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H2020 projects about "transparency"

The page lists 232 projects related to the topic "transparency".

# achronym  title  year 
2 CHROMTISOL Towards New Generation of Solid-State Photovoltaic Cell: Harvesting Nanotubular Titania and Hybrid Chromophores 2015
3 OCT4IOL Optical Coherence Tomography for Intraocular Lenses 2015
4 GNSS.asia2 Industrial cooperation across continents 2015
5 INREP Towards Indium free TCOs 2015
6 MUSA MUlti-cloud Secure Applications 2015
7 ProCAMS Promoting Creativeness in Augmented Media Services 2015
8 BESIIICGEM An innovative Cylindrical Gas Electron Multiplier Inner Tracker for the BESIII Spectrometer 2015
9 Financial Transparency Platform for the Public Sector 2015
10 DIGIWHIST The Digital Whistleblower. Fiscal Transparency, Risk Assessment and Impact of Good Governance Policies Assessed 2015
11 ROUTE-TO-PA Raising Open and User-friendly Transparency-Enabling Technologies forPublic Administrations 2015
12 SPOOC Automated Security Proofs of Cryptographic Protocols: Privacy, Untrusted Platforms and Applications to E-voting Protocols 2015
13 YDS Your Data Stories 2015
14 RentalCal Incentives through Transparency: European Rental Housing Framework for Profitability Calculation of Energetic Retrofitting Investments 2015
15 TYPES Towards transparencY and Privacy in the onlinE advertising businesS 2015
16 INDIGO-DataCloud INtegrating Distributed data Infrastructures for Global ExplOitation 2015
17 VisiOn Visual Privacy Management in User Centric Open Environments 2015
18 OPERANDO Online Privacy Enforcement, Rights Assurance and Optimization 2015
19 PHELLINI Plasmonic Heaters Linked to Lanthanide-Based Nanothermometers for Photodynamic Therapy in the Near-Infrared 2015
20 MISSION Mid Infrared SpectrometerS by an Innovative Optical iNterferometer 2015
21 2D-Ink Ink-Jet printed supercapacitors based on 2D nanomaterials. 2015
23 SBskin SBskin. Smart Building skin 2015
25 MLSYSTEM MLSYSTEM - heatable, integrated photovoltaics with insulated glass units 2015
26 EU-CIRCLE A panEuropean framework for strengthening Critical Infrastructure resilience to climate change 2015
27 Smart firearm safety Project iP9 Smart firearm safety Introduction of the first smart firearm safety to the institutional market (police) 2015
28 DEMSEC Democratic Secrecy: A Philosophical Study of the Role of Secrecy in Democratic Politics 2015
29 JET JET - Job market and Employment Transparency 2015
30 MPGS A citizen context aware platform to provide mobile public services 2015
31 ToxicExpertise Toxic Expertise: Environmental Justice and the Global Petrochemical Industry 2015
32 MITIGATE Multidimensional, IntegraTed, rIsk assessment framework and dynamic, collaborative Risk ManaGement tools for critical information infrAstrucTurEs 2015
33 NANO2ALL Nanotechnology Mutual Learning Action Plan For Transparent And Responsible Understanding Of Science And Technology 2015
34 THUNDHUB ThunderMaps HomeHub 2015
35 GOTSolar New technological advances for the third generation of Solar cells 2016
36 BrakeDiam BRAKE DIsc for AutoMotive - performance enhancement by insertion of diamond particles 2015
37 MEDEAS Guiding European Policy toward a low-carbon economy. Modelling Energy system Development under Environmental And Socioeconomic constraints 2016
38 REEEM Role of technologies in an energy efficient economy – model-based analysis of policy measures and transformation pathways to a sustainable energy system 2016
39 IntelGlazing Intelligent functional glazing with self-cleaning properties to improve the energy efficiency of the built environment 2016
40 netCommons network infrastructure as commons 2016
41 RECAP Personalised public services in support of the implementation of the CAP 2016
42 CLARITY Champion e-government appLications to increAse tRust, accountabIlity and TransparencY in public services 2016
43 ARREST BLINDNESS Advanced Regenerative and REStorative Therapies to combat corneal BLINDNESS 2016
44 EU-MERCI EU-MERCI - EU coordinated MEthods and procedures based on Real Cases for the effective implementation of policies and measures supporting energy efficiency in the Industry 2016
45 TERAULTRA Terahertz Ultra-Short Pulses from Self-Induced Transparency Modelocked Quantum Cascade Lasers 2016
