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H2020 projects about "talented"

The page lists 122 projects related to the topic "talented".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PERSEUS Promoting excellence and recognition seal of European aerospace Universities 2014
2 iSwitch Integrated self-assembled SWITCHable systems and materials: towards responsive organic electronics – a multi-site innovative training action 2015
3 ANTIVIRALS European Training Network on Antiviral Drug Development 2015
4 STARTUP- SCALEUP Scaling up entrepreneurial hubs to Europe 2015
5 CloudTeams Collaborative Software Development Framework based on Trusted, Secure Cloud-based Pool of Users 2015
6 FAST-RAP Structure-function studies of the human FASTK family of mitochondrial proteins with putative novel RNA binding domains – the helical FAST motifs and the small RAP domain 2015
7 HerbivoreAssociatedOrganisms Unravelling the complexity of plant-insect interactions: the hidden role played by herbivore-associated-organisms 2016
8 ALGOVIS Algorithmic Approaches to Spatially-Informed Information Visualization 2015
9 ICSIS The interaction and clearance of senescent vascular cells by the innate immune system 2015
10 RULE-THERM Real-time up-conversion luminescence thermometry based on lanthanide doped nanodiamonds in a living cell 2016
11 LUMIMAGNET-NANO Multifunctional luminescent and magnetic nanoparticles for advanced biomedical applications 2015
12 MIP4CELL Molecular Imprinting mediated regulation of cell behavior and related biomedical applications 2016
13 SPAFIL Structured photonics for advanced fibre lasers 2015
14 REAP Real-time diagnostics for Enabling Advanced laser-based roll to roll materials Processing 2015
15 BIMEDA Big Medical Data Use in Primary Care: an ethnographic, socio-technical, investigation of challenges and opportunities 2015
16 POSEIDON novel bioreactor Platform for reprOducible, Scalable ExpansIonand cardiac DifferentiatiON of hiPSC in suspension culture 2015
17 SpTheoryGraphLim Spectral Theory of Graph Limits 2015
18 ID4 Role of Id4 in the adult subventricular zone of normal and injured brain 2015
19 PAYPLUG LABS Next generation online payments and fraud detection API for European SMEs 2015
20 germcells A platform for the generation of human gametes in vitro 2016
22 BIORISE Establishment of the Bioinformatics ERA Chair at the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics 2015
23 ITEAM Interdisciplinary Training Network in Multi-Actuated Ground Vehicles 2016
24 ProteinConjugates A training network for the chemical site-selective modification of proteins: Preparation of the next-generation of therapeutic chemically-defined protein conjugates 2015
25 RELEVANCE Regulation of red cell life-span, erythropoiesis, survival, senescence and clearance 2015
26 COMPASS Colloidal Nanomaterials for Smart Applications 2016
27 PolyDomFormFuncReg Discovering how polycomb domains form and function in gene regulation 2016
28 MULTI2DSWITCH MULTIfunctional optoelectronic devices based on hybrid heterostructures of 2D materials and photochromic SWITCHes 2016
29 BIDMAG Biological detection with functionalized Magnetic Sensor 2016
30 LWIMT Main group chemistry, inorganic polymers, catalysis, silicon- and phosphorus-based polymers 2016
31 FORECAST Fluorescence lifetime optical biopsy system 2017
32 FLAMENCO FLAgellated MicroswimmErs’ locomotioN in Confined flOws 2016
33 TalkingHeads TalkingHeads: Audiovisual Speech Recognition in-the-wild 2016
34 BEST Postdoctoral Programme in Bioengineering Excellence Scientific Training 2017
35 NanoTRAINforGrowthII INL Fellowship programme in nanotechnologies for nanomedicine, energy, ICT, food and environment applications 2016
36 AIMMS STAR-PLUS Scientific Top Training in Antimicrobial Research 2016
37 PureBlade Clean Sheet Compressor design to supply pure air for the food and pharmaceutical industry 2016
38 Be-novative A social application, which helps to generate ideas, solve problems while using the cyber-space and cyber-society 2016
