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H2020 projects about "clustering"

The page lists 105 projects related to the topic "clustering".

# achronym  title  year 
2 AMANAC Advanced Material And NAnotechnology Cluster 2015
3 FoFAM Industrial and regional valorization of FoF Additive Manufacturing Projects 2015
4 EeB-CA2 EeB Cluster Activities Coordination Action 2015
5 FOCUS Factory of the Future Clusters 2015
6 FoF-Impact Enhanced impact of the Factories of the Future PPP through technology transfer and expanded community 2015
7 FLARECAST Flare Likelihood and Region Eruption Forecasting 2015
8 ENSCC ERA-NET Smart Cities and Communities 2014
9 INCH INteractive CHarging 2014
10 FACCE SURPLUS SUstainable and Resilient agriculture for food and non-food systems 2015
11 ResClust Resonant clustering 2016
12 CONTESSA COuNt data TimE SerieS Analysis: significance tests and sequencing data application 2015
13 EFFECTIVE Exploiting Factory of the Future projects through Enhanced Clustering towards Technology Transfer, Innovation and Value creation for European industry. 2015
14 CLOUDWATCH2 Think Cloud Services for Government, Business Research 2015
15 CLUSDEV MED Cluster Development Med 2015
16 EXTMOS EXTended Model of Organic Semiconductors 2015
17 BioLinX Creating links to speed-up innovation in the bio economy 2015
18 COMP-MICR-CROW-MEM Computational Microscopy of Crowded Membranes 2015
19 HORSE Smart integrated Robotics system for SMEs controlled by Internet of Things based on dynamic manufacturing processes 2015
20 HiPEAC High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation 2016
21 EaP PLUS STI International Cooperation Network for Eastern Partnership Countries – PLUS 2016
22 TwinnToInfect Unleash IMM’s research excellence in immunity and infection through twinning to infect Lisbon and Portugal with its increase in competitiveness and innovation 2016
23 DYNAMICMARCH Dynamics of Multiple, Interacting and Concurrent Markov Chains 2016
24 POWER2INNO Building competences for empowerment of small and micro companies’ for innovative entrepreneurship 2016
25 GREinGC General Relativistic Effect in Galaxy Clustering as a Novel Probe of Inflationary Cosmology 2016
26 CLUSTER Birth of solids: atomic-scale processes in crystal nucleation 2016
27 BUILDUP Galaxy Buildup in the Young Universe: from the First Billion Years through the Peak Activity Epoch 2016
28 SynGenes Defining the genetics of grapheme-colour synaesthesia 2016
29 DynaSpaCER Molecular Mechanisms of Dynamic and Spatial Control of Eph Receptors clustering 2016
30 Lipid and Polarity The diffusion and nanoclustering of a polarity module in the lipid environment 2016
31 SmartPosition Smartphone-based Mobile Positioning System 2016
32 COSMOFLAGS Cosmology with future large-scale surveys 2016
33 FACTORY New paradigms for latent factor estimation 2016
34 POSTCELL Post-Cellular Wireless Networks 2016
35 T6S Multi-scale model of bacterial cell-cell interactions 2017
36 PORTIS PORT-Cities: Integrating Sustainability 2016
37 DAMOCLES Simulating Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Atmospheric Multicomponent Clusters 2016
38 PERMIDES Personsalised Medicine Innovation through Digital Enterprise Solutions 2016
39 GeCo Data-Driven Genomic Computing 2016
40 NLO-CO Large scale structure of the Universe and fundamental physics 2017
41 C2Phase Closure of the Cloud Phase 2017
42 GIESEPP Gridded Ion Engine Standardised Electric Propulsion Platforms 2017
44 CTO Com Context- and Task-Oriented Communication 2017
45 IMMUNE CELL SWARMS Innate Immune Cell Swarms: Integrating and Adapting Single Cell and Population Dynamics in Inflamed and Infected Tissues 2017
46 BACCO Bias and Clustering Calculations Optimised: Maximising discovery with galaxy surveys 2017
47 PEAC Provably-Correct Efficient Algorithms for Clustering 2017
48 QMBDyn Dynamical Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Systems 2017
49 CACHEM CACHEM: Probing Clustering of X-ray AGN using Chandra and Semi-Empirical Models 2018
50 GalaxyDance Dance of galaxies: testing General Relativity and alternatives using galaxy velocity fields 2017
51 OMPorg Spatiotemporal organisation of bacterial outer membrane proteins 2017
52 DrugComb Informatics approaches for the rational selection of personalized cancer drug combinations 2017
55 MDDS Mechanism Design for Data Science 2017
56 C-MobILE Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe 2017
57 Epiherigans Writing, reading and managing stress with H3K9me 2017
58 STUNNING SusTainable bUsiNess models for the deep reNovation of buIldiNGs 2017
