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H2020 projects about "oem"

The page lists 83 projects related to the topic "oem".

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1 HAPPINESS Haptic Printed and Patterned Interfaces for Sensitive Surface 2015
2 SEAMETEC Smart Efficient Affordable Marine Energy Technology Exploitation using Composites 2014
3 THEMOTION TheMotion: Revolution in Motion 2015
4 Adaptcontrol A modular and compact controller design for light electric vehicles 2015
5 TurboFeasibility Feasibility assessment of direct drive high speed turbo compressors for production oil free compressed air for medium size applications 2015
6 Gamesmondo Gamesmondo Affiliation and Monetisation Ecosystem 2015
7 Efficient Cooking Substainable and efficient food processing and cooking sytem 2015
8 ITI Intelligent Trading Interface 2015
9 CoDiS Compact, high-power, frequency-converted diode laser systems 2015
10 ExtruLub Commercialisation of Advanced Extrusion Technologies Delivering Disruptive Innovation for the Next Generation of Catheter Based Medical Devices. 2015
11 E6 Evolution Dual Fuel Euro6 Engine Conversion Feasibility Study 2015
12 CREEV Novel Compound Rotary Engine Range Extender for Electric Vehicles 2015
13 RePower Energy and resource surveillance systems without the challenges of batteries 2015
14 3Ccar Integrated Components for Complexity Control in affordable electrified cars 2015
15 LaForte Large Format Textile Printing 2015
16 H2ME Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2015
17 EP TENDER An innovative range extending service for Electric Vehicles (EV), based on a modular range extender, available for on demand rental, and attached occasionally to the EV for long distance trips 2015
18 SEA FOAM innovative Steering-triangles rEAlized with Aluminum FOAM technology for motorcycle industry 2015
19 LEFAPO Lead free automotive SLI power 2015
20 16gAirTest-Phase2 Innovative EASA certified dynamic test method for 16g aircraft seat cushions 2016
21 CMDrive Condition Monitoring of Wind Turbine Drive-Trains via Non-Contact Acoustic Sensors 2016
22 CleanOil Global business challenge: Breaking the oilgas water dependency with a cost-effective no-waste nanomembrane technology for water reuse 2016
23 TactoTek New lightweighting smart surface manufacturing technology for automotive industry 2016
24 INSPiRE Industrialisation of Jet Noise Prediction Methods 2016
25 PRODRIVE Production-Ready Oriented Development of Radically Innovative Vehicle Electric drive 2016
26 RELIABLE Wear Resistant Lightweight Aluminium Brakes for Vehicles 2016
27 LIBI Lightning Interception Blade Implant 2016
28 ADASANDME Adaptive ADAS to support incapacitated drivers Mitigate Effectively risks through tailor made HMI under automation 2016
29 CREEV Novel Compound Rotary Engine Range Extender for Electric Vehicles 2016
30 PemredTech Innovative Particle Emissions Reduction device for internal combustion engines, facilitating compliance with the present and future automotive particle emissions regulations. 2016
31 TriboGlide Development of an innovative and cost-efficient friction and wear reduction solution (TriboGlide) 2016
32 CoDiS Compact, high-power, frequency-converted diode laser systems (CoDiS) 2016
33 ALFA Advanced Laminar Flow tAilplane 2016
34 BRIDAS Brillouin Distributed sensor for Aeronautical Structures 2016
35 SARAH Increased Safety and robust certification for ditching of aircrafts and helicopters 2016
36 POWDERBLADE Commercialisation of Advanced Composite Material Technology: Carbon-Glass Hybrid in PowderEpoxy for Large (60-100m) Wind Turbine Blades 2016
37 Cargo Beacon Cargo Beacons – no unexpected delays or losses in shipments of valuable cargo 2016
38 HF-BWT Safeguarding shipping operations via a novel modular high frequency power converter to boost installation and performance of ballast water treatment systems 2016
39 SOX2-Cloud Integrated Safety Engineering Platform for electrical and electronic systems for transportation 2016
40 ESSI Developing the EFAS Smart Services Initiative to introduce a game -changer in the digital tachograph market 2016
41 Stepwise Stepwise Stapler is a laparoscopic device for vastly superior tissue closure 2017
42 Fit-4-AMandA Future European Fuel Cell Technology: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly 2017
