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H2020 projects about "trillion"

The page lists 98 projects related to the topic "trillion".

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1 ResMoSys Multi-Stimuli Responsive Molecular Systems and Materials 2015
2 TRILLION TRusted, CItizen - LEA coILaboratIon over sOcial Networks 2015
3 WITHDRAWAL AFTERMATH The Aftermath of a Drug Withdrawal: Modeling Spillover Effects Across Countries and Across Categories 2015
4 SOS-Nano Structure – Oxidative Stress relationships of metal oxide nanoparticles in the aquatic environment 2015
5 MASSIVE Multinationals, Institutions and Innovation in Europe 2015
6 Solvatten_agri-bus Feasibilty study to determine market entrance for the Solvatten green technology into the agri-business value chains in Eastern Africa 2015
7 Invest INtelligent Video analytics to analyse complex scenes and Enhance Security of critical infrastructure and urban soft Targets 2015
8 LineageDiscovery Laying the Biological, Computational and Architectural Foundations for Human Cell Lineage Discovery 2015
9 BASKAM Innovation services and key account management support for Basque SMEs during 2015-2016 2015
10 FineSol Assembly of miniaturized PCBs by using low cost hyper-fine solder powders 2015
11 Bosolog Bosolog – Multi-sensors and Assets' Log Monitoring and Management Software 2015
12 ChemSniff Chemical sniffer device for multi-mode analysis of threat compounds 2015
13 CHoKO Clearing House for Knowledge Options (CHoKO) - creating a marketplace for knowledge 2015
14 HRE Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE): Building the knowledge, skills, and capacity required to enable new policies and encourage new investments in the heating and cooling sector 2016
16 VDRConnect VDRConnect: VDR-based vessel telematics solution 2016
17 ConnectProtect A total cyber protection service to Small Businesses operating critical infrastructure and Residential customers 2016
18 PRIZM2016 Soft launch for the first thinbking music player 2016
19 CODECHECK CRACKING THE CODE BEHIND MITOTIC FIDELITY: the roles of tubulin post-translational modifications and a chromosome separation checkpoint 2016
20 TOUCHVIE Catch what you watch; a game-changer technology that will change how people watch TV and revolutionise in-movie advertising and product placement 2016
21 ProBOS Protection Beyond Operating System - Development of the next generation cyber security solution 2016
22 PAPTIC PAPTIC – The Good Conscience Alternative 2016
23 INFARM The vertical farming revolution, urban Farming as a Service. 2016
24 BeingL_S Being Lean and Seen: Meeting the challenges of delivering projects successfully in the 21st century 2017
25 NOC Nerve-on-Chips 2016
26 FITTOM PVC-O Fittings based on MOLECOR’s Molecular Orientation TOM® technology 2017
28 Part-up Phase1 - the open competence platform with high social impact 2017
29 SACCSCAN-IA-ML Developing Machine Learning Classifier Models for Eye Movements to Diagnose Major Psychiatric Disorders 2017
30 IA-M-SHOP Intelligent Algorithm for M-Shop 2017
32 5G STEP FWD 5G System Technological Enhancements Provided by Fiber Wireless Deployments 2017
33 COLDTRACK New cloud-base SW for ensuring the Cold Chain during Food Transportation 2017
34 BLOOMEN Blockchains in the new era of participatory media experience 2017
35 inDemand Demand driven co-creation for public entities. 2017
36 GO 4G InvizBox Go 4G - Security and Privacy, Everywhere 2017
37 DeviceHub The next generation of internet-of-thing (IoT) connectivity. 2017
38 PAY-ME-ATTENTION Disrupting the Communication between Humans and Computers - Understanding the Key Message in Simultaneous Conversations Through Voice Biometrics 2017
39 IMBIBE Innovative technology solutions to explore effects of the microbiome on intestine and brain pathophysiology 2017
40 ZAP ZAPINAMO – Affordable, future-proof rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles from stored[clean and economical] energy 2017
41 TOPpipes Technology for Onsite 3D Printing Production of Lengthy Large Diameter Polyethylene Pipes with Cellular Walls 2017
42 EPIC Environmentally Friendly Recycled Plastic Floors in Containers 2017
43 GENAQ Replicating the Natural Rain Process for a Sustainable Distributed Water Production: More Water with Less Consumed Energy 2018
44 GENAQ Replicating the Natural Rain Process for a Sustainable Distributed Water Production: More Water with Less Consumed Energy 2018
45 X-TEC A groundbreaking renewable-energy technology for reducing truck emissions 2018
46 PROTECTNICHE Understanding the role of intrinsic and extrinsic drivers of loss in species niches, to inform conservation planning under climate change 2019
47 ANTHEM Advanced Hybrid Thermoelectric Materials through Vapor Phase Infiltration 2018
48 GDS A safe and effective non-surgical and reversible procedure for weight loss 2018
49 EyeCode A frictionless two-factor authentication software for secure transactions 2018
