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H2020 projects about "raises"

The page lists 128 projects related to the topic "raises".

# achronym  title  year 
1 CNIDARIAMICRORNA Elucidation of the evolution of post-transcriptional regulation by characterizing the cnidarian microRNA pathway 2015
2 Dynamic Nano Dynamic Nanoplasmonics 2015
4 HAPPINESS Haptic Printed and Patterned Interfaces for Sensitive Surface 2015
5 SYMBIOSYS Symbolic Analysis of Temporal and Functional Behavior of Networked Systems 2015
6 DIvA Chromatin function in DNA Double Strand breaks repair: Prime, repair and restore DSB Inducible via AsiSI 2015
7 HTSew Use of HTC technology as an innovative reuse method for sewage sludge 2014
8 HEATBOOST Sorption Heat-pump Component Boosting Energy-efficiency in Gas-fired Boilers 2014
9 Respon-SEA-ble Sustainable oceans : our collective responsibility, our common interest. Building on real-life knowledge knowledge systems for developing interactive and mutual learning media 2015
10 Chinese Labour Shifting Dynamics of Chinese Labour in a Global Perspective 2015
11 RAGES Molecular determination of Rif1-Associated Genomic Elements and their function in regulating genome activity and integrity 2016
12 IPSIBiM Improved Patient Safety through Intensive Biosignal Monitoring 2015
14 FreeMi Using FREshwater organisms to MItigate the pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis 2015
15 MIGWAR Investigating the interactions between civil wars and migration. 2015
16 SOUNDCONE Scattering and Amplification of fundamental photonic-hydrodynamic excitations in Kerr non-linear media 2015
17 SiPhoN Single-Photon Non-Locality 2015
18 DOS Domestic Servants in Colonial South Asia 2015
19 PlastiCell Using a natural cellular plasticity event to decypher the cellular requirements and molecular circuitry promoting transdifferentiation at the single cell level. 2015
20 FLOATMAST An Innovative Wind Resource Assessment Tension Leg Platform for combined Cup Anemometer and Lidar Reliable and Bankable Wind Measurements for Offshore Wind Parks 2015
21 MAGIC Monsoons of Asia caused Greenhouse to Icehouse Cooling 2015
22 EXCHANGE Forensic Geneticists and the Transnational Exchange of DNA data in the EU: Engaging Science with Social Control, Citizenship and Democracy 2015
23 INDUCT Interdisciplinary Network for Dementia Utilising Current Technology (INDUCT) 2016
24 BASKAM Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs during 2015-2016 2015
25 CRADLE Cancer treatment during pregnancy: from fetal safety to maternal efficacy 2015
26 NOVEL Emergence of novel phenotypes in co-evolving biological systems: allelic diversification and dominance at the Self-incompatibility locus in Arabidopsis. 2015
27 NANOGENTOOLS Developing and implementation of a new generation of nanosafety assessment tools 2016
28 SAFT Ultrasonic Inspection Solution for railway crossing points. 2015
29 LSFM4LIFE Production and characterization of endocrine cells derived from human pancreas organoids for the cell-based therapy of type 1 diabetes 2016
30 PEPPER Patient Empowerment through Predictive PERsonalised decision support 2016
31 SABRE Transforming the biodiesel industry to meet Europe’s need for sustainable aviation fuel: business feasibility study, technical validation and real-world demonstration 2016
32 Mapping Anna The Politics of Cultural Exchange: Anna of Denmark and the Uses of European Identity 2017
33 GLUTORHIV Glucose metabolism and mTOR pathway role in CD8+ T cell control of HIV-1 2016
34 ElectroMAD The Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation: a sensitive and objective approach to identify early cognitive markers of AD 2016
35 SeQuCom Secure Quantum Communication and Computation 2017
37 MEDIA4SEC The emerging role of new social media in enhancing public security 2016
38 MoralisingMisfortune Moralising Misfortune: A comparative anthropology of commercial insurance 2016
39 NMDADYN NMDA receptor diversity: from molecular dynamics to synaptic physiopathology 2016