39 COFUNDfellowsDTU H.C. Ørsted Fellows Programme – co-funded by Marie SkÅ‚odowska Curie Actions (COFUNDfellowsDTU) 2017
40 DOC2AMU International, inter-sectoral and inter-disciplinary Doctoral Training Programme to Aix-Marseille University 2016
41 HIPPOGRIFFE Hybrid simulations of flow properties using atomistic – fluctuating hydrodynamics modelling for nanoconfined water 2016
42 WAVEFIL WAvelength VErsatile Pulsed Raman FIbre Lasers 2017
43 MFP Martí i Franquès COFUND 2017
44 HOUSREG Social Art as a Tool for Empowerment: Housing Deprivation and Citizen Initiatives for Change 2016
45 INVeST INdividual Vascular SignaTure: A new machine learning tool to aid personalised management of risk for cardiovascular disease 2016
46 SYNDEGEN Synaptic dysfunction in Neurodegenerative Diseases 2017
47 PAIN-Net Molecule-to-man pain network 2017
48 SMARTI ETN European Training Network on Sustainable Multi-functional Automated Resilient Transport Infrastructures. 2017
49 FiBreMoD Fibre break models for designing novel composite microstructures and applications 2016
50 TEMPERA Teaching Emerging Methods in Palaeoproteomics for the European Research Area 2017
51 circRTrain circular RNA Biology Training Network: from biogenesis to biomarkers 2017
52 INNOVATION Multi-wavelength regeneration technologies for advanced modulation optical signals 2016
53 dEUdil dEUdil: Building on open data as a new business model in the business information industry 2016
54 eCraft2Learn Digital Fabrication and Maker Movement in Education: Making Computer-supported Artefacts from Scratch 2017
55 CARBO-IMmap Immune activity Mapping of Carbon Nanomaterials 2017
56 BRINE MINING Applying circular economy solutions in industrial wastewater management: request of SME Associate to develop the necessary energy simulation tools for recovery of waste heat from industrial operations 2017
57 AMAM Ageing Multiphysics of Asphalt Materials 2017
58 VAIM Stereoregular Inorganic Polymer Analogues of Polyolefins 2017
59 RF-MAFS Novel RF Driven MRI Magnet for Imaging Enhancement 2017
60 JTIM Biodegradable Water-Soluble Cylindrical Block Copolymer Micelles and their Applications in Nanomedicine 2018
61 SASPAT Smart Alloys Surface Patterning for Properties Tuning 2017
62 Athenea3I Attracting and Encouraging Triple I Talent Mobility 2017
63 GOT ENERGY GOT ENERGY TALENT. Attracting Talented Researchers within the Spanish Campus of International Excellence ‘Smart Energy’ and the region of Madrid. 2017
64 EUCYS 2017 European Union Contest for Young Scientists' 2017 2016
65 MICROMETABOLITE “MICROMETABOLITE” – Research Training Network on the Microbial Enhancement of Bioactive Secondary Metabolite Production in Plants 2017
66 FunCoSpeedSpine Mapping the functional connectome for speed control in spinal motor circuits 2018
67 ROCSI Romanian Centre of Excellence for Systems Immunology 2017
68 FogGuru FogGuru: Training the Next Generation of European Fog Computing Experts 2017
69 HYBRID Innovative Training Network towards raising and supporting the next generation of creative and entrepreneurial cross-speciality imaging experts 2017
70 INVITE INnovative Verona university’s Inter-disciplinary, Inter-sectoral and International Training Experience 2017
71 SAFERUP Sustainable, Accessible, Safe, Resilient and Smart Urban Pavements 2018
72 M-GATE Memory research: Ground-breaking, Applied, and Technological Exchanges 2017
73 HERMES High Efficiency Real-Time Multithreading Engine for Space applications 2017
74 FattyCyanos Fatty acid incorporation and modification in cyanobacterial natural products 2018
75 TERRINet The European Robotics Research Infrastructure Network 2017
76 NEWMAN NExt-generation WDM Metro and Access Networks 2018
78 pERFEcTO EmpoweRing FundamEntal physics and Technology with quantum Optomechanics 2018
79 UNIFORM A Unified Sustainability Index Framework for Small and Medium Enterprises 2018
80 GOTaM Cities GOTaM Cities - Geography Of Talents in Metropolitan Cities 2019
81 HMAM Healing Multiphysics of Asphalt Materials 2018
82 SELECT SEmiconductor disk Lasers for EffiCient Terahertz generation 2019