43 nanoHPcs Sustainable nanoHVOF and nanoaxialPlasma coating solutions against wear problems of extrusion machines allowing an eco-efficient use of materials and the increase of recycling in the plastics industry 2017
44 SAFE STRIP Safe and green Sensor Technologies for self-explaining and forgiving Road Interactive aPplications 2017
45 ZapGoCharger Rapid charging of cordless appliances using graphene-based supercapacitors 2017
46 z-BURN Zero-Emission Catalytic Burner for heating in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2017
47 Advanced-SiMP Advanced Silyl Modified Polymer for the Commercial Transportation and Automotive Elastic Adhesive Markets 2017
48 KTX-20 Mass production platform for L-EVs 2017
49 STEVE Smart-Taylored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEtherogeneous urbanuse-cases 2017
50 ExtruLub Commercialisation of Advanced Extrusion Technologies through Materials Innovation to Enhance the Performance Functionality of Catheter Based Medical Devices 2017
51 WHIITE Waste Heat Integrated Industrialised Trucks and Tractors Engine 2017
52 STRONGRCRAFT Safe, Technically Robust and Optical New Generation fuel system to be integrated on new RotorCRAFT 2018
53 AMPWISE Autonomous Wireless Current Sensor for Aircraft Power Lines 2018
54 CBCLASER Revolutionizing Industrial Materials Processing with Optical Phased Array Coherent BeamCombined High Power, Digitally controlled Lasers. 2018
55 ReCiPSS Resource-efficient Circular Product-Service Systems 2018
56 OCEAN12 Opportunity to Carry European Autonomous driviNg further with FDSOI technology up to 12nm node 2018
57 MeshFlow Distributed core mobile network in a software for highly resilient telecommunications 2018
58 Prodsmart Real time process tracking for production lines and job shops – across the supply chain 2018
59 TCT Bringing innovation forward to fuel powered engines by disrupting Total Combustion Technology to drastically reduce the emissions of motorcycles and Small Off-Road Engines (SORE) 2018
60 Klimator-RSI Connected cars for real time smart road maintenance and increased driving safety 2018
61 INVIS Care Bringing connected to the active elderly 2018
62 HIPNOSIS Hardware Implementation of Pilot-Non-intrusive cOgnitive States Identification System 2018
63 WeldGalaxy Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries 2018
64 CEVOLVER Connected Electric Vehicle Optimized for Life, Value, Efficiency and Range 2018
65 PEGGASUS Pilot Eye Gaze and Gesture tracking for Avionics Systems using Unobtrusive Solutions 2019
66 5GCroCo Fifth Generation Cross-Border Control 2018
67 DigiMAT Smart solution for connecting process with material characteristics to achieve new generation of digital materials for the automotive industry. 2019
68 i-HeCoBatt Intelligent Heating and Cooling solution for enhanced range EV Battery packs 2019
69 FLAGSHIPS Clean waterborne transport in Europe 2019
70 SensifAI Understanding Videos Automatically with the SensifAI Deep Learning Technology 2018
71 Smart-tyre "Real time measurement of wear and damage in tyres to reduce accidents and enable the ""tyre as a service"" model" 2019
72 TwingTec Unlocking the Full Power of Wind 2019
73 SQP Opening new markets for Single Quantum Photodetectors 2019
74 BRAIN Building a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Network 2019
75 IMPACT Improving DNA Analysis for Correct Healthcare 2019
76 VIEW-AHEAD Virtual Image Holographic Optical Elements for Windscreens, Enabling the Next Generation of Automobile Head-up Displays 2019
77 ActLight Delivering a new, key enabling technology that will drive the development of far-reaching advances in photonics, nanotechnology and advanced manufacturing 2019
78 INLET INdustrial LEvitation Technology 2019
79 WAY2GO Expedited emerge of Connected Car data ecosystems in Europe 2019
80 HMI4auto aXiom – a first of its kind Human-Machine Interface Chip designed for the automotive industry 2019
81 RLICS Robust Lightweight Cardan Shaft 2019
82 Siklu Product validation of Software Defined Radio Chip for RRH that supports multiple frequency channels and ranges from Sub-6GHz to millimetre waves (mmWave) 2019
83 WireVision Intelligent electronic automotive systems repair support tool for auto repair technicians 2020