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1 Crosstag Unravelling cross-presentation pathways using a chemical biology approach 2015
2 IRENA International Re-Entry demoNstrator Action 2015
3 COLOStage COLOStage : A new prognosis test for the prediction of metastasis in Colorectal Cancer and Hepatocellular Carcinoma 2015
4 HERA JRP UP HERA Joint Research Programme Uses of the Past 2015
5 General Purpose DP A Compact Dynamic Positioning System of General Purpose for Marine Units, Crafts and Ships 2014
6 SWaM Smart Water Manager SCADA system for entire grid of water wells management. 2014
7 GEOGRAL Geometry of Grassmannian Lagrangian manifolds and their submanifolds, with applications to nonlinear partial differential equations of physical interest 2015
8 BigDataScore Improving loan quality and acceptance rates by predicting credit behavior through social mediadata. 2015
10 Gamesmondo Gamesmondo Affiliation and Monetisation Ecosystem 2015
11 SBskin SBskin. Smart Building skin 2015
12 FireFree New generation of halogen-free high performing flame retardants for plastics, free from persistant, toxic and bio-accumulating substances. 2015
13 MLSYSTEM MLSYSTEM - heatable, integrated photovoltaics with insulated glass units 2015
14 FET-Event Ensuring the success of the next FET Conference and exhibition at a key period for FET 2015
15 ACEP Airlander Civil Exploitation Project 2015
16 SMS SMS - Safety Micro Sensor 2015
17 AEROGLASS Augmented reality aerial navigation for a safer and more effective aviation 2015
18 GEO Green Efficient Outboards 2015
19 FLAME FLow of Ancient Metals across Eurasia (FLAME): New frameworks for interpreting human interaction in Later Prehistory 2015
20 RespiceSME Regional, National and European Support for Photonics Innovation Clusters enhancing SMEs Innovative Potential 2016
21 Respiratory-ImmunoDx Clinical validation of host biomarker signature for distinguishing bacterial versus viral lower respiratory tract infections (LRTI) in adults at the point-of-need 2015
22 MULTIPLY MULTIscale SENTINEL land surface information retrieval PLatform 2016
23 Loc8torHC A disruptive healthcare monitoring solution that by nature of what and how it monitors (IoT) improves home safety, user wellbeing and provides early warning to help avoid critical admissions 2016
24 AGILE Adoptive Gateways for dIverse muLtiple Environments 2016
25 MAGIC Mobile Assistance for Groups Individuals within the Community - STROKE REHABILITATION 2016
26 REACH2020 Responsive Engagement of the Elderly promoting Activity and Customized Healthcare 2016
27 Ex-SPACE Exploring Social Permeability in Ancient Communities of Europe 2016
28 TraCTUs Tracing European Copper Age Social Dynamics through Pottery Technology and Use 2016
29 SEEWHI Solar Energy Enabled for the World by High-resolution Imaging 2016
30 STEREOPOL Stereocontrolled Polymerisation: New Frontiers in Synthesis and Supramolecular Self Assembly 2016
31 PAThs Tracking Papyrus and Parchment Paths: An Archaeological Atlas of Coptic Literature. Literary Texts in their Geographical Context: Production, Copying, Usage, Dissemination and Storage 2016
32 SURGIS Open Platform for X-Ray robotics medical imaging and surgical navigation 2016
33 Wearable4Work Wearables for Workplace Productivity Safety 2016
35 City Platform as a Service - Integrated and Open 2016
36 Co-Active CO-modal journey re-ACcommodation on associated Travel serVices 2016
37 CEASELESS Copernicus Evolution and Aplications with Sentinel Enhancements and Land Effluents for Shores and Seas 2016
38 FLAME Facility for Large-scale Adaptive Media Experimentation 2017
39 REFILLS Robotics Enabling Fully-Integrated Logistics Lines for Supermarkets 2017
40 CloudPerfect Enabling CLoud Orchestration, Performance and Cost Efficiency Tools for QoE Enhancement and Provider Ranking 2016
41 pCPR Personalized cardiopulmonary resuscitation device for emergency teams 2016
42 ESSI Developing the EFAS Smart Services Initiative to introduce a game -changer in the digital tachograph market 2016
43 EPIC EU-Pacific Partnerships for ICT RDI 2017
44 Al-medicare Disruptive Artificial Intelligence engine to facilitate rapid low cost development of specialist e-health applications for smart decision making in medical pre-diagnosis 2017
45 SEMCRI 2017 Maltese Presidency Conference on Strengthening Euro-Mediterranean cooperation through Research and Innovation 2016
