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1 NLRN20142015 Netherlands Researchers' Night: using the innovative Discovery Festival to unite separate events under a new national brand with a strong European dimension 2014
2 ROADART Research On Alternative Diversity Aspects foR Trucks 2015
3 REDSTEM Development of a new plant variety for the Asian market 2015
4 DEALS Biomarker assay development to expedite ALS experimental therapeutic advancement 2015
5 Evolutionary Neurogenomics The impact of recent retrotransposon invasions on the evolution of human neural gene expression 2015
6 FLEXCOLD Demand flexibility for cold appliances for supermarkets and retail stores 2015
7 TEMARA Teaming to Extend Maltese Ambitions in the Aerospace Sector 2015
8 AquaSHIELD Protecting citizens against intentional drinking water contamination with a water quality firewall 2015
9 MammaPrint Improved breast cancer care by innovative diagnostic test MammaPrint 2015
10 ParkBee Private garages’ access system, through a real-time and keyless solution, for cheaper and faster prime inner-city parking. 2015
11 MOvE-ECG Moving from genome wide association to elucidating causal mechanisms of electrocardiographic traits 2015
12 REinEU2016 Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016 2015
13 IND2016 IND2016: KETs as drivers for the future of industry 2015
14 ArtEmpire An ARTery of EMPIRE. Conquest, Commerce, Crisis, Culture and the Panamanian Junction (1513-1671) 2016
15 PLANTIBIOTICS Functional ingredient from fermented vegetable waste streams to diminish the use of antibiotics in pig husbandry 2015
16 L2TOR Second Language Tutoring using Social Robots 2016
17 Bright Beyond HPC Cluster Managementbeyond High Performance Computing 2016
18 E-GOS Effective Governance of Open Spatial data 2016
19 AIMMS STAR-PLUS Scientific Top Training in Antimicrobial Research 2016
20 KNAW-ESFRI Presidency event: Launch of the 2016 ESFRI Roadmap 2016
21 PhiSi The Role of Philanthropy and Social Investments in Fostering Research and Innovation. New financing forms and partnerships. 2016
22 eHealth Week eHealth Week 2016 2016
23 DeCISIoN Drug CandIdates ScreenINg 2016
24 FITA2.0 A highly innovative size recommendation engine, disrupting the existing online apparel market by using big data and machine-learning algorithms. 2016
25 3D-Forensics/FTI Mobile high-resolution 3D-Scanner and 3D data analysis for forensic evidence fast track to innovation 2016
26 Monoma MONOMA: B2B Feasibility Study 2016
27 StatusCities Migrant legal STATUS diversity and diversity dynamics in European CITIES 2017
28 SURE Safe Unmanned Robotic Ensembles 2016
29 MAStErS Making Sense of Education and Skills in a World of Super-Mobility 2016
30 SECID Spreading Excellence and Crossing Innovation Divide Conference 2016
31 URBACH-ALZ Hyper-emotionality after neurodegenerative loss of inhibition of the amygdala 2017
32 SOCIALBOND Social integration and boundary making in adolescence 2017
33 MedEye Accelerated market launch of MedEye, a plug-and-play medication safety solution 2017
34 I-MUST A handheld, ultra-sensitive device for rapid contactless explosive vapour detection in open air, based on Ion Mobility Universal Sensor Technology 2016
35 INSTET Integral Security Trust Element for the Internet of Things 2016
36 3DPD PhD position in commercial environment: cancer immunotherapy drug screening in 3D 2017
37 PROZE Using a protein approach with Waddlia chondrophila and zebrafish as model organisms to conquer the female tubal factor subfertility market 2017
38 CTFMAUTOMATION Automation of Correlative Optical Tweezers-Fluorescence Microscopy Experiments 2017
39 NEEDS Dynamic Urban Environmental Exposures on Depression and Suicide 2017
40 EPISTOP Epistemic Optimism in Enlightenment Natural Philosophy : Metaphysics and Experimental Philosophy 2017
41 GenBiLex Multiple Perspectives on Grammatical Gender in the Bilingual Lexicon 2017
42 PASS A Place for the Asylum Seekers. European migration policies and their socio-spatial impacts 2018
44 W2W - Wind and Solar Innovative system for medium scale water desalination 100% powered by renewable energies 2017
45 abcdeSIM-VR The flight simulator for Medical and Health Professionals 2017
46 RISK Republics on the Stage of Kings. Representing Republican State Power in the Europe of Absolute Monarchies (late 16th - early 18th century) 2018
47 Babbler Babbler feasibility study in adjacent market segments. 2017
48 ReTV Enhancing and Re-Purposing TV Content for Trans-Vector Engagement 2018
49 CULTURED BEEF A cost-effective production process to open worldwide the cultured meat market 2017
50 FITT-iN Fast IoT market take-up through The Things Networks 2018
51 ThromboSLE Accurate assessment of thrombosis risk in systemic lupus erythematosus 2018
52 Perfect Fresh Intelligent storage and transport solutions with integrated monitoring to optimize the international fresh produce supply chain, significantly increasing shelf life and preventing food waste 2018
53 FHNR Charting the process of getting forgotten within the humanities, 18th – 20th centuries: a historical network research analysis 2018
54 MultiNetMetrics Multiplex Network Econometrics 2018
55 SHIPWORM 'A transregional and interdisciplinary study of the societal impact of the shipworm epidemic in the North Sea region in the eighteenth century' 2018
