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H2020 projects about "fuel"

The page lists 262 projects related to the topic "fuel".

# achronym  title  year 
1 REWARD REal World Advanced Technologies foR Diesel Engines 2015
2 Photofuel Biocatalytic solar fuels for sustainable mobility in Europe 2015
3 FLPower Frustrated Power: Proton-Electrolyte-Membrane Hydrogen Fuel Cells Catalyzed by Frustrated Lewis Pairs 2014
4 FlexiFuel-SOFC Development of a new and highly efficient micro-scale CHP system based on fuel-flexible gasification and a SOFC 2015
5 CaFE Development and experimental validation of computational models for cavitating flows, surface erosion damage and material loss 2015
6 BIOSURF BIOmethane as SUstainable and Renewable Fuel 2015
7 SUPERCELL Single-Use paPER-based fuel CELLs 2015
8 SeagateSail 20% fuel saving for commercial vessels through a hybrid wind plus motor cruise mode. 2014
9 OPTIFUEL A reliable and transparent solid biofuels online quality control system 2014
10 ULTRABOAT Ultrasonic System for Antifouling Protection of Ships 2014
11 VEZ VEZ 2014
12 I-Fusion Innovative FUel Sensor for engIne OptimisatioN 2014
13 HDGAS Heavy Duty Gas Engines integrated into Vehicles 2015
14 AGRAL Development of the optimum AGRAL cermet manufacturing process for aluminium inert anode application and fuel cell interconnect plates. 2015
15 Solarfuels Engineering Silicon Carbide Nanowires for Solar Fuels Production 2015
16 ALifeInSOFCs Augmented Lifetime of Infiltrated Solid Oxide Fuel Cells 2015
17 IILSCFLP The Influence of Ionic Liquid Solvation on the Chemistry of Frustrated Lewis Pairs 2015
18 NANOBIOENER NanoBio-inorganic generators for conversion of renewable chemical energy into electricity 2015
19 STEELANOL Production of sustainable, advanced bio-ethANOL through an innovative gas-fermentation process using exhaust gases emitted in the STEEL industry 2015
20 WO for solar fuels Integrating molecular water oxidation catalysts with semiconductors for solar fuels generation 2015
21 NextGen Airliners Designing Next-Generation Aircraft via High-Fidelity Computational Models and Optimization 2015
22 Micro-SOLUTION Micro-Solid Oxide Fuel Cells based on highly catalytic ceramic oxide thin films nanostructures 2015
23 TRANSFORMERS Creating transformation-stable microstructures through shared crystallographic motifs 2015
24 GRAPHENERGY3 Novel Electrochemical Exfoliation Approach to the Synthesis of Large Area, Defect-Free and Single Layer Graphene and Its Application in Fuel Cells 2015
26 Res2Pel Innovative treatment process for biogenic waste and residual materials to manufacture compactedfuels as pellets or briquettes 2015
27 Project Sense Enforcement of the environmental regulations on sulphur emissions from ships using drone technology. 2015
28 CHP Upscaling and commercialization of a highly efficient wood pellets fired steam engine CHP for heat and power generation 2015
29 RemoteControl Device Remote Controllable Devices 2015
30 HighPower High Efficiency Distributed Power Plant 2015
31 PROMETHEUS-5 Energy efficient and environmentally friendly multi-fuel power system with CHP capability, for stand-alone applications. 2015
32 IDEAL InDustrializing Elcogen’s Affordable and durabLe SOFC stack 2015
33 REFEREE pREcise Fluids mEteRing EquipmEnt 2015
34 HESS Hybrid Energy Storage System 2015
36 Hydrofaction Resource and Cost Effective Conversion of Biomass to HydrocarbonTM Oil 2015
37 TruckSecurity Truck Security_ Fuel and cargo theft detection alarm system 2015
38 LeakFree Development of a reliable quality control system using advanced Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) technologies for the production environment of leak-free fuel tanks from plastics and composites 2015
39 Watergate Watergate: Development of a low-cost solar desalination technology 2015
40 Cryoshelter Bringing a new LNG-tank technology to industrial readyness 2015
41 HySolarKit Converting conventional cars into hybrid and solar vehicles 2015
42 BERTHA-G Bertha G - better enzymes - than gas 2015
44 CLOUD-VAS Cloud based Vessel Allocation Decision Support System for Vessel Chartering 2015