46 NASCENT Nutritional labelling software and claims: service, training and innovation offering to SMEs and industry in Europe 2017
47 THEMIS Protecting Human Rights and Public Health in Global Pandemics: A Map of the Standards Applied by EU and US Courts 2018
48 HPC-EUROPA3 Transnational Access Programme for a Pan-European Network of HPC Research Infrastructures and Laboratories for scientific computing 2017
49 BRISK II Biofuels Research Infrastructure for Sharing Knowledge II 2017
50 ROMEO Reliable OM decision tools and strategies for high LCoE reduction on Offshore wind 2017
51 Laelia Due A smart pellet stove that combines efficient heat generation with IoT 2017
52 IEM17 Innovative Enterprise Malta 2017 2017
53 EEN-Innovate PT EEN-Innovate PT 2017
54 SCCS Smart City Control System (SCCS) For Green Lighting 2017
55 Castor EDC Castor EDC: Unlocking the Potential of Data in Biomedical Research 2017
56 TETRAMAX TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments 2017
57 5GTANGO 5G Development and validation platform for global industry-specific network services and Apps 2017
58 MetaTox-HS Advanced Solutions for High Sensitivity Metabolism and Toxicity Assays 2017
59 VNL Virtual NanoLab (VNL), a Cross-disciplinary Open Nanotechnology Simulation Platform 2017
60 DeviceHub The next generation of internet-of-thing (IoT) connectivity. 2017
61 GESHAEM The Graeco-Egyptian State: Hellenistic Archives from Egyptian Mummies 2018
62 INSIST IN-Silico trials for treatment of acute Ischemic STroke 2017
63 MRECS Managing Risk in Early Complex Societies in Syria-Palestine: An Investigation of Changing Animal Herding Strategies through the 4th-2nd Millennia BC Using Multi-Element Isotopic Analysis 2018
64 TRIBOSORT Robust recycling technology that separates different plastic types from a mix of plastic waste to produce a plastic material directly marketable to manufacturers 2017
65 PISSARRO Photonic integrated devices for second order nonlinear optical processes 2018
66 SpeechTech4Literacy Multilingual Children’s Speech Assessment Platform for Literacy and Language Learning 2018
67 Furhat Robotics The Human Face of AI: a novel platform to build social conversational robots for education, healthcare, retail other verticals 2018
68 GREENSENSE Sustainable, Wireless, Autonomous Nanocellulose-based Quantitative DoA Biosensing Platform 2018
69 PALEoRIDER Human health and migration in prehistory 2018
70 OASIS Optimisation of Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and Laser Beam Welding (LBW) for assembly of structural aircraft parts 2018
71 INSPECTO INSPECTO: A disruptive portable device with an innovative Method for Pesticides and contaminants Detection in Food 2017
72 BetweenTwoBrains Between Two Brains: Brain oscillatory basis of human collaboration 2018
73 C-VoUCHER Circularize ValUe CHains across European Regional Innovation Strategies 2018
74 APOLO SmArt Designed Full Printed Flexible RObust Efficient Organic HaLide PerOvskite solar cells 2018
76 OP-PLATFORM Disrupting Orthotics and Prosthetics Market with Open Digital Platform 2018
77 A2MIRO Airbone Asset Management Inspection Robot - Offshore 2018
78 PISPA Plytix Information Sharing Platform and Analytics 2018
79 BestinclassSOFCs Enabling mass market adoption of SOFC fuel cell systems 2018
80 PECREGEN Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production from H2S in a Regenerative Scrubber 2019
81 1000kmPLUS Scalable European Powertrain Technology Platform for Cost-Efficient Electric Vehicles to Connect Europe 2019
82 ACHILES Advanced Architectures Chassis/Traction concept for Future Electric vehicles 2018
83 ICT4CART ICT Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Road Transport 2018
84 BANOS CSA Towards the joint Baltic Sea and the North Sea research and innovation programme 2018
85 PROTECT Personnel Location and Tracking for Safety, Security and Protection 2018
86 SYS2WHEEL Integrated components, systems and architectures for efficient adaption and conversion of commercial vehicle platforms to 3rd generation battery electric vehicles for future CO2-free city logistics 2019
87 ENZEYE Bringing automated, real-time process control into the starch-based industry 2019
88 LightField Seamless mixing of virtual & real-world objects in VR & AR 2019
