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H2020 projects about "doctors"

The page lists 138 projects related to the topic "doctors".

# achronym  title  year 
1 B-CAST Breast CAncer STratification: understanding the determinants of risk and prognosis of molecular subtypes 2015
2 MOCHA Models of Child Health Appraised 2015
3 AArteMIS Aneurysmal Arterial Mechanics: Into the Structure 2015
4 SMART4MD Support, Monitoring and Reminder Technology for Mild Dementia 2015
5 Vaccinesurvey Monitor population immunity against vaccine preventable diseases 2015
6 VIBRA Very fast Imaging by Broadband coherent RAman 2015
7 PREMADES Preterm Feeding Maturity Measurement and