40 STRESNET Stress Resilience and Network-Feedback Training 2016
41 RADSAGA RADiation and reliability challenges for electronics used in Space, Avionics, on the Ground and at Accelerators 2017
42 WATER DROP Droughts and Water Scarcity in the EU: Economic Impact, Adaptation, Policy Implications and Integrated Assessment Modelling 2016
43 5GINFIRE Evolving FIRE into a 5G-Oriented Experimental Playground for Vertical industries 2017
44 IMAGINE Robots Understanding Their Actions by Imagining Their Effects 2017
45 WEAR Wearable technologists Engage with Artists for Responsible innovation 2017
46 LIFE synapses Long-term Investigation of Functional Excitatory Synapses: Linking Plasticity, Network Wiring andMemory Storage 2017
47 LAMBDA Learning and Analysing Massive / Big complex Data 2017
48 MODMAT Nonequilibrium dynamical mean-field theory: From models to materials 2017
49 PROBATE Planet ROlling Bearing with Advanced TEchnologies 2017
50 MEXRES Restoration and Faith: practicing religion and conservation in Mexico's historic churches 2016
51 MGUS screening RCT Screening for monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance: A population-based randomized clinical trial 2017
52 SpecIAnt Speciation in ants: Unraveling the genetic, epigenetic and molecular basis of speciation using wood ants 2018
53 DerRadIslam Qur’an and Qital. The violence against the Other in a historical critical deradicalizing perspective. 2017
54 UNEARTH Uranium isotope fractionation: a novel biosignature to identify microbial metabolism on early Earth 2017
55 FimH-Mech The molecular mechanism of E. coli FimH pathogenicity 2017
56 IC_IL_EC_2017 Investigating the effects of immunogenic chemoradiation in shaping the immune landscape of esophageal cancers 2018
57 EBM The evolvability of bacterial multicellularity 2018
58 EPGR The Evolution Problem in General Relativity 2017
59 BASKAM2 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs during 2017-2018 2017
60 M and M Generalization in Mind and Machine 2017
61 BLUE Innovative fungal strains for producing blue cheeses 2017
62 MUV Mobility Urban Values 2017
63 ENERGY ETHICS The Ethics of Oil: Finance Moralities and Environmental Politics in the Global Oil Economy 2017
64 SaT5G Satellite and Terrestrial Network for 5G 2017
65 Glowsome Encapsulated eukaryotic ribosome assembly 2017
66 ACOSA Breaking the Ice: INGOs as Arctic Council Observer Status Applicants 2018
67 KNOX Cost advantageous and scalable drone alarm and protection system for urban contexts 2017
68 RECOMS Building Resourceful and Resilient Communities through Adaptive and Transformative Environmental Practice 2018
69 RetinalRepurposing Deciphering the computations underlying visual processing: Repurposing of retinal cells and how they are decoded by the visual thalamus 2017
70 CyanoKit CyanoKit®, the fastest and easiest test for reliable on-site cyanide detection. 2017
71 LSO Liver Spatial Omics 2018
72 PEGASUS PEMFC based on platinum Group metAl free StrUctured cathodeS 2018
73 BigMedilytics Big Data for Medical Analytics 2018
74 DifMATRIX Ground breaking 3D cell culture platform to eliminate animal testing in pharmaceuticals 2018
75 EKOGRID EKOGRID™, the first technology to clean water and underwater sediments with electrokinetic oxidation 2018
76 pERFEcTO EmpoweRing FundamEntal physics and Technology with quantum Optomechanics 2018
77 BEMADE Brain evolution and the rise of mammals after the dinosaur extinction 2018
78 Complementarity A unifying model: bulk chondrite complementarity by individual chondrule-matrix mentality 2018
79 LOFUPRO The Logical Function of Property Talk 2018
80 ANTICORPOL New dimensions and approaches to anti-corruption policy 2018
81 STRoNA Spatio-Temporal Representation on Neuromorphic Architecture 2018
82 IAL Imagination As A Lens 2018
83 MELANCHOR Understanding the Role of Motors in Subcellular Mechanics of Organelles by Controlling Myo6-Cargo Interactions in situ 2018
