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H2020 projects about "energies"

The page lists 193 projects related to the topic "energies".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Friend2U Friend to understand 2014
2 HESPERIA High Energy Solar Particle Events foRecastIng and Analysis 2015
3 gRESONANT Resonant Nuclear Gamma Decay and the Heavy-Element Nucleosynthesis 2015
4 ULEED Observing structural dynamics at surfaces with Ultrafast Low-Energy Electron Diffraction 2015
5 Strained2DMaterials Unlocking new physics in controllably strained two-dimensional materials 2015
6 WETFEET Wave Energy Transition to Future by Evolution of Engineering and Technology 2015
7 smart-MEMPHIS Smart MEMs Piezo based energy Harvesting with Integrated Supercapacitor and packaging 2014
8 Triangulum Triangulum: The Three Point Project / Demonstrate. Disseminate. Replicate. 2015
9 NEUCOS Neutrinos and the origin of the cosmic rays 2015
10 InvGroGra Asymptotic invariants of discrete groups, sparse graphs and locally symmetric spaces 2015
11 HERA JRP UP HERA Joint Research Programme Uses of the Past 2015
12 ATMCinsituNMR Next level real-time characterisation of Li- and Na-ion batteries by – Automatic Tuning Matching Cycler (plus Goniometer) – ATMC(+G) in situ NMR 2015
13 Soft Gluons Soft Gluon Physics and Multi-Loop Calculations 2015
14 PHYSIO-POP Physiological and environmental controls of water and ozone fluxes in a short rotation poplar plantation: from leaf to tree to ecosystem scale. 2015
15 NICOS Nonlinear optical coatings at high intensities 2015
16 THz Photochemistry THz Photochemistry: Biased Proton Transfer by Ultrafast Electric Fields 2015
17 PALADIN Positron Annihilation Detection Beyond the Limits 2015
18 GRAPHEEN Green and Straightforward process for the synthesis of Graphene based-nanomaterials for energy applications 2015
19 MobileBattery Mobile Energy System for recharging, energy buffering and long-distance travelling 2015
20 SBskin SBskin. Smart Building skin 2015
21 BERTHA-G Bertha G - better enzymes - than gas 2015
22 PrecisionTools4LHC High precision predictions and tools for LHC Physics 2015
23 LOFAR Searching for The Origin of Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos with LOFAR 2015
24 Soltile A roof integrated solar tile system to develop cost-effective distributed solar power generation. 2015
25 SMITH SMart and Interoperable THermal network system development 2015
26 MetaFuel High Temperature Methanol Fuel Cell 2015
27 CTA-DEV Cherenkov Telescope Array: Infrastructure Development and Start of Implementation 2015
28 ELYntegration Grid Integrated Multi Megawatt High Pressure Alkaline Electrolysers for Energy Applications 2015
29 Novel Calorimetry Exploring the Terascale at LHC with Novel Highly Granular Calorimeters 2015
30 NEO-NAT Understanding the mass scales in nature 2015
31 ORZEL Boosting the scientific excellence and innovation capacity in organic electronics of the Silesian University of Technology 2016
32 SOLPART High Temperature Solar-Heated Reactors for Industrial Production of Reactive Particulates 2016
33 MULTISCALE Precision Multi-Scale Predictions for the LHC: Higgs, Jets and Supersymmetry 2016
34 PhotoMutant Rational Design of Photoreceptor Mutants with Desired Photochemical Properties 2016
35 CryoHub Developing Cryogenic Energy Storage at Refrigerated Warehouses as an Interactive Hub to Integrate Renewable Energy in Industrial Food Refrigeration and to Enhance PowerGrid Sustainability 2016
36 GEMCLIME Global Excellence in Modelling of Climate and Energy 2016
37 HISOL High Energy Optical Soliton Dynamics for Efficient Sub-Femtosecond and Vacuum-Ultraviolet Pulse Generation 2016
38 STOREandGO Innovative large-scale energy STOragE technologies AND Power-to-Gas concepts after Optimisation 2016
39 GaugedBH Black holes in gauged Supergravity: Supersymmetric and Holographic properties 2017
40 RGDQG Renormalisation Group methods for discrete Quantum Gravity 2016
41 ENSAR2 European Nuclear Science and Application Research 2 2016
42 unLiMIt-2D Unique Light-Matter Interactions with Two-Dimensional Materials 2016
43 NextGEnergy Next Generation Power Sources for Self-sustainable Devices – Integrated Multi-source Energy Harvesters 2016
44 MatchForSolar Mechanochemical Approach to Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials for Perovskite Solar Cells 2016