89 Geowox COMP Quick, cost-effective and accurate residential property valuations for the European mortgage lender market. 2018
90 CORKtheCAMBIA Thickening of plant organs by nested stem cells 2019
91 iLifebuoy iLifebuoy - saving human lives without endangering the lives of savers 2019
92 UrbanDynamics Changing the world of urban mobility thanks to Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence 2019
93 X2Rail-3 Advanced Signalling, Automation and Communication System (IP2 and IP5) – Prototyping the future by means of capacity increase, autonomy and flexible communication 2018
94 Open ENTRANCE Open ENergy TRansition ANalyses for a low-carbon Economy 2019
95 NIKOMEDIA New Tetrarchic Reliefs from Nikomedia: Uncovering the Colorful Life of Diocletian’s Lost Capital 2019
96 YARNSCAPE YARNSCAPE: Ecological Economies of Ancient Textiles 2020
97 Gentime Eschatological time as women’s time? Gendered temporality and female holiness in Early Christianity and Byzantium 2019
98 TANKRETE A breakthrough concrete mega tank for thermal fluids storage over 500ºC in thermal solar energy generation 2019
99 WaMoS Wastewater Treatment Monitoring and Advisory System 2019
100 SUSPENCE SUSPension ENvironment for CEll culture 2019
101 MOWA A novel, modular, smart and patient-centred Ankle-Foot-Orthosis design and production process 2019
102 WearHealth Worker 4.0 – Connected. Empowered. Safe and Healthy. The first intelligent and interoperable platform based on AI and wearable/IoT devices for real-time workers safety and health monitoring 2019
103 ARCHCAUCASUS Technical and Social Innovations in the Caucasus: between the Eurasian Steppe and the Earliest Cities in the 4th and 3rd millennia BC 2019
104 ElectroGas New Technology for Efficient Electrochemical Production of Synthetic Natural Gas 2019
105 Optium Smart charger device to increase smartphones’ battery lifetime, prevent fire accidents, and provide cross-brand flexibility 2019
106 EVERIFIN EU-wide internet banking application for managing more accounts from multiple banks in one place 2019
107 FIREOUT First fully autonomous fire detection and extinction system for industrial settings 2019
108 DigiPLACE Digital Platform for Construction in Europe 2019
109 RDS Artificial Intelligence Powered Fashion Insights and Personal Styling Solutions 2019
110 SMark2.0 SMark2.0, our next level product authentication, anti-counterfeiting and track and trace system 2019
111 AUTOMATO Autonomous affordable robot for tomato harvesting in passive environments 2019
112 VETEX Deep Vein Thrombosis; A Paradigm Change in Treatment through Drug-Free Clot Removal 2019
113 METAMORFOSIS Disrupting the sports nutrition market with a healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging 2019
114 AWARE Advanced Face Recognition and CroWd Behavior Analysis for Next GeneRation VidEo Surveillance 2019
115 SCF Smart Cash Flow – Getting back on track 2019
116 IPANEMA Integration of PAper-based Nucleic acid testing mEthods into Microfluidic devices for improved biosensing Applications 2020
117 5GZORRO Zero-touch security and trust for ubiquitous computing and connectivity in 5G networks. 2019
118 Obsidian Obsidian Anastomotic SafeGuard – A powerful and efficient tissue sealant method for reducing the anastomotic leak rate in colorectal surgery 2019
119 ARCAone Next generation security platform to safeguard critical applications and sensitive digital assets 2019
120 DCPM Digitalized Clone for Personalized Medicine 2020
121 SBTech Innovative Stirring Blade Technology to increase profitability in the industry of algae culture based on CFD techniques (SBTech) 2019
122 SmartGUIDE SmartGUIDE - Enabling a New Standard of Care Through a Smart Guidewire Device to Fight Stroke and Save Lives 2019
124 LPS For a full data privacy on the go. 2019
125 DAN High-performance, kiosk-solution for forensic darknet analysis to gain cyber threat intelligence for companies and greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2019
126 GUARDIAN Eco-friendly smart doors for non-residential building fire protection 2020
127 ThermoRise Rise of the 3rd dimension in nanotemperature mapping 2020
128 LiTechAe Lithic Technology, Social Agency and Cultural Interaction in the Bronze Age Aegean. Percussive stone tools related to stone masonry techniques seen through experimentation and use-wear analysis. 2020