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H2020 projects about "benign"

The page lists 61 projects related to the topic "benign".

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1 BIOCASCADES BIOCASCADES- Sustainable and Scalable Biocatalytic Cascade Reactions Training Network 2015
2 ROBOX Expanding the industrial use of Robust Oxidative Biocatalysts for the conversion and production of alcohols (ROBOX) 2015
4 VIBRA Very fast Imaging by Broadband coherent RAman 2015
5 SmartMammaCAD Intelligent Automated System for detecting Diagnostically Challenging Breast Cancers 2015
6 MANGANOXI The development of manganese-based alkene epoxidation, cis-dihydroxylation and alkane C-H oxidation catalysts 2015
7 CIP Categorical Interoception Project: How generalization and classification strategies link anxiety and interoception 2016
8 DERMAE Clinical research for the validation of a non-invasive medical imaging device for dermatological diagnoses 2015
9 COMSTAR The effects of early-life adversity on cognition: A comparative approach. 2015
10 NoNoMeCat Non-Noble Metal Catalysis - NoNoMeCat 2016
11 ThyroTrust A novel reliable diagnostic device to avoid unnecessary thyroid surgery 2016
12 MiCARF Multi-tubular Catalytic Reactor for Flexible Production of Fine Chemicals 2016
13 CARBOTIGHT Diffusion Barrier Layers and Anticorrosive Coatings from Functional Carbon Nanosheets 2016
14 PELICO Peptidomimetics with photocontrolled biological activity 2016
15 TM-FLPS Bond Activation and Catalysis by Transition Metal Frustrated Lewis Pairs 2016
16 SINTBAT Silicon based materials and new processing technologies for improved lithium-ion batteries 2016
17 RAC Defining the Role of Antioxidants on Cancer progression and metastasis 2016
18 DEGLUMINATE Light-Responsive Adhesives for Debond-on-Demand Solutions 2016
19 MYCLASS Towards prevention, early diagnosis, and noninvasive treatment of uterine leiomyomas through molecular classification 2016
20 SUSCAT New Directions in Sustainable Catalysis by Metal Complexes 2016
21 BioMicroGels Innovative environmentally-benign wastewater treatment reagents offering a step change in efficiency in the cleaning of water from oils and metal ions and in liquidation of emergency oil spills 2016
22 MYELOMANEXT Integrated next-generation flow cytometry and sequencing to uncover the pathway of curability in multiple myeloma 2016
23 ESSENS Early Stage Sensing of Fouling in Membrane Water Treatment 2016
24 FASTO-CAT Fundamentals of ASymmeTric Organo-CATalysis 2017
25 PAMMOTH Photoacoustic/Ultrasound Mammoscopy for evaluating screening-detected abnormalities in the breast 2017
26 TAML-ArM Development of an artificial alkane monooxygenase: A leap in bioinspired oxidation catalysis 2017
27 No-LIMIT Boosting Photovoltaic Performance by the Synergistic Interaction of Halide Perovskites and Semiconductor Quantum Dots 2017
28 ONCOGENEVOL The evolutionary history of oncogenic and non-oncogenic papillomaviruses 2017
29 REALTA Challenging Hypertension Through Novel Medical Device Development 2017
30 TOLERANCE FOOTPRINT Clonal Deletion versus Clonal Diversion: Footprints of Self-Tolerance in the T CellRepertoire 2017
31 Ovage OvAge: an innovative, user-friendly digital methodology that quantifies ovarian reserve by integratingclinical, biochemical and 3D-sonographic data to help decision-making in all phases of woman life 2017
32 NebuFlox Making it happen - Scalable biphasic reactions using a nebulizer-driven continuous flow reactor 2018
33 FunctionalP4 Metal-Mediated Methods for the Functionalization of White Phosphorus (P4) 2018
34 LACOPAROM Lewis acid promoted copper catalysis to functionalise and dearomatise arenes 2018
35 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms. 2018
36 BiomCatOx Biomimetic Dicopper Architecture for Catalytic Oxygen Activation 2018
37 DIRECTION Deciphering of Root and Rhizosphere microbiome to increase host fitness in the Fusarium oxysporum- plant interaction 2018
38 PhotoCuRiOT Visible Light-Mediated Copper Photoredox-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Transformations of Activated Small Ring Aza-Heterocycles and Carbacycles 2018
39 SUPER Synthetic Utilization of Photoredox-generated Electrophilic Radicals 2018
40 BioMet Selective Functionalization of Saturated Hydrocarbons 2018
41 CC-Coupler Integrated approach for environmentally benign C-C coupling reactions 2018
42 FeCHACT Catalytic Csp3-H functionalization via carbene insertion meets sustainability: Developing an unprecedented Iron methodology 2019
43 NEFERTITI NEFERTITI: A Novel Eco-Friendly, dually Efficient and Resistance-free Treatment of vaginITIs 2018
44 HOLOMAN Holographic acoustic assembly and manipulation 2019
45 DEEPCAT Degradable Polyolefin Materials Enabled by Catalytic Methods 2019
46 HELD Hetero-structures for Efficient Luminescent Devices 2019
47 OCTAV A novel approach to non-invasive and personalized skin cancer diagnosis 2019
48 CO2PERATE Cooperation towards a sustainable chemical industry 2020
49 LycoSOL Feasibility Analysis on the Extraction of Lycopene from Tomato Peel through Organic Synthesis 2019
50 Met_Cav Metal-Functionalized Cavitands for a Site-Selective C-H hydroxylation of Aliphatic Compounds 2019
51 ClearRing An innovative, minimally invasive medical device used for treatment of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia symptoms 2019
52 MaxONCO A cancer vaccine to boost body’s natural defences to fight chordoma and head and neck cancer 2020
53 EARLYDETECT Development of an accurate, early diagnostic tool for ovarian cancer 2020
54 MELODY Membrane-free Low cost high Density RFB 2020
55 Promyc A circular fungi-based high-protein feed solution for aquaculture 2019
56 PURE Prototyping emerging bio-based products from lignocellulose by zero-waste pathways 2020
57 CoaExMatter Bio-inspired Coacervate Extruded Materials 2020
58 FI4P Flow and Iron for Pharma 2020
59 CARBOFLOW Streamlined carbon dioxide conversion in ionic liquids – a platform strategy for modern carbonylation chemistry 2020
60 DECOMPOSE Degradable commodity plastics from metallosupramolecular polymers 2020
61 Photo2Bio Photo-Organocatalytic CO2 Valorisation into Bioactive Added-Value Molecules 2020