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1 ALEC Aging Lungs in European Cohorts 2015
2 ATHLOS Ageing Trajectories of Health: Longitudinal Opportunities and Synergies 2015
3 FUTURE-FOOD Faster Upcoming Technology Uptake Relevant for the Environment in FOOds Drying 2015
4 FIDUCEO Fidelity and Uncertainty in Climate data records from Earth Observations 2015
5 M4ShaleGas M4ShaleGas: Measuring, monitoring, mitigating managing the environmental impact of shale gas 2015
6 Cancer-Targeted PolyIC Treatment of EGFR over-expressing cancers by targeted non-viral delivery of PolyIC 2015
7 Feel4Diabetes Developing and implementing a community-based intervention to create a more supportive social and physical environment for lifestyle changes to prevent diabetes in vulnerable families across Europe 2014
8 FoodSMART Shaping Smarter Consumer Behaviour and Food Choice 2015
9 GEAGAM Geophysical Exploration using Advanced GAlerkin Methods 2015
10 CPSELabs CPS Engineering Labs - expediting and accelerating the realization of cyber-physical systems 2015
11 BLACK SEA HORIZON Enhanced bi-regional STI cooperation between the EU and the Black Sea Region 2015
12 WMF2015 World Manufacturing Forum 2015 2015
13 IIT Industrial Innovation in Transition 2015
14 SMART-UP Vulnerable consumer empowerment in a smart meter world 2015
15 Save at Work save@work - The Energy Saving Contest for Public Authorities 2015
16 EnPC-INTRANS Capacity Building on Energy Performance Contracting in European Markets in Transition 2015
17 EUROCATED Innovative services and platform for sustainable transport based on ecodriving techniques 2014
18 ARCGATE ARCGATE: maximizing the potential of Arctic Ocean Gateway array 2015
19 ALHIS Archaeology, Landscapes and Heritage in the Iberian Southeast 2015
20 RES.CO.PART Research Consultation and Participation:developing a tool for managing cultural heritage and landscape 2015
21 LiVirIn 3D Liver Organoids: Modelling Host Hepatitis B Virus Interaction 2015
22 East-West Exploring the Eastern and the Western Debate: the Case of Mathematics Teachers’ Professional Knowledge and Students’ Achievement - A Comparative Study between Germany and China 2016
23 PRIME Process Invigoration through Model Embellishment 2015
24 AdoDigitFamX Adolescents, Parents and Digital Media: Looking for the pattern that dis/connects 2015
25 NanoERA Nanomaterials Ecological Risk Assessment: A study of the long-term effects and risks of nanoscale Iron Oxide used in plastic composites in the aquatic environment 2015
26 EBMPerform High-quality, high-speed EBM 3D printing by the integration of high-performance electron sources 2015
27 SWInG Development of thin film Solar cells based on WIde band Gap kesterite absorbers 2015
28 Eco-UV Low carbon footprint and eco-innovative UV water disinfection 2015
29 TVOF The values of French language and literature in the European Middle Ages 2015
30 MetCAF Uncovering the Role of Cancer Associated Fibroblasts in Facilitating Breast Cancer Metastasis 2015
31 CITRIMACC Circulation Pilot with Continuous Control of Multi-Modal Air Cargo Containers 2015
32 NewBusFuel New Bus ReFuelling for European Hydrogen Bus Depots 2015
33 SIMSEA Scenario simulations of the changing Black Sea ecosystem 2015
34 MSCA2015 - COFUND Luxembourg EU Presidency Conference 2015 on MSCA COFUND, 10-11 December 2015 2015
35 ZERO-PLUS Achieving near Zero and Positive Energy Settlements in Europe using Advanced Energy Technology 2015
36 PROTEOMICS4D Proteomics 4D: The proteome in context 2015
37 FRESH AIR Free Respiratory Evaluation and Smoke-exposure reductionby primary Health cAre Integrated gRoups 2015
38 HOBBIT Holistic Benchmarking of Big Linked Data 2015
39 CARIM Commercialization of a full carbon wheel manufactured with an automated high-volume process for the automotive market 2016
40 COMPROP Computational Propaganda:Investigating the Impact of Algorithms and Bots on Political Discourse in Europe 2016
41 FIRSTTIME That Special First Time - Boosting Turnout and Satisfaction amongst First Time Voters 2016
42 ESPrIT Strengthening the Occupational Health Expertise and Scientific Capacity of Public Health Institution of Turkey [ESPRIT] 2016
43 EL-CSID European Leadership in Cultural, Science and Innovation Diplomacy 2016
44 iSAGE Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production in Europe 2016
