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H2020 projects about "compromised"

The page lists 84 projects related to the topic "compromised".

# achronym  title  year 
1 FourByThree Highly customizable robotic solutions for effective and safe human robot collaboration in manufacturing applications 2014
2 DCM Distributed Cryptography Module 2014
3 APE An analyzer for preterm EEG 2015
4 EARLYSTART Short and long-term consequences of the early environment 2015
5 TARGEPILIVER Characterization of Key Epigenetic Targets in Hepatic Fibrosis and Hepatocellular Carcinoma Development. Generation of New Antifibrotic and Antitumoral Drugs. 2015
7 RISEN Rail Infrastructure Systems Engineering Network 2016
8 HoloVision Advanced holographic optical neural stimulation for vision restoration and basic research 2016
9 INTENS INtestinal Tissue ENgineering Solution 2016
10 SecureCloud Secure Big Data Processing in Untrusted Clouds 2016
11 Stim-Plast-O Effects of non-invasive brain stimulation on motor learning-related neuroplasticity in healthy older adults 2016
12 ASRD Acoustic species recognition in delphinids 2016
13 ROQ-WACh Identification and Characterization of Cis-Regulatory ModuleDysfunction in Rett Syndrome with ROQ-WACh 2016
14 TACT Towards an objective and quantitative Assessment of human Corneal Transparency 2017
15 EvolVir Evolution of virulence in immune-compromised hosts and the adaptation of emerging viruses 2017
17 RiCaMo Innovative oxygen-free wine bottling process 2016
18 USECFrontiers Frontiers of Usable Security – Principles and Methods for Administrator and Developer Usable Security Research 2016
19 StemHealth Foetal Intestinal Stem Cells in Biology and Health 2016
20 CoCa Collagen in Cancer: from the regulatory fibril forming function of collagen V in development to its implication in tumor progression 2016
21 SURE Safe Unmanned Robotic Ensembles 2016
22 THOMAS Mobile dual arm robotic workers with embedded cognition for hybrid and dynamically reconfigurable manufacturing systems 2016
23 GUTPEPTIDES Novel therapeutic approaches to improve gastrointestinal wound healing 2017
24 SPIDIA4P SPIDIA for Personalized Medicine - Standardisation of generic Pre-analytical procedures for In-vitro DIAgnostics for Personalized Medicine 2017
25 CryoBiopsy CryoBiopsy: a bi-modal temperature sample preservation device for standardized breast cancer biopsy 2017
26 TAPEMELT TAPEMELT: Recyclable thermal activated tape system 2017
27 NEUROPHAGY The Role of Autophagy in Synaptic Plasticity 2017
28 MacroStability Stability and dynamics at different spatial scales: From physiology to Alzheimer's degeneration 2017
29 TIMPANI Test, Predict, and Improve Musical Scene Perception of Hearing-Impaired Listeners 2018
30 GEOHEAL Self-healing geological construction materials and structures 2018
31 RESOURCE Groundwater quality assessment in areas with intensive livestock: is manure recycling a major source of pollution and dissemination of antibiotic resistance genes?” 2017
32 MuSCel Genome Muscle Specific C. elegans Genome in health and disease: finding novel factors in 3D organization 2017
33 funcSOFI-PD Quantitative super-resolution optical fluctuation and phase microscopy for structural and functional imaging of Parkinson's disease 2017
34 LIVERZAP Live, In vivo Visualisation of liver Regeneration in Zebrafish After Photoablation of hepatocytes 2018
35 GlucoTear Non-Invasive Fluorescence-based Tear Glucose Sensor Integrated to a Smartphone 2018
36 Constance Flight Critical Wireless Slip Ring for Civil Tiltrotor 2017
37 ISAR The world's first purpose-built professional all-terrain passenger Vehicle 2017
38 TelMetab Telomere metabolism in Genome Stability and Disease 2017
39 GermlineAgeingSoma Getting to the root of ageing: somatic decay as a cost of germline maintenance 2017
40 SFICAM SFICAM: Ultrafast Fiber-Based Single-Photon Camera for Advanced Microscopy 2017
41 CITYCARE Impact of air pollutants on cutaneous responses in both healthy and compromised skin barrier, and innovative solutions to protect skin against urban pollution 2017
42 Propelair The refinement, miniaturisation and demonstration of an ultra low flush toilet capable of saving 2.8 billion litres of clean, potable water being unnecessarily wasted in Europe every day. 2017
