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H2020 projects about "profitable"

The page lists 195 projects related to the topic "profitable".

# achronym  title  year 
1 COSMOS Camelina & crambe Oil crops as Sources for Medium-chain Oils for Specialty oleochemicals 2015
2 PSYMBIOSYS Product-Service sYMBIOtic SYStems 2015
3 DiCoMo Direct conversion hybrid-organic X-ray detectors on metal oxide backplane 2015
4 TREDISEC Trust-aware, REliable and Distributed Information SEcurity in the Cloud. 2015
5 proDataMarket Enabling the property Data Marketplace for Novel Data-driven Business Models 2015
6 bettervest Crowdfunding for a low carbon energy system: addressing major challenges for EU-wide public and private investments in energy and carbon saving measures 2014
7 MULTISSOUND Multisensory-Based Spatial Sound 2015
8 WATER INCENT Economic Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in Water Scarce and Drought Prone Irrigated Areas 2015
9 Pre2Pos PREcession-based drive mechanisms for high-PREcision energy-efficient POSitioning devices (Pre2Pos) 2015
10 USELA Useful energy from contaminated landfill gas 2014
11 GroupEstate GroupEstate Feasibility Study 2015
12 CREST Climate Resilient Agriculture through revolutionary Weather Forecast and Data 2015
13 APEX Advanced Process Economics through Oxidoreductases 2015
14 DEVULC Novel Devulcanization Machine for Industrial and Tyre Rubber Recycling 2015
15 HEALEX HEALEX – High Efficiency Air Liquid Heat ExchangerAn innovative, new heat exchanger that improves energy efficiency in cooling and ventilation systems 2015
16 HEATSENS_S Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic device based on plasmonicdriven thermal sensing for rapid detection of Salmonella typhimurium in agro-food field. 2015
17 bionic agitator Feasibility study of a bionic agitator – a prototype of this agitator has shown great potential for energy reduction of agitator technology. 2015
18 PFMaker PFMaker, the Advanced Interactive Video Tool 2015
19 KidsSurgicalPlan KidsSurgicalPlan: An Internet enterprise for sketch-based cardiovascular pre-surgical planning 2015
20 GULWESS-PROP Green Ultra Light Weight Energy Storage System for Propulsion 2015
21 DIADEM Low-Cost Diagnostics Monitoring Technology 2015
22 DAFAP Development of Advanced Functional Absorbent Products 2015
23 HyFast HyFast - Fast hydrogen fueling and long range for fuel cell vehicles 2015
25 BCorp Between Social Values and Profitable Performance: The Case of B-Corporations 2016
26 FoReCaST Forefront Research in 3D Disease Cancer Models as in vitro Screening Technologies 2015
27 UP-TYRE Feasibility study for scaling UP thermal conversion technology that turns scrap TYREs into high quality resources 2015
29 Polydome Proposal for innovative and sustainable polyculture greenhouse system Polydome 2015
30 EcoBlade EcoBlade: Eco-efficient decommissioning of wind turbine blades through on-site material shredding and separation 2015
31 TRICHO T-18 Environmental friendly fungicide based on new endophytic Biological Control Agent Trichoderma asperellum strain T18 2015
32 WARNTRAK Rail track monitoring system - Wireless Autonomous On-Board System measuring vibration with continuous reporting to reduce maintenance costs and enhance reliability and safety. 2015
33 SOMAPI On-line department store for Massive Amount of Pre-owned Items 2015
34 DEPURGAN Swine-farm revolution 2015
35 Fishtimator Continual Acoustic Based Multifunctional Cage Mounted Fish estimator Deigned To Reduce Feed Waste, Fish Mortality, and Predator and Fish Escape Control 2015
36 Synchronverter Smart Synchronous inverter for grid’s stability 2015
37 EEN H2020 Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs under H2020 programme in the Enterprise Europe Network «Normandie-Picardie» 2015
38 Scaling up Novihum A Sustainable Soil Solution: Scaling up Novihum, an innovation to convert bad soil into better, make brown coal clean and barren land green, and profitably advance food security in Europe and beyond 2015
39 NED- Nano Eye Device THE NANO EYE DEVICE 2015
40 Solaris Solaris Energy Tobacco 2015
41 SUNLIGHTING Harvesting the Sun 2015
42 ANAPRINT Additive Printing for Cell-Based Analysis 2015
43 GLAD-2 GNSS/INS Low-cost Attitude Determination and navigation system - Phase 2 2016
44 TAG Crowd-Sourcing technology to change how people and cars move in cities 2015
45 SafeAST Continuous structural condition tank integrity monitoring of Above Ground Storage Tanks, aka “SafeAST, no entry: no empty.” 2015
46 SMARTHE Smart Thermostat Évolution 2015
47 INTMET Integrated innovative metallurgical system to benefit efficiently polymetallic, complex and low grade ores and concentrates 2016