46 S-PEEK Simple, immediate and economical access to company credit rating and financial information. 2016
47 LightPipe Antiresonant Hollow Optical Fibres for a Quantum Leap in Data and Optical Power Transmission 2016
48 JUDI-ARCH The Rise of Judicial Self-Government: Changing the Architecture of Separation of Powers without an Architect 2016
49 DIPLOFACE Diplomatic Face-Work - between confidential negotiations and public display 2016
50 GlobalPolicyUncertainty Global Policy Uncertainty and International Asset Markets 2016
51 TACT Towards an objective and quantitative Assessment of human Corneal Transparency 2017
52 REACH Renewable Energy and Connectivity Hub 2016
53 FutureTrust Future Trust Services for Trustworthy Global Transactions 2016
54 EDGE Cutting Edge Training - Cutting Edge Technology 2016
55 Frontiers in Design Frontiers in Mechanism Design: Methodology and Applications 2016
56 E-TEX All-organic devices in textiles for wearable electronics 2016
57 WIDGET 3.0 Online tool to crowdfund NGO and Charity projects through the booming e-commerce market andbeyond! 2016
58 SemI40 Power Semiconductor and Electronics Manufacturing 4.0 2016
59 Baltic Gender Baltic Consortium on Promoting Gender Equality in Marine Research Organisations 2016
60 SCILIFE Science in everyday life 2016
61 OMIP Improved Over-The-Counter (OTC) Market Integrity and Privacy via cryptographic proofs of computational integrity 2016
62 SuccessfulGovernance Success in Public Governance: Assessing and explaining how public problems are sometimes addressed remarkably effectively 2016
63 AM4INFRA Common Framework for a European Life Cycle based Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks 2016
64 BlockPLA Innovative Biodegradable PLA Plastic for an Increased Range of Packaging Applications 2016
65 DIGICOR Decentralised Agile Coordination Across Supply Chains 2016
66 MOBISTYLE MOtivating end-users Behavioral change by combined ICT based tools and modular Information services on energy use, indoor environment, health and lifestyle 2016
67 Forwarder2020 Smart Forwarder for sustainable and efficient forest operation and management 2016
68 dEUdil dEUdil: Building on open data as a new business model in the business information industry 2016
69 ViEWS The Violence Early-Warning System: Building a Scientific Foundation for Conflict Forecasting 2017
70 TOPEX Philosophical Foundations of Topological Explanations 2016
71 FORAM Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials (FORAM) 2016
72 p-TYPE Transparent p-type semiconductors for efficient solar energy capture, conversion and storage. 2017
73 MinFuture Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies 2016
74 SPECIAL Scalable Policy-awarE linked data arChitecture for prIvacy, trAnsparency and compLiance 2017
75 euBusinessGraph Enabling the European Business Graph for Innovative Data Products and Services 2017
76 SmILES Smart Integration of Energy Storages in Local Multi Energy Systems for maximising the Share of Renewables in Europe’s Energy Mix 2016
77 Chi2-Nano-Oxides Second-Order Nano-Oxides for Enhanced Nonlinear Photonics 2017
78 XTPL XTPL - A new generation of TCF layers for use in displays and thin film photovoltaic cells 2017
79 TRUESSEC.EU TRUst-Enhancing certified Solutions for SEcurity and protection of Citizens’ rights in digital Europe 2017
80 Market Design Market Design: Theory and Applications in Development 2016
81 CITIZINGLOBAL Citizens, Institutions and Globalization 2017
82 EU-SEC The European Security Certification Framework 2017
83 TEMPTATION Thermometry and Photoacoustic-Imaging Outstanding Nanoprobes 2017
84 BlueAquality Blue Aquality 2016
85 MIP My Impact Portal 2017
86 SWORD Security Without Obscurity for Reliable Devices 2017
87 LATO Large-Area Transparent Opto-Electronics using 2D Materials 2017
88 MILC New system for Automatic Music identification of live events and cover versions 2017
89 WAGETRANS Wage transparency in companies 2017
90 DO-IT Big Data for Better Outcomes, Policy Innovation and Healthcare System Transformation - Sofia ref.: 116055 2017
91 CONPLEX The Constitutional Place of Expertise 2018
93 LIVERZAP Live, In vivo Visualisation of liver Regeneration in Zebrafish After Photoablation of hepatocytes 2018