84 MIGREMOV Movements, Migration and Emotion: East/West Mobility, Transnational Bonding, and Political Identities in Polish Activists' Biographies 2018
85 TRANSREG Dissecting the role of Translational Regulation in Tumorigenesis 2018
86 EURJAZZ The Europeanisation of Jazz during the Interwar Period: Beyond National Narratives 2018
87 ICICLES Iron and Carbon Interactions and Biogeochemical CycLing in Subglacial EcosystemS 2018
88 Bac-Tracker Empowering food manufacturers with a novel device for fast, accurate and cost-effective food safety testing 2018
89 GlasSkin 2018
90 HTCycle Sewage sludge reuse with Phosphate recovery and heavy metal absorption with an innovative HTC technology. 2018
91 Milis Milis, a novel sweet protein for use as flavouring in the food and beverage industry 2018
92 ENeRAG Excellency Network Building for Comprehensive Research and Assessment of Geofluids 2018
93 Auger-Horizon A large-scale radio detector for the Pierre Auger cosmic-ray Observatory – precision measurements of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays 2018
94 COMPRISE Cost-effective, Multilingual, Privacy-driven voice-enabled Services 2018
95 DecodeDiabetes Expanding the genetic etiological and diagnostic spectrum of monogenic diabetes mellitus 2018
96 FLAGSHIPS Clean waterborne transport in Europe 2019
97 FUMI Future Migration as Present Fact 2019
98 BASKAM3 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2019 2019
99 NewMonEc Monetary Economics and Communication: New Data, New Tools, New and Old Questions 2019
100 REBICOM New innovative REcyclable and BIo-COMpostable film for flexible packaging 2019
101 MAYA MAnufacturing of the lining panel using hYbrid technologies; Additive manufacturing, injection moulding and thermoforming 2019
102 Path2Integrity Rotatory role-playing and role-models to enhance the research integrity culture 2019
103 BigTime Big Time Series Analytics for Complex Economic Decisions 2019
104 JBinBA Joint Bodies in Bilateral Agreements 2019
105 PanILC Deciphering type 2 innate lymphoid cell/epithelial progenitor cell crosstalk in pancreas regeneration and neoplasia 2019
106 DIV_INV Knowledge Diversity Building by Inventors 2020
107 Gentime Eschatological time as women’s time? Gendered temporality and female holiness in Early Christianity and Byzantium 2019
108 TGL Transition Governance and Law 2019
109 IDESoWa Increased drainage effects on soil properties and water quality 2019
110 NHNME Networked Holiness: New Media Entrepreneurship of Catholic Monastic Communities 2019
111 CEGUM Coordination for Efficient and Green Urban Mobility 2019
112 SamurAI Samurai - Platform detecting and preventing cyber violence 2019
113 BUNT Colorful Indications of (Ex)Change. 2020
114 HYPATIA Privacy and Utility Allied 2019
115 Vertical Sky Vertical Sky, the next generation wind turbine for sustainable, silent and decentralized energy production. 2019
116 SHRED Survival of Hadean REmnants in a Dynamic mantle 2020
117 TOX-ANT Toxin-antidote selfish elements in animals: from gene drive to speciation 2020
118 MEMEX MEMEX: MEMories and EXperiences for inclusive digital storytelling 2019
119 BIND Brain Involvement iN Dystrophinopathies 2020
120 SPRING Socially Pertinent Robots in Gerontological Healthcare 2020
121 MultiPLHY Multimegawatt high-temperature electrolyser to generate green hydrogen for production of high-quality biofuels 2020
122 TINTIN Visual narratives as a window into language and cognition 2020
123 EMPOCI Governing sustainable energy-mobility transitions: multi-level policy mixes, transformative capacities and low-carbon innovations 2020
124 CORPORATOCRACY The Business Corporation as a Political Actor 2020
125 BASKAM4 Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs for 2020-2021 2020
126 TESTIMONY Tumor Endothelial Cells: Gatekeepers Of Anti-Tumor Immunity 2020
127 BeePath Impact of vector-mediated transmission on the evolution and ecology of a bee virus 2020
128 TecWell Digital Technology Use and Teen Wellbeing in Context: An Ethnographic Investigation 2021