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H2020 projects about "replicate"

The page lists 98 projects related to the topic "replicate".

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1 CITYLAB City Logistics in Living Laboratories 2015
2 COMPUCELL Autonomous Cellular Computers for Diagnosis 2015
3 MetDNASecStr Metabolism of DNA secondary structures and their impact on genome stability 2015
4 BeeDanceGap Honeybee communication: animal social learning at the height of social complexity 2016
5 SMARTER-SI Smart Access to Manufacturing for Systems Integration 2015
6 Save at Work save@work - The Energy Saving Contest for Public Authorities 2015
7 BEenerGI Bundling sustainable energy investments for GIrona´s municipalities 2015
8 SECOMAP Sexual Commitment of Malaria Parasites: Investigation Into the Epigenetic Control of Plasmodium Gametocytogenesis 2015
9 TRADECOM TRADECOM: Trader communication, collaboration and compliance system 2015
11 OrchardMan A novel vision based orchard system to maximize fruit tree yields and Class 1 quality by 20% while reducing waste by 50% 2015
12 DECI Digital Environment for Cognitive Inclusion 2015
13 JET JET - Job market and Employment Transparency 2015
14 REPLICOLL Self-replicating Colloidal Assemblies 2015
15 REPHLECT Recovering Europe´s PHotovoltaics LEadership through high Concentration Technology 2015
16 AMPED AlphaSense Market Penetration and European market Development 2015
17 PERFORM Participatory Engagement with Scientific and Technological Research through Performance 2015
18 DREEAM Demonstration of an integrated Renovation approach for Energy Efficiency At the Multi building scale 2015
19 PASSCLUB The multisided secure mobile wallet platform that can make mCommerce happen in Europe 2015
20 TROCONVEX Turbulent Rotating Convection to the Extreme 2016
21 REPLICATE cReative-asset harvEsting PipeLine to Inspire Collective-AuThoring and Experimentation 2016
22 ISABEL Triggering Sustainable Biogas Energy Communities through Social Innovation 2016
23 PUBLENEF Supporting PUBLic Authorities for Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies 2016
24 REPLICATE REnaissance of Places with Innovative Citizenship and TEchnolgy 2016
25 INTERPLAY Interplay between genetic determinants of glycaemia, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in interaction with dietary and lifestyle factors 2017
26 SelectX Integrated Crossbar of Microelectromechanical Selectors and Non-Volatile Memory Devices for Neuromorphic Computing 2016
27 PrinTendon Development of a tendon/ligament substitute through bioprinting 2016
28 REPSUMODDT Mechanisms and regulators coordinating replication integrity and DNA damage tolerance. 2016
29 Super-DENSE Superfluid dynamics of neutron star crusts and cores 2016
30 StemProteostasis Mediation of stem cell identity and aging by proteostasis 2016
32 sSM Sensefinity Social Machines 2016
33 SIAN Sense, Inform, Act, Notify - Commercialisation of the world's smallest, easiest to use, most reliable, longest lasting, Semiconductor based Wireless Sensors 2016
34 UWIT UnderWater Information Technology (UWIT) 2016
35 AGROinLOG Demonstration of innovative integrated biomass logistics centres for the Agro-industry sector in Europe 2016
36 RACCOON A Rigorous Approach to Consistency in Cloud Databases 2017
37 VIVAVE Viral Vaccine Vectors in Personalized Medicine 2017
38 DSR Dissipative Self-Replication 2017
39 LPEMM Liquid Phase Electron Microscopy of Magnetite 2017
40 PGXOME A pharmacogenomic exploration of adverse drug reactions in epilepsy 2017
41 PRENUCRNA Prebiotic Synthesis of Pyrimidine Nucleosides: New Insights into RNA Evolution 2017
42 PROM Pregnancy and Reproduction Organ-on-a-chip Models 2017
43 INCAGE In vitro reconstitution and single cell analysis of the Shigella-septin cage. 2017
44 Torero TORrefying wood with Ethanol as a Renewable Output: large-scale demonstration 2017
45 SENSEE Replicating the SUN through affordable, efficient and accurate LEDs 2017
46 ToDL Systems Chemistry: Steps Towards De-Novo Life 2017
48 IMPROVE Innovative Methods for Psychology: Reproducible, Open, Valid, and Efficient 2017
49 TYPHI From Typhoid Fever to Antimicrobial Mechanisms 2017
50 ORISPECIFICATION Molecular and structural mechanisms for metazoan replication origin specification 2018
51 ZEFER Zero Emission Fleet vehicles For European Roll-out 2017
