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H2020 projects about "reinforced"

The page lists 175 projects related to the topic "reinforced".

# achronym  title  year 
1 E-ferry E-ferry – prototype and full-scale demonstration of next generation 100% electrically powered ferry for passengers and vehicles 2015
3 BRESAER Breakthrough solutions for adaptable envelopes for building refurbishment 2015
4 MED4INNO French MEDiterranean Support for INNOvative SMEs 2014
5 SMARCOAT Development of Smart Nano and Microcapsulated Sensing Coatings for improving of Material Durability/Performance 2015
6 SUPERCONCRETE SUstainability-driven international/intersectoral Partnership for Education and Research on modelling next generation CONCRETE 2015
7 NANOLEAP “Nanocomposite for building constructions and civil infraestructures: European network pilot production line to promote industrial application cases.” 2015
8 PLATFORM Open access pilot plants for sustainable industrial scale nanocomposites manufacturing based on buckypapers, doped veils and prepregs 2015
9 EMU Choices (former EMU_SCEUS) The Choice for Europe since Maastricht. Member States' Preferences for Economic and Financial Integration 2015
10 SPS_TFP_Strut Application of tailored fibre placement technology in integral composite structures for ultra-lightweight space applications 2014
11 FFI Forward Flow Infusion - Low Cost Composite Manufacturing Process for High Volume Production 2014
12 HierTough Hierarchical composites for improving toughness: modelling and experimental validation 2015
13 SHDS Seismic-resistant Highly Deformable Structures 2015
14 ClimatCon Climate-resilient pathways for the development of concrete infrastructure: adaptation, mitigation and sustainability 2015
16 WEL-FIT Feasibility Study of the induction WELding, FIbre placement and shaping of Thermoplastic composites 2015
17 Sport Infinity Waste-Based Rapid Adhesive-free Production of Sports goods 2015
18 IMMUTRAIN Training Network for the Immunotherapy of Cancer 2015
19 3D-JOINT 3D Bioprinting of JOINT Replacements 2015
20 GreenLight Cost effective lignin-based carbon fibres for innovative light-weight applications 2015
21 Flex5Gware Flexible and efficient hardware/software platforms for 5G network elements and devices 2015
22 COMPOSKE Development of a new technology for production of Skeletons in composite materials for realization of pre-cast tunnel segments. 2015
23 FibreRemodel Frontier research in arterial fibre remodelling for vascular disease diagnosis and tissue engineering 2015
25 MED4INNO French MEDiterranean Support for INNOvative SMEs 2015
26 TERRE Training Engineers and Researchers to Rethink geotechnical Engineering for a low carbon future 2015
27 FlexHyJoin Flexible production cell for Hybrid Joining 2015
28 ambliFibre adaptive model-based Control for laser-assisted Fibre-reinforced tape winding 2015
29 SYSTEMPOLE High Performance Modular Composite Pole for Orchard Hail Protection 2015
30 GLAD-2 GNSS/INS Low-cost Attitude Determination and navigation system - Phase 2 2016
31 SILKENE SILKENE: Bionic silk with graphene or other nanomaterials spun by silkworms 2016
33 TMC Brake Development of a titanium composite brake part for weight reduction and hence lower fuel burn and emissions on a large, long haul aircraft 2015
34 RESET Re-use of Thermoplastic Composite 2016
35 INSCAPE In situ manufactured carbon-thermoplast curved stiffened panel 2016
36 Plants for Plants From plants for plants: enhancing crops potential and resilience by reliable new generation biostimulants 2016
37 LocalOrder Localization and Ordering Phenomena in Statistical Physics, Probability Theory and Combinatorics 2016
38 ComMUnion Net-shape joining technology to manufacture 3D multi-materials components based on metal alloys and thermoplastic composites 2015
39 OLU-PREG Affordable organosheets for mass-customised FRP components in multiple sectors 2016
40 PICASO A Personalised Integrated Care Approach for Service Organisations and Care Models for Patients with Multi-Morbidity and Chronic Conditions 2016
41 ECO-COMPASS Ecological and Multifunctional Composites for Application in Aircraft Interior and Secondary Structures 2016
42 DYNAMICMARCH Dynamics of Multiple, Interacting and Concurrent Markov Chains 2016
