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H2020 projects about "translates"

The page lists 100 projects related to the topic "translates".

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1 RE-InVEST Rebuilding an Inclusive, Value-based Europe of Solidarity and Trust through Social Investments 2015
2 Robotic insulation Fast and economic insulation of buildings using robotic systems 2014
3 VSP Volumental - The Cloud-Delivered 3D Scanning Service Supporting A Future Of Mass Customization 2015
4 HybridFarm Eco-innovative housing solution for efficient production of slaughterpigs with limited environmental impact. 2015
5 POSEIDON Market maturation of Floating Power Plant’s Floating Wind- Wave- Energy Device 2015
6 EcoBlade EcoBlade: Eco-efficient decommissioning of wind turbine blades through on-site material shredding and separation 2015
7 LUCY Early detector of comorbid depression 2015
8 SubCage Submersible Tension Leg Fish Cage for Mariculture in Unsheltered and Offshore Areas 2015
9 OscillatoryVision The retinae as windows to the brain: An oscillatory vision 2016
10 INTUI-VIEW Intelligent needle tracking using ultrasound imaging for improved minimally invasive interventions 2015
11 eSHaRk eco-friendly Ship Hull film system with fouling Release and fuel saving properties 2015
12 SGSOFT Antimicrobial wound care solution to prevent and cure wound infections and cut health care costs 2016
13 sqetch Sqetch – easily connecting fashion brands with apparel manufacturers 2016
14 AVISSO Audiovisual Speech Segmentation and Oscillations 2016
15 ARCDIV Up-scaling Arctic diversity analysis to link community organisation and ecosystem functioning 2016
16 LIQUEFACT Assessment and mitigation of liquefaction potential across Europe: a holistic approach to protect structures / infrastructures for improved resilience to earthquake-induced liquefaction disasters 2016
17 LSD-CortLVPC Applying voltage-imaging techniques to visualise the effect of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) on cortical layer V pyramidal cells and its adaptation during tolerance development 2016
18 RespeCT Respiratory Disease Screening with Dark-Field Computed Tomography 2016
19 Sencell16 Lifecare’s Sencell sensor is an implantable micro-sensor for subcutaneous location, long time, continuous, wireless, real time monitoring of interstitial glucose for diabetes management. 2016
20 POWERVE Portable Weigher for Railway Vehicles 2016
21 ERYTHROAG A new ICT-based device (RHEO-01) for fast point-of-care analysis of acute ischemic stroke and other emergency situations. 2016
23 Ufloor Suspended timber floor insulation project 2016
24 BRAIN REPEATS Repeat polymorphisms as genetic modifiers of brain function in healthy subjects and Huntington disease mutation carriers 2016
25 HARMONIC Studies in Harmonic Analysis and Discrete Geometry: Tilings, Spectra and Quasicrystals 2016
26 COCORO Cocoro Advanced Lingerie, the ultimate reusable absorbent underwear 2016
27 VISGEN Transcribing the processes of life: Visual Genetics 2017
28 SMARTTS Smart Tanks for Space 2017
29 MODCAM Modcam – vision sensors with onboard analytics for retail customer analysis 2017
30 One-Flow Catalyst Cascade Reactions in ‘One-Flow’ within a Compartmentalized, Green-Solvent ‘Digital Synthesis Machinery’ – End-to-End Green Process Design for Pharmaceuticals 2017
31 iNAPS Illuminating Neuronal-Astrocytic Pathways for Sleep homeostasis 2017
33 PEA Aluminium Portable Element Analyser 2016
34 Trafisense Trafisense is a real-time monitoring and early-warning service for high-risk situations in dry-type distribution and power transformers based on proprietary machine-learning technology. 2017
35 321 from Cubic To Linear complexity in computational electromagnetics 2017
36 DOMINO The Development of a Multiscale Modeling Framework for Investigating Marine Soft Clays 2018
37 ESA 2.0 Pushing forward irradiation monitoring efficiency in the PV industry 2017
38 EcoBioMass EcoBioMass – harvesting forest energy biomass in the 21st century 2017
39 QStamp Introducing Smart Wireless Monitoring Stickers Adaptable to Any Surface And Bending Angle for Food Tracking 2017
40 Climate-fit.City Pan-European Urban Climate Services 2017
41 serverChill Server liquid cooling for Data Centres... done right! 2017
42 MUGICLOUD PLUG AND PLAY intelligent transport system for bus and coach sector 2017
43 Talkitt Speech recognition technology to enable people with speech disabilities to communicate freely 2017
44 FIBRESPIN New Generation of High Speed FIBRE SPINning machines 2017
45 ProTechTion Industrial decision-making on complex production technologies supported by simulation-based engineering 2018
46 SheaRIOS Wind Turbine Shearography Robotic Inspection On-blade System (SheaRIOS) 2018
47 PhytlSigns Real-time plant monitoring based on bioelectrical signals 2017
48 DeepSolar Artificial Intelligence-based diagnostic system for Solar PV Plants 2017