94 B-PhosphoChem Exploration of the 2D-Chemistry of Black Phosphorous 2017
95 GHOST Safe-Guarding Home IoT Environments with Personalised Real-time Risk Control 2017
96 EeMAP Energy efficient Mortgages Action Plan 2017
97 3D-SMoHC 3D SMART MODELS FOR HERITAGE CONSERVATION An Open Science project for documentation, management and representation of Cultural Heritage 2017
98 EnAcTiVa Environmental Accountability through real-Time analysis of the Value chain 2017
99 EU-China-Safe Delivering an Effective, Resilient and Sustainable EU-China Food Safety Partnership 2017
100 Productive4.0 Electronics and ICT as enabler for digital industry and optimized supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle 2017
101 VERSUS Violence Elites and Resilience in States Under Stress 2017
102 BLOOMEN Blockchains in the new era of participatory media experience 2017
103 Hubble Hubble – smart workplace allocation platform 2017
104 TransFlexBattery Transparent and Flexible Li-Organic 3D Thin-Film Microbattery 2017
105 DRIVE Development of Robust and Innovative Vaccine Effectiveness 2017
106 NANOCOATINGS Innovative Technique for Large-Scale Production of NANO COATINGS to Reach Global Market ofSynthetic Diamond 2017
107 Big Policy Canvas Big Policy Canvas - Needs, Trends and ICT Tools for Advanced Data-Driven Public Sector 2017
108 ENSUREAL Integrated cross-sectorial approach for environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient alumina production 2017
109 SoCaTel A multi-stakeholder co-creation platform for better access to long-term care services 2017
110 GRAPHENART Graphene as effective anti-fading agent for the protection of artworks 2017
111 VHDD Computer-aided Van der Waal Heterostructure Device Design using Unique Response to Electric Fields 2018
112 ATOMICAR ATOMic Insight Cavity Array Reactor 2018
113 TeamPlay Time, Energy and security Analysis for Multi/Many-core heterogenous PLAtforms 2018
114 NEXIS Next generation X-ray imaging system 2018
115 TheyBuyForYou Enabling procurement data value chains for economic development, demand management, competitive markets and vendor intelligence 2018
116 PRIViLEDGE Privacy-Enhancing Cryptography in Distributed Ledgers 2018
117 SDS-OmiProbe Revolutionary opto-biological methodology for aggressive HER2 cancer 2017
118 Avionero Avionero – a new standard in flight search 2017
119 FANDANGO FAke News discovery and propagation from big Data ANalysis and artificial intelliGence Operations 2018
120 EeDaPP Energy efficiency Data Protocol and Portal 2018
121 HAPPEN Holistic AProach and Platform for the deep renovation of the med residential built ENvironment 2018
122 P-ViTAL The Precompetitive Steps of Virtual Transparency and Augmented Laparoscopy 2018
123 TrueTalent TrueTalent - Creating the new artist economy 2018
124 CARBOMART Trading Platform for Sustainable Carbon Credits 2018
125 SeQfood Cost-Efficient Network for the Genetic Certification of Food Quality 2018
126 Next-EMS Next-Generation Energy-ManagementUpgrading Energy Management Systems with a Next-generation, smarter, resource-saving softwarewith unique automatic pattern recognition of energy consumption data 2018
127 PROSEU PROSumers for the Energy Union: mainstreaming active participation of citizens in the energy transition 2018
128 PublicApp Revolutionise and enhance citizen engagement through a unique dedicated public platform 2018
129 STAR Safe, Transparent, Active and Reliable mineral sunscreen technology 2018
130 ESPResSo Efficient Structures and Processes for Reliable Perovskite Solar Modules 2018
131 SUPERA Supporting the Promotion of Equality in Research and Academia 2018
132 GenderQuotas Gender Quotas and the Democratic Quality of Local Decision-Making Processes in Clientelistic Regimes 2018
133 TransparencyMeters Transparency instruments to quantify the method transparency, analytic robustness, and replicability of empirical research 2018
134 PLaTONE PLasmonics@Transparent cONductive oxidEs 2018
135 ESQ ESQ-FP: Erwin Schrödinger Quantum Science Programme 2018
136 iDev40 Integrated Development 4.0 2018
137 4DBIOSERS Four-Dimensional Monitoring of Tumour Growth by Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering 2018
138 FairSocialComputing Foundations for Fair Social Computing 2018
139 CyCAT Cyprus Center for Algorithmic Transparency 2018