45 HyPoGA Feasibility study of a superefficient hybrid power train as a replacement unit for existing engines - Hybrid Power for General Aviation (HyPoGA) 2015
46 Bio-HyPP Biogas-fired Combined Hybrid Heat and Power Plant 2015
47 SAMOFAR A Paradigm Shift in Reactor Safety with the Molten Salt Fast Reactor 2015
48 HERACLES-CP HERACLES-CP: Towards the Conversion of High Performance Research Reactors in Europe 2015
49 sCO2-HeRo The supercritical CO2 Heat Removal System 2015
50 MYRTE MYRRHA Research and Transmutation Endeavour 2015
51 ESSANUF European Supply of SAfe NUclear Fuel 2015
53 HyBurn New high temperature in-situ premix gas combustion systems for more efficient and cleaner combustion of hydrogen and lean gases 2015
54 DIMINU Decentralised diminished mineralization incineration unit for dewatered sewage sludge lends resource efficient low-carbon electricity generation 2015
55 ParkBee Private garages’ access system, through a real-time and keyless solution, for cheaper and faster prime inner-city parking. 2015
56 RVT The Reversible Variable Transmission – Visionary Transmission for unprecedented Fuel, CO2 and Cost Savings 2015
57 E6 Evolution Dual Fuel Euro6 Engine Conversion Feasibility Study 2015
58 Kurata Systems High Quality Fuel Production System from Plastics, Industrial Oil and Refinery Residues. 2015
59 INNO-SOFC Development of innovative 50 kW SOFC system and related value chain 2015
60 Anyoon Rotary Engine Innovative internal combustion engine that incorporates a unidirectional rotary design and obeys to perfection the Otto cycle giving it an efficiency of 78%. 2015
61 low Pt loading FCCHP Innovative fuel cell system for CHP application in Low Carbon Buildings 2016
62 AutoRE AUTomotive deRivative Energy system 2015
63 NewBusFuel New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots 2015
64 HEALTH-CODE Real operation pem fuel cells HEALTH-state monitoring and diagnosis based on dc-dc COnverter embeddeD Eis 2015
65 MetaFuel High Temperature Methanol Fuel Cell 2015
66 VOLUMETRIQ Volume Manufacturing of PEM FC Stacks for Transportation and In-line Quality Assurance 2015
67 H2ME Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2015
68 HY4ALL Hydrogen For All of Europe (HY4ALL) 2015
69 IPPAD Effect of 4500bar injection pressure and super-critical phase change of surrogate and real-world fuels enriched with additives and powering Diesel engines on soot emissions reduction 2015
70 HAoS Holistic Approach of Spray Injection through a Generalized Multi-phase Framework 2015
71 GEO Green Efficient Outboards 2015
72 iPHEV Advanced Plug-in Hybrid Electric Drive System for Commercial Fleet Trucks 2015
73 Solaris Solaris Energy Tobacco 2015
74 NGV - PRA Affordable Personal Refuelling Appliance (PRA) for Natural Gas Vehicles using oil-free coaxial compression 2015
75 TAG Crowd-Sourcing technology to change how people and cars move in cities 2015
76 LASIG-TWIN Laser Ignition - A Twinning Collaboration for Frontier Research in Eco-Friendly Fuel-Saving Combustion 2016
77 EONav Earth Observation for Maritime Navigation 2016
78 HIGHER HIGHER: “High performance Engine for Light Sport Aircraft 2015
79 SINCAT Single Nanoparticle Catalysis 2016
80 HYBRID_BOATS An innovative hybrid propulsion and generation system for yachts 2015
81 LoCOPS Low Cost Onshore Power Supply (LoCOPS) 2015
82 SUN-to-LIQUID SUNlight-to-LIQUID: Integrated solar-thermochemical synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels 2016
83 HyBalance HyBalance 2015
84 SHEFAE 2 Surface Heat Exchangers For Aero Engines 2 2016
85 EINSTAIN Engine INSTallation And INtegration 2016
86 FlexiFuel-CHX Development of a fuel flexible and highly efficient ultra low emission residential-scale boiler with coupled heat recuperation based on flue gas condensation 2016
87 eSHaRk eco-friendly Ship Hull film system with fouling Release and fuel saving properties 2015
88 MDC CNG Fuels- Mother and Daughter CNG Station Concept 2016
89 Jam Enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing vehicle maintenance and downtime costs, using real-time data from vehicle sensors (IoT) and a machine learning algorithm for big data analysis. 2016