50 iMEC Real-time assessment of toxic sulphide in wastewater – market maturation of an Industrial Micro Electrochemical Cell 2018
51 A2MIRO Airbone Asset Management Inspection Robot - Offshore 2018
52 SRAP Safe and Readily Authenticated Pharmaceutical dosage forms (tablets) 2018
53 IoT4ALL Ultimate connectivity platform for global IoT devices: boosting the competitiveness of IoT device makers 2018
54 SeafoodTrace SeafoodTrace: Intelligent Traceability Platform enabling full transparency in the Seafood supply chain 2018
55 GLARTEK Revolutionary AR eyes for industrial maintenance 2018
56 Microguard A neural network based counterfeit detection system to verify the authenticity of products 2018
57 Nello One Self-installable device that converts intercoms into a smart keys to allow access from anywhere. 2018
58 NextWave Wave Energy Technology Made Mainstream 2018
59 CLARITY Bringing social impact to markets - Social Impact rating agency and AI powered SaaS tool for investors to optimize the social impact of their investment portfolios. 2018
61 HARVESTORE Energy HarveStorers for Powering the Internet of Things 2018
62 wecHomeAI wecHomeAI – The first AI-powered interior designer 2018
63 VirtualBrainCloud Personalized Recommendations for Neurodegenerative Disease 2018
64 SMAART The breakthrough laser machining intelligence as saver of jobs and competitiveness for Europe's manufacturing business 2018
65 SensifAI Understanding Videos Automatically with the SensifAI Deep Learning Technology 2018
66 SCARE Side-Channel Aware Engineering 2018
67 Synx BIOS Synx BIOS: The revolutionary web-BIOS that fully enables the Internet of Things (IoT) through the Real Time Web 2019
68 AWESOME Airborne Wind Energy System for Off-grid and Mobile End-uses 2019
69 INCALO INCALO: Internal black carbon loading: validation of a novel biomarker 2019
70 AgroShelf Extending fresh food shelf-life through novel plant-derived biofungicides for post-harvest treatments 2018
71 LiquidEff LiquidEff: Algebraic Foundations for Liquid Effects 2019
72 MindCare AutoMatic and Personalized Mental HealthCare Solution 2019
73 ROCS Moving Towards Sustainable Mining With ROCS Real-Time Ore Composition Monitoring 2019
74 Clockstop A Fast Throughput Drosophila Model to Identify Drug Treatments for Age-related Hearing Loss (ARHL) 2019
75 GAMMA The Artificial Intelligence Code Analysis & Recommendation Engine to drive software development speed & reliability for global corporations 2019
76 Usersnap Suite Analyzing Smart Bug Tracking and Customer Experience Feedback to Create and Evolve Software Products Users Love 2019
77 QLX300 Launching the World’s Most Power Efficient GNSS System-On-Chip 2019
78 PWS Polyurethane Window System: energy efficient monolithic windows towards Europe’s energy transition 2019
79 cloudsensing Internet of Things (IoT) platform for concrete strength measurement and Machine Learning (ML) predictions in construction. 2019
80 RDS Artificial Intelligence Powered Fashion Insights and Personal Styling Solutions 2019
82 AVATAR SW application for smartphones enabling accurate and easy-to-use 3D body scanning for digitalized design and production process in fashion and textile industry. 2019
83 Zero1 A unique suite of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to battle cashflow problems in SMEs 2019
84 StrongPIN The first mobile app to enable LoA 4 hardware backed security on any existing mobile phone safeguarding the identity and privacy on the everyday digital life in an easy to use and scalable manner 2019
86 NewNormal New Sustainable Fiber Production Technology 2019
87 StaphIMPACT SA.100: Next-generation targeted antibacterial product entering European market 2019
88 Computer Linguist Develop an innovative computer system which understands contractual documents by applying artificial intelligence 2019
89 DEEP-RADAR Learning efficient millimeter wave radar imaging for autonomous vehicles 2019
90 ATLANTIS Whales, waste and sea walnuts: incorporating human impacts on the marine ecosystem within life cycle impact assessment 2020
91 Mashcream Launching the Mashcream Lifestyle With the In-Home Cool Plate Ice Cream Maker 2019
92 NeuroPa Targeting the brain sigma-1 receptor: A paradigm shift for the treatment of neuro-degenerative disorders 2019
93 MINDUP Mental Health Promotion and Intervention in Occupational Settings: MINDUP 2020
94 InteSens Innovative INTEgrated SENsor System for monitoring Infrastructural Assets 2020
95 OXA Material solution for sustainable and affordable housing 2020
96 HUMANeye Implantable titanium net to combat pathological corneal shape deformations 2019
97 NEUROPREG Eating patterns in pregnancy: unraveling the underlying neurocircuits and its deleterious metabolic consequences 2021
98 APOLITICAL The first global peer-to-peer platform for government, to help public servants find the ideas, experts and partners they need to solve today’s hardest challenges 2020