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H2020 projects about "reliably"

The page lists 140 projects related to the topic "reliably".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EVERYSOUND Computational Analysis of Everyday Soundscapes 2015
2 RELOS Reducing empiricism in luminescence geochronology: Understanding the origins of luminescence from individual sand grains 2015
3 EDUCAGE The EDUCAGE: A Behavioral Platform for Naturalistic Learning 2015
4 SmartTap Real-Time Monitoring System for Water Quality 2015
5 iPUBLIC Inkjet Printed Ultrafast Batteries and Large Integrated Capacitors 2014
6 ECOMODE Event-Driven Compressive Vision for Multimodal Interaction with Mobile Devices 2015
7 CVDTEU Clinical validation of the DiviTum assay in key European markets 2014
8 TM Field Analyzer Developing a monitoring system for urban gas pipelines by utilizing state of the art accelerometers, advanced signal processing, and advanced intelligent algorithm based recognition 2014
9 FINESSE Feasibility of an INnovative, Efficient, Solid State Energy saving system 2014
10 DaRe Data Reliability in Networks and Storage Memories 2015
11 NEW4NEW New methods for new materials 2015
12 BAP A dynamical view of binding affinity 2015
13 ID_MOBILE Solution to authenticate and read ID documents using mobile devices at point of origin in real-time, eliminating manual handling and providing better, more secure services. 2015
14 NASTEX Study feasibility and best route to market for telecare solution in Germany and Japan 2015
15 SAFETY4WORKERS Breakthrough for outdoor autonomous heavy machines: Safety-directed collision avoidance system for workers based on UWB radios with performance level 2015
16 Assist Telocate ASSIST – Development and marketing of an acoustic solution for localization and navigation of people in buildings using the smartphone 2015
17 STERILISE Safe sustainable reliable in-office processing of medical waste 2015
18 PrecisionTools4LHC High precision predictions and tools for LHC Physics 2015
19 CAFES Causal Analysis of Feedback Systems 2015
20 sCO2-HeRo The supercritical CO2 Heat Removal System 2015
21 FRESCO Efficient, Flexible Synthesis of Molecules with Tailored Shapes: from Photo-switchable Helices to anti-Cancer Compounds 2015
22 FLYghtCaRe Ca2+ feedback control of TRP/TRPL channels in Drosophila photoreceptors 2015
23 ComPat Computing Patterns for High Performance Multiscale Computing 2015
24 MaGic The Materials Genome in Action 2015
25 WATERGUARD Safeguarding Water Distribution Systems from Contamination Threats using the SmartTap Platform 2015
26 GLIOMARK Validation of blood-brain-barrier permeability as a glioma biomarker by means of the radiotracer 99mTc-tetrofosmin and single-photon emission computer tomography 2015
27 BtRAIN Brain barriers training 2015
28 IMFDforHIC Improved Fluid Dynamics for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions 2016
29 DiDi-FaCT Diode Die Fatigue Characterisation and Testing 2016
30 SCALEFORES SCALEFORES: Scaling Rules For Ecosystem Service Mapping 2016
31 K4U Knowledge For Use [K4U]: Making the Most of Social Science to Build Better Policies 2015
32 COEL Cognitive Electronics 2015
33 selfBACK A decision support system for self-management of low back pain 2016
34 FEVER Forecasting the recurrence rate of volcanic eruptions 2016
35 ICEWIS Intelligent and cost-efficient wind turbine power production using optical sensors 2016
36 RespMicroFlows Unravelling respiratory microflows in silico and in vitro: novel paths for targeted pulmonary delivery in infants and young children 2016
37 SynGenes Defining the genetics of grapheme-colour synaesthesia 2016
38 SYNC Synchronizing Palaeoclimate data for better understanding of the Solar effect on European Climate 2016
39 MS Fatigue_Therapy Objectively Measuring MS Fatigue 2016
40 CIPSEC Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection with innovative SECurity framework 2016
41 TRANSEP Flow physics and interaction of laminar-turbulent transition and flow separation studied by direct numerical simulations 2016
42 HECATE Hydrogen at Extreme Conditions: Applying Theory to Experiment for creation, verification and understanding 2016
43 SHIPLYS Ship Lifecycle Software Solutions 2016
44 SCOUTFermi2D Strongly correlated ultracold fermions in two-dimensional tailored optical potentials: pairing, superfluidity and disorder 2016
45 Qone Novel pressure relieving and sensing mattress and an intelligent control system that predicts and prevents pressure ulcers in bedridden patients 2016