90 Cloud Your Car UBI Establishing new eco-driving methods to score drivers and to enhance good driving habits based on advanced analytical B2B software platform for Connected Cars. 2016
91 SABRE Transforming the biodiesel industry to meet Europe’s need for sustainable aviation fuel: business feasibility study, technical validation and real-world demonstration 2016
92 ULTRA-SOFC Breaking the temperature limits of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells: Towards a newfamily of ultra-thin portable power sources 2016
93 FANOEC Fundamentals and Applications of Inorganic Oxygen Evolution Catalysts 2016
94 AURORA Advanced User-centric efficiency metRics for air traffic perfORmance Analytics 2016
95 DOLORES Degradation of Lifetime of fuel cell Resistance by Electrochemical impedance Spectroscopy 2016
96 EnerTwin EnerTwin: A different approach to micro CHP 2016
97 OXM Patent pending gearboxA patent pending gearbox for ships that decrease fuel consumption with 25% (appr 500 ton fuel and 1500 ton carbon dioxide per ship and year) 2016
98 IL-E-CAT Enhancing electrocatalysis in low temperature fuel cells by ionic liquid modification 2016
99 MatEnSAP Semi-Artificial Photosynthesis with Wired Enzymes 2016
100 IMPERIUM IMplementation of Powertrain Control for Economic and Clean Real driving emIssion and fuel ConsUMption 2016
101 ARGOS Aerospace propeller useful for diesel engines with extreme excitation of vibrations 2016
102 XCORE XCORE: Enabling breakthrough weight reduction for the next generation of cars 2016
103 Giantleap Giantleap Improves Automation of Non-polluting Transportation with Lifetime Extension of Automotive PEM fuel cells 2016
104 Cell3Ditor Cost-effective and flexible 3D printed SOFC stacks for commercial applications 2016
105 HYTECHCYCLING New technologies and strategies for fuel cells and hydrogen technologies in the phase of recycling and dismantling 2016
106 Safe Hydrogen Fuel Safe Hydrogen-On-Demand Fuel for E-Vehicles 2016
107 PACE Pathway to a Competitive European FC mCHP market 2016
108 ZeoBio-NG Innovative biogas upgrading system based on novel Zeolite adsorbent technology for producing Bio-based Natural Gas 2016
109 STMS Smart Tyre Management System for Safer, Greener and More Economic Transport through Innovative Technology for Smart Infrastructure from Silent Sensors Limited. 2016
110 VDRConnect VDRConnect: VDR-based vessel telematics solution 2016
111 RELIABLE Wear Resistant Lightweight Aluminium Brakes for Vehicles 2016
112 BIG HIT Building Innovative Green Hydrogen systems in an Isolated Territory: a pilot for Europe 2016
113 HEATSTACK Production Ready Heat Exchangers and Fuel Cell Stacks for Fuel Cell mCHP 2016
114 willpower willpower – make your own fuel from CO2 2016
115 RollArray A disruptive mobile photovoltaic array that can pack up to 20kWp of generating power into a domestic trailer and 100kWp of generating power into an ISO 20-foot shipping container. 2016
116 PROWAT Proton conduction in structured water 2016
117 PROMETHEUS-5 Energy efficient and environmentally friendly multi-fuel power system with CHP capability, for stand-alone applications. 2016
119 GreenDrive A molecular fuel modifier for ships able to reduce the costs related to fuel and maintenance for fleetoperators. 2016
120 Gybrid EKUPD 2016
121 BioPellets Integrating food waste into wood pellets to convert waste grease to a useful biofuel. 2016
122 ATOMIX Boosting the efficiency of current agricultural atomisers by using ultrasonics emitters 2016
123 HyPump Enabling Sustainable Irrigation through Hydro-Powered Pump for Canals 2016
124 SmarTrip SMARt platform to optimise TRIP management 2016
125 SPLASH Sail PLAn service for energy efficient SHipping (SPLASH) - innovative and revolutionary sail planning 2016
126 FUEL DEOX Optimisation of an on-board adsorbent/catalyst unit for aviation fuel thermal stability improvement 2016
127 H2ME 2 Hydrogen Mobility Europe 2 2016
128 HASTECS Hybrid Aircraft; academic reSearch on Thermal and Electrical Components and Systems 2016
129 THOMSON Mild Hybrid cOst effective solutions for a fast Market penetratiON 2016