43 EIROS Erosion and Ice Resistant cOmposite for Severe operating conditions 2016
44 MOLAY-STRUDEL Modelling mixed-mode rate-dependent delamination in layered structures using geometrically nonlinear beam finite elements 2016
45 FLAME Fragility and Geopolitics in the Middle East and North Africa 2016
46 LORCENIS Long Lasting Reinforced Concrete for Energy Infrastructure under Severe Operating Conditions 2016
47 URBANREC New approaches for the valorisation of URBAN bulky waste into high added value RECycled products 2016
48 BIOCOMPLACK Eco-friendly food packaging with enhanced barrier properties 2016
49 Ugypsum Up-cycling manufacturing waste from the composite industry 2016
50 XCORE XCORE: Enabling breakthrough weight reduction for the next generation of cars 2016
51 MATRIX Anthropogenic units detected by rare earth elements (REE) soil analysis in archaeological strata. 2016
52 BIO4SELF Biobased self-functionalised self-reinforced composite materials based on high performance nanofibrillar PLA fibres 2016
53 HINDCON Hybrid INDustrial CONstruction through a 3D printing “all-in-one” machine for large-scale advanced manufacturing and building processes 2016
54 GREEN INSTRUCT Green Integrated Structural Elements for Retrofitting and New Construction of Buildings 2016
55 FiBreMoD Fibre break models for designing novel composite microstructures and applications 2016
56 SUSTICOAT Sustainable Organic Coatings for Corrosion Protection 2016
57 AeroPul Curved profiles for aerospace applications manufactured by Pultrusion 2016
58 CITADEL Empowering Citizens to TrAnsform European PubLic Administrations 2016
59 4PRIMA Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area 2016
60 DiReC-IL Computer Simulation of the Dissolution and Regeneration of Cellulose from Ionic Liquids 2017
61 SCREEN Synergic Circular Economy across European Regions 2016
62 EURASTIP Promoting Multi-Stakeholder Contributions to International Cooperation on Sustainable Solutions for Aquaculture Development in South-East Asia 2017
63 VineScout Intelligent decision from vineyard robots 2016
64 IRESCO Innovative REtrofitting for Substandard COnstruction 2016
65 OPEN SESAME Opening Synchrotron Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East 2017
66 ELG-blocks Sustainable production of lightweight thermal concretes and concrete blocks with use of recycled industrial waste for construction of energy-efficient and/or highly seismic-safe masonry buildings 2017
67 GETM3 Global Entrepreneurial Talent Management 3 2017
70 NEIGHBOURCHANGE Social innovation and urban revitalization in hyperdiverse local societies 2017
71 ChangeBehavNeuro Novel Mechanism of Behavioural Change 2017
72 MEXRES Restoration and Faith: practicing religion and conservation in Mexico's historic churches 2016
73 ECOFUNEL Eco Design: Composite functionalization: thermal and electrical conductivity 2017
74 IMCoLoR Injection Moulding with Continuous Local Reinforcements 2017
75 PILOT varnish and sol-gel multifunctional ProtectIve cLear cOat for aeronauTics 2017
76 SATH New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines 2017
77 SAFER Innovative Concrete Barriers for Forgiving Road Infrastructure 2017
78 MED4INNO French MEDiterranean Support for INNOvative SMEs 2017
79 BARBARA Biopolymers with advanced functionalities for building and automotive parts processed through additive manufacturing 2017
80 HeRstory Holistic Research into the story of buildings, objects and people in the high medieval period of Ireland, Britain and France from a gendered perspective 2017
81 nanoHPcs Sustainable nanoHVOF and nanoaxialPlasma coating solutions against wear problems of extrusion machines allowing an eco-efficient use of materials and the increase of recycling in the plastics industry 2017
82 XtremelY Numerical modelling of reinforced slender wooden window elements 2017
83 HT PHOTO DB High throughput computing for accelerated photovoltaic material discovery: From materialdatabase to the new generation of photovoltaic materials. 2018
84 TimePresCompBridge Time-dependent design and assessment of prestressed steel-concrete composite bridges with external FRP tendons 2017
85 SexSelec_Invasion Understanding sexual selection to help controlling an invasive pest species 2018
86 SusFRPRC Sustainable Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Concrete (FRP-RC) Structures 2017