59 KETBIO KETBIO: A novel cluster model to bring KEY ENABLING BIOTECHNOLOGY research closer to markets and society 2017
60 STEPUP Synthetic DCs for a T cEll ProdUction Platform 2017
61 I4MS-Go I4MS Going to Market Alliance 2017
62 SELFOR How our adaptive immune system separates “self” from “foreign” – a physicochemical study of binding in cell contacts 2018
63 ENSUREAL Integrated cross-sectorial approach for environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient alumina production 2017
64 EOPEN EOPEN: opEn interOperable Platform for unified access and analysis of Earth observatioN data 2017
65 COMBACTE-CDI Combatting Bacterial Resistance in Europe - Clostridium Difficile Infections 2017
66 AGEnTh Atomic Gauge and Entanglement Theories 2018
67 BSP Belief Systems Project 2018
68 CORNET Multiscale modelling and characterization to optimize the manufacturing processes of Organic Electronics materials and devices 2018
69 eDREAM eDREAM - enabling new Demand REsponse Advanced, Market oriented and Secure technologies, solutions and business models 2018
70 NoMADS Nonlocal Methods for Arbitrary Data Sources 2018
71 HiPEAC High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation 2017
72 CENTR-ALL Clarifying role of the CENTROSOME in abnormal mitotic processes featuring the most commonchildhood malignancy: paediatric High Hyperdiploid Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (HHDpALL) 2019
73 COSMIC-LITMUS Turning cosmic shear into a litmus test for the standard model of cosmology 2018
74 ENCORE Exploring Neutrinos: Cosmology, Oscillations, REactors 2018
75 RUBIZMO Replicable business models for modern rural economies 2018
76 ImmunAID Immunome project consortium for AutoInflammatory Disorders 2018
77 PolyBact Identifying Chemical Cues in the Polymer-Mediated Engineering of Microorganisms 2019
78 ProCenDecl Synthesis and validation of chemical Probes for Centrosome Declustering: development of potent and selective anti-cancer agents. 2019
79 ZELDA Investigating the mechanism of spatiotemporal control over genome activation by Zelda in an in vitro reconstituted system 2019
80 VEILA Identifying the source of unknown volcanic eruptions in Late Antiquity 2019
81 DMIDAS Astrophysical constraints on the identity of the dark matter 2018
82 E-DUALITY Exploring Duality for Future Data-driven Modelling 2018
83 WeldGalaxy Digital Dynamic Knowledge Platform for Welding in Manufacturing Industries 2018
84 PreMa Energy efficient, primary production of manganese ferroalloys through the application of novel energy systems in the drying and pre-heating of furnace feed materials. 2018
85 SmartDataLake Sustainable Data Lakes for Extreme-Scale Analytics 2019
86 SOS.aquaterra Respecting safe operating spaces: opportunities to meet future food demand with sustainable use of water and land resources 2019
87 HyPPOCRATES Medical Hyperspectral Image and Video Processing and Interpretation via Constrained Matrix and Tensor Factorization 2019
88 T-LICS Transfer of Linguistic Intonation in Contact Situations 2019
89 Eco-CosmePharm Computational 'eco-toxicity' assessment of pharmaceutical and cosmetics materials, an approach towards a green and sustainable environment 2019
90 Data TrackerTM DataTrackerTM – Artificial Intelligence Enabling a Secure and Compliant Cloud Adoption 2019
91 HEGS Hydrologic Extremes at the Global Scale: teleconnections, extreme-rich/poor periods, climate drivers and predictability 2019
92 kelbus2 Experimental and numerical study of long runout landslides 2020
93 CARDIATEAM CARdiomyopathy in type 2 DIAbetes mellitus 2019
94 CANSAS Clustering functional connectivity alterations in Autism Spectrum Disorders 2020
95 SPEEDIER SME Program for Energy Efficiency through Delivery and Implementation of EneRgy Audits 2019
96 PoInt Principles of Integrin Mechanics and Adhesion 2019
97 SIMICA Site-selective protein-modification chemistries for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) 2019
98 CustomerServiceAI CustomerServiceAI: Fully language-independent AI platform for automated and augmented customer service 2019
99 FutureLSS Fundamental physics from the large-scale structure of the Universe 2020
100 MEMEX MEMEX: MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling 2019
101 DiCE Differentiation: Clustering Excellence 2020
102 FEST Future Experiments seek Smart Technologies 2020
103 MSCA2020.HR MSCA Presidency Conference 2020 2019
104 ESMORGA Exploiting Superconvergence in Meshes for Optimal Representations of the Geometry with high Accuracy 2020
105 RealNano In-line and Real-time digital nano-characterization technologies for the high yield manufacturing of Flexible Organic Electronics 2020