creating a pan-European network of actively engaged student networks and student entrepreneurship centres 2015
5 WeHubs The European network of Women web Entrepreneurs Hubs 2015
6 MATCH The Alliance for Materials way to the creation of the MATerials Common House - MATCH 2015
7 POSEIDON novel bioreactor Platform for reprOducible, Scalable ExpansIonand cardiac DifferentiatiON of hiPSC in suspension culture 2015
8 MARVIN Independent Smart Machine-Vision Based Cargo Counting Module 2015
9 Aerowash II InnovAtive automatic battERy pOwered WASHing robot for the aviation industry – Aerowash II 2015
10 Train-to-NZEB Train-to-NZEB: The Building Knowledge Hubs 2015
11 HaS-DARIAH Humanities at Scale: Evolving the DARIAH-ERIC 2015
12 Hypatia Hypatia 2015
13 SPIDERS Synthetic aPerture Interferometric raDiometer for sEcurity in cRitical infraStructures 2015
14 XS2I4MS Access to I4MS 2015
15 I4MS-Growth Support and stimulation of dynamic and organic growth of pan European ICT for Manufacturing SME Innovation Ecosystems 2015
16 ExpoSEED Exploring the molecular control of seed yield in crops 2016
17 LEDILSol Multipurpose Cloud-Based Control Platform High Performance LED Lighting Solution for Smart Cities 2015
18 SAFE-CTS Efficient and cost-effective intermodal road-rail container freight system 2015
19 SyBil-AA Systems Biology of Alcohol Addiction: Modeling and validating disease state networks in human and animal brains for understanding pathophysiolgy, predicting outcomes and improving therapy 2016
20 WAZIUP Open Innovation Platform for IoT-Big Data in Sub-Sahara Africa 2016
21 AGRIFORVALOR Bringing added value to agriculture and forest sectors by closing the research and innovation divide 2016
22 REACH Renewable Energy and Connectivity Hub 2016
23 MITOCHONTACTS Mitochondrial membrane contact sites 2016
24 MIGROPOLIS Renaissance Migropolis: Mobility, Migration and the Politics of Reception in Venice (ca. 1450-1650) 2016
25 EduHubMig Knowledge migration flows in education hubs: Mobile students enrolled at Indian and British branch campuses in the United Arab Emirates 2017
26 PORTIS PORT-Cities: Integrating Sustainability 2016
27 SuperEh Super Variable Vector Combnation for Voltage Optmisation Energy Saving Hub 2016
28 SCI-ALL Science Unites ALL 2016
29 PAL Public Space Navigation for All 2016
31 EUGENIUS European Group of Enterprises for a Network of Information Using Space 2016
32 PULSE Participatory Urban Living for Sustainable Environments 2016
33 UBORA Euro-African Open Biomedical Engineering e-Platform for Innovation through Education 2017
34 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
35 TT Transforming Transport 2017
36 OptoBETA Multicellular regulation of insulin secretion from pancreatic islets 2017
37 HBM4EU European Human Biomonitoring Initiative 2017
38 SCHIP Social CHallenges and Innovation Platform 2016
39 WISE A novel approach to remote and real-time aircraft maintenance 2017
40 N4I_CLUSTERS Networking for innovation: how entrepreneurs' network behaviours help clusters to innovate 2017
41 NearUS Network for European Research and Innovation acceleration in the US 2017
42 EbolaMoDRAD Ebola Virus: Modern Approaches for developing bedside Rapid Diagnostics – Sofia ref.: 115843 2015
43 srpabsotcpfaaieps Selective ribosome profiling and biochemistry studies on the co-translational protein folding and assembly in eukaryotic protein synthesis 2018
44 SARSESNA Sustaining A Regional Screen Ecosystem In A Small Nation: Aarhus and the West Danish Film Fund, 2002-2019 2018
45 LessThanWagonLoad Development of ‘Less than Wagon Load’ transport solutions in the Antwerp Chemical cluster 2017
46 CLUSTERS 2.0 Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters towards Physical Internet 2017
47 MRI-STRUCTURE MRI Signal To Recover Unique Cerebral TissUe Response to changEs 2018
48 SECURE_TRAY Advanced Security Trays for World Airports 2017
49 MediaRoad MediaRoad – European Media Ecosystem for Innovation 2017
50 TETRAMAX TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments 2017
51 FED4SAE Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative 2017
52 DIATOMIC Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European Microelectronics Industry 2017
53 innocult Centre of Excellence for Cultural and Creative Innovations in Lithuania 2017
54 NeuroRibo Specialized Ribosomes for Neuronal Protein Synthesis 2017