45 INAPEM International Network on Advanced high energy Permanent Magnets 2016
46 BARCODE DIAGNOSTICS Next-Generation Personalized Diagnostic Nanotechnologies for Predicting Response to Cancer Medicine 2016
47 AGENTSEGET Itinerant Cultural Agents in Early Modern Europe and the Scotsman Thomas Seget: A Case-Study 2016
48 PalmHydraulics Palm hydraulics linking biodiversity and functioning of tropical forests under climate change 2016
49 DUSC3 DUSt, Climate and Carbone Cycle 2016
50 MOCCA Mobile context-aware cross-cultural applications 2016
51 SustUrbanFoods Integrated sustainability assessment of social and technological innovations towards urban food systems 2016
52 IMPACT Physics of Impact Cratering Collapse 2016
53 BioMEP Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics 2016
54 FUNDCELERATOR FUND raising acCELERATOR for long time-to-market path SMEs 2016
55 RTHRIEL The Rhyme: Theory and History of the rhyme in Italian and European literature 2016
56 INVISIBLE WATERS Visualizing aquifers: sustainable water use in the Atacama Desert and beyond 2017
57 SYNVIA Synthetic viability of homologous recombination-deficient cancers 2016
58 PrinTeam Political knowledge as teamwork: The Academy of Zamość print shop (1594-1627) 2016
59 CHISEL Church Building as Industry in Early Medieval Western Europe 2016
60 MARINA Marine Knowledge Sharing Platform for Federating Responsible Research and Innovation Communities 2016
61 MERCES Marine Ecosystem Restoration in Changing European Seas 2016
62 UrBAN-WASTE Urban strategies for Waste Management in Tourist Cities 2016
63 PRISMA Piloting RRI in Industry: a roadmap for tranSforMAtive technologies 2016
64 EQUAL-IST Gender Equality Plans for Information Sciences and Technology Research Institutions 2016
65 ROUFER Eighteenth-century republicanism and the critique of commercial society: the case of Rousseau and Ferguson 2017
66 LICORNE LIssage de COrdons Robotisé Novateur Expert 2015
67 ELECTRIFIC Enabling seamless electromobility through smart vehicle-grid integration 2016
68 FoodSmartphone Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety 2017
69 EIPIN IS European Intellectual Property Institutes Network - Innovation Society 2017
70 FUTURING Futuring European Industry 2016
71 Factory2Fit Empowering and participatory adaptation of factory automation to fit for workers 2016
72 ENABLE.EU Enabling the Energy Union through understanding the drivers of individual and collective energy choices in Europe 2016
73 TIPA Tidal Turbine Power Take-Off Accelerator 2016
74 LINCOLN Lean innovative connected vessels 2016
75 IST-Africa 2016-2018 IST-Africa (2016 - 2018) 2016
76 OpenAIRE-Connect OpenAIRE - CONNECTing scientific results in support of Open Science 2017
77 BioReg Absorbing the Potential of Wood Waste in EU Regions and Industrial Bio-based Ecosystems 2017
78 SCRREEN Solutions for CRitical Raw materials - a European Expert Network 2016
79 RESET REliability and Safety Engineering and Technology for large maritime engineering systems 2017
80 SUITS Supporting Urban Integrated Transport Systems: Transferable tools for authorities 2016
81 VirFree Virus free Fruit Nurseries 2017
82 AMICI Accelerator and Magnet Infrastructure for Cooperation and Innovation 2017
83 ALIVER Development of DIALIVE, a novel Liver Dialysis Device for the treatment of patients with Acute on Chronic Liver Failure (ACLF) 2017
84 D2T2 Direct Drive Tidal Turbine (D2T2) Accelerator project 2016
85 TALK International impact of TALK©: a simple and practical approach to multi-professional structured feedback and debriefing, to be used after unplanned learning events in clinical environments. 2017
86 MEXRES Restoration and Faith: practicing religion and conservation in Mexico's historic churches 2016
87 SANDFECH Micromechanics-based finite element modeling of sandwich structures 2017
88 LEEP Longitudinal employer–employee perspectives on the role of human capital investments for retirement transitions 2017
89 XeMoon Sources and sinks for excess Xe and Ar on the Moon 2018
90 DREMATURE DNA repair mechanisms and therapy resistance of BRCA2-deficient cancers 2018
91 BIRTHBRAZIL Birthing Abolition: Reproduction and the Gradual End of Slavery in Brazil 2017
92 INCluSilver Innovation in personalised Nutrition through Cluster cooperation in the Silver economy 2017