49 biowave Upscale and demonstration of a integrated novel microwave pre-treatment system for efficient production of biogas from anaerobic digestion of pig manure to create a sustainable waste management system 2016
50 WATIFY Up-scaling, demonstration and first market application of Hydrokemos’ patented technology as the most eco-efficient and cost-effective solution for nitrate polluted water treatment 2015
51 CR-Compressor Centric Recipocating Compressor 2016
52 CALBATT - ASSET Advanced Solutions for Smart Energy storage and electric Transportation 2016
53 ZephyCloud Making Wind Energy More Bankable…Faster! 2016
54 CHESS-SETUP Combined HEat SyStem by using Solar Energy and heaT pUmPs 2016
55 Frontiers in Design Frontiers in Mechanism Design: Methodology and Applications 2016
56 DAFNE DAFNE: Use of a Decision-Analytic Framework to explore the water-energy-food NExus in complex and trans-boundary water resources systems of fast growing developing countries. 2016
57 BIO-AX A novel wearable, cost-effective and non-invasive biometric body worn video solution for accurate and high throughput screening of people, bags and vehicles 2016
58 OC-Tech OC-Tech: Innovative vessel for cleaning-up activities in marine and fluvial environments. 2016
59 EXILVA Flagship demonstration of an integrated plant towards large scale supply and market assessment of MFC 2016
60 MONESE Innovative banking model for improved financial and economic inclusion of population groups that find it difficult to open a traditional bank account 2016
61 CONMIC Concrete micromolds for microinjection molding 2016
62 CLOUD DIAGNOSIS Development of Low Cost Cloud Monitoring for the Diagnosis and Prognostic of the Wind Turbines 2016
63 TRISORP Energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emission by applying advanced ammonia/water absorption chillers and decentralised Trigeneration (CCHP) technology to small and medium enterprises 2016
64 CoolFarm CoolFarm – The intelligent and flexible system that provides to plants what they need, when they need it! 2016
65 SMILE Slimming and Memory-Booster MIcroaLgae Extract 2016
67 PemredTech Innovative Particle Emissions Reduction device for internal combustion engines, facilitating compliance with the present and future automotive particle emissions regulations. 2016
68 SAKLAS Feasibility of Salmon and Kingfish Land-Based Aquaculture Systems, Phase 1 2016
69 LASERCUT Valorising small diameter trees by cutting them with laser 2016
70 Plasmapower PlasmaPower: hydro-catalytic plasma gasification for high-efficiency energy generation 2016
71 HyPump Enabling Sustainable Irrigation through Hydro-Powered Pump for Canals 2016
72 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
73 SYNERGY Plugplay gasification plant for onsite conversion of otherwise unusable waste into renewable energy 2016
74 DAFIA Biomacromolecules from municipal solid bio-waste fractions and fish waste for high added value applications. 2017
75 GoOpti GoOpti – Profitable, Smart and Professional DRT over Long Distances 2016
76 OWANDBO Smart secure system to share resources between OWners AND BOrrowers in a peer-to-peer collaborative consumption market 2016
77 GESINNE PRO Intelligent Power Supply Regulator 2016
78 TOPBALAT Setting up high-value Sea cucumber chain in Europe through a new fishing trawl with no environmental impact and advanced processing equipment 2017
79 LightFasTR Understanding the light-fastness of heritage Turkey Red textiles through modern dye chemistry and historical dyeing technology to inform sustainable display and access 2017
80 RocketChip High Speed, Cost Effective Optical Communications Module Enabling the Next Generation of Ethernet 400 GbE 2016
81 3D-COMPETE Mini Factories for 3D printing of Large Industrial Composite Structures 2017
82 E-APIS A smart, energy autonomous, universal and cost-effective dynamic passenger information system 2017
83 GASMETRIC New multi-parameter automaton for measurement of indoor environmental conditions in livestock exploitations 2017
85 SamSD Theoretical insides in endohedral metallofullerene based Self-Assembled Monolayers: Statics and Dynamics. 2017
86 AIR Aeroponic Inulin and Rubber 2018
87 DLInnociate Innovation Associate knowledgeable in blockchain technologyfor real time economy platform business development 2017
88 SSOP Sewage Sludge to Oil Process 2017
89 EcoBioMass EcoBioMass – harvesting forest energy biomass in the 21st century 2017
90 TRUE Transition paths to sustainable legume based systems in Europe 2017
91 Auxilia Hybrid Drive for Commercial Ships and Yachts 2017
92 MAGIC Marginal lands for Growing Industrial Crops: Turning a burden into an opportunity 2017
93 FarFish Responsive Results-Based Management and capacity building for EU Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Agreement- and international waters 2017