45 MIGRATE Cosserat phase field modelling and simulation of viscoplasticity induced grain boundary migration and recrystallisation in metallic polycrystals 2016
46 IRS-PEC Elucidating the water photo-oxidation mechanism by infrared spectroscopy 2017
47 SolardeSaLt A Renewable Approach for Industrial Water Desalination by using Hybrid Photovolt 2016
48 VicInAqua Integrated aquaculture based on sustainable water recirculating system for the Victoria Lake Basin (VicInAqua) 2016
49 PertQCD Automatization of perturbative QCD at very high orders. 2016
50 NuBSM From Fermi to Planck : a bottom up approach 2016
51 LHCDMTOP Novel Dark Matter Searches with Top Quarks at the Large Hadron Collider 2016
52 NUTS Nuclei Using Topological Solitons 2016
53 Drygair20 Energy efficient greenhouse dehumidifier for warm climate operating at wide temperature ranges (4-40° C) and free of fluorinated gases 2016
54 COOLandHOT COolest Of Labs Hottest Of Theories 2016
56 NewLightScalar Search for a new light scalar particle in the K+→π+χ decay at the NA62 experiment at CERN 2017
57 B-Brighter Enhancing OLED device performance using Fused Borylated Materials 2016
58 AVA Accelerators Validating Antimatter physics 2017
59 MAGIC Metal Assisted chemical etching of Gratings for X-ray InterferometriC systems 2016
60 NEXT-CSP High Temparature concentrated solar thermal power plan with particle receiver and direct thermal storage 2016
61 CC4SOL Towards chemical accuracy in computational materials science 2017
62 CosNeD Radio wave propagation in heterogeneous media: implications on the electronics of Cosmic Neutrino Detectors 2016
63 QCDforfuture QCD for the Future of Particle Physics 2017
64 Biofficiency Highly-efficient biomass CHP plants by handling ash-related problems 2016
65 STARCELL Advanced strategies for substitution of critical raw materials in photovoltaics 2017
66 M-PAC Miniature beam-driven Plasma ACcelerators 2017
68 LCPT SONOLIS ENERGY STORAGE SYSTEM: Lithium Capacitor Power Transfer 2016
69 MagBURST Exploding stars from first principles: MAGnetars as engines of hypernovae and gamma-ray BURSTs 2017
70 HyperMu Hyperfine splittings in muonic atoms and laser technology 2017
71 OCEAN_2G Second Generation technologies in ocean Energy 2017
72 TAMI Tests for leakage identification on Aircraft fluid Mechanical Installations 2017
73 HarvPell Upscale and redesign of a mobile harvesting and pelletizing disruptive all-in-one machine 2017
74 NExtNCNaBatt Novel Extended solids based on N=C chemistry for future Na-ion Batteries 2017
75 PULSATES PULsar Science Across The Electromagnetic Spectrum 2017
76 EXPERTISE models, EXperiments and high PERformance computing for Turbine mechanical Integrity and Structural dynamics in Europe 2017
77 HYPNOTIC Hybrid Indium Phosphide on Silicon nanophotonics for ultimate laser diodes, flip-flops and memories 2017
78 RELMED Electricity in the Mediterranean: Promoting good regulatory governance 2017
79 CuMiN Currents and Minimizing Networks 2017
80 PULSE2D Pulsed plasma technology for 2D materials integration 2017
81 MoQuOS Molecular Quantum Opto-Spintronics 2017
82 CICERO Cold Ion Chemistry - Experiments within a Rydberg Orbit 2017
83 ELECTROCAT Novel water splitting catalysts for efficient alkaline electrolyzers 2017
84 HP-MOSES Solar assisted high temperature heat pumps for molten salt energy storage applications. 2017
85 GIservice GI.service: Asset performance optimiser 2017
86 PADDLE Planning in A liquiD worlD with tropicaL StakEs: solutions from an EU-Africa-Brazil perspective 2017
87 D-PAL Innovative DePaLletiser for the automated feeding of signatures in the bookbinding industry 2017
88 W2W - Wind and Solar Innovative system for medium scale water desalination 100% powered by renewable energies 2017
89 SUBPORT Subsea socket for offshore Platforms based on Tide turbines 2017
90 XSTREAM X-ray-waveforms at the Space-Time Resolution Extreme for Atomic-scale Movies 2017
91 REWAM Next generation renewable energy portfolio asset management based on predictive analytics 2017
92 BioNet Dynamical Redesign of Biomolecular Networks 2018
93 CoMMaD Computational Molecular Materials Discovery 2018
94 APES Accuracy and precision for molecular solids 2018
95 SIDERWIN Development of new methodologies for industrial CO2-free steel production by electrowinning 2017
96 CROSSBOW CROSS BOrder management of variable renewable energies and storage units enabling a transnational Wholesale market 2017
97 PrecisionNuclei Strong interactions for precision nuclear physics 2018
