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H2020 projects about "damaging"

The page lists 89 projects related to the topic "damaging".

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1 nEUROSTRESSPEP Novel biocontrol agents for insect pests from neuroendocrinology 2015
2 SSAR Future bio-pesticides for EU: unlocking the code of Saponin Structure-Activity Relationships for use in pest management 2016
3 PHYSIO-POP Physiological and environmental controls of water and ozone fluxes in a short rotation poplar plantation: from leaf to tree to ecosystem scale. 2015
4 GLASSIX Improved metallic GLASses for Small Implants through X-ray and biological characterisation of corrosion products 2015
5 EctoVision Improved machine vision for guidance of optical system for cost-effective and environmentally safe in-situ removal of ectoparasites from farmed fish 2015
6 PhotonCount Imaging with Photon Counting: Reduced costs, increased dynamic range 2015
7 Ecosheet-PRO An Environmentally-Friendly Alternative to Plywood made from Co-mingled Waste Plastic 2015
8 LCODA Electronic scanning MIMO Radar for railway level crossing obstruction detection alerting 2015
9 RePower Energy and resource surveillance systems without the challenges of batteries 2015
10 MICOFLUID Complex Fluid under Micro Confinement 2016
11 Drug-Seq Unravelling the Genomic Targets of Drugs Using High-Throughput Sequencing 2015
12 NEURIMMUNE Neural regulation of immunity 2015
13 CYPRES CYPRES the ICS and SCADA security companion 2015
14 HYBRID_BOATS An innovative hybrid propulsion and generation system for yachts 2015
15 CARDIALLY Capturing and quantitative analysis of multi-scale multi-channel diagnostic data. 2015
16 DESTRESS Demonstration of soft stimulation treatments of geothermal reservoirs 2016
17 FluoroFix Catalytic C–F Bond Functionalization for the Fixation of Environmentally Persistent Fluorocarbons 2016
18 SuPREME Twinning for a Sustainable, Proactive Research partnership in distributed Energy systems planning, Modelling and managEment 2015
19 ACQUIRE The mechanism of acquired thermotolerance in potato 2016
20 ULKCOND Zero damage Ultra-Low-K etch using the precursor CONDensation technique 2016
21 EASTMED-PALEOTSUNAMI Towards a paleotsunami chronology in the southern Aegean and Levantine seas, Eastern Mediterranean 2016
22 READCELL System for the efficient and non-invasive harvesting and RElease of ADherent CELLs controlled by light 2016
23 ConFooBio Resolving conflicts between food security and biodiversity conservation under uncertainty 2016
24 ASCEMA ASCEMA: Content Aware Technology for IP Protection in Supply Chains 2016
25 SMARTER-2 Surveillance of MARiTime surroundings through lasER technology 2016
26 BioPellets Integrating food waste into wood pellets to convert waste grease to a useful biofuel. 2016
27 ProBOS Protection Beyond Operating System - Development of the next generation cyber security solution 2016
28 MECHANO-FLUO Mechanofluorochromism: from molecular engineering to the elaboration of smart materials 2017
29 iGBMavatars Glioblastoma Subtype Avatar models for Target Discovery and Biology 2017
30 VirtualNet VirtualNet 2016
31 REGMAX An innovative process for the regeneration of acids used in the steel pickling process 2016
32 MICA Mechanics of slow earthquake phenomena: an Integrated perspective from the Composition, geometry, And rheology of plate boundary faults 2017
33 AgroPHYS Understanding how plants overcome drought by controlling stomatal function: applicability and impacts on agriculture 2017
34 CriTiClean Supercritical carbon dioxide for delipidation of soft tissue - Suppressing transplant rejection. 2017
35 Runway-Star A Novel Solution for Aircraft Washing and De-Icing 2017
36 APACHE Atmospheric Pressure plAsma meets biomaterials for bone Cancer HEaling 2017
37 CHIROGLU Comparative genomics of sugar-eating bats: Implications for the genetics of glucose metabolism and diabetes 2017
38 lending Drivers of Growth in Bank Lending and Financial Crises 2017
39 COUNTERCRAFT Intelligence campaigns in the digital realms 2017
40 RUN2Rail Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles 2017
41 MASTFAST Rapid production of HUMAN MAST CELLS 2017
43 BIOGASTIGER BIOGASTIGER® system – turning global organic waste streams into smart and clean energy 2017
44 LIPOFABRIK LIPOFABRIK: A ground-breaking biomolecular production platform for safer, more efficient and sustainable pest control and crop health management. 2018
45 TCAPS mRNA cap regulation and function in CD8 T cells 2018
46 LandFlux Quantifying landslide activity and contribution to sediment fluxes with cosmogenic radionuclides and grain-size distributions 2018
