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H2020 projects about "steel"

The page lists 46 projects related to the topic "steel".

# achronym  title  year 
1 MEASURE Metrics for Sustainability Assessment in European Process Industries 2015
2 EQRESFRAME Earthquake-resilient self-centering steel frame 2015
3 ENSUR4LIFE New engineered surfaces for a better life 2015
4 CRESWUP Creep resistant steels and welds for ultra supercritical power plants 2015
5 ITECCO Innovative Transport Equipment for Coal, Coke and Ore 2015
6 BAMBENG New BAMboo ENGineered bio-material for sustainable building components 2015
7 TyRec process TyRec process: Whole Tyre Recycling within 30 Minutes with Molten Zinc – towards a circular economy 2015
8 RESLAG Turning waste from steel industry into a valuable low cost feedstock for energy intensive industry 2015
9 AIRCRANE New building methodology for improved full-concrete wind towers for wind turbines. 2015
10 LESA Laser bonding of linear edged super-abrasive blades 2015
11 MIMESIS Mathematics and Materials Science for Steel Production and Manufacturing 2015
12 MODBRIDGE Modular 100% Carbon Fibre Footbridge 2015
13 BrakeDiam BRAKE DIsc for AutoMotive - performance enhancement by insertion of diamond particles 2015
14 TMC Brake Development of a titanium composite brake part for weight reduction and hence lower fuel burn and emissions on a large, long haul aircraft 2015
15 DEMOGRAVI3 Demonstration of the GRAVI3 technology – innovative gravity foundation for offshore wind 2016
16 ARCTIC Advanced Bearing Technologies to Increase Capabilities 2016
17 EQUINOX A novel process for manufacturing complex shaped Fe-Al intermetallic parts resistant to extreme environments 2016
18 Recyclatrack 100% recovery and RECYCLing of construction vehicle crAwler TRACKs into constituent rubber andsteel for sustainable raw material supply 2016
19 TechTanks Revolutionary rib-welding system for the worldwide first fully automated production of large, high quality, on-site welded tanks, bringing considerable cost savings to drinking water applications 2016
20 CALIPRI Smart CALIPRI Smart - the easy to use and failsafe handheld optical gauge for 2D-profiles. 2016
21 GrInHy Green Industrial Hydrogen via Reversible High-Temperature Electrolysis 2016
22 FASTEEL Disruptive innovation through new tool steels with unique thermo-mechanical performance formaterial forming applications 2016
23 VULKANO Novel integrated refurbishment solution as a key path towards creating eco-efficient and competitive furnaces 2016
24 DREAM Driving up Reliability and Efficiency of Additive Manufacturing 2016
25 INSPIREWater Innovative Solutions in the Process Industry for next generation Resource Efficient Water management 2016
26 ITECCO Demo Demonstration and market replication of Innofreight’s innovative rail logistics equipment for the raw material supply of the steel industry 2016
27 FReSMe From residual steel gasses to methanol 2016
28 REGMAX An innovative process for the regeneration of acids used in the steel pickling process 2016
30 PRECISE Pulsed eddy current inspection system for pipeline health monitoring 2017
31 SAFER Innovative Concrete Barriers for Forgiving Road Infrastructure 2017
32 DECRON Development of eco-friendly ironmaking processes based onGPU-enhanced DEM-CFD modelling 2017
33 ResFrameFireSeismic Resilient steel frame against fire and seismic hazards 2017
34 TimePresCompBridge Time-dependent design and assessment of prestressed steel-concrete composite bridges with external FRP tendons 2017
35 SusFRPRC Sustainable Fibre-Reinforced Polymer Concrete (FRP-RC) Structures 2017
36 Torero TORrefying wood with Ethanol as a Renewable Output: large-scale demonstration 2017
37 CBF-EQRES Novel braced frame for earthquake resilience 2017
38 Rib-ON Innovative Stamping Die for Aluminium Ribs Hot Stamping 2018
39 PlaSSteel Plasma Nitriding and Nitrocarburising for high wear resistance and high corrosion stability Stainless Steel 2017
40 PUZZLE_DIE PUZZLE_DIE: an innovative solution for a faster and cheaper car weight reduction to help carmakers to meet European limits to CO2 emissions. 2017
41 Morse Model-based optimisation for efficient use of resources and energy 2017
42 ESSIAL Electrical Steel Structuring, Insulating and Assembling by means of the Laser technologies 2017
43 Carbon4PUR Turning industrial waste gases (mixed CO/CO2 streams) into intermediates for polyurethane plastics for rigid foams/building insulation and coatings 2017
44 SIDERWIN Development of new methodologies for industrial CO2-free steel production by electrowinning 2017
45 PRECOPAL Zero Corrosion Sheet Pile Elements with Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars 2017
46 HSS-Wind Application of high-strength steel in offshore wind energy tubular structures 2018