140 OHMIO Transparent and flexible conductive polymers to boost the photovoltaic industry in Europe 2018
141 BlockPLA Innovative nanostructured PLA polymer to expand suitable uses of biodegradable packaging 2018
142 AQRATE Breakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteBreakthrough technology for managing and purchasing translation services guaranteeing transparency, savings and quality 2018
143 NegaWh EXchange Balancing demand-response platform for an efficient, reasonably-priced and sustainable electricity market 2018
144 B2FRESH The ultimate digital platform for full transparency and efficiency in the fruits and vegetables trade 2018
145 ImmAzing Data Intelligence for Accurate and Transparent Expert Real Estate Valuation 2018
146 SeafoodTrace SeafoodTrace: Intelligent Traceability Platform enabling full transparency in the Seafood supply chain 2018
147 Schrott24 Scrap dealing in the digital age: a transparent and efficient platform for price and supply chain management 2018
148 Our Science My Science - Our Science 2018
149 VillageInvest Village Invest: Low Cost Loans for Unbanked People in Risky Political Economies 2018
150 WeldGalaxy Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries 2018
151 REACH Renewable Energy and Connectivity Hub 2018
152 QMiCS Quantum Microwave Communcation and Sensing 2018
153 2D-PnictoChem Chemistry and Interface Control of Novel 2D-Pnictogen Nanomaterials 2018
154 Mokita The NGOs’ virtual reality content viewing platform 2018
155 BE OPEN European forum and oBsErvatory for OPEN science in transport 2019
156 ARCHIVER Archiving and Preservation for Research Environments 2019
157 VerifiedID The online platform for Identity Verification that gives back personal data ownership to the citizens 2018
158 Think NEXUS Think tank for the collaboration on NEXt generation internet between EU-US 2018
159 TechChild Just because we can, should we? An anthropological perspective on the initiation of technology dependence to sustain a child’s life 2019
160 EUNOMIA User-oriented, secure, trustful & decentralised social media 2018
161 LUMIDUCT Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate 2019
162 DigitalComp Algorithms, Digital Platforms and Competition 2019
163 NanoInformaTIX Development and Implementation of a Sustainable Modelling Platform for NanoInformatics. 2019
164 MUNDOARTI International leagues of art for creative people 2019
165 COOL-SENS Advanced monitoring solution to prevent losses and assure full transparency along the cold chain 2019
166 CATTLECHAIN 4.0 Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing CATTLE traceability and welfare with blockCHAIN 2019
168 FOrLedger A Blockchain-based Middleware Platform for Food Tracking Ledger Builder 2019
169 SOMA Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis 2018
170 EventAI Revolutionary Artificial Intelligence Platform for Managing and Optimising Event Planning 2018
171 Tech4Win Disruptive sustainable TECHnologies FOR next generation pvWINdows 2019
172 IMPRESSIVE ground-breakIng tandeM of transPaRent dyE SenSitIsed and peroVskite solar cElls 2019
173 INTEGRITY INTEGRITY: empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) 2019
174 GVI Green Vehicle Index Project 2019
175 Cata-rotors Visualising age- and cataract-related changed within cell membranes of human eye lens using molecular rotors 2019
176 SPIR Spasers in the infrared range 2020
177 devSAFARI A Low-Power Artificial Intelligence Framework based on Vector Symbolic Architectures 2019
178 Salmofish Tracing T3SS effectors in vivo during Salmonella infection in the zebrafish model 2019
179 2D_PHOT Two Dimensional Materials for Photonic Devices 2020
180 PISCO Photochromic Solar Cells: Towards Photovoltaic Devices with Variable and Self-Adaptable Optical Transmission 2019
181 BIZPOL Business as political actor – evolving practice, emerging norms and shifting expectations for a pivotal determinant of public trust in both business and democracy (BIZPOL) 2019
182 Utilizing Urban Tech to Power Smarter Cities 2019
183 hystrix A cost efficient, transparent and affordable digital procurement marketplace that allows MedTech industry and Hospitals to accelerate everyday processes 2019
184 PARIS REINFORCE Delivering on the Paris Agreement: A demand-driven, integrated assessment modelling approach 2019