43 ECOLANG Ecological Language: A multimodal approach to language and the brain 2018
44 EWC Enabling Weak lensing Cosmology 2018
45 IDA Intermediate Compressor Case Duct Aerodynamics 2018
46 GLOMODAT Enhancing data fusion, parallelisation for hydrological modelling and estimating sensitivity to spatialparameterization of SWAT to model nitrogen and phosphorus runoff at local and global scale 2019
47 GAUSS Galileo-EGNOS as an Asset for UTM Safety and Security 2018
48 SPLINTER Signaling of plant intracellular immune receptors 2018
49 BITCRUMBS Towards a Reliable and Automated Analysis of Compromised Systems 2018
50 RESPONSE 5G Resilient and Secure Multi-controller Communication Platform for 5G Networks 2018
51 REPTOL Pre-leukemic B cell repertoire alterations in patients with familial chronic lymphocytic leukemia: looking for evidence of a genetically-inherited defect in tolerance induction 2019
52 NACHO Nicotine actions on beta cell function in health and disease 2018
53 VARIO The influence of natural pH VARIability on ecosystem response to Ocean acidification 2019
54 PCDfert Identification of novel genes and mechanisms for PCD and male infertility 2018
55 SALUS Portable, high-performance, and all-in-one digital data recovery lab for digital forensics to greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2018
56 ComFyt ComFyt, the revolution in compression therapy. A novel Electro-Active Polymers technology applied to a smart stocking that mimics rhythmic calf muscle contractions and stimulates the blood flow. 2018
57 SHAPINGENERATIONS How changing social contexts shape solidarity and adjustment between generations 2019
58 Trop-ClOC Quantifying the impact of Tropospheric Chlorine Oxidation Chemistry 2019
59 MicroTher MicroTher: Drug Discovery from the Microbiota 2018
60 EURIPHI EURopean wide Innovative Procurement of Health Innovation 2019
61 PdbU Securing Continuous Operations of Mission Critical IoT Endpoints 2019
62 FRINGE Fluorescence and Reactive oxygen Intermediates by Neutron Generated electronic Excitation as a foundation for radically new cancer therapies 2019
63 CancerFingerPrints Identification of nano-mechanical fingerprints as a biomarker for cancer treatment prognosis 2019
64 Centromere Stability Mechanisms that maintain centromere DNA repeats stability in human cells. 2020
65 SYMBIO-INC Mechanisms of symbiotic incompatibility in the arbuscular mycorrhizal association 2020
66 PredAlgoBC Machine learning prediction for breast cancer therapy 2019
67 H2AH2B_Propagation Elucidating the propagation and function of H2A and H2B modifications across DNA replication 2020
68 CoralChange How will coral reefs look like in the future? Adaptive mechanisms and sublethal effects in corals under global change 2020
69 VASA Vaccine Against Schistosomiasis for Africa. A Phase I clinical study of the SchistoShield® anti-schistosomiasis vaccine in adults in endemic areas of sub-Saharan Africa 2019
70 RespiriNTM Progress novel assets (one FIH start) for non-tubercular mycobacteria that may act synergistically with bedaquiline and cytochrome bc drugs 2019
71 WildRice Wild Rice Culture and Indigenous Food Sovereignty in North America 2020
73 RSENSE Revolutionizing disease and environmental detection with portable optoacoustic sensing 2020
74 CAST Active Monitoring of Cancer As An Alternative To Surgery 2019
75 StrataGRT An innovative topical drug delivery system for improving chronic wound healing 2019
76 PROTEOFIT Adapting protein fate for muscle function and fitness 2019
77 MEDIPOL Molecular Design of Polymers for Biomedical Applications 2020
78 RARITY RAtional design of canceR ImmunoTherapY: one size does not fit all 2019
79 Predictive sigma Predictive maintenance platform for industrial assets based on AI and IoT 2019
80 LPS For a full data privacy on the go. 2019
81 PSOTI Privacy-preserving Services On The Internet 2020
82 HUMANeye Implantable titanium net to combat pathological corneal shape deformations 2019
83 THEOCORPES Theoretical Methods for Better Core Level Photoelectron Spectroscopy 2021
84 NOSCAR decipheriNg Oncogenic SIgnalling patterns to break CAncer drug Resistance 2020