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H2020 projects about "atm"

The page lists 80 projects related to the topic "atm".

# achronym  title  year 
1 ESATM Embryonic stem cell origin of the adipose tissue macrophages 2015
2 iPROTECTION Molecular mechanisms of induced protection against sepsis by DNA damage responses 2015
3 FACCESS Enabling the large-scale deployment of Facial Recognition in banking security 2015
4 COMPAIR COMPetition for AIR traffic management 2016
5 PACAS Participatory Architectural Change Management in ATM Systems 2016
6 INTUIT Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance 2016
7 PARTAKE cooPerative depArtuRes for a compeTitive ATM networK sErvice. 2016
8 MALORCA Machine Learning of Speech Recognition Models for Controller Assistance 2016
10 OptiFrame An Optimization Framework for Trajectory Based Operations 2016
11 SAPIENT Satcom and terrestrial architectures improving performance, security and safety in ATM 2016
13 AURORA Advanced User-centric efficiency metRics for air traffic perfORmance Analytics 2016
14 RETINA Resilient Synthetic Vision for Advanced Control Tower Air Navigation Service Provision 2016
15 MECHANOCHECK ATR-mediated mechanotransduction and connections with the actin cytoskeleton 2016
16 ENVERESP Crosstalk between nuclear envelope and DNA Damage Response: Role of nucleoporin TPR in the maintenance of genomic integrity 2016
17 PNOWWA Probabilistic Nowcasting of Winter Weather for Airports 2016
18 MINIMA MItigating Negative Impacts of Monitoring high levels of Automation 2016
19 COCTA Coordinated capacity ordering and trajectory pricing for better-performing ATM 2016
20 ATM4E Air Traffic Management for environment 2016
21 BigData4ATM Passenger-centric Big Data Sources for Socio-economic and Behavioural Research in ATM 2016
22 APACHE Assessment of Performance in current ATM operations and of new Concepts of operations for its Holistic Enhancement 2016
23 TBO-MET Meteorological Uncertainty Management for Trajectory Based Operations 2016
24 BEST Achieving the BEnefits of SWIM by making smart use of Semantic Technologies 2016
25 MOTO the embodied reMOte Tower 2016
26 TaCo Take Control 2016
27 STRESS Human Performance neurometricS Toolbox foR highly automatEd Systems deSign 2016
28 Vista Market forces trade-offs impacting European ATM performance 2016
29 dSense dSense – Self adapting, cost efficient method for detecting context of a mobile device and a mobile device with a context detection module 2016
30 DART Data-driven AiRcraft Trajectory prediction research 2016
31 EUNADICS-AV European Natural Airborne Disaster Information and Coordination System for Aviation 2016
32 PJ31 DIGITS Initial Trajectory Information Sharing 2016
33 PJ07 OAUO PJ07 Optimised Airspace Users Operations 2016
34 PJ09 DCB Advanced DCB 2016
35 PJ08 AAM Advanced Airspace Management 2016
36 PJ01 EAD Enhanced Arrivals and Departures 2016
37 PJ11 CAPITO Enhanced Air and Ground Safety Nets 2016
38 PJ24 NCM PJ24 VLD Network Collaborative Management 2016
39 PJ20 AMPLE Master Plan Maintenance 2016
40 PJ06 ToBeFREE Trajectory based Free Routing 2016
41 PJ03b SAFE Airport Safety Nets 2016
42 PJ16 CWP HMI Controller Working Position / Human Machine Interface - CWP/HMI 2016
43 PJ15 COSER Common Services 2016
44 PJ10 PROSA Controller Tools and Team Organisation for the Provision of Separation in Air Traffic Management 2016
45 PJ17 SWIM-TI SWIM Technical Infrastructure 2016
46 PJ18 4DTM 4D Trajectory Management 2016
47 PJ19 CI Content Integration 2016
48 PJ14 EECNS Essential and Efficient Communication Navigation and Surveillance Integrated System 2016
49 PJ28 IAO Integrated Airport Operations 2016
50 PJ02 EARTH Increased Runway and Airport Throughput 2016
51 PJ04 TAM Total Airport Management 2016
52 PJ03a SUMO Integrated Surface Management 2016
53 PJ27 IOPVLD Flight Object Interoperability VLD Demonstration 2016
54 RoNDBioCan NLRP3 in cancer: Deciphering the role of NLRP3 in the DNA Damage response pathway 2018
55 ATM-GTP Atmospheric Gas-to-Particle conversion 2017
56 IMPETUS Information Management Portal to Enable the inTegration of Unmanned Systems 2017
57 TERRA Technological European Research for RPAS in ATM 2017
58 CLASS CLear Air Situation for uaS: Maturing ground based technologies for a real-time Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management System (UTMS) to monitor and separate Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) traffic 2017
59 EVOAtm Evolutionary ATM. A modelling framework to assess the impact of ATM evolutions 2018
60 Domino Novel tools to evaluate ATM systems coupling under future deployment scenarios 2018
61 PODIUM Proving Operations of Drones with Initial UTM Management 2018
62 ENVISION Enhanced Situational Awareness through Video Integration with ADS-B Surveillance Infrastructure on Airports 2018
63 ADAPT Advanced prediction models for flexible trajectory-based operations 2018
64 Engage Knowledge Transfer Network proposed in response to the SESAR-ER3-01-2016 Call 2018
65 B-SOCIAL BANK SOCIALISER: BANKing platform based on SOCIAL media Interactive SERvices 2018
66 DIGITS-AU Demonstration of ATM Improvements Generated by Initial Trajectory Sharing - Airspace User Part 2018
67 FINSEC Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures 2018
68 Airline Team xStream Airspace User Support to Arrival Management 2018
69 Airline Team NCM Airspace User support to the development of Network Collaborative Management 2018
70 AR-DDR Co-targeting androgen receptor signalling and DNA damage repair for precision therapy in advanced prostate cancer 2019
71 AUDIO Airspace User supporting Demonstrations of Integrated Airport Operations 2019
72 vACCINE AeronautiCal Cyber INtrusion dEtection mechanism 2019
73 SafeNcy SafeNcy - the safe emergency trajectory generator 2019
74 PJ18-W2 4D Skyways 4D Skyways 2019
75 PJ07-W2 OAUO SESAR2020 PJ07-W2 OAUO Optimised Airspace Users Operations 2019
76 PJ01-W2 EAD PJ01 Wave 2 Enhanced Arrivals and Departures 2019
77 PJ13 - W2 ERICA Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace 2019
78 PJ14-W2 I-CNSS Integrated Communication, Navigation and Surveillance System 2019
79 PJ20-W2 AMPLE PJ.20 W2 Master Planning 2019
80 PJ19-W2 CI PJ.19 W2 Content Integration, Performance Management and Business Case Development 2019