94 INNO PV-SWITCH Innovative Fireman's Switch for Photovoltaic Systems: towards large-scale production 2017
95 IMOVE Unlocking Large-Scale Access to Combined Mobility through a European MaaS Network 2017
96 EEN Scotland EIMC EEN Scotland EIMC 2017
97 TETRAMAX TEchnology TRAnsfer via Multinational Application eXperiments 2017
98 FuturePulse FuturePulse: Multimodal Predictive Analytics and Recommendation Services for the Music Industry 2017
99 inDemand Demand driven co-creation for public entities. 2017
100 ColoFast Developing a Non-Invasive Kit for Early Colorectal Cancer Detection 2017
101 Home of Cool A novel environment-friendly limited space cooler for high volume food and beverage vending industries. 2017
102 EEN Normandie h2020 Enhancing innovation management capacity of SMEs under H2020 programme in the Enterprise Europe Network Normandie 2017
103 QUARRYSMART Smart software platform for the economic and sustainable exploitation of dimension stone quarries 2017
104 METALLICA Metallurgical patented Process Transforming Residues from the Electronic Industry into Valuable Precious Metals 2017
105 TRAC Tailor-made Recycled Aggregate Concretes 2018
106 5GRANGE Remote area Access Network for 5th GEneration 2017
107 INNPAPER Innovative and Smart Printed Electronics based on Multifunctionalized Paper: from Smart Labelling to Point of Care Bioplatforms 2018
108 HomeEnergyStorage Cost-effective battery for storage of locally produced Photovoltaic energy at residential buildings 2017
109 CoMoCo Development of an Intelligent Controller for Electro-motors 2017
110 OSAS Olmedo Smart Ambulance real-time diagnosis System 2017
111 OPNT Enhanced Time as a Service: transforming telecom networks into a 'SuperGPS' system 2017
112 Verbatizer A cutting edge transcription process and technology revolutionizing the transcription industry. 2018
113 SME LOYALISER SME LOYALISER: fostering SME retailers through LOYALty Integrated SERvices 2018
114 LNGCOLD Improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions by utilization of ultra-cold energy from the regasification of liquefied natural gas (LNG) 2018
115 SREM Smart Renewable Energy Manager for the Industrial Prosumer Market 2018
116 SINCERE Spurring INnovations for Forest ECosystem SERvices in Europe 2018
117 DEBT Eliciting Preferences over Saving and Borrowing 2018
118 CatChain Catching–Up along the Global Value Chain: models, determinants and policy implications in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution 2018
119 GuEst New Directions in Guaranteed Estimation of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Their Applications toChemical Engineering Problems 2018
120 Green-DROP Precise subarea specific irrigation and fertilization system 2018
121 SELFSENS Printed SELF-power platform for gas SENSing monitoring 2018
122 OilandEmp Crude Empire. British 'Oil Imperialism' and the making of the modern Middle East (c.1901-c.1935). 2019
123 SUPER-G Developing SUstainable PERmanent Grassland systems and policies 2018
124 REACTION first and euRopEAn siC eigTh Inches pilOt liNe 2018
125 BIO4A Advanced sustainable BIOfuels for Aviation 2018
126 NanoMAGIQ Nanoscale magnetic imaging with quantum sensors 2018
127 BLUECAL Sustainable calcium food additives and dietary supplements of high pureness to boost the ocean clam fisheries 2018
128 WasteWater Science A novel affordable, portable and autonomous wastewater treatment unit for the agriculture industry 2018
130 Pirocrack Integrated pyrolisis and thermal cracking technology to revolutionise the MSW treatment market 2018
131 AQUA PUR TM Development and market penetration of an innovative water purification technology for industrial applications 2018
132 CAtALySt NeurescueTM: Computer- controlled aortic occlusion device for the treatment of cardiac arrest 2018
134 GRoW The first high-performance robotic system for automated harvesting of vegetables greenhouses 2018
135 AORTA 2 Alginor's Ocean Refining Total utilisation Application 2018
136 a tool for security assessments of emerging and legacy platforms 2018
137 A2MIRO Airbone Asset Management Inspection Robot - Offshore 2018
138 MOGU floor Natural-Grown Flooring for Circular Buildings 2018
139 ULTRAWAT Ultrapure Water Technology - nanoparticle free water for the advanced nanoelectronics industry enabling further miniaturization of electronic devices 2018
140 ESKAM Electric Scalable Axle Module for e-Mobility 2018
141 4CWhite The first high-precision Computer-Controlled Collarbone Cutter for Whitefish 2018
143 FLUO Industrial implementation of a step-change technology to measure fluorescence 2018
144 SURFWIRE Innovative machine for surface finishing of wire-drawn products 2018
145 QUANT A Quantitative Approach to Neolithic Plant-working Techniques: From Assessing Tool Use to Modelling Human Dispersals 2018