93 SYMBIOTIC BODY Unlocking the virtual body: Exploiting the symbiotic relationship between an avatar and its user to modify bodily experience and improve the outcome of eating disorder treatment 2018
94 DesProtDNA Computational design of proteins binding nucleosomal DNA with specificity for therapeutic applications 2017
95 ACCLIM Acclimatization scenarios and early warning system of temperature-related mortality in Europe 2017
96 ChildEmp Understanding children's empathy: an ethnographic study among the indigenous Runa of the Ecuadorian Amazon 2018
97 I-CONSENT Improving the guidelines for Informed Consent, including vulnerable populations, under a gender perspective 2017
98 EU-China-Safe Delivering an Effective, Resilient and Sustainable EU-China Food Safety Partnership 2017
99 FAirWAY Farm systems that produce good Water quality for drinking water supplies 2017
100 PyroProf Chemical Profiling of Inorganic and Pyrotechnic Explosives 2017
101 CLASS CLear Air Situation for uaS: Maturing ground based technologies for a real-time Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management System (UTMS) to monitor and separate Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) traffic 2017
102 SpeakUp-LearnUp Minimizing Bullying and Harassment with SpeakUp LearnUp! 2017
103 CHANCE Characterization of conditioned nuclear waste for its safe disposal in Europe 2017
104 INSIDER Improved Nuclear SIte characterization for waste minimization in DD operations under constrained EnviRonment 2017
105 WMF2018 World Manufacturing Forum 2018 2017
106 HiFi-ELEMENTS High Fidelity Electric Modelling and Testing 2017
107 MEMORISING Remembering the Sound of Images: Cross-cultural study of rock art soundscapes and knowledge transmission in the New and Old Worlds. 2018
109 PRESTIGE Design-driven integration of innovative PRinted functional matErialS into inTeractive hIgh-end and fashion consumer Goods addressing tomorrow’s societal challEnges 2017
110 NEWBIE New Entrant netWork: Business models for Innovation, entrepreneurship and resilience in European agriculture 2018
111 PANACEA A thematic network to design the penetration PAth of Non-food Agricultural Crops into European Agriculture 2017
112 SiEUGreen Sino-European innovative green and smart cities 2018
113 IDPfun Driving the functional characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins 2018
114 CAREANDWORK Male Family Caregiver’s Well-being: Balancing Work and Long-Term Care in France and Japan 2018
115 MRI4DEEG An EEG calibration toolkit for monitoring rehabilitation of stroke patients. 2018
116 PLANMAP Planetary Mapping 2018
117 ATOS Advanced Technological Solutions for X band Earth Observation Systems 2018
118 ExoplANETS A Exoplanet Athmosphere New Emission Transmission Spectra Analysis 2018
119 INDESMOF International Network on Ionic Liquid Deep Eutectic Solvent Based Metal Organic Frameworks Mixed Matrix Membranes. 2018
120 UPSIDES Using Peer Support In Developing Empowering Mental Health Services 2018
121 E-FIX Developing and transferring an innovative Energy FInancing miX in order to activate private sector finance for increased investments in sustainable energy projects 2018
122 S-PARCS Envisioning and Testing New Models of Sustainable Energy Cooperation and Services in Industrial Parks 2018
123 mPOWER Municipal Action, Public Engagement and Routes Towards Energy Transition 2018
124 eForFuel Fuels from electricity: de novo metabolic conversion of electrochemically produced formate into hydrocarbons 2018
125 CitySleep SLEEP IN THE CITY: How does artificial light at night affect EEG-based measures of sleep? 2018
126 SPECTRE SPEciation and dynamiCs of TRace Elements 2018
128 COINE Counterfeiting Empire: Money, Crime, and Politics in the British Atlantic World 2018
129 Divided communities Communities Under Siege: Everyday Challenges in the Divided City of Jerusalem 2018
130 DualDur DualDur: A Disruptive Diagnostic Technology that Enables for the First Time an Early and Accurate Diagnosis of the tick-borne Lyme Disease. 2018
131 STEP-IN Using Living Labs to roll out Sustainable Strategies for Energy Poor Individuals 2018
132 GREET Guiding Refugees via European Exchange and Training 2018
133 WAEE Women at the Edge of Empire: Female Social Identity in the Lower Danube in 4th-6th Centuries AD 2018