185 NAVIGATE Next generation of AdVanced InteGrated Assessment modelling to support climaTE policy making 2019
186 ENGAGE Exploring National and Global Actions to reduce Greenhouse gas Emissions 2019
187 LABEL 2020 New Label driving supply and demand of energy efficient products 2019
188 SILK-EYE Silk-based ocular implants: treating eye conditions at the interface of photonics and biology 2020
189 e-DNA BotStop e-DNA BotStop 2019
190 ON-MERRIT Observing and Negating Matthew Effects in Responsible Research and Innovation Transition 2019
191 TODO Twinning Open Data Operational 2019
192 Solar-Win Next generation transparent solar windows based on customised integrated photovoltaics 2019
193 CROWDTHERMAL Community-based development schemes for geothermal energy 2019
194 VW Glare control with media functionality - VideowindoW 2019
195 ChemChain Blockchain Platform to Track Chemicals along the Value Chain 2019
196 RDNA Empowering New Venture Growth - RDNA 2019
197 AntiHelix DNA helicases in genome maintenance: from molecular and cellular mechanisms to specific inhibitors as potential drugs 2019
198 NoBIAS Artificial Intelligence without Bias 2020
199 DEMS-Nixus Creating a new paradigm of business value creation by fostering collaboration and data sharing while minimising the cost of business transformation 2019
200 Intelligent Glass Intelligent Glass: Affordable and Maintenance-Free Solution for Transforming Homes and Working Spaces 2019
201 VAL tle Easy identification of optimal translators in a global digital marketplace 2019
202 AAT Appraising and accelerating theoretical progress in memory modification research with meta-science, Bayesian statistics, and an open-collaborative approach. 2020
204 SHERPA Sustainable Hub to Engage into Rural Policies with Actors 2019
205 XAI Science and technology for the explanation of AI decision making 2019
206 OPTIMISE Open data: improving transparency, reproducibility and collaboration in science 2020
207 ONEIO The Intelligent Service Network Operator 2019
208 HEIST High-temperature Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy Transmission electron microscopy on energy materials 2020
209 ACTION Assessing Climate TransItion OptioNs: policy vs impacts 2020
210 3DPartForm 3D-printing of PARTiculate FORMulations utilizing polymer microparticle-based voxels 2020
211 i3-MARKET Intelligent, Interoperable, Integrative and deployable open source MARKETplace with trusted and secure software tools for incentivising the industry data economy 2020
213 BIGPROD Addressing productivity paradox with big data: implications to policy making 2019
214 DE4A Digital Europe for All 2020
215 HECAT Disruptive Technologies Supporting Labour Market Decision Making 2020
216 PAWES Predictive Analysis on the Worlwide Energy Sector 2019
217 ETHNA System Ethics Governance System for RRI in Higher Education, Funding and Research Centres 2020
218 PRO-Ethics Participatory Real Life Experiments in Research and Innovation Funding Organisations on Ethics 2020
219 AUTHEVOO DNA-Authenticity & Traceability for Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Τrust the DNA, the label. 2019
221 ETC Solarshade Invisible metal contacts for solar cells – boosting power output while cutting costs 2019
222 Mag-Spin A novel material for watch crystals and watch cases: Mg-spinel transparent ceramics 2019
223 AquaGen Water quality biomonitoring combining AI and environmental genomics 2019
224 SENSATE Low dimensional semiconductors for optically tuneable solar harvesters 2020
225 BayesianGDPR Bayesian Models and Algorithms for Fairness and Transparency 2020
226 TRUSTPATH Responsible sharing: Paving the path for transparent trust 2020
227 Clarifruit Oct 19 Innovative platform for fresh-produce quality control 2020
228 SoBigData-PlusPlus SoBigData++: European Integrated Infrastructure for Social Mining and Big Data Analytics 2020
229 ReKnow Research Knowledge Documentation, Analysis and Exploration in Empirical and Descriptive Sciences 2020
230 ASINA Anticipating Safety Issues at the Design Stage of NAno Product Development 2020
231 POTION Photodiode integration on silicon nitride 2020
232 STAR Sensing and Sensibility - Transcending Disciplines for a Responsible Future 2020