130 ACTIonRCraft Anti-Crash lightweight fuel bladder Tank Integrated on a new RotorCraft 2016
131 TORC Truck with an Organic Rankine Cycle 2016
132 HiEff-BioPower Development of a new highly efficient and fuel flexible CHP technology based on fixed-bed updraft biomass gasification and a SOFC 2016
133 Forwarder2020 Smart Forwarder for sustainable and efficient forest operation and management 2016
134 RVCR KGYAT have developed the RVCR, the world’s first commercially viable Rotary Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) engine. 2016
135 PigHeat Utilizing Pig By-products as Heat Source to Save Recycling and Energy Cost. 2016
136 JAM JAM: vehicle predictive maintenance through Artificial Intelligence 2016
137 FReSMe From residual steel gasses to methanol 2016
138 E-motion Electro-motion for the sustainable recovery of high-value nutrients from waste water 2016
139 RotorDEMO Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution demonstration project 2017
140 SUREAL-23 Understanding and measuring SUb-23 nm particle emissions from direct injection engines including REAL driving conditions 2016
141 VADEMECOM VAlidation driven DEvelopment of Modern and Efficient COMbustion technologies 2017
142 SYNERGY Plugplay gasification plant for onsite conversion of otherwise unusable waste into renewable energy 2016
143 NGCTR DIGIFuel Distribution and Gauging Interconnected Fuel System for the Next Generation Civil Tilt Rotor 2016
144 BALANCE Increasing penetration of renewable power, alternative fuels and grid flexibility by cross-vector electrochemical processes 2016
145 SISCERA Smart Implants from Safe CERAmics 2017
146 ECO CARS Device for reduction of emissions and fuel consumption, optimizing combustion by treatment of fuel on the vehicle 2016
147 DiGas Dual fuel A novel dual fuel system for diesel locomotive modernisation to CNG or LNG operation 2016
148 SPONGE ENGINE Fast and efficient sponge engines drive and modulate the food web of reef ecosystems 2017
149 FALCON Fuel and chemicals from lignin through enzymatic and chemical conversion 2017
150 DiePeR Diesel efficiency improvement with Particulates and emission Reduction 2016
151 SMARTTS Smart Tanks for Space 2017
152 InjectoReducer Integrated reducer-filter-injector unit for natural gas engines 2016
153 VirtualNet VirtualNet 2016
154 SEAHUB Real-time Fleet Performance Center (FPC) to optimize energy efficiency in Maritime Transport to reduce fuel consumption and harmful emissions 2016
155 POWERICE Organic Rankine Cycle Cogeneration Plant of one-farm size using rice straw as single fuel 2017
156 Hi GEN Marine Turbin Feasibility study into a portable wind turbine for ships which connects to the existing ships crane 2017
157 INLINE Design of a flexible, scalable, high quality production line for PEMFC manufacturing 2017
158 DIGIMAN DIGItal MAterials CharacterisatioN proof-of-process auto assembly 2017
159 OPTELA Disrupting the telematics market with an ultra-low cost and high performance self-learning open platform 2017
160 INN-BALANCE INNovative Cost Improvements for BALANCE of Plant Components of Automotive PEMFC Systems 2017
161 CH2P Cogeneration of Hydrogen and Power using solid oxide based system fed by methane rich gas 2017
162 MARANDA Marine application of a new fuel cell powertrain validated in demanding arctic conditions 2017
164 FLYwheel Low-cost, High-efficiency FLYwheel Energy Recovery System for On-highway Commercial Vehicles 2017
165 FLIpER The first on-board automatic ship hull management cleaning system for hull fouling prevention towards maritime eco-efficiency 2017
166 BIOECOMARINE New Ultrasonic Cost-Effective Equipment as Anti-Fouling System for Vessels 2017
167 RenGen Onsite, On-demand, Self-standing Cost Competitive Zero-Carbon Power Generation 2017
168 JIVE Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe 2017
169 DEFENDER DEsign, development, manufacture, testing and Flight qualification of nExt geNeration fuel storage system with aDvanced intEgRated gauging and self-sealing capabilities 2017
170 DEVILS DEVILS (Development of Vhbr engines Innovative Lubrication System) 2017
171 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
