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H2020 projects about "filter"

The page lists 111 projects related to the topic "filter".

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1 MIREGAS Programmable multi-wavelength Mid-IR source for gas sensing 2015
2 SSBD Small Summaries for Big Data 2015
3 DC FlexMIL Development and Control of Flexible Mode-locked Integrated Laser 2016
4 CLIMAGNET How is the external climatic forcing affected by the Earth’s magnetic field? 2016
6 FETAL MONITORING Safe and accurate fetal monitoring 2015
7 MultiCharge Feasibility Study for the Development of a PFC Harmonic Filter Missing Link for Creation of Simultaneous Multi-Point Fast Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles 2015
8 NETEEG Spatial super-resolution of electrophysiological measurements 2015
9 PolyHalter Development of Polymer Halter for Oil Filters 2015
10 PersoNews Profiling and targeting news readers – implications for the democratic role of the digital media, user rights and public information policy 2015
11 APA Filter-less air pollution abatement system able to clean a wide range of pollutants at ground level for a healthier workplace and more sustainable environment. 2015
12 Invest INtelligent Video analytics to analyse complex scenes and Enhance Security of critical infrastructure and urban soft Targets 2015
13 SOFI-PP Sofi Filter – Novel Method for Power Plant Water Treatment 2015
14 ExCAPE Exascale Compound Activity Prediction Engine 2015
15 switchlet A multi-resolution theory for systems and control across scales 2015
16 ACES ACES: Air Cargo Explosive Screener 2015
17 MAYIM Integrated method for treating a wide range of industrial waste waters based on magnetic settling and catalytic oxidation 2015
18 HElAIrcOPT Helicopter Engine Air Intake OPtimization Tool 2016
19 MOVING Training towards a society of data-savvy information professionals to enable open leadership innovation 2016
20 PAPAstudy Podocyte Adaptation Proliferation and Ageing 2016
21 PBTech Combined Plasma Biotrickling system for treating industrial VOC emissions 2016
22 PARTIAL-PGMs Development of novel, high Performance hybrid TWV/GPF Automotive afteR treatment systems by raTIonAL design: substitution of PGMs and Rare earth materials 2016
23 NARS Novel ecological adsorbent using Schwertmannite material for Removal of Selenate and Selenite from contaminated water 2016
24 GaLIophore Selective recovery of gallium from wastewaters of GaAs fabrication industry using siderophore based bisorptive biocomposites 2016
25 VicInAqua Integrated aquaculture based on sustainable water recirculating system for the Victoria Lake Basin (VicInAqua) 2016
26 Milli-Tech Milli-Volt Switch Technologies for Energy Efficient Computation and Sensing 2016
27 EPOC Understanding the molecular basis of stochastic bi-stable obesity 2016
28 FETAL MONITORING Safe and accurate fetal monitoring 2016
29 HIOS Highly Integrated Optoelectronic Sensor 2016
30 PemredTech Innovative Particle Emissions Reduction device for internal combustion engines, facilitating compliance with the present and future automotive particle emissions regulations. 2016
31 OurMythicalChildhood Our Mythical Childhood... The Reception of Classical Antiquity in Children’s and Young Adults’ Culture in Response to Regional and Global Challenges 2016
32 UPGRADE High efficient Particulate free Gasoline Engines 2016
33 Symbcompat Determing symbiont factors that affect compatibility with a novel host 2016
34 SME-SEALING A Peer learning based pilot scheme for using the H2020 Seal of Excellence at national level 2016
35 NANOSEPSIS Rapid Magnetic Blood Filtration for the Treatment of Sepsis: a Feasibility Study 2017
36 CLEANI-Rad Effective and Resource efficient cleaning system for X-Ray Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 2016
37 Obox A revolutionary and patented compact device that recovers the majority of the heat from waste water in residential and commercial places 2016
39 DePharm A cost-effective and energy-efficient water treatment technology to remove pharmaceutical pollutants from urban wastewater 2016
40 PhotonICSWARM Photonic Integrated Circuits using Scattered Waveguide elements in an Adaptive, Reconfigurable Mesh. 2017
41 3Dmaterials4Energy Hierarchical Inorganic Nanomaterials as Next Generation Catalysts and Filters 2017
42 Wave-Locked Loop Wave-Locked Loop for Frequency Synthesis (WLL) 2017
43 REVERSING TAUOPATHY Identifying and deciphering the mechanism of the cellular machinery responsible for disaggregation of intracellular prion-like Tau aggregates 2017
44 TOOLBOX Treatment of contaminated land using a biochar/media mixture 2017
45 BREEZE HyBRid photocatalyitic air filtEr for rEmoving pollutants and odours from aircraft cabin ZonE 2017
46 JetConveyor A disruptive air filtration system for cleaning-free operation in dust-intensive process industrial environments 2017
47 MORPHIC Mems-based zerO-power Reconfigurable PHotonic ICs 2018
48 SEP 2.0 Startup Europe Partnership 2.0 2018
49 FLEXBIO FLEXBIO – an innovative process for the decentralised treatment of organically contaminated wastewater with reduced energy requirements, CO2 emissions and operating costs 2017
50 Machine Vision Machine Vision in Everyday Life: Playful Interactions with Visual Technologies in Digital Art, Games, Narratives and Social Media 2018
51 FIPS Filter Integrated single-Photon Sources 2018
52 TARASOL TARASÓL - The pioneering bio-marine liposomal Sunscreen released to the skin upon sunlight exposure 2018