134 TREMOR TRemor as Eruption MOnitoR 2019
135 TimeAdapt Tracking Genetic Adaptation of Populations Using Time-Series Genomic Data 2019
136 Target5LO Targeting 5-lipoxygenase in the context of Acute Myeloid Leukemia 2018
137 URMAC Ultra Right Media And Communication 2018
138 PEAI Public Epigraphy in Ancient Italy (third-first centuries BCE) 2018
139 SPECADIS Speciation and bioavailability of heavy metal cadmium (Cd) in the soil-plant system: a novel approach combining stable isotope geochemistry and experimental spectroscopy. 2019
140 InDyMag Internal Dynamics and Magnetic field generation in rocky bodies: planets and large moons in the solar system 2019
141 MACRAME Management Accounting and CReativity: Analysis of MEanings 2018
142 SupraCopCat Asymmetric cooperative catalysts constructed on supramolecular helices 2018
143 TRENGO Temperature reconstruction in Europe using cosmogenic noble gas observations 2019
144 ORBETEC ORganisational BEhaviour with new TEChnologies: a human resources management model for industry 4.0 2018
145 LOVE Love Across the Divide in Northern Irish Literature and Culture: 1968 - present 2018
146 TRANSPHILEUR TOWARD A PHILOSOPHICAL RETHINKING OF TRANSLATION: Effects of Translation in aContemporary European Space 2018
147 Organic-PLUS Pathways to phase-out contentious inputs from organic agriculture in Europe 2018
148 HySeas III Realising the world's first sea-going hydrogen-powered RoPax ferry and a business model for European islands 2018
149 MENTICA The Middle East Neolithic Transition: Integrated Community Approaches 2018
150 NATURA Reassessing Realism over Universals in the Time of Peter Abelard 2020
151 INNOCHALLENGE Problem Driven Innovation Support Initiatives for SMEs 2018
152 TImPANI Twinning in atmospheric Plasma science and applications 2018
153 EUSP Debate Science! European Student Parliament 2018
154 BRIGHT Brilliant Researchers Impact on Growth Health and Trust in Research 2018
155 CLARA Chemical Looping gAsification foR sustainAble production of biofuels 2018
156 ETIP OCEAN 2 European Technology and Innovation Platform for Ocean Energy 2019
157 QUANT A Quantitative Approach to Neolithic Plant-working Techniques: From Assessing Tool Use to Modelling Human Dispersals 2018
158 MIDA Mediating Islam in the Digital Age. Present issues and past experiences of technological revolutions 2019
159 BIOTRAFO Raising knowledge and developing technology for the design and deployment of high-performance power transformers immersed in biodegradable fluids“BIOTRAFO” 2019
160 DaPhNIs Role of the Maternal Gut Microbiota in Immune Activation at the Maternal-Foetal Interface: Impact on Preeclampsia and Offspring's Immune Development 2019
161 FAIRplus FAIRplus 2019
162 URBANA Urban Arena for sustainable and equitable solutions 2019
163 GRAHAM Concepts of Graph Theory Applied to the Human Microbiome 2018
164 MULTIPLY Municipal peer-to-peer learning in integrating transport, land-use planning and energy policy at district level 2018
166 FIN-TECH A FINancial supervision and TECHnology compliance training programme 2019
167 MTrill Machine Translation Impact on Language Learning 2019
168 REL-NET Entangled Interfaith Identities and Relations from the Mediterranean to the United States: The St James Association and Its Transnational Christian-Jewish Network in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 2019
169 WALCHEMY Early Modern Women and Alchemy, 1550-1700 2019
170 BirthControlEnvirons Contraception meets the environment: everyday contraceptive practices, politics, and futures in a toxic age 2019
171 NucSat Satellites and nuclear information. Production, communication and reception of nuclear-related information generated with satellites. 2019
172 PapalEmotions Emotions, gender, and authority at the curia of Pope Innocent III (1198-1216) 2019
173 MetaTarGet Targeting metabolic regulation in metastasis formation 2019
174 MImETIC INDiRECT MIcrovascularizED Tumour-on-chip for Cellular ImagiNg of Drug Response and Cell moTility 2019
175 INFORM Innovative Electrochemical Multiplex Biosensor for Detection and Quantification of Clinically Relevant Circulating miRNAs 2020
176 UNI4ST University education as a driver for sustainability transitions 2020
177 SATIE Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe 2019