46 ReVibe Vibration energy harvesters to power the IoT revolution 2016
47 DALI Disagreements and Language Interpretation 2016
48 CONCOM Control Over Noisy Communication Media 2016
49 PROBIt Identifying Predictors of Risk and Resilience for poor neuropsychological Outcome following childhood Brain InsulTs (PROBIt) 2016
50 MF-Synapse Presynaptic calcium channels distribution and impact on coupling at the hippocampal mossy fiber synapse 2017
51 VOLATILIS Origin of volatile elements in the inner Solar System 2017
52 MMpredict Validation of a personalised medicine tool for Multiple Myeloma that predicts treatment effectiveness in patients 2016
53 PREDATORS Plate-rate experimental deformation: Aseismic, transient or seismic fault slip 2017
54 RiserSure Rapid Integrity Assessment of Flexible Risers for Offshore Oil and Gas Installations 2016
55 COLOURTEST The development, evaluation and commercialisation of an early years test of colour vision deficiency. 2016
56 TESTBED Testing and Evaluating Sophisticated information and communication Technologies for enaBling a smartEr griD 2017
57 AMPLIFY Amplifying Human Perception Through Interactive Digital Technologies 2016
58 ARCC Automated Rail Cargo Consortium: Rail freight automation research activities to boost levels of quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness in all areas of rail freight operations 2016
59 TICOAJO TItanium COmposite Adhesive JOints 2017
60 So2Sat Big Data for 4D Global Urban Mapping – 10^16 Bytes from Social Media to EO Satellites 2017
61 RAMP RAtionalising Membrane Protein crystallisation 2017
62 CDSANAB Complex Dynamics and Strange Attractors through Non-Autonomous Bifurcations 2018
63 NOSUDEP A Wearable Electronics Approach To Reduce Mortality in Epilepsy 2017
64 SmartNiBP SmartNiBP: Non-invasive continuous blood pressure monitoring during surgery 2017
65 MEDIVAC Machine learning software to design personalized neoantigen vaccines tailored to specific vaccine delivery systems 2017
66 IoRL Internet of Radio Light 2017
67 Railscope Improving Railway Safety Through Innovative Sensor System 2017
68 IBIS Platform for label-free quantitative detection of single proteins and extracellular vesicles 2017
69 TRABIT Translational Brain Imaging Training Network 2017
70 NewPhysLat Search for new physics through lattice simulations 2017
71 FattyCyanos Fatty acid incorporation and modification in cyanobacterial natural products 2018
72 MACUSTAR Develop and validate appropriate and acceptable outcome measures in intermediate age-related macular degeneration for future interventional clinical trials - Sofia ref.: 116076 2017
73 GreatMoves General Relativistic Moving-Mesh Simulations of Neutron-Star Mergers 2018
75 MRS in diabetes Novel methods in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to investigate mechanisms underlying metabolic disease 2018
76 RPS Disruptive Radar Positioning System for trains 2018
77 Browsec Foundations and Tools for Client-Side Web Security 2018
78 TrueBrainConnect Advancing the non-invasive assessment of brain communication in neurological disease 2019
79 Geo-Coat Development of novel and cost effective corrosion resistant coatings for high temperature geothermal applications 2018
80 AdaptiveSTED Real-time automatic aberration correction for easy high-resolution imaging in complex specimens, by STED and other point-scanning microscopy techniques 2019
81 NeuroLSD Neuro-metabolic, structural and functional hallmarks of Lysosomal Storage Diseases 2018
82 UltraLVP Chemistry and transport properties of bridgmanite controlling lower-mantle dynamics 2018
83 PanScales Spanning TeV to GeV scales for collider discoveries and measurements 2018
84 ConcTest Development and commercialisation of the hand-held smart testing equipment for the instantaneous quality control of the concrete and cement 2018
85 HypoSkin Unique breakthrough ex vivo human skin model to predict efficacy and toxicity of subcutaneous drugs 2018
86 EASYFISH Development of a new biomolecule to better control reproduction in fish 2018
87 HPV OncoPredict A Groundbreaking Stand-Alone Diagnostic Kit to Predict Human Papilloma Virus Infections Evolving into Cervical Cancer 2018
88 ILO Innovative dual cycle tracking system for contraception and conception on a single device 2018
89 SeafoodTrace SeafoodTrace: Intelligent Traceability Platform enabling full transparency in the Seafood supply chain 2018
90 IDT The IntelliDogTrainer, a new high throughput training device to train high level security dogs 2018