53 NOXTEK NOx-Mitigation Technology for Retrofitting Diesel Engines 2018
55 CLAUSTRUM The Claustrum: A Circuit Hub for Attention 2018
56 APA Filter-less water-based Air Pollution Abatement system 2018
57 Media andConspiracy Lost in an Ocean of Information? Media in the Everyday Life of Conspiracy Theorists 2019
58 STAR Safe, Transparent, Active and Reliable mineral sunscreen technology 2018
59 GoJelly GoJelly - A gelatinous solution to plastic pollution 2018
60 DeepSym Understanding the drivers of the genetic and functional structure of deep-sea sponge symbiont communities 2018
61 SOCSEMICS Socio-Semantic Bubbles of Internet Communities 2018
62 SPIRAL Single Photons from Isotopically-pure Rubidium Atoms in a Long fibre 2018
63 ITS A DIVE Individual Three-dimensional Spatial Auditory Displays for Immersive Virtual Environments 2019
64 FlocDOM A broad ecological approach to study the biological uptake of dissolved organic matter (DOM) and DOM-flocculates in the rapidly changing Arctic coastal ecosystems 2019
65 mTAP Taking to market a novel filtration system for air purification 2018
66 ALS2 AcidLess Separation 2.0 2018
67 AuriGen Next Generation Left Atrial Appendage Implant to Treat Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 2018
68 TAPP X The world's first Sensor-Based Water Filter to Purify and Analyse Tap Water 2018
69 PureWater Feasibility study for industrial scale-up of the novel high-efficiency biocompatible and easy-to-operate water treatment membrane. 2018
70 IROCSIM Integrated high-resolution on-chip structured illumination microscopy 2019
71 AxScale Axions and relatives across different mass scales 2018
72 i-GRAPE Integrated, Low-Cost and Stand-Alone Micro-Optical System for Grape Maturation and Vine Hydric Stress Monitoring 2018
73 MagnoBeads Removing endotoxins during sepsis: a blood purification platform using magnetic nanoparticles 2018
74 EMWORK EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer 2018
75 LAA-START Left Atrial Appendage Electrical Isolation via Bio-photonic Optical Confirmation to Treat Persistent Atrial Fibrillation 2019
76 Revotree An automated, machine learning, IoT agronomic platform for optimal irrigation, pesticide and fertilizer utilization at farms. 2018
77 LRC Laser Resonance Chromatography of Superheavy Metals 2019
78 IQubits Integrated Qubits Towards Future High-Temperature Silicon Quantum Computing Hardware Technologies 2019
79 LUMIDUCT Transparent PV that regulates indoor climate 2019
80 SPIRE A Photovoltaic Plant with thermal co-generation 2019
81 CHROMOTOPE The 19th century chromatic turn - CHROMOTOPE 2019
82 SoundID The Smart Broadcast Monitoring and Management System 2019
83 TRIcEPS Tilt Rotor Integrated Air Intake and Engine Protection Systems 2019
84 SWALLIS SWALLIS - a disruptive wearable device that uses sound patterns to diagnose and monitor swallowing disorders 2019
85 FANVIS Development of new optical absorption filters for application in Night Vision Imaging Systems 2018
86 High-Risk-No-Gain A new approach to design wireless receivers 2019
87 PullEd-MS Finding unknown endocrine disrupting compounds through target pull-down assay filtration, effect direct analysis and ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry for a comprehensive efficient workflow. 2019
88 PERCEPSION Sexual selection in plants: testing new ideas on the perception of the mating environment and on the mate choice physiology 2020
89 Utilizing Urban Tech to Power Smarter Cities 2019
90 IDESoWa Increased drainage effects on soil properties and water quality 2019
91 QCAux Optimized auxiliary electronics system for Quantum Computing (QC) research 2019
92 PERCEPTIONS Understand the Impact of Novel Technologies, Social Media, and Perceptions in Countries Abroad on Migration Flows and the Security of the EU & Provide Validated Counter Approaches, Tools and Practices 2019
93 PWD Novel technology for industrial Pressing, Washing and Drying in manufacturing of specialty compounds 2019
94 GreenArc500 The first effective oil and water pre-separator, enabling clean water release and fuel efficiency onboard ships 2019
95 WATCh Characterization and Active Control of Weyl Semimetals 2020
96 Hybead Hybrid Bead Adsorbents 2019
97 GluttonZen The First Driver-Minded Electric Compact Street-Sweeper 2019
98 SafeNet Safe Networks using P4 Programs 2019
99 PROCOMM Commercialisation of Proteus 2019
100 SUNNRL Novel Photoprotective Cosmetics: From Fundamental Science to Product 2020
101 POWER-PATCH Self-Powered Skin Patch for Cystic Fibrosis Diagnosis 2020
102 vACCINE AeronautiCal Cyber INtrusion dEtection mechanism 2019
103 Magnesys Efficient filtering of metallic impurities in food processing 2019
104 SmartShower Cost-effective and resource-saving smart shower 2019
105 ClearPlasma ClearPlasma is an innovative medical device that enhances coagulation properties for improved treatment of excessive bleeding. 2019
106 NEOSIGHT Bringing to the market a new generation of AI-powered Media Monitoring Tools 2020
107 NextGen Industrial breakthrough of plasma deposited functional Nanocoatings for Filtration Applications 2020
108 SILENT Silent mutations in cancer 2020
109 QCAUX Optimised auxiliary electronics system for quantum computing research 2020
110 IRPV Chalcopyrite-perovskites for infrared photovoltaics 2020
111 Glueballs at BESIII Search for the scalar glueball in a coupled channel amplitude analysis of J/psi decays with the BESIII experiment 2020