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H2020 projects about "filaments"

The page lists 40 projects related to the topic "filaments".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Weakinteract Weak interactions in self-organizations studied by NMR spectroscopy in the supramolecular solid-state 2015
2 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
3 GOFAR Galactic Outflows and Feedback in the Astro-H eR 2015
4 ENIRIS Electrogenic NItrate Reduction In marine Sediments 2016
5 membrane-ezrin-actin Membrane-ezrin-actin interactions mediated by ezrin binding proteins in reconstituted systems 2016
6 BRCA2Interact Structural and biochemical characterization of pre-recombination complexes 2015
7 SegregActin Building Distinct Actin Filament Networks in a Common Cytoplasm 2015
8 3D-JOINT 3D Bioprinting of JOINT Replacements 2015
9 ANICOLEVO Animal coloration through deep time: evolutionary novelty, homology and taphonomy 2016
10 HADE Harmonic Analysis and Differential Equations: New Challenges 2015
11 ACTOMYOSIN RING Understanding Cytokinetic Actomyosin Ring Assembly Through Genetic Code Expansion, Click Chemistry, DNA origami, and in vitro Reconstitution 2015
12 BUNDLEFORCE Unravelling the Mechanosensitivity of Actin Bundles in Filopodia 2016
13 Fornax Galaxy evolution in dense environments 2016
14 ByoPiC The Baryon Picture of the Cosmos 2017
15 Bio4Comp Parallel network-based biocomputation: technological baseline, scale-up and innovation ecosystem 2017
16 WoCaFi Unlocking the Entire Wood Matrix for the Next Generation of Carbon Fibers 2017
17 LLR Laser Lightning Rod 2017
18 MAGCOW The Magnetised Cosmic Web 2017
19 MECHANICS Mechanics of cells: the role of intermediate filaments 2017
20 LamelliActin Mechanical Adaptation of Lamellipodial Actin Networks in Migrating Cells 2017
21 Filaments to stars The origin of the IMF through multi-scale analysis of molecular clouds: unification of PDF and power spectrum analysis 2018
22 INCAGE In vitro reconstitution and single cell analysis of the Shigella-septin cage. 2017
23 AAA Adaptive Actin Architectures 2017
24 CHIMO Chiral Morphogenesis - Physical Mechanisms of Actomyosin-Based Left/Right Symmetry Breaking in Biological Systems 2018
25 FA x Force Reconstitution and Structural Analysis of a Minimal Mechanosensitive Focal Adhesion Complex 2019
26 DancingGalaxies Dancing with giants: dynamics of dwarf satellite galaxies 2019
27 COAGULANT CK2-dependent cytoskeletal regulation and molecular signaling of Neutrophil Extracellular Trap (NET) formation 2018
28 MechanoSpectrin Dynamic and Mechanical Role of Spectrin in Membrane-CytoskeletonInterplay 2018
29 ICEBERG Exploration below the tip of the microtubule 2018
30 Microrobots Engineering Biohybrid MicroRobots from Magnetic Swimmers and S-layers 2018
31 ClusterWeb Unravelling the physics of particle acceleration and feedback in galaxy clusters and the cosmic web 2019
33 NEPA Non-Equilibrium Protein Assembly: from Building Blocks to Biological Machines 2019
34 DYNAPOL Modeling approaches toward bioinspired dynamic materials 2019
35 COFFEE Controlling and Observing Filaments For Enhanced memristive Elements 2019
36 GASP GAs Stripping Phenomena in galaxies 2019
37 ZETAMIX ZETAMIX, the first Desktop Ceramic 3D printer on the market 2019
38 EMERGE Emergence of high-mass stars in complex fiber systems 2020
39 FDM^2 Structural multiscale modelling of extrusion-based 3D and 4D printed materials 2020
40 BIO-CC Bio-based carbon fiber - commercialization 2020