91 LOGIC LAB Molecular logic lab-on-a-vesicle for intracellular diagnostics 2018
92 H-Unique In search of uniqueness - harnessing anatomical hand variation 2019
93 NeuroDevo Spontaneous and sensory-evoked activity shape neural circuits in the developing brain 2019
94 AIMS-2-TRIALS Autism Innovative Medicine Studies – 2 – Trials 2018
96 CARDIACSENSE A new clinically proven and reliable medical solution for continuous heart arrhythmia and blood pressure monitoring 2018
97 DaPhNIs Role of the Maternal Gut Microbiota in Immune Activation at the Maternal-Foetal Interface: Impact on Preeclampsia and Offspring's Immune Development 2019
98 ZebraZoom ZebraZoom: Kinematic analysis for drug and genetic screening in zebrafish 2018
99 AncientAdhesives Ancient Adhesives - A window on prehistoric technological complexity 2019
100 STICK2HEAL Innovative adhesives for ear drum healing 2019
101 BBBhybrid Advanced in vitro physiological models: Towards real-scale, biomimetic and biohybrid barriers-on-a-chip 2019
102 METAFOAM Novel assembly strategies in liquid dispersion via interface control – towards cellular metamaterials 2019
103 T-GRAND-SLAM Translating the Global Refined Analysis of Newly transcribed RNA and Decay rates by SLAM-seq 2019
104 BioHealx Anal Fistula Treatment 2019
105 WindTRRo Wind Turbine Repair Robot 2019
106 SoundID The Smart Broadcast Monitoring and Management System 2019
107 KIProtect KIProtect: The security layer for data science and artificial intelligence 2019
108 inCREASE Coding for Security and DNA Storage 2019
109 GLU-IMAGE Glutamate dynamics during visual stimulation and ketamine challenge in the human brain 2019
110 OpenWave Validation and Optimization of an Open-Source Novel Nonlinear Froude-Krylov Model for Advanced Design of Wave Energy Converters 2019
111 ChOLLATERAL Generation of an adverse outcome pathway network on cholestatic liver injury for mechanism-based in vitro testing of chemicals. 2019
112 NICHE Investigating the Ecology, Composition and Exploitability of Wild Cereal Habitats in Relation to Agricultural Origins in the Near East 2019
113 THERAPROBES Biodegradable fluorescent nanoprobes for early detection of (pre)malignant lesions of the gastrointestinal tract 2019
114 BALANCE Mapping Dispersion Spectroscopically in Large Gas-Phase Molecular Ions 2019
115 STEP Solving The Entrainment Puzzle 2019
116 EPIOBESITY Unravelling the hypothalamic epigenetic code behind obesity. 2020
117 Cal-Mate Automated Preparation of Ultra-Precise Chemical Solutions. 2019
118 HealthierWomen A woman's reproductive experience: Long-term implications for chronic disease and death 2019
119 ONCOTECT Early detection of tumor DNA in liquid biopsies as a biomarker of cancer recurrence 2019
120 INTELEG S HF Feasibility Study for INTELEG® S HF – a Wide Pressure Range Process Gas Analysis System 2019
121 SynapSeek Learning the shape of synaptic plasticity rules for neuronal architectures and function through machine learning. 2019
122 BriFace Novel assessment of bridge retrofitting measures through Interface Efficiency Indices (InterFeis) using a Guided Wave-based monitoring method 2019
124 ESPS Epileptic Seizure Prediction System (ESPS) - Predicting and preventing epileptic seizures based on respiratory biofeedback & machine learning. 2019
125 GLOWOPT Global-Warming-Optimized Aircraft Design 2019
126 STRAIN2EXTREME Straining electromechanical coupling in layered crystals to new extremes 2019
127 QUNET A quantum network for distributed quantum computation 2019
128 GEOPRO Accurate Geofluid Properties as key to Geothermal Process Optimisation 2019
129 RAVEN Routing Attack Vulnerability Evaluation for Networks 2020
130 ALPHA Assessing Legacies of Past Human Activities in Amazonia 2020
131 AlgoQIP Beyond Shannon: Algorithms for optimal information processing 2020
132 TrojanDC TrojanDC 2019
133 EduSelect Edu*Select: Developing a Commercial Platform to Deliver Teacher Selection Tools 2019
134 Gasgon Development of a Novel Medical Device to Remove Air Bubbles from Medicines, Which Will Improve Patient Safety and Reduce Costs of IV Infusion 2020
135 INDIVISUAL Individual differences in human gaze behaviour and the visual system 2020
136 PTEROSOR PT-symmetric electronic structure theory 2020
137 SpaTe Spatio-Temporal Methods for Data-driven Computer Animation and Simulation 2020
138 NuMagLongRx Nuclear magnetic long-lived state relaxation 2020
139 CardioZoom High-fidelity Cardiovascular Modeling from Super-Fast Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2020