172 TAMI Tests for leakage identification on Aircraft fluid Mechanical Installations 2017
173 H2MOVE Hydrogen generator for higher fuel efficiency and lower carbon emissions in maritime transport 2017
174 DeLIVERS Dual LIquid Vector for hydrogEn Refueling Station 2017
175 Fit-4-AMandA Future European Fuel Cell Technology: Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly 2017
176 ADVICE ADvancing user acceptance of general purpose hybridized Vehicles by Improved Cost and Efficiency 2017
177 Runway-Star A Novel Solution for Aircraft Washing and De-Icing 2017
178 IonPEFC Advanced catalyst electrodes from Ionic liquid modified PtNi nanowire arrays for PEFCs 2017
179 TO-SYN-FUEL The Demonstration of Waste Biomass to Synthetic Fuels and Green Hydrogen 2017
180 ASuMED Advanced Superconducting Motor Experimental Demonstrator 2017
181 DYNCON-ORC Dynamic performance modelling and controller design of a mini-scale organic Rankine cycle unit for heavy duty vehicles 2017
182 ASSIST ASSIST - Support Network for Household Energy Saving 2017
183 FINCAP Fuel INjector Coking and Autoxidation Prediction 2017
184 HoxyTronic Fuel savings and emissions reduction technology 2017
185 3DFlameGT Evaluation of three-dimensional velocity field, mixing field, and flame-front in a model gas turbinecombustor 2018
186 ACME ACME, fly with me, fly with ACME 2017
187 C2C-NewCap Towards a safe, reliable and cost competitive transport sector in Europe 2017
188 Auxilia Hybrid Drive for Commercial Ships and Yachts 2017
189 EDEC Enhanced Diesel Engine Control 2017
192 JETSCREEN JET Fuel SCREENing and Optimization 2017
193 INSPYRE Investigations Supporting MOX Fuel Licensing in ESNII Prototype Reactors 2017
194 LEU-FOREvER Low Enriched Uranium Fuels fOR REsEarch Reactors 2017
195 GENIORS GEN IV Integrated Oxide fuels recycling strategies 2017
196 DISCO Modern spent fuel dissolution and chemistry in failed container conditions 2017
197 IL TROVATORE Innovative cladding materials for advanced accident-tolerant energy systems 2017
198 GEMINI Plus Research and Development in support of the GEMINI Initiative 2017
199 PROTECTOR Improving resource efficiency through a protective film for hose reel irrigation 2017
200 SCOUT Smart Monitoring COntrol and User interactive ecosystem for improving energy efficiency andeconomic maintenance of Medium-WeighT Ships 2017
201 SYNEME Systems Neuroscience of Metabolism 2017
202 z-BURN Zero-Emission Catalytic Burner for heating in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2017
203 BIOO Panel Green Electricity from plants’ photosynthesis 2017
204 ECCO Energy Efficient Coil Coating Process 2017
205 HPCForEVs High Power Charger For Electric Vehicles 2017
207 GOMECSYS VCR system Variable Compression Ratio System for the reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in motor vehicles 2017
208 3DTRAY Innovative lightweight sustainable solutions for additively manufactured aircraft interior parts 2017
209 Heat-To-Fuel Biorefinery combining HTL and FT to convert wet and solid organic, industrial wastes into 2nd generation biofuels with highest efficiency 2017
211 SOLARIS Solaris energy tobacco for the creation of a European sustainable biojet fuel value chain 2017
212 ADVANCEFUEL Facilitating market roll-out of RESfuels in the transport sector to 2030 and beyond 2017
213 NANOPORE Precise array of proton selective nanopores in 2D atomically thin membranes 2017
214 VIP Véhicule Intelligent et Propre ( Green and Smart Vehicle) 2017
215 NanoC4 Autonomous Nanosatellite-Clusters Control, Coordination and Communication Software 2017
216 CHE CO2 Human Emissions 2017
217 OnTrack Development of a commercial manufacturing process for embeddable RFID and NFC Tags forcomplete lifecycle tracking of tyres 2017
218 ELECTROU MW Fuel Cell micro grid and district heating at King’s Cross 2018
219 GENESIS High performance MOF and IPOSS enhanced membrane systems as next generation CO2 capture technologies 2018
220 TRUFUS MAZARO’s innovative transmissions for unrivalled electricity and fuel savings in transport 2017
221 Haeolus Hydrogen-Aeolic Energy with Optimised eLectrolysers Upstream of Substation 2018
