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H2020 projects about "forecasts"

The page lists 149 projects related to the topic "forecasts".

# achronym  title  year 
1 BONVOYAGE From Bilbao to Oslo, intermodal mobility solutions and interfaces for people and goods, supported by an innovative communication network 2015
2 PROGRESS Prediction of Geospace Radiation Environment and solar wind parameters 2015
3 MONITOR Forecasting and Monitoring Economic Indicators 2015
4 DREAM-GO Enabling Demand Response for short and real-time Efficient And Market Based smart Grid Operation - An intelligent and real-time simulation approach 2015
5 PRIME PRIME (Push Relevantly to Increase Mobile Engagement) 2014
6 GALNIMBUS Disruptive cloud-based irrigation controller to optimize water use efficiency in agriculture 2014
7 POLARIS Preventative OperationaL procedures for space weAtheR threats to CrItical InfraStructure 2014
8 AERFOR Proactive Passenger Flow Management for Airports with an Advanced Forecasting System 2014
9 DPETNA Dynamics and Predictability of the ENSO teleconnection to the Tropical North Atlantic 2015
10 OHPF Optimizing for Happiness in Personal Finance 2015
11 ENEFOR Forecasting oil prices, oil price volatility and economic policy uncertainty 2015
12 RenewablePortfolio Market player’s optimal scheduling under integrating renewables in European electricity markets 2015
13 CREST Climate Resilient Agriculture through revolutionary Weather Forecast and Data 2015
14 EMBRYON EMBRYON - Develop and commercialize a highly innovative diagnostic-imaging product, improving success rates in the Assisted Reproduction IVF sector 2015
15 Efficient Cooking Substainable and efficient food processing and cooking sytem 2015
16 ConnectinGEO Coordinating an Observation Network of Networks EnCompassing saTellite and IN-situ to fill the Gaps in European Observations 2015
17 SOMATCH Support IT solution for creative fashion designers by integrated software systems to collect, define and visualize textile and clothing trends through innovative image analysis from open data 2015
19 CLIMSEC Climate Variability and Security Threats 2015
20 EXCILIGHT Donor-Acceptor light emitting exciplexes as materials for easily to tailor ultra-efficient OLED lighting 2015
21 ESiWACE Excellence in SImulation of Weather and Climate in Europe 2015
22 NGV - PRA Affordable Personal Refuelling Appliance (PRA) for Natural Gas Vehicles using oil-free coaxial compression 2015
23 COAT Anti-reflection coatings from solution-processable, high-refractive index inorganic/organic hybrid materials 2015
24 WORKSHOP4.0 Automated real-time production forecasting for industry 2016
25 COIN Coding for Optical communications In the Nonlinear regime 2016
26 SEE.4C SpatiotEmporal ForEcasting: Coopetition to meet Current Cross-modal Challenges 2016
27 CerISMA Cerenkov Imaging for Surgical Margin Assessment 2015
28 MAINTRAC-Auto MAINTRAC-Auto: Automatization and validation of a liquid biopsy assay “Maintrac-AUTO CTC-analyser” for predictive real time monitoring and success control of solid tumor cancer therapy 2016
29 AQUISS Air Quality Information Services 2016
30 COPTRA COmbining Probable TRAjectories 2016
31 METALCLEAN New Innnovative and cost effective metal cleaning machine 2016
32 PROCEED PROCess-based sEamless development of useful Earth system predictions over lanD 2017
33 FREYA Forecasting RangE dYnamics of Alien species under climate change. 2016
34 DAA Development of mesosphere in-situ measurement tools: Atmosphere Analyser 2016
35 PNOWWA Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports 2016
36 OSCA Ozone Sensitivity of Crops in Africa 2016
37 PRESTISSIMO Plasma Reconnection, Shocks and Turbulence in Solar System Interactions: Modelling and Observations 2016
38 ECOAEROGEL Silica aerogel highly resistant to extreme temperatures made from rice husk ashes 2016