47 CHOCOLATE4LIFE Achieving sustainable agriculture in African cacao through DNA metabarcoding and food web models 2019
48 Particle-bound ROS Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in atmospheric aerosols: exploring formation, sources and dynamics of a new air pollution toxicity metric 2018
49 scTRYPseq Understanding the initiation virulence gene expression in African trypanosomes 2019
50 EpiBarrier Control of the blood-brain barrier integrity during seizures via the ATP-gated P2X7 receptor 2018
51 FSCF Alternative Families Social Change: An interdisciplinary and cross-national study 2018
52 InclusivePublicSpace Inclusive Public Space: Law, Universality and Difference in the Accessibility of Streets 2019
53 SSR Smart Shoot Remover 2018
54 DEGCAE DryGro: Efficient Growth of Crops in Arid Environments (DEGCAE) 2018
55 NovaTests The first predictive test for radio-sensitivity. A step towards an improved and personalised radiation therapy cancer treatment. 2018
56 REGMAX An innovative and sustainable process for reducing the environmental impact of stainless steel production, enabling impressive recovery rates and cost savings. 2018
57 PROTECTA Pathogen-informed Resistance to Oomycete diseases in Ecosystems, Agriculture and Aquaculture 2018
58 ANTOFERINE ANTOFERINE: An innovative eco-friendly process for chemical solvent free extraction of bioactive antifungal polyphenols from vineyard waste. 2018
59 WASHER-CAP Demonstration of a fixation device for connective tissue 2018
60 NGenMech Next Generation of Mechanics with Hazard-Responsive Surface 2019
61 IMMCEPTION Nociception and sensory nerves as regulators of type 2 immunity and skin inflammation 2019
62 EngineeringBAP Engineering brain activity patterns for therapeutics of neuropsychiatric and neurological disorders 2019
63 LaunTeNaBio Launch Test of Natural Biocides for the Control of Insect Borne Diseases 2019
64 Mi-DOG The “parasitism-readers” of the world’s most damaging plant-parasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita: new avenues to address food global security. 2020
65 FaultScan Passive seismic scanning of the preparation phase of damaging earthquakes 2019
66 EVERPHOT Molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in plants. 2020
67 TURNkey Towards more Earthquake-resilient Urban Societies through a Multi-sensor-based Information System enabling Earthquake Forecasting, Early Warning and Rapid Response actions 2019
68 SUSPENCE SUSPension ENvironment for CEll culture 2019
69 BRC Brextor - The horizontal forces concrete pile removal head for high-precision piles preparation 2019
70 Bio2Skin Bio2Skin, a novel biomaterial for medical skin adhesives 2019
71 NZERO protecting the environment from oil-based lubricants 2019
72 INIA Intersex- New Interdisciplinary Approaches 2020
73 HEPCAN A Humanized Monoclonal Anti-Claudin1 Antibody (anti-CLDN1 mAb) for Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) 2019
74 CAPSULTEK Unlocking the potential of thermo-sensitive bioactive ingredients through a disruptive encapsulation method 2019
75 NeutroCure Development of “smart” amplifiers of reactive oxygen species specific to aberrant polymorphonuclear neutrophils for treatment of inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, cancer and myeloablation. 2020
76 StopAddict The game changer drug to cure alcohol use disorders 2019
77 CustomerServiceAI CustomerServiceAI: Fully language-independent AI platform for automated and augmented customer service 2019
78 CARAMEL Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles 2019
79 UNITY Linking ecology, enzymes and ecosystems in the global nitrogen cycle 2020
80 MitoRepairosome Dissecting the mechanism of DNA repair in human mitochondria 2020
81 LT LaserTrain 2019
82 ARCAone Next generation security platform to safeguard critical applications and sensitive digital assets 2019
83 P-Gear A revolutionary approach to mechanical transmission: the new gear-free, lubrication-free gearbox 2019
84 MealHero Automated cooking for tasty and healthy meals in a convenient way 2019
85 READY Getting ready to treat human patients with nanobody-targeted photodynamic therapy 2020
86 WireVision Intelligent electronic automotive systems repair support tool for auto repair technicians 2020
87 DDREAMM Dna Damage REsponse: Actionabilities, Maps and Mechanisms 2020
88 Optics-MISS Optical Real-Time Anatomical Tracking- Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 2020
89 ExploDProteins Exploiting the DNA damage response to induce degradation of proteins 2020