222 HYDRAITE Hydrogen Delivery Risk Assessment and Impurity Tolerance Evaluation 2018
223 OxiGEN Next-generation Solid Oxide Fuel Cell stack and hot box solution for small stationary applications 2018
224 REMOTE Remote area Energy supply with Multiple Options for integrated hydrogen-based TEchnologies 2018
225 JIVE 2 Joint Initiative for hydrogen Vehicles across Europe 2 2018
226 ID-FAST Investigations on degradation mechanisms and Definition of protocols for PEM Fuel cells Accelerated Stress Testing 2018
227 FLHYSAFE Fuel CelL HYdrogen System for AircraFt Emergency operation 2018
228 REFLEX Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2018
229 REVIVE Refuse Vehicle Innovation and Validation in Europe 2018
230 MAMA-MEA Mass Manufacture of MEAs Using High Speed Deposition Processes 2018
231 WHIITE Waste Heat Integrated Industrialised Trucks and Tractors Engine 2017
232 NYSMART Novel dual-fuel system for modernisation of air-polluting diesel locomotives to clean and efficient gas operation 2017
233 HyPump Enabling Sustainable Irrigation through Hydro-Powered Pumps for Canals 2017
234 Turbo-FuelCell Compact, light, efficient and reliable turbo compressor for fuel cell vehicles 2017
235 CIRCLENERGY Production of renewable methanol from captured emissions and renewable energy sources, for its utilisation for clean fuel production and green consumer goods 2017
236 UNIFIED Fuel injection from subcritical to supercritical P-T conditions: a unified methodology for coupled in-nozzle flow, atomisation and air-fuel mixing processes 2018
237 PEGASUS PEMFC based on platinum Group metAl free StrUctured cathodeS 2018
238 STRONGRCRAFT Safe, Technically Robust and Optical New Generation fuel system to be integrated on new RotorCRAFT 2018
239 NANOL4TP Decreasing fuel consumption in transport 2018
240 BLUESKY Robust kit to convert diesel vehicles to Natural Gas and Biogas for extended life and reducedcontaminants emission 2018
241 AHEAD A Human and Environmental history of the Atacama Desert: understanding ecological and archaeological interactions in arid areas of South America 2018
242 RENShip Hybrid Carbon-free electrically driven fishing longliner with low power methanol combustion enginefor propulsion back-up and auxiliary equipment 2018
243 X-TEC A groundbreaking renewable-energy technology for reducing truck emissions 2018
245 KEROGREEN Production of Sustainable aircraft grade Kerosene from water and air powered by Renewable Electricity, through the splitting of CO2, syngas formation and Fischer-Tropsch synthesis 2018
246 DIGITS-AU Demonstration of ATM Improvements Generated by Initial Trajectory Sharing- Airspace User Part 2018
247 HiBriCarbon Mixed Biotic and abiotic functionalysed electrodes for Plant Microbial Fuel Cells applications 2018
248 CO2SPLITTING Carbon dioxide splitting into higher-value chemicals with hybrid photocatalyst sheets 2018
249 HyPoStruct A key breakthrough in hydrogen fuel cells: enhancing macroscopic mass transport properties by tailoring the porous microstructure 2019
250 FlexJET Sustainable Jet Fuel from Flexible Waste Biomass 2018
251 MapDung Dung as Construction Material During the Emergence of Animal Domestication: A Multi-Proxy Approach 2018
252 SEARCh SurfacE structure-Activity-Relationship in atomically-defined, ultrathin film perovskite Catalysts 2018
253 GHRELMIGRA The hormone ghrelin: Is it a key player in regulating performance, fuel metabolism and decision-making in migratory birds? 2018
254 FUELSAVE FS MARINE+: Hydrogen syngas injection unit for ships to save fuel and cut emissions 2018
255 HCR Market maturation of the first on-board autonomous biofouling cleaning system to keep ship’s hull clean at all times 2018
257 ENABLEH2 ENABLing cryogEnic Hydrogen based CO2 free air transport (ENABLEH2) 2018
258 HySeas III Realising the world's first sea-going hydrogen-powered RoPax ferry and a business model for European islands 2018
259 BIO4A Advanced sustainable BIOfuels for Aviation 2018
260 HYDRIDE4MOBILITY Hydrogen fuelled utility vehicles and their support systems utilising metal hydrides 2017
261 ENG GAM 2018 Engine ITD - GAM 2018 2018
262 SSR Smart Shoot Remover 2018