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H2020 projects about "cyclic"

The page lists 63 projects related to the topic "cyclic".

# achronym  title  year 
1 STARLIGHT Steering attosecond electron dynamics in biomolecules with UV-XUV LIGHT pulses 2015
2 Do CHANGE Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem 2015
3 TUSUPO Tubular Supramolecular Polymers: A new class of therapeutic polymers 2015
4 b-lactams C-H activation Discovery of novel β-lactam analogs oriented to control multidrug-resistant bacteria enabled by Pd-catalyzed C–H activation of aliphatic amines 2015
5 OsteoNano Spatial nanoscale control of growth and adhesion factors to enhance the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells 2015
6 MACROIMAGING Specific Fluorogenic Peptides for Imaging Metastasis-associated Macrophages 2015
7 INPACT Innovative peptides against cancer and pathogenic bacteria, with advances in science, biopharmaceutical drug development, product market targeting, training , and communication. 2015
8 MechanoFate From mechanical stress to vascular fate 2016
9 CAFES Causal Analysis of Feedback Systems 2015
10 ICaRO Ion Channels and Receptors Operation 2016
11 KL2MG-interactions K-theory, L^2-invariants, manifolds, groups and their interactions 2015
12 PlasmoSilencing Exoribonuclease-mediated degradation of nascent RNA in Malaria Parasites: A Novel Mechanism in Virulence Gene Silencing 2015
13 QuatSalts New Quaternary Ammonium Salts for use in Drug Manufacture 2016
14 PRESCREENARRAY Peptide arrays as a high throughput pre-screening tool 2015
15 SUN-to-LIQUID SUNlight-to-LIQUID: Integrated solar-thermochemical synthesis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels 2016
16 IPAHOT-PVC Integral p-adic Hodge Theory and p-adic Vanishing Cycles 2016
17 PEP-PRO-RNA Peptide-derived bioavailable macrocycles as inhibitors of protein-RNA and protein-protein interactions 2016
18 FRODO Fluorene and dihydroindenofluorene Rings for Optoelectronic Devices Outcomes 2016
19 Neighbourhood Change Neighbourhood Change in a Comparative Context: a Social-Mobility Approach 2016
20 MCNANO “Multi-component nanoparticles as bimodal contrast agents for MRI and optical detection of tumors and for targeted photodynamic therapy” 2016
21 a-Sign Cyclic nucleotide signalling in the human pathogen Listeria monocytogenes 2016
22 ZC Torsion units of integral group rings 2016
23 ESTIMABLeNANO External Stimuli Triggered Self-assembly of Dynamic Nanomaterials 2016
24 NGUEC Nanostructuring graphene under electrochemical control 2016
25 TORWIRE Mechanical Behavior of Microscale Metallic Wires under Torsional and Tensile Loadings at Elevated Temperatures 2016
26 STEREOPOL Stereocontrolled Polymerisation: New Frontiers in Synthesis and Supramolecular Self Assembly 2016
27 ARGOS Aerospace propeller useful for diesel engines with extreme excitation of vibrations 2016
28 Jellyclock Light Actuated Self-Pulsing Mircogels 2016
29 WaveBoost Advanced Braking Module with Cyclic Energy Recovery System (CERS) for enhanced reliability and performance of Wave Energy Converters 2016
30 PRENUCRNA Prebiotic Synthesis of Pyrimidine Nucleosides: New Insights into RNA Evolution 2017
31 PREP-CRYPTO Preparing Cryptography for Modern Applications 2017
32 SAFS Development of screw anchors for floating Marine Renewable Energy system arrays incorporating anchor sharing 2017
33 TSPBNTM Tubular Supramolecular Polymer Brushes as Novel Therapeutic Materials 2017
34 WHIPCAT van der Waals Heterostructures for Innovative PhotoCATalysts 2017
35 DUAL-PHOSCAT Multi-functional DUAL PHOSphorus-based organoCATalysts for stereoselective ring-opening polymerisation 2017
36 FastMat Fast determination of fatigue properties of materials beyond one billion cycles 2017
37 CYCLODE Cyclical and Linear Timing Modes in Development 2017
38 TURBO-REFLEX TURBOmachinery REtrofits enabling FLEXible back-up capacity for the transition of the European energy system 2017
39 RIBATI Radically innovative bacterial treatment for recalcitrant industrial wastewater 2017
40 DECOCHEM Developing heterocylic sulfinates as general coupling partners in transition metal catalysedprocesses 2019
41 3DPROTEINPUZZLES Shape-directed protein assembly design 2018
42 Herifuel Heterometallic Rings for Future Electronics 2018
43 NewBorN Unveiling new B-, N- containing structures through photoredox catalysis 2018
44 PhotoCuRiOT Visible Light-Mediated Copper Photoredox-Catalyzed Ring-Opening Transformations of Activated Small Ring Aza-Heterocycles and Carbacycles 2018
45 NMRSIGN NMR insights on the soluble Guanylyl Cyclase conformational dynamics to illuminate the SIGNaling pathway 2018
46 HSS-Wind Application of high-strength steel in offshore wind energy tubular structures 2019
47 Rotation Heat Pump ROTATION HEAT PUMP – the refrigerant free highly-efficient heat pump for industrial use 2018
49 PUReSmart PolyUrethane Recycling towards a Smart Circular Economy 2019
50 AMADEUS Advancing CO2 Capture Materials by Atomic Scale Design: the Quest for Understanding 2019
51 NoPest Novel Pesticides for a Sustainable Agriculture 2019
52 WHOLE SUN The Whole Sun Project: Untangling the complex physical mechanisms behind our eruptive star and its twins 2019
53 SpartWISE Reinventing fine chemicals synthesis: large-scale production of sparteine from lupin beans 2019
54 CRISPR2.0 Microbial genome defence pathways: from molecular mechanisms to next-generation molecular tools 2019
55 UniSDyn Building up a Unified Theory of Stellar Dynamos 2019
56 SHINEShift Shape-shifting of vesicles induced by artificial tubular networks 2019
57 OLECAT Development of Stereoselective Olefin Functionalization Methods 2019
58 WIKOLLECT Workflows for the Large-Scale Collection and Transference of Knowledge across Languages: Using Natural Language Processing to Produce High-Quality Contents with Language Learners 2020
59 SupraFixCO2 Supramolecular Catalysis for Chemofixation and Electroreduction of CO2 2019
60 PRD-Trigger Precipitation triggered rock dynamics: the missing mesoscopic link 2020
61 HUGODECA Human Gonad Developmental Cell Atlas 2020
62 Fluodamage Fluorescent Molecules to see when and where Molecules Break during Mechanical Fatigue 2020
63 CYCLOTUBES Artificial microtubules based on switchable cyclic peptides 2020