49 TARASOL TARASÓL - The pioneering bio-marine liposomal Sunscreen released to the skin upon sunlight exposure 2018
50 DANTE DANTE: Digital Alarm Network and Tracking Equipment for forest fire detection 2018
51 Traipler An Anytime, Anywhere and Any-budget platform to boost the digital VIDEO marketing for SMEs 2018
52 SomaGrapeGenome Fast-forward genomics of somatic variants adaptable to climate change for cultivar innovation in grapevine 2018
53 eyecontrol EyeControl 2018
54 EcoLabSS Ecovillages as Laboratories of Sustainability and Social Change 2018
55 SOT-2DvdW Spin-Orbit Torque in 2D van der Waals Heterostructures 2018
56 SOFTCAR The cleanest and lowest cost car ever! 2018
57 QUANTUM-N Quantum Mechanics in the Negative Mass Reference Frame 2018
58 CALCULUS Commonsense and Anticipation enriched Learning of Continuous representations sUpporting Language UnderStanding 2018
59 ESCADA Energy-optimized Symmetric Cryptography by Algebraic Duality Analysis 2018
60 FuseX Novel device for simple and effective prevention of post-surgical adhesion build up. 2018
61 DEMS Data Excellence Management System 2018
62 M-P Communication Maternal-paternal communication in cattle: understanding how male-induced environmental changes in the female reproductive tract influence reproductive success 2018
63 MolPredict Neural-based solution to boost drug preclinical research success 2018
64 SOPaaS Smart Ordering Plan as a Service 2018
65 FrictionHarmonics Automated scanner for kissing bond detection in friction stir welded materials 2018
66 WHILYAS Wound healing ILYA-style 2018
67 SPECTROINLETS The first equipment to enable real-time liquid analysis for mass spectrometers 2018
68 LIMONA New Water Softener System for vending machines, minimizing hardness without altering natural water pH nor minerals 2018
69 INCYPRO A Technology for the Generation of Stable Enzymes 2019
70 PinCER Personality in Community Ecology Responses: Integrating the behaviour and species interactions of a marine invader 2020
71 SEAROX Sulfur Enabled Annulations for Modular, Efficient and General Routes into Oxazoles 2019
72 FAB Functional Agricultural Biodiversity : Optimising ecosystem service provision via functional agricultural biodiversity 2019
73 ROCS Moving Towards Sustainable Mining With ROCS Real-Time Ore Composition Monitoring 2019
74 BovReg BovReg - Identification of functionally active genomic features relevant to phenotypic diversity and plasticity in cattle 2019
75 AMAREC Amenability, Approximation and Reconstruction 2019
76 ALICE Active Living Infrastructure: Controlled Environment 2019
77 EDULIBERA Education as an instrument for liberation in Mozambique and Timor-Leste — histories of solidarity and contemporary reflections 2019
78 iSTantibody An innovative & seamless approach for the mass spectrometry analysis of monoclonal antibodies 2019
79 Evo Constructor A fully Robotic and 3D Printing solution for large scale building delivery 2019
80 Pregnolia A Diagnostic Medical Device Determining the Risk of Preterm Birth 2019
81 Smart Farm 4.0 the eye and ears of the farmer - Smart monitoring system for intensive livestock farming management 2019
82 CSMS Smart, energy efficient air-condition 2019
83 AT Interactive and Accessible Sign Language Translation - AccessibleTranslation 2019
84 CRESCENT CRESCENT: Adaptive hands-free controller for people with disabilities 2019
86 ACOSENSE ACOSENSE: The first Acoustic online instrument for intelligent fluids analysis 2019
87 SuperCol SuperCol: Rational design of super-selective and responsive colloidal particles for biomedical applications 2020
88 SAFE-CAB Laser-Assisted Surgical System to Revolutionize Cardiac Bypass Surgeries 2019
89 COALA COALA - Cloud-based AI-driven and Language-agnostic Customer Support Assistant 2019
90 Ngrave The World’s Most Secure Cryptocurrency Safeguarding Solution 2019
91 OXYPREM Precise brain oxygen monitoring for high-risk preterm infants 2019
92 PROTEOFIT Adapting protein fate for muscle function and fitness 2019
93 ClearPlasma ClearPlasma is an innovative medical device that enhances coagulation properties for improved treatment of excessive bleeding. 2019
94 SmartGUIDE SmartGUIDE - Enabling a New Standard of Care Through a Smart Guidewire Device to Fight Stroke and Save Lives 2019
95 Lottare GBM LOcalized Targeted Therapy to Avoid REcurrent GlioBlastoma Multiforme 2019
96 PHABULOUS Pilot-line providing highly advanced & robust manufacturing technology for optical free-form micro-structures 2020
97 NEOSIGHT Bringing to the market a new generation of AI-powered Media Monitoring Tools 2020
98 STARSS Super Time-resolved Fluorescence Anisotropy with Switchable States 2020
99 VIS-A-VIS How visual action shapes active vision 2020
100 FLAMINCO FLAmeless, affordable & high efficiency MIcro turbine system for sustainable residential COgeneration 2020