87 FiberEUse Large scale demonstration of new circular economy value-chains based on the reuse of end-of-life fiber reinforced composites. 2017
88 ECOBULK Circular Process for Eco-Designed Bulky Products and Internal Car Parts 2017
89 ECOXY Bio-based recyclable, reshapable and repairable (3R) fibre-reinforced EpOXY composites for automotive and construction sectors. 2017
90 SMArtPlate A ductile, high energy absorptive and rapid post-tensioning system for extending life of concrete structures 2017
91 KEEN KEEN Quality Keeper - A Competence and Quality Assurance System representing a totally new standard for the health care sector 2017
92 Wimper Windshield with improved bird-strike, erosion, de-fogging, de-icing and IR performance 2017
93 FIBRESHIP Engineering, production and life‐cycle management for the complete construction of large‐length FIBRE‐based SHIPs 2017
94 POLYWOOD Combining wood and polymers to produce a translucent, reinforced and ecological material 2017
95 TETRAMAX TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments 2017
96 BioProbe-PIT Local molecular profiling of tumor tissue sections: towards personalized immunotherapy 2017
97 3D-Roving Deposition Directed and three-dimensional placement of continuous fibres with the direction of forces enabling asignificant reduction of costs and weight in carbon fibre components 2017
98 SpaceCarbon European Carbon Fibres and Pre-Impregnated Materials for Space Applications 2018
99 EnDurCrete New Environmental friendly and Durable conCrete, integrating industrial by-products and hybrid systems, for civil, industrial and offshore applications – EnDurCrete 2018
100 ReSHEALience Rethinking coastal defence and Green-Energy Service infrastructures through enHancEd-durAbiLIty high-performance fiber reinforced cement-based materials. 2018
101 MASTRO Intelligent bulk MAterials for Smart TRanspOrt industries. 2017
102 PRECOPAL Zero Corrosion Sheet Pile Elements with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars 2017
103 TopATLAS Topological Atlas: Mapping Contemporary Borderscapes 2018
104 COMANFLO Computation and analysis of statistical solutions of fluid flow 2018
105 DiCoMI Directional Composites through Manufacturing Innovation 2018
106 NEPTUNE Next Generation PEM Electrolyser under New Extremes 2018
107 STRONGRCRAFT Safe, Technically Robust and Optical New Generation fuel system to be integrated on new RotorCRAFT 2018
108 KEELBEMAN Keel beam manufacturing oriented solution 2018
109 COMPA 2GO COMPA 2GO Composite Repairs for Ships - Service Demonstration, Certification and Market Entry 2018
111 AMFIL Autonomous magnetic field-based indoor location 2018
112 CeramCom New Generation Ultra-High Temperature Ceramic Matrix Composites for Aerospace Industry 2018
113 mPP machine learning for Particle Physics 2018
114 ANITA Advanced tools for fighting oNline Illegal TrAfficking 2018
115 WomENt Women's journey through entrepreneurship in the tourism industry 2018
116 TLIINCSEFFR Towards Low Impact and Innovative New Concrete Structures: Exploitation of FRP Fabric Reinforcement 2018
117 ADMEHE Mental health advocacy: Reassessing the history of mental health organizations in the second half of the twentieth century 2019
118 ARC-for-CORE Artificial Compartment for Coenzyme Regeneration 2019
119 ENERYARN Nanostructured Yarn Composites for Structural Energy Storage 2018
120 OSTEOproSPINE Novel Bone Regeneration Drug Osteogrow: Therapeutic Solution for Lumbar Back Pain 2018
121 HyFiSyn Hybrid Fibre-reinforced composites: achieving Synergetic effects through microstructural design and advanced simulation tools 2018
123 TS3.0 New Technology for Multi-Axial, Slim and High Performance Timber Structures 2018
124 FAIR VALUE The most accurate Fintech tool for valuation of start-ups, based on artificial intelligence 2018
125 PermeAbility PermeAbility - A non-invasive, side-effect-free diagnostic kit for intestinal disorders 2018
126 FIONA FIbre OrientatioN Analysis of fibre-reinforced components 2018
127 EMPLOBOT The First Recruitment Bot to Integrate Labour Market in the EU 2018
128 SPARE Full scale innovative composite pax and cargo floor grids for regional Aircraft Fuselage barrel on -ground demonstrators. 2018