55 TransFold Molecular Biology of Nascent Chains: Co-translational folding and assembly of proteins in eukaryotes 2017
56 I4MS-Go I4MS Going to Market Alliance 2017
57 EPPN European Network for Pilot Production Facilities and Innovation Hubs 2017
58 AMable AdditiveManufacturABLE 2017
59 ASSTRA Advanced Solid State Transformers 2018
60 CATALYST Converting DCs in Energy Flexibility Ecosystems (CATALYST) 2017
61 L4MS Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs 2017
62 MIDIH Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs 2017
63 AIM Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem improvement 2017
64 FR8HUB Real time information applications and energy efficient solutions for rail freight 2017
65 Torqway Hybrid Safe personal transportation that makes you healthier. 2017
66 BLOOM Boosting European citizens knowledge and awareness of bioeconomy 2017
67 Space at Sea Multi-use affordable standardised floating Space@Sea 2017
68 OPTIYARD Optimised Real-time Yard and Network Management 2017
69 RECOPHARMA Removal and Recovery of Pharmaceutical Persistent Pollutants from Wastewater by Selective Reagentless Process 2018
70 EnABLES European Infrastructure Powering the Internet of Things 2018
71 P2PMODELS Decentralized Blockchain-based Organizations for Bootstrapping the Collaborative Economy 2018
72 TWIGA Transforming Weather Water data into value-added Information services for sustainable Growth in Africa 2018
73 ROSEWOOD European Network of Regions On SustainablE WOOD mobilisation 2018
74 Access2Europe Help startups to scale by leveraging the access to European markets offered by four major startup hubs 2018
75 EPICA EPICA - Strategic partnership for the co-design of an innovative and scalable eportfolio ecosystem to improve the quality and visibility of skills 2018
76 Scale-EU2p ecoSystems Connected to AcceLerate and Encourage European Union start-uPs with high Potential 2017
77 Soft-Landing The Soft-Landing Project 2017
78 AAL2 Augmented Approaches to Land 2 2018
79 PLABOR Platform Labor: Digital transformations of work and livelihood in post-welfare societies 2018
80 MEL-Interactions An integrative approach for the exploration of melanoma genetic and immunological interactions 2018
81 InnoForESt Smart information, governance and business innovations for sustainable supply and payment mechanisms for forest ecosystem services 2017
82 NEFERTITI Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration 2018
83 InnovOleum An innovative business model: turning domestic used cooking oil into renewable “fuel” for education and entrepreneurship 2018
84 NEFERTITI Networking European Farms to Enhance Cross Fertilisation and Innovation Uptake through Demonstration 2018
85 INFRAGLOB AFRICA's ‘INFRASTRUCTURE GLOBALITIES’: Rethinking the Political Geographies of Economic Hubs from the Global South 2018
86 DenCity Density assemblages: intensity and the city in a global urban age 2018
87 COREALIS Capacity with a pOsitive enviRonmEntal and societAL footprInt: portS in the future era 2018
88 ICONET New ICT infrastructure and reference architecture to support Operations in future PI Logistics NETworks 2018
89 PIXEL Port IoT for Environmental Leverage 2018
90 INNOSETA Accelerating Innovative practices for Spraying Equipment, Training and Advising in European agriculture through the mobilization of Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems 2018
91 NEWSENs eNergy nEutral Wireless SEnsor Networks 2019
92 FMSystem The European Fiscal-Military System 1530-1870 2018
93 SMARTCHAIN Towards Innovation - driven and smart solutions in short food supply chains 2018
94 RURITAGE Rural regeneration through systemic heritage-led strategies 2018
95 cGEM the Center for Genomics, Evolution and Medicine 2018
96 GalNav InDoor Extending the outdoor navigation experience to the indoors 2018
97 ORTO Ocean Reef Tower Oases: Feeding the World, Restoring the Oceans 2018
99 ENCODE EfficieNtly manage COntent across Devices lifEtyme 2018
100 ICT-BIOCHAIN ICT-BIOCHAIN - ICT Tools in Efficient Biomass Supply Chains for Sustainable Chemical Production 2018
101 TARDIS A novel robotic parcel locker platform for cheap, efficient & convenient last-mile delivery 2018
102 MiRTLE Next generation, high performance, long range, standoff, concealed threat detection system to protect European citizens and critical infrastructure 2018