98 FarCatCH Innovative Strategies for Unprecedented Remote C-H bond Functionalization by Catalysis 2018
99 QGP-MYSTERY Demystifying the Quark-Gluon Plasma 2018
100 MAGSPEC Spectra of Molecules in Strong Magnetic Fields 2018
101 REFLEX Reversible solid oxide Electrolyzer and Fuel cell for optimized Local Energy miX 2018
102 REDFINCH mid infraREd Fully Integrated CHemical sensors 2017
103 INSPIRE INfraStructure in Proton International REsearch 2018
104 MAIDEN Masses, isomers and decay studies for elemental nucleosynthesis 2018
105 SEMS Smart Energy Management System 2018
106 QSIMCORR Quantum Simulation of Strongly-Correlated Systems 2018
107 UPWARDS Understanding of the Physics of Wind Turbine and Rotor Dynamics through an Integrated Simulation Framework 2018
108 Plasmonic Reactor Super-resolution mapping of hot carriers on plasmonic nanoparticles for enhanced photochemistry. 2018
109 XQCR Electronic structure and energy descriptors for molecular crystals from quantum crystallography and X-ray charge density analysis 2018
110 CAPPERAM Contrast Agents for Protontherapy PET Range Monitoring 2018
111 CHAMPAGNE CoHerent AMplification and PArametric GeNeration of Euv radiation 2018
113 VSC_CAT Vibrational Strong Coupling for Organic Chemistry and Catalysis 2018
114 POLYFIL Polychromatic low-threshold fibre laser 2018
115 GLnQuadRemeshing Re-meshing of a given triangle mesh surface to a quad mesh using physically motivated methods based on the Ginzburg--Landau potential and solved efficiently solved via numerical splitting scheme 2018
116 HyThermEl Hybrid Thermoelectrics: From Model to Device 2019
117 ReMorphOPV Recombination in Organic Photovoltaics: Impact of Morphology and Long-Range Non-Equilibrium Transport 2019
118 ML Potentials Constructing Intermolecular Potentials by Combining Physics and Machine Learning 2018
119 I2-ICIQ Impulsion ICIQ Impulse for Talented Postdoctoral Fellows 2019
120 ExQuiSid Extreme Quantum Matter in Solids 2018
121 SE-SBR Sorbent-enhanced Steam Biomass Reforming for Integrated Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage 2018
122 DAMIC-M Unveiling the Hidden: A Search for Light Dark Matter with CCDs 2018
123 PanScales Spanning TeV to GeV scales for collider discoveries and measurements 2018
125 HiVOLT HIGH-VOLTAGE LITHIUM STORAGE - secure + efficient battery storage solution of the next generation 2018
126 Separative Disruptive purification consumables for the pharmaceutical industry 2018
127 collectiveQCD Collectivity in small, srongly interacting systems 2019
128 PulseTester Next-Generation Thyristor pulse technology for testing of high power magnetic components in DC Smart Grids 2018
129 ClusterWeb Unravelling the physics of particle acceleration and feedback in galaxy clusters and the cosmic web 2019
130 RadNu Radio detection of the PeV - EeV cosmic-neutrino flux 2019
131 Auger-Horizon A large-scale radio detector for the Pierre Auger cosmic-ray Observatory – precision measurements of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays 2018
132 PULSE High-Power Ultrafast LaSErs using Tapered Double-Clad Fibre 2019
133 PRE-LEAP-RE PREparing for a Long-Term Joint EU-AU Research and Innovation Partnership on Renewable Energy 2018
134 hipQCD Highest Precision QCD predictions for a new era in Higgs boson phenomenology 2019
135 FREENERGY Lead-free halide perovskites for the highest efficient solar energy conversion 2019
136 Hydrogreen Towards local circular economy: biomass-based pyrogasification process for the production of green hydrogen 2018
137 PeV-Radio Digital Radio Detectors for Galactic PeV Particles 2019
138 GEoREST predictinG EaRthquakES induced by fluid injecTion 2019
139 IQubits Integrated Qubits Towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies 2019
140 PRODUCE-H2 PROtotype Demonstration Using low-cost Catalysts for Electrolysis to H2 2019
141 UpTEMPO Ultrafast tunneling microscopy by optical field control of quantum currents 2019
142 GRAMS GRavity from Astrophysical to Microscopic Scales 2019
143 INITIUM an Innovative Negative Ion TIme projection chamber for Underground dark Matter searches 2019
144 DiPipe Direct remote C-H functionalization in piperidine derivatives 2019
145 DIMCO Development and Investigation of Manganese-doped NiFe nanosheet Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution Reaction 2019
146 SCIROCCO Simulation and Control of Renewable COmbustion (SCIROCCO) 2019