129 DuRSAAM PhD Training Network on Durable, Reliable and Sustainable Structures with Alkali-Activated Materials 2018
130 MultiCycle Advanced and sustainable recycling processes and value chains for plastic-based multi-materials 2018
131 ADDAPTTA SEALS ADDitive mAnufacturing oPTimized TAilored SEALS 2018
132 Modules New Technology for High Resistant and Flexible Fabric Structures 2018
133 NANORIGO Establishing a Nanotechnology Risk Governance Framework 2019
134 Repair3D Recycling and Repurposing of Plastic Waste for Advanced 3D Printing Applications 2019
135 VARME Varieties of Media Effects 2019
136 ProTHiC Process Simulation and Tool Compensation Methodology for High Temperature Composite Processes 2018
137 NEPAL NEw Physics searches with tAu Leptons 2019
139 IBINNO Illes Balears INNOvation Management Services 2019
140 DELTA Development and Execution of innovative test procedures for vaLidation of Thermoplastic Aircraft fuselage panels 2019
141 COMBO3D Composite mould tool based on 3D printing 2019
142 PONS Fabrication of Polysaccharides-Protein complex Nano-Hybrid Scaffold as regenerative biomaterial for bone tissue engineering 2019
143 GREEN-FRC Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Recycled and Waste Materials Optimised for Improved Sustainability of Urban Projects 2020
144 Print2fly Can we print an aircraft at room temperature? 2019
145 d-CFRPs Developing high-performance recycled carbon fibre reinforced plastics with tailored mechanical, fracture and fatigue properties using state-of-the-art nano-modification technology 2019
146 MULTIRES MULTI-level framework to enhance seismic RESilience of RC buildings 2019
147 BELVAU Brick vaults and beyond: the transformation of a historical structural system (1830-1930) 2019
148 PERFoRM Passive layER FailuRe Mechanisms for Steel Embedded in Alkali-Activated Slag Materials 2019
149 Gentime Eschatological time as women’s time? Gendered temporality and female holiness in Early Christianity and Byzantium 2019
150 SATH New twin floating platform for offshore wind turbines 2019
151 POSPORI Polymer Optical Sensors for Prolonged Overseeing the Robustness of civil Infrastructures 2019
152 BRAIN Building a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Network 2019
153 BriFace Novel assessment of bridge retrofitting measures through Interface Efficiency Indices (InterFeis) using a Guided Wave-based monitoring method 2019
154 GRE.A.TE.R.S. GREen Advanced TEchnologies for the Retrofitting of masonry Structures 2019
155 SPE Silicon-Carbide-Fiber Pilot-production in Europe 2019
156 SCAT Smart Composites for Additive Technology 2019
157 ISAAC ISAAC-AMD: an active self-tuned device for seismic protection and continuous monitoring of civil structures 2019
158 INsTRuCT INnovative Training in Myeloid Regulatory Cell Therapy 2020
159 FRGeo-Crete Natural Fibre Reinforced Crack-resistant and spalling-controlled sustainable Geopolymer Concrete 2019
160 PRE-ECO A new paradigm to re-engineering printed composites 2019
161 SPINRG Renormalisation, dynamics, and hyperbolic symmetry 2020
162 Eureka European Knowledge repository for best agricultural practices 2020
163 STRAIN2EXTREME Straining electromechanical coupling in layered crystals to new extremes 2019
164 HYDROGEN HighlY performing proton exchange membrane water electrolysers with reinforceD membRanes fOr efficient hydrogen GENeration 2019
165 TRANSLATING MEMORIES Translating Memories: The Eastern European Past in the Global Arena 2020
167 FIDELITY Full field Imaging for Damage Evaluation in Lightweight structures under Impact TYpe Loading 2020
168 CARBODIN Car Body Shells, Doors and Interiors 2019
169 BRAV3 Computational biomechanics and bioengineering 3D printing to develop a personalized regenerative biological ventricular assist device to provide lasting functional support to damaged hearts 2020
170 ANIONE Anion Exchange Membrane Electrolysis for Renewable Hydrogen Production on a Wide-Scale 2020
171 CORPORATOCRACY The Business Corporation as a Political Actor 2020
172 IPERION HS Integrating Platforms for the European Research Infrastructure ON Heritage Science 2020
173 IBINNO Illes Balears INNOvation Management Services 2020
174 TReSFiDS Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of Strong-Field-Driven Solids 2021
175 BIO-CC Bio-based carbon fiber - commercialization 2020