103 REACH Renewable Energy and Connectivity Hub 2018
104 SmartAgriHubs Connecting the dots to unleash the innovation potential for digital transformation of the European agri-food sector 2018
105 TInnGO Transport Innovation Gender Observatory 2018
106 RODIN RObotics Digital Innovation Network 2018
107 E-MAGIC European Magnesium Interactive Battery Community 2019
108 EnTimeMent EnTimeMent - ENtrainment and synchronization at multiple TIME scales in the MENTal foundations of expressive gesture 2019
109 gE.CO Living Lab Generative European Commons Living Lab 2019
110 RIMA Robotics for Infrastructure Inspection and MAintenance 2019
111 DIH-HERO Digital Innovation Hubs in Healthcare Robotics 2019
112 TRINITY Digital Technologies, Advanced Robotics and increased Cyber-security for Agile Production in Future European Manufacturing Ecosystems 2019
113 DIHNET.EU Next Generation European DIH Network 2018
114 LO-ACT Low Carbon Action in Ordinary Cities 2019
115 OpenInnoTrain Open Innovation – Research Translation and Applied Knowledge Exchange in Practice through University-Industry-Cooperation 2019
116 REFREAM Re-Thinking of Fashion in Research and Artist collaborating development for Urban Manufacturing 2018
117 INTERSECT Interoperable Material-to-Device simulation box for disruptive electronics 2019
118 TETRA Technology harvest & transfer for an Open Internet initiative 2019
119 INSPIRE System-wide discovery and analysis of inositol pyrophosphate signaling networks in plants 2019
120 DisConn Neural drivers of functional disconnectivity in brain disorders 2019
121 FIN-TECH A FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training programme 2019
122 RECODID Integrated human data repositories for infectious disease-related international cohorts to foster personalized medicine approaches to infectious disease research 2019
123 INTEGRIN REGULATION Functional analysis of the kinome and phosphatome as determinants of integrin phosphorylation in cancer 2019
124 MechaPattern Coordination between cell identity, tissue mechanics and proportionate patterning during vertebrate eye formation 2019
125 SONNET SOCIAL INNOVATION IN ENERGY TRANSITIONS: Co-creating a rich understanding of the diversity, processes, contributions, success and future potentials of social innovation in the energy sector 2019
126 FOX Innovative down-scaled FOod processing in a boX 2019
127 NHNME Networked Holiness: New Media Entrepreneurship of Catholic Monastic Communities 2019
128 3D DMX Demonstration in Dunkirk 2019
129 ATLAS Agricultural Interoperability and Analysis System 2019
130 UNIFIER19 Community Friendly Miniliner 2019
131 VW Glare control with media functionality - VideowindoW 2019
132 DIHnamic Digital Innovation Hubs: dynamic facilitation and thrust from regional innovation agencies 2019
133 FEINART The Future of European Independent Art Spaces in a Period of Socially Engaged Art 2020
134 LNETN Legitimation of Newness and Its Impact on EU Agenda for Change 2020
135 SCilS Studying Ciliary Signaling in Development and Disease 2020
136 FoodE Food Systems in European Cities 2020
137 FoodSHIFT2030 Food System Hubs Innovating towards Fast Transition by 2030 2020
139 SeaClear SEarch, identificAtion and Collection of marine Litter with Autonomous Robots 2020
140 Smart4Europe2 Catalysing Digitisation throughout Europe 2020
141 5G-CLARITY Beyond 5G multi-tenant private networks integrating Cellular, WiFi, and LiFi, Powered by ARtificial Intelligence and Intent Based PolicY 2019
142 Go2Space-HUBs Generating new sOlutions 2 and from Space through effective local start-up HUBs 2019
143 METRICS Metrological Evaluation and Testing of Robots in International CompetitionS 2020
144 MediaMotorEurope Media Motor Europe 2020
145 DigiFed Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) federation for large scale adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs 2020
147 BOWI Boosting Widening Digital Innovation Hubs 2020
148 EATRIS-Plus Consolidating the capacities of EATRIS-ERIC for Personalised Medicine 2020
149 Scaleup4Europe The establishment of cross-border operating “Scaleup Labs” to increase the efficiency of the scaling support in specific industry verticals: Health, AgTech, Smart Region and Agile Manufacturing. 2020
151 SURGE Sinofinancialization and urban change in Addis Ababa and Nairobi: an ethnography of private Chinese capital in African cities. 2020