52 EPIDEMICSonCHIP EPIDEMICS in ant societies ON a CHIP 2018
53 DynaMO_TB Spatiotemporal regulation of localization and replication of M. tuberculosis in humanmacrophages 2018
54 ESI Europe Driving Investment in Energy Efficiency through Energy Savings Insurance in Europe 2018
55 mPOWER Municipal Action, Public Engagement and Routes Towards Energy Transition 2018
56 VR-FS Virtual Reality in high fidelity Flight Simulation 2018
57 InnovOleum An innovative business model: turning domestic used cooking oil into renewable “fuel” for education and entrepreneurship 2018
58 DREAMY Disrupting Aberrant Protein–Protein Interactions with Conformationally Constrained Hydrocarbon α-Helical Mimetics 2018
59 NeuroBid Inside the bi-dialectal mind and brain: An electrophysiological study on executive functions 2018
60 TRAINEE TowaRd market-based skills for sustAINable Energy Efficient construction 2018
61 PSR Photometabolic Self-Replication 2019
62 SinMolTermination Single-molecule visualisation of eukaryotic DNA replication termination to uncover novel mechanisms of replication stress 2019
63 EdiCitNet Edible Cities Network Integrating Edible City Solutions for social resilient and sustainably productive cities 2018
64 HOUSEFUL Innovative circular solutions and services for new business opportunities in the EU housing sector 2018
65 GNU200 Innovative Solution in Microbiome Modulation to Benefit Infant Healthy growth 2018
66 REPLISTRESS DNA Replication: From Physiology to Replication Stress in Human Cancer 2018
67 Made4You Open and Inclusive Healthcare for Citizens Based on Digital Fabrication 2018
68 MedicalPhant An advanced 3D simulator to generate 3D-personalized tissue and organ models for diagnosis, planning and pre-treatment of medical vascular interventions 2018
69 REPLICATE The Revolutionary Tooth Replacement System for Minimally Invasive Immediate Dental Implants 2018
70 GROVF4.0 Feasibility study for Grovf hardware accelerated no SQL database for Industry 4.0 2018
71 HIPShot HBV GenetIc and Proteomic Screen 2019
72 M-Sec Multi-layered Security technologies to ensure hyper connected smart cities with Blockchain, BigData, Cloud and IoT 2018
73 APRICOT Artificial PeRceptIon Chip for the Intelligence Of Things 2018
74 VillageInvest Village Invest: Low Cost Loans for Unbanked People in Risky Political Economies 2018
75 Scan2CAD Scan2CAD: Learning to Digitize the Real World 2019
76 ChemLife Artificial micro-vehicles with life-like behaviour 2018
77 PROMETHEUS PROtocols for information Models librariEs Tested on HEritage of Upper Kama Sites 2019
79 GIFT Geographical Islands FlexibiliTy 2019
80 AMPHIBIANS All Optical Manipulation of Photonic Metasurfaces for Biophotonic Applications in Microfluidic Environments 2019
81 SYMBeetle Symbiont-assisted cuticle biosynthesis as a key innovation contributing to the evolutionary success of beetles 2019
82 BIOCONTACT Contact Mechanics of Soft and Complex Biological Tissues 2019
83 MicroFSMA MicroFluidic based platform for SeMen Analysis 2019
84 SYNTISU Remotely-controlled functional synthetic tissues 2019
85 OncoViroMRI Brain Cancer Therapy Monitoring using a Novel Quantitative and Rapid Magnetic Resonance Imaging-based Method 2019
86 TURNKEY RETROFIT TURNKEY solution for home RETROFITting 2019
87 FinEERGo-Dom Financing scheme for Energy Efficiency and Renewable energy Guaranteed in Deep renovations of building stock 2019
88 PWD Novel technology for industrial Pressing, Washing and Drying in manufacturing of specialty compounds 2019
89 RepDiff Revealing novel molecular mechanisms linking DNA replication and cell fate decisions 2020
90 SYGMA Synthetic photobiology for light controllable active matter 2019
91 AlgoHex Algorithmic Hexahedral Mesh Generation 2020
92 ATELIER AmsTErdam BiLbao cItizen drivEn smaRt cities 2019
93 NEUREKA A smart, hybrid neural-computo device for drug discovery 2019
94 NANOCELL A DNA NANOtechology toolkit for artificial CELL design 2020
95 DynaGrow Dynamic Growth and Replication in Coacervate Protocells 2020
96 CARLA The European Photonics CAReer LAunch Path 2020
97 SMARTLABCAM Engineering and commercialization of a smart camera with on-chip image processing for head- and eye-tracking in laboratory animals 2020
98 FISHEARS Enigmatic fish ears: solving a sensory biology riddle with bioengineering and Artificial Intelligence 2020