56 SEQURE Targeted complete next-generation sequencing for companion diagnostics and personalized treatment of cancer 2018
57 EVE Eve – From ‘black box’ to yellow box: full insight technology for chicken hatcheries 2018
58 INSTET Securing the Internet of Things with a unique microchip fingerprinting technology 2018
59 GlasSkin 2018
60 KHON2bTREAT Late Clinical Development of KH176: an innovative orphan drug to reach mitochondrial disease patients & market 2018
61 CFAM Large-scale Continuous-Fiber Additive Manufacturing for the Maritime and Infrastructure Sectors 2018
62 ESKAM Electric Scalable Axle Module for e-Mobility 2018
63 NaturalPhilosophy The normalisation of natural philosophy: how teaching practices shaped the evolution of early modern science 2019
64 Biodentify Oil and Gas Exploration Made Greener and Cheaper 2018
65 SensAtouch Grasper Safe and Sensible Tissue Graspers for Pediatric and (Mini-)Laparoscopic Surgery 2019
66 BSPA Bone Surgery Preparation AIde 2018
67 OrganoPlate Graft Organ-on-a-Chip technology for in vitro grafting and vascularisation of 3D tissues 2019
68 HMCS Handheld Molecular Contaminant Screener 2019
69 UrbanDynamics Changing the world of urban mobility thanks to Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence 2019
70 ArCarib Archaeology of Informal Maritime Commerce in the Colonial Caribbean 2019
71 COART-INT Decentralizing Conceptual Art's Internationalism: Latin American artists in Western Europe, 1968-1979 2019
72 ProResA The time course of pronoun resolution in post-stroke and progressive aphasia 2020
73 MaritimeImagination Maritime Imagination: A Cultural Oceanography of The Netherlands 2019
74 FEM-RESIST Women, Photography and Resistance in Transnational Perspective 2019
75 ReFraMed Histories Rewriting and (Re-)Framing Memory in Late Medieval Historiography. The Case of Brabant (14th-15th c.) 2019
76 DLH Disability benefits, labour force participation, and health: Evaluating the effect of social protection policies 2020
77 d-CFRPs Developing high-performance recycled carbon fibre reinforced plastics with tailored mechanical, fracture and fatigue properties using state-of-the-art nano-modification technology 2019
78 WMM Women Making Memories: Liturgy and the Remembering Female Body in Medieval Holy Women’s Texts 2019
79 QUINNOVA Unlocking the potential of EU cultivated quinoa through the production of protein-rich quinoa flour and functional quinoa starch 2019
80 ONCOTECT Early detection of tumor DNA in liquid biopsies as a biomarker of cancer recurrence 2019
81 PERISCOPE Perioperative infection prediction 2019
82 ModCat Nanoparticle size selection tool for new generation Model Catalyst 2019
83 HeartService ECG patch and diagnostic service center for efficient and accurate ECG home monitoring 2019
84 MABIOS The first microalgae platform for the production of anticancer biopharmaceuticals 2019
85 FRAME FRAME - tumor genome-based personalized anti-cancer vaccines off-the-shelf 2019
87 Great Bubble Barrier The Great Bubble Barrier: An effective solution to plastic pollution 2019
88 W2W - Water to Water The first off-grid water desalination system 100% powered by renewable energies 2019
89 Back2theFuture Back to the Future: Future expectations and actions in late medieval and early modern Europe, c.1400-c.1830 2020
90 GRANROSE Using a blood cell-based approach to determine gluten responsiveness and to bring a novel, less invasive assay on the market to diagnose celiac disease. 2019
91 SHIFTFEEDBACK Ecosystem response to drought: unravelling the unexplored role of plant-soil feedback 2020
92 SAFE-CAB Laser-Assisted Surgical System to Revolutionize Cardiac Bypass Surgeries 2019
93 SWOP The first non-toxic bio-based polymer resin to revolutionize the wood panel industry 2019
94 NIGHTWATCH NightWatch - Clinically-proven detection and alert system for critical nocturnal epileptic seizures. 2019
96 Simacan LINK Europe-wide Connected Transport 2019
97 LT LaserTrain 2019
98 CoastCarb Coastal ecosystem carbon balance in times of rapid glacier melt 2020
99 PRISAR2 proactive monitoring of cancer as an alternative to surgery 2020
100 NOVOBIOME-1 Development of a novel human derived probiotic species platform - Phase 1 2020
101 4-IN THE LUNG RUN 4-IN THE LUNG RUN: towards INdividually tailored INvitations, screening INtervals, and INtegrated co-morbidity reducing strategies in lung cancer screening 2020
102 CUDI Implementation of contrast-ultrasound dispersion imaging for better prostate cancer care 2020
103 RePLAy Reinventing bioplastic: CO2 + sunlight = PLA 2019
104 NIMBUS4CIP Effective management of pregnant cancer patients through a cloud-based integrative and highly specialized advisory board platform 2020
106 Cartesian Networks Cartesian Networks in Early Modern Europe: A Quantitative and Interdisciplinary Approach 2020
107 SPELLFLICT Understanding spelling conflicts. A case study of new standard languages in the former Yugoslavia in the European context 2020
108 ACU-AHvE Multiculturalism in the work of Aldo and Hannie van Eyck. Rethinking universalist notions in architecture. 2021
109 A.L.I.B.I. Helping Children to Make the Best of their Transition to High School 2020