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H2020 projects about "mapped"

The page lists 73 projects related to the topic "mapped".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CloudSocket Business and IT-Cloud Alignment using a Smart Socket 2015
2 CASPER User-centric Middleware Architecture for Advanced Service Provisioning in Future Networks 2016
3 BUILD UPON A multi-stakeholder Regional Action Network as a living structural base to effectively help define and implement deep energy efficient building renovation at local, national and European level. 2015
4 MARIBE Marine Investment for the Blue Economy 2015
5 GENEVABREED Cloning and functional characterization of a complex resistance locus from ‘Geneva’ to breed apple cultivars with durable scab resistance 2016
6 EvoNovo Genetic architecture of an evolutionary novelty: the development of the male-specific turban-shaped eyes of Cloeon dipterum 2016
7 BluGram Identification of genetic factors which determine host specificity in the wheat-powdery mildew pathosystem 2015
8 HepatoRiSK A new tumor suppressor role for RSK2 in hepatocellular carcinoma 2015
9 ADR1EN First European System for Active Debris Removal with Nets 2015
10 BDoSM Big Data of Small Molecules 2015
12 CESSDA-SaW Strengthening and widening the European infrastructure for social science data archives. 2015
13 5G-AURA Application-aware User-centric Programmable Architectures for 5G Multi-tenant Networks 2015
14 XPRESS XPRESS ENGINE - The Future of Affective Market Research 2015
15 ANAPRINT Additive Printing for Cell-Based Analysis 2015
16 SCANS Social Cognition in Adolescents: Brain Networks and Social Networks 2016
17 EduMAP Adult Education as a Means for Active Participatory Citizenship 2016
18 SponGES Deep-sea Sponge Grounds Ecosystems of the North Atlantic: an integrated approach towards their preservation and sustainable exploitation 2016
19 PERFORM Calibration and integration of peripheral and foveal information in human vision 2016
20 BASE-platform Bathymetry Service Platform 2015
21 TranslationRegCode Cracking the Translation Regulatory Code 2016
22 DAPP Data-centric Parallel Programming 2016
23 XPGCS Single cell profiling of X chromosome reactivation during primordial germ cell specification in vivo 2016
24 VISONby3DSTIM Restoration of visual perception by artificial stimulation performed by 3D EAO microscopy 2016
25 NEWFAMSTRAT The New Shape of Family-Related Gender Stratification 2016
26 EntangleGen Entanglement Generation in Universal Quantum Dynamics 2016
27 GUPPYSEX Evolutionary genetics of guppy sex chromosomes 2016
28 ISOBAR Cost Effective Personalised Compression Therapy for Chronic Venous Insufficiency with Accurate Pressure Delivery for Comfort and Efficacy of Treatment 2016
29 AERO-UA Strategic and Targeted Support for Europe-Ukraine Collaboration in Aviation Research 2016
30 DismantlingNoise Dissecting the (epi)genetic origins of phenotypic variation and metabolic disease susceptibility 2017
31 MOR-PHON Resolving Morpho-Phonological Alternation: Historical, Neurolinguistic, and Computational Approaches 2016
32 MiTopMat Microstructured Topological Materials: A novel route towards topological electronics 2017
33 Mushroomics Functional genomics in Schizophyllum commune: leveraging the diversity in this hypervariable fungus to understand mushroom development 2017
34 SNABO Self-calibrating nanobolometer based on superconductor–normal-metal hybrids 2016
35 HISMACITY-pro Historical Small Smart City Protocol for integrated interventions. 2017
36 QAPs G-Quadruplex-associated proteins (QAPs) and their role in transcriptional regulation 2017
37 GraTA Graphene Tunneling Accelerometer 2017
38 DrugComb Informatics approaches for the rational selection of personalized cancer drug combinations 2017
39 MAGIC Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity 2017
40 ARENA Aligned Roll-to-Roll Shear Coating of Nanotubes 2017
41 m1ARNA Transcriptomic m1A - a new key player in the epitranscriptome arena 2017
42 MNEMOSENE Computation-in-memory architecture based on resistive devices 2018
43 QUANtIC Quantum Nanowire Integrated Photonic Circuits 2019
44 MeloCRISP Implementation of CRISPR/Cas9 technology in melon to edit fruit ripening and CMV resistant genes 2018
45 BEMADE Brain evolution and the rise of mammals after the dinosaur extinction 2018
46 GRACE hiGh-Resolution imAging of the barrel CortEx through VSD and LFP recordings 2019
47 WORM_SLEEP Sleep homeostasis in Caenorhabditis elegans 2018
48 FOCUS Fiber Optic Cable Use for Seafloor studies of earthquake hazard and deformation 2018
49 REPLISTRESS DNA Replication: From Physiology to Replication Stress in Human Cancer 2018
50 CICERONE CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agEnda 2018
51 CICERONE Creative Industries Cultural Economy Production Network 2019
52 LORAX The Lorax Project: Understanding Ecosystemic Politics 2019
53 ARTSILK Novel approaches to the generation of artificial spider silk superfibers 2019
54 HOLI Deep Learning for Holistic Inference 2019
55 EuQu The European Qur'an. Islamic Scripture in European Culture and Religion 1150-1850 2019
56 CHROMOTOPE The 19th century chromatic turn - CHROMOTOPE 2019
57 PCinBC Plasma cell heterogeneity and dynamics in patient tumors 2019
58 ACHROMAS Novel Materials Based on Alkali Chromites and Manganites for the Generation of Magnetic Skyrmions 2019
59 HUNG Hunger Bonds: Food Banks, Families and the Feeding of Poverty 2019
60 Optoheart All-optical framework for the correlative imaging of cardiac meso-scale cytoarchitecture and multi-scale electrical conduction 2019
61 MS4Drug An Innovative Mass Spectrometry-Based Workflow for Drug Discovery 2019
62 Metabinnate Metabolic crosstalk in the regulation of inflammation 2019
63 CompuLaw Computable Law 2019
64 NI4OS-Europe National Initiatives for Open Science in Europe 2019
65 ELIT Empirical study of Literature Training Network 2020
66 DimorphicCircuits Elucidating the development of sexually-dimorphic circuits: from molecular mechanisms to synapses and behavior 2019
67 CMBforward A programme for cosmology from current and next-generation Cosmic Microwave Background experiments 2020
68 Eureka European Knowledge repository for best agricultural practices 2020
69 SmartMap Technology maturation of global first-movers in automated indoor map generation 2019
70 CSI-COP Citizen Scientists Investigating Cookies and App GDPR compliance 2020
71 NEWSERA Citizen Science as the new paradigm for Science Communication 2020
72 ROG Real Organ Generation 2019
73 AEONS Advancing the Equation of state of Neutron Stars 2020