83 ReaLCoE Next Generation 12+MW Rated, Robust, Reliable and Large Offshore Wind Energy Converters for Clean, Low Cost and Competitive Electricity 2018
84 Learn2 Learning and Being in Sport: A Phenomenological Investigation 2019
85 ProDelSys Processing Systems with Optical Delay 2018
86 PosEnt Positive Entrepreneurship 2018
87 POLYFIL Polychromatic low-threshold fibre laser 2018
88 STELLAR multireSponsive hybrid Transition mEtaL dichaLcogenides-bAsed optoelectRonics – A European Fellowship for career development 2018
89 INMARE Injectable hydrogels for magnetically-activated, remote-controlled drug delivery 2019
90 NEMoCuRe Role of S-Nitrosylation of epigenetic modifiers in vascular regeneration 2018
91 DIRECT Therapies Diabetes Immunoengineering: Redesigning Encapsulated Cell Transplant Therapies 2018
92 MAGNET-CELLPATCH Multimodal magnetic cellular-patches with synergistic effects for high performance theranostics 2019
93 GlobalP3HS SSPH+ Global PhD Programme in Public Health Sciences 2018
94 MCEC The Netherlands Center for Multiscale Catalytic Energy Conversion 2018
95 I2-ICIQ Impulsion ICIQ Impulse for Talented Postdoctoral Fellows 2019
96 HyFiSyn Hybrid Fibre-reinforced composites: achieving Synergetic effects through microstructural design and advanced simulation tools 2018
97 SCIENTIA-FELLOWS II SCIENTIA-FELLOWS II: International Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme 2019
98 IN4ACT Industry 4.0 impact on management practices and economics 2018
99 TherGelFas Novel nanometrically structured therapeutic hydrogel as injectable for fascial tissues surrounding the nerves intended for preventive treatment of chronic pain 2018
100 Seventh Sense Sight for the visually impaired using wearable remote touch sensing technology 2018
101 M-P Communication Maternal-paternal communication in cattle: understanding how male-induced environmental changes in the female reproductive tract influence reproductive success 2018
102 GeoTwinn Strengthening research in the Croatian Geological Survey: Geoscience-Twinning to develop state-of-the-art subsurface modelling capability and scientific impact 2018
103 EUCYS2018 European Union Contest for Young Scientists' 2018 2018
104 Phys2BioMed Biomechanics in health and disease: advanced physical tools for innovative early diagnosis 2019
106 ULTIMATE Bottom-Up generation of atomicalLy precise syntheTIc 2D MATerials for high performance in energy and Electronic applications – A multi-site innovative training action 2019
107 LIMES The Hardening and Softening of Borders: Challenges for Europe and the World 2019
108 REWIRE REinforcing Women In REsearch 2020
109 MCFPAD-3DSLs Multi-core fibre passive and active devices: 3D shape sensors and laser sources 2020
110 RC-PV/T A Novel Integration of Radiative Cooling into Photovoltaic/Thermal Panel in Buildings by Applying a Spectrally Selective Micro/Nano Coating 2019
111 MultiBioScan Multimodal hyperspectral system for imaging of biological tissues glycation 2020
112 EUREKA Design of multifunctional phosphorous dendritic systems for drug delivery 2020
113 VIP-2 Vienna International Postdoctoral Program 2020
114 Goodwall The Professional Development Network for the Next Generation 2019
115 HeatTank HeatTANK – The cool way to store heat. Energy efficient solution for cooling telecommunication data centers 2019
116 BIOPOLIS Teaming to Upgrade to Excellence in Environmental Biology, Ecosystem Research and AgroBiodiversity 2019
117 EUCYS2019 European Contest for Young Scientists 2019 2019
118 SECRET Exploitation of the SECRETory pathway for cancer therapy to address European research 2019
119 ONCORNET2.0 ONCOgenic Receptor Network of Excellence and Training 2.0 2020
121 innosabi GALAXY The Agile Innovation solution to revolutionise the way people connect, collaborate and create disruptive innovations throughout a company’s ecosystem to unlock its full potential 2019
122 USOME Advanced Analysis of Polymersome and Exosome Hybrids for Potential Application in Therapeutics and Diagnostics 2020