178 MINKS Conserving our wildlife heritage: comparative biomechanics of feeding in native and introduced minks 2019
179 LIFT Unleash the potential of CSAs results to contribute to sustainable and competitive Bio-Based Industries in Europe 2019
180 GenALMA Kinship, Alliance and Urban Space: the Genoese 'alberghi' in the Late Middle Ages (c. 1150 - c. 1450) 2019
181 FORPRAL Forbidden Prayers Library. Shaping Private Piety in Counter-Reformation Europe (16th-18th) 2020
182 MonasByz The Making of the Byzantine Ascetical Canon: Monastic Networks, Literacy and Religious Authority in Palestine and Sinai (7th-11th centuries) 2020
183 DISCOURSEVAX Institutional Theory and Discourse Analysis: an empirical investigation of the rhetoric of Anti Vaccination movement 2020
184 SuperVGE Supersonic Variable Geometry Turbine Expanders for High-Efficiency, High Temperature, Organic Rankine Cycle Applications 2019
185 SPFPs Photo-Fenton degradation of Persistent Organic Pollutants present in Real Contaminated Waters using Solar pilot plant Reactors 2020
186 GenEl General readout electronics for cross-sectoral application in European research infrastructure 2020
187 3DX-LIGHT 3D X-ray Light-Field: low-dose X-ray imaging with X-ray wavefront sensors 2019
188 ARCH Advancing Resilience of Historic Areas against Climate-related and other Hazards 2019
189 NHNME Networked Holiness: New Media Entrepreneurship of Catholic Monastic Communities 2019
190 ISAC International Study on Age-related disparity in Cancer patient survival 2019
191 TACITROOTS The Accademia del Cimento in Florence: tracing the roots of the European scientific enterprise 2019
192 MIRAGE Independence and quality of mass Media in the InteRnet AGE 2018
193 RELEVANT REALISM Relevant Realism - Truth, Power, and Action for 21st Century Societies 2019
194 CONGO_WHALEBOATS Whaleboats in the Forest: Subaltern Technologies of Transportation on Congo’s Inland Waterways 2020
195 EmpowerMed Empowering women to take action against energy poverty in the Mediterranean 2019
196 H2Haul Hydrogen fuel cell trucks for heavy-duty, zero emission logistics 2019
197 200SMEchallenge Design-driven Open Innovation Challenge for 200 SMEs 2019
198 Create4value Creative collaboration to provide value for first time innovators - effective engagement of stakeholders and users in co-creation processes in SMEs. 2019
199 IMPRESS Integration of efficient downstreaM PRocessEs for Sugars and Sugar alcohols 2019
200 ATELIER AmsTErdam BiLbao cItizen drivEn smaRt cities 2019
201 EM4FIT Entrepreneurial Management for Fostering Innovation and Talents 2020
203 DV SUPPORT Building an evidence base to support Polish women victims of domestic violence in the UK. 2020
204 ARTIS Art and Research on Transformations of Individuals and Societies 2020
205 Co-Change Co-Create Change in Research Funding and Performing 2020
206 ClearPlasma ClearPlasma is an innovative medical device that enhances coagulation properties for improved treatment of excessive bleeding. 2019
207 STEP4WIND Novel deSign, producTion and opEration aPproaches for floating WIND turbine farms 2020
208 EvolInfome The sources of historical signal in the genomes of birds 2021
209 RNADOMAIN Computational genomics of long noncoding RNA domains across metazoans 2021
210 DLD-PI Developmental Language Disorder - Prevention and Intervention 2021
211 ERoDES Examination of the recent past and future Response of coastal Dunes to Extreme storms and Sea level rise 2021
212 EUDIC EU Foreign Policy Differentiation and Integration: Informal Groups in EU Approach to Conflicts and Crises 2021
213 PFCsByPlasCat Perfluorinated Organic Compounds (PFCs) Degradation using Non-Thermal Plasma Enhanced by Boron Doped Graphene Oxide as Catalyst 2020
214 NanoBat GHz nanoscale electrical and dielectric measurements of the solid-electrolyte interface and applications in the battery manufacturing line 2020
215 NuMagLongRx Nuclear magnetic long-lived state relaxation 2020
216 Electroscopy Electrochemistry of All-solid-state-battery Processes using Operando Electron Microscopy 2020
217 GenFem Generational Feminisms in Contemporary Northern Irish Performance 2020
218 UNTWIST UNraveling the knoT of the Water-energy-food nexus usIng ecosySTems services 2021
219 NEMO Noise and Emissions Monitoring and radical mitigation 2020