146 TECHNOTRAIN Enabling TECHNOlogies-driven chemistry: a tailored TRAINing research program for batch and flow synthesis of chiral amino derivatives 2018
147 AquaIMPACT Genomic and nutritional innovations for genetically superior farmed fish to improve efficiency in European aquaculture 2019
148 IMPACT HAU The Hau of Finance: Impact Investing and the Globalization of Social and Environmental Sustainability 2019
149 MANAGLOBAL Globalised governance norms and local management and business practices in Africa and on the Arab peninsula 2019
150 PROTECT Personnel Location and Tracking for Safety, Security and Protection 2018
151 MARCO Modern framework for Blockchain applications of corporate use 2018
152 CESEAND InnoAses4 Enhance innovation management capacities in Andalusian SMEs. CESEAND InnoAses 2019. 2019
153 Nubart7 From museums to everywhere: Nubart's highly innovative audio guides are looking for new verticals 2019
154 SWEETWOODS Production and deploying of high purity lignin and affordable platform chemicals through wood-based sugars 2018
155 OrganoPlate Graft Organ-on-a-Chip technology for in vitro grafting and vascularisation of 3D tissues 2019
156 MeningoSpeed A unique cost-effective and point of care (PoC) kit for the non-invasive rapid in vitro diagnosis of meningococcal disease 2019
157 FlexInt Flexible Manufacturing using Semantically Interoperable Data Integration 2019
158 iGames Immersive audiogames for the Blind and Visually Impaired people 2019
159 MLU250 The Game Changer Two Stage Micro Liquefaction Unit for (Bio) LNG 2019
160 NEWTRAL First real-time fact-checking tool to fight against the fake news and disinformation 2019
161 EEN Scotland EIMC EEN Scotland EIMC 2019
162 EEN Normandie H2020 Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in Normandy - EEN Normandy H2020 2019
163 CATTLECHAIN 4.0 Enhancing farm productivity and guaranteeing CATTLE traceability and welfare with blockCHAIN 2019
164 MICROREAL Microbial Remediation of Agricultural Land 2018
165 OPTIMAR OPTical Imaging of Molecular and signalling Activity in Real-time: application to flatfish metamorphosis 2020
166 WaysTUP! Value chains for disruptive transformation of urban biowaste into biobased products in the city context 2019
168 DynamicColor Energy-efficient digital outdoor billboards for sustainable advertising 2019
169 DLIVER DLIVER - Digital B2B marketplace for fast and efficient parcel delivery 2019
170 Goodwall The Professional Development Network for the Next Generation 2019
172 ANAERGY Advanced Multistage Sequential Wastewater Treatment Technology 2019
173 Cool Wool Box Lowering the environmental impact of fresh fish logistics 2019
174 ZIMASS Smart Mobile awarenes and safety system for workzone invasion 2019
175 EGG1 Making distributed Combined Heat and Power (CHP) generation with zero pollution convenient 2019
176 TruePower Making wind and solar renewables attractive for investors by boosting operational predictability and ROI 2019
177 GOODMOD Generic phOtOnic Design MODules 2019
178 SoundParticles Sound Particles - The Revolution in 3D Audio Software 2019
179 EOLOGIX The first wireless wind turbine blade sensor for automatic, real-time condition-based monitoring 2019
180 MOTOR5G MObility and Training fOR beyond 5G Ecosystems 2019
181 OpertusMundi A Single Digital Market for Industrial Geospatial Data Assets 2020
182 SynOil Taking SynOil to the market: Synthetic oil (SynOil) from plastic waste with the molten zinc reactor 2019
183 BioFuel Fab Biogas production from non-food lignocellulosic biomass waste. 2019
184 EcoD EcoD – Bringing new life to cod waste turning it into protein powder for human consumption 2019
185 GRoW Greenhouse Robotic Worker - The first high-performance robotic system for automated harvesting of vegetables in greenhouses 2019
186 SepsiCare A disruptive multi-sensor chip for fast and effective management of Sepsis at the point of Care 2020
187 Promyc A circular fungi-based high-protein feed solution for aquaculture 2019
188 WEXOBOT Faster and cheaper robots for object recognition in Waste sorting through AI and external robot control 2019
189 DD-SCAN DD-SCAN – AI-based language and multimedia bias checker for corporate communication content 2019
190 Djewels Delfzijl Joint Development of green Water Electrolysis at Large Scale 2020
191 EEN Scotland EIMC EEN Scotland EIMC 2020
192 e-port Drive your Electric Vehicle with the Power of the sun 2020
193 CESEAND InnoAses5 Enhance innovation management capacities in Andalusian SMEs. CESEAND InnoAses 2020/2021. 2020
194 SHE The most profitable Solar collector on the market to supply Heat and Electricity 2020
195 ARENHA Advanced materials and Reactors for ENergy storage tHrough Ammonia 2020