147 BALANCE Mapping Dispersion Spectroscopically in Large Gas-Phase Molecular Ions 2019
148 PENFIX Plasma efficient nitrogen fixation 2019
149 WoodSpec Rapid quality assessment of wood-based materials through spectroscopy 2019
150 TAURUS Theory for A Unified descRiption of nUclear Structure 2019
151 BOHNS-TV Batch Optimization of Process Parameters for Hot Working of High Nitrogen Stainless Steels and Thermodynamic Validation 2019
152 DamBuckler Material damage and buckling instability: towards a unifying general theory 2019
153 FunI Revealing Fundamental Interactions and their Symmetries at the highest Precision and the lowest Energies 2019
154 MIDLIFT Mid-infrared laser system for high-throughput bioprinting by laser-induced forward-transfer 2019
155 TGL Transition Governance and Law 2019
156 PAWA World's first mobile power grid and business ecosystem to support it 2019
157 TANKRETE A breakthrough concrete mega tank for thermal fluids storage over 500ºC in thermal solar energy generation 2019
158 IGP Intelligent Grid Platform 2019
159 UltimateGaN Research for GaN technologies, devices, packages and applications to address the challenges of the future GaN roadmap 2019
160 STRONG-2020 The strong interaction at the frontier of knowledge: fundamental research and applications 2019
161 GammaRayCascades Probing the origin of intergalactic magnetic fields and cosmic rays with gamma-ray cascades 2019
162 2D-QuEST Chemical Structure, Photo Physics and Emission Control of Single-Photon Emitters in Two-Dimensional Materials 2019
163 CONGO_WHALEBOATS Whaleboats in the Forest: Subaltern Technologies of Transportation on Congo’s Inland Waterways 2020
164 TWIND Twinning for an Offshore Wind Energy Partnership 2019
165 NOMATEN Centre of Excellence in Multifunctional Materials for Industrial and Medical Applications 2019
166 Nano-Edison The most viable stationary energy storage solution for grid applications 2019
167 FANO Fano Photonics 2019
169 DiBiCoo Digital Global Biogas Cooperation 2019
170 TRINITY TRansmission system enhancement of regIoNal borders by means of IntellIgenT market technologY 2019
171 LightCatcher Scalable energy efficiency modules integrating both energy recovery and passive cooling systems for the solar photovoltaic industry 2019
172 W2W - Water to Water The first off-grid water desalination system 100% powered by renewable energies 2019
173 DustOrigin The origin of cosmic dust in galaxies 2020
174 FLECTION Fatigue life prediction on Inco 718 part subjected to service induced damage 2019
175 SHADES Scintillator-He3 Array for Deep-underground Experiments on the S-process 2020
176 PeVSPACE Direct Detection of TeV--PeV Cosmic Rays in Space 2020
177 3DScavengers Three-dimensional nanoscale design for the all-in-one solution to environmental multisource energy scavenging 2020
178 ANHARMONIC Anharmonic Semiconductors 2019
179 OrganometRuPDT Cancer-Cell Specific Organometallic Ru(II) Complexes as Photosensitizers in Photodynamic Therapy 2020
180 Ph.D. Phase map of dynamic, adaptive colloidal crystals far from equilibrium 2019
181 N-LIGHT Novel Light Sources: Theory and Experiment 2020
183 SOUNDTILES SOUNDTILES business strategy definition 2019
184 HIGGS Hydrogen In Gas GridS: a systematic validation approach at various admixture levels into high-pressure grids 2020
185 MAGSHAKE Shaken and stirred: Terahertz electric field control of magnetism 2020
186 PTEROSOR PT-symmetric electronic structure theory 2020
187 ThoriumNuclearClock Thorium nuclear clocks for fundamental tests of physics 2020
188 NANOVR Nanoscale Design using Virtual Reality 2020
189 Materials 4.0 Advancing materials design by high-accuracy finite-temperature first principles calculations accelerated by machine learning potentials 2021
190 FuturePowerFlow Exploiting the full integration potential of fluctuating renewable energies in power grid operation by new predictive technologies 2020
191 AETSOM Engineering a solution to the “resolution gap” problem for probing local optoelectronic properties in low-dimensional materials 2021
192 ESRS-EMS for CO2RR Mechanistic Studies of Catalytic Activity in Electrochemical CO2 Reduction Reaction by Operando Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Coupled with Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry 2021
193 ReReDMFT Development and implementation of reduced density matrix functionals for relativistic quantum chemistry. 2021