39 NexGenFSCM The Next Generation Supply Chain Management Software in the European Food Industry - NexGenFSCM 2016
40 SDN-Polygraph Cloud-based Monitoring Service for Software Defined Networks 2016
41 CDRONE Towards un-subsidised solar power – Cleandrone, the inspection and cleaning solution 2016
42 FlexLogIC Development of a modular, integrated and autonomous ‘Factory-in-a-box’ production line for manufacturing high volumes of Flexible integrated LogIC circuits 2016
43 iNTACT Commercialisation of the world’s first iNTelligent Access Cover Technology for the protection of ALL underground infrastructure. 2016
44 NOVAMOX Novel niches for anaerobic methane oxidation and their biogeochemical sigificance 2016
45 AERFOR Advanced Forecasting System for Proactive Airport Passenger Flow Management 2016
46 ERYTHROAG A new ICT-based device (RHEO-01) for fast point-of-care analysis of acute ischemic stroke and other emergency situations. 2016
47 Z-Tech A seamless, continuous torque multispeed Automated Manual Transmission technology that increases fuel and power efficiency 2016
48 DRY-2-DRY Do droughts self-propagate and self-intensify? 2017
49 SPACE-O Space Assisted Water Quality Forecasting Platform for Optimized Decision Making in Water Supply Services 2016
50 TOPBALAT Setting up high-value Sea cucumber chain in Europe through a new fishing trawl with no environmental impact and advanced processing equipment 2017
51 DRYFIT Plant conditioner enhancing plants' drought resistance based on proline aminoacid 2017
52 MIGRAGEN The genetic and environmental basis of migration in the marmalade hoverfly 2016
53 MacroReflEx Macro Experiments on Reflexivity and Economic Crises 2016
54 DarkMix Illuminating the dark side of surface meteorology: creating a novel framework to explain atmospheric transport and turbulent mixing in the weak-wind boundary layer 2017
56 Vis4Weather Improved Communication of High Impact Weather Events 2017
57 DUST-GLASS Improving global dust prediction and monitoring through data assimilation of satellite-based dust aerosol optical depth 2017
58 SARCOM Selection for antimicrobial resistance in a complex community context 2017
59 INNO-CYANO INNOvative mapping, reporting and forecasting of CYANObacteria blooms applying the synergistic use of advanced in situ optical data, satellite imagery and statistical modelling 2017
60 SPFireSD Seasonal Prediction of Fire danger using Statistical and Dynamical models 2017
61 TESTINF Testing Cosmic Inflation and Reheating in the Very Early Universe 2017
62 IB4SD-TRISTAN Imaging Biomarkers (IBs) for Safer Drugs: Validation of Translational Imaging Methods in Drug Safety Assessment - Sofia ref.: 116106 2017
63 FOROIL Objective-based forecast evaluations for crude oil volatility. 2017
64 Shocks Transmission Transmission of Financial Shocks: A systemic Input-Output GVAR approach 2018
65 RAVEN Real Time Access To Virtual Earth Observation Network 2017
67 PROSNOW Provision of a prediction system allowing for management and optimization of snow in Alpine ski resorts 2017
68 CLARA Climate forecast enabled knowledge services 2017
69 KLIMATOR RSI A new road status information system for a smarter mobility thanks to an effective and sustainable winter Road Maintenance 2017
70 SPEEDY-3D Plugin-free easy-to-use software for high-speed virtual reality in e-commerce 2017
71 z-BURN Zero-Emission Catalytic Burner for heating in Electric and Hybrid Vehicles 2017
72 BEEOXAL Treatment against honeybee varroosis based on highly effective application of oxalic acid through sublimation 2017
73 3DTRAY Innovative lightweight sustainable solutions for additively manufactured aircraft interior parts 2017
74 FORJET2035 ATS Level Business Jet 2035 Forecast 2017
75 FORROT2035 ATS Level Rotorcraft 2035 Forecast 2017
76 FORSAT2035 ATS Level SAT 2035 Forecast 2017
77 Plume Air Cloud Plume Air Cloud – Air Quality Data Crowdsourcing Platform for Environmentally-friendly Cities 2017
78 AMBROSIA Aquaporin-Inside™ Membranes for Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Application 2017
79 CLIM4CROP Climate monitoring and seasonal forecast for global crop production 2018
80 DUST Data Assimilation for Agent-Based Models: Applications to Civil Emergencies 2018
81 RESPOND RESPOND: integrated demand REsponse Solution towards energy POsitive NeighbourhooDs 2017
82 S2S4E Sub-seasonal to Seasonal climate forecasting for Energy 2017
83 SECLI-FIRM The Added Value of Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Integrated Risk Management Decisions 2018
84 PAPILA Prediction of Air Pollution in Latin America 2018
85 FANFAR Reinforced cooperation to provide operational flood forecasting and alerts in West Africa 2018
86 PhytlSigns Real-time plant monitoring based on bioelectrical signals 2017
87 Day-by-day Day-by-Day Short-Term Traffic Forecasts for Road Concessions (top app) 2017
88 ThromboSLE Accurate assessment of thrombosis risk in systemic lupus erythematosus 2018
89 TurboSol TurboSol: Turbo-Solar Thermal Power for Industrial Drying Processes 2018
90 PROTECT Propagation of atmospheric ROssby waves - connection to prEdictability of Climate exTremes 2018
91 Competing Forecasts Comparing the Predictive Ability of Forecasting Models 2018
92 TROPHY The consequences of temperature-resource interactions for the future of marine phytoplankton communities 2018
93 THINKPV Forecasting Tool for supporting of grid operations with HIgh INtegration of distributed PV generation 2018
94 LISTEN Lost In translation: Strengthening communication skills between real world and climaTe modEls for seasonal to decadal predictioN 2019
95 PANOPTIS Development of a Decision Support System for increasing the Resilience of Transportation Infrastructure based on combined use of terrestrial and airborne sensors and advanced modelling tools 2018
96 PALGLAC Palaeoglaciological advances to understand Earth’s ice sheets by landform analysis 2018
97 IntelliAQ Artificial Intelligence for Air Quality 2018
98 PUPILOSCOPE Pupiloscope, a Neuro-Critical Care Device, Enabling Quantitative, Real-Time, Pupillary Monitoring and Assessment of Patients with Neurotrauma and Head Injuries. 2018
99 EXICOM 3D experience anywhere, at any time 2018
100 REPLICATE The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants 2018
101 LIGHTSENSE Breakthrough Laser Technology for Dermatologic Healthcare 2018
102 SeedOPT Seedwiz Plant Variety OPTimizer Boosting Crop Growth for Global Food Security 2018
103 FOGSCREEN MINI FogsScreen Mini - breakthrough laminar air purification technology with stunning interactive images 2018
104 DualMetha A cost-effective process for methanisation of unexploited agricultural waste. 2018
105 NegaWh EXchange Balancing demand-response platform for an efficient, reasonably-priced and sustainable electricity market 2018
106 HemoScreen Point-of-care hematology analyser based on visco-elastic focusing, digital imaging, image processing and machine learning 2018
107 LYSADERM Platelet LYSAte based DERMal formulation for the treatment of skin ulcers 2018
108 Polaris Lighter, Cheaper Thermoplastic CNG Tanks for Automotive & Commercial Vehicle Markets 2018
109 PECREGEN Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production from H2S in a Regenerative Scrubber 2019
110 Matrix Charging Matrix Charging: Novel, automated charging infrastructure for electric vehicles 2018
111 IMMERSE Improving Models for Marine EnviRonment SErvices 2018
112 LO-ACT Low Carbon Action in Ordinary Cities 2019
113 Mantis Mantis is a cloud-based Intelligent Traffic Solution built around a unique algorithm which forecasts traffic evolution saving costs and reducing emissions 2018
114 RE-MATCH Creating artificial turf yarns with new recycling technologies for circular economy 2018
115 Geowox COMP Quick, cost-effective and accurate residential property valuations for the European mortgage lender market. 2018
116 ECO-Pet Eco-friendly, safe and highly-absorbent wood pellets for animal bedding and litter, produced by an optimized cost-efficient energy process 2019
117 SECONDS On Time Emergency Response System 2019
118 PV Impact Actual execution of the Implementation Plan for Photovoltaics and monitoring the Implementation Plan’s delivery 2019
119 CausalBoost Using causal discovery algorithms to boost subseasonal to seasonal forecast skill of Mediterranean rainfall 2020
120 iAtlantic Integrated Assessment of Atlantic Marine Ecosystems in Space and Time 2019
121 Goodwall The Professional Development Network for the Next Generation 2019
122 BRAIN Building a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Network 2019
123 MicroCoating Boosting the Performances of Wind Turbines thanks to Microstructure Coating 2019
124 Undersee Enabling Precision Aquaculture with multi-variable real-time sensing and Copernicus Earth Observation data 2019
125 CLIMFOR Accurate Seasonal Forecasts for Boosting Renewable Energy Generation and Improving Current Disaster Risk Management 2019
126 TECTONIC The physics of Earthquake faulting: learning from laboratory earthquake prediCTiON to Improve forecasts of the spectrum of tectoniC failure modes: TECTONIC 2020
127 LUBRIGONE The first lubrication- and coating-free stoppers for Prefillable Syringes 2019
128 ngCon Building concrete solutions. A unique additive for the ideal concrete. 2019
129 CSMS Smart, energy efficient air-condition 2019
130 SSB Surgify Safety Burr 2019
131 SOCRATIC SOCRATIC: A real-time effluent management software based on artificial intelligence and industrial automation, specific for the prevention of combined sewage overflow 2019
132 EOLOGIX The first wireless wind turbine blade sensor for automatic, real-time condition-based monitoring 2019
133 SCF Smart Cash Flow – Getting back on track 2019
134 FLEXGRID A novel smart grid architecture that facilitates high RES penetration through innovative markets towards efficient interaction between advanced electricity grid management and intelligent stakeholders 2019
135 Smart4RES Next Generation Modelling and Forecasting of Variable Renewable Generation for Large-scale Integration in Energy Systems and Markets 2019
136 OASyS Overall Air Transport System Vehicle Scenarios 2019
137 ASCAPE Artificial intelligence Supporting CAncer Patients across Europe 2020
138 AD-TO-STORE Public Marketplace Platform for Digital Marketing applied for driving in-store Sales. 2019
139 SafeSpace Radiation Belt Environmental Indicators for the Safety of Space Assets 2020
140 EUHFORIA_2.0 EUropean Heliospheric FORecasting Information Asset 2.0 2019
141 AUTHEVOO DNA-Authenticity & Traceability for Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Τrust the DNA, the label. 2019
142 SBTech Innovative Stirring Blade Technology to increase profitability in the industry of algae culture based on CFD techniques (SBTech) 2019
143 ENDOWAVE ENDObronchial microWAVE Ablation for the minimally invasive treatment of lung cancer 2019
144 RadicalHOUSING Radical Housing: Cities and the global fight against housing precarity 2020
145 AQ-WATCH Air Quality: Worldwide Analysis and Forecasting of Atmospheric Composition for Health 2020
146 urbisphere urbisphere - coupling dynamic cities and climate 2020
147 PrimeWater Delivering Advanced Predictive Tools form Medium to Seasonal Range for Water Dependent Industries Exploiting the Cross-Cutting Potential of EO and Hydro-Ecological Modeling 2019
148 FuturePowerFlow Exploiting the full integration potential of fluctuating renewable energies in power grid operation by new predictive technologies 2020
149 Raven AI-based autonomous flight control for the aircraft of today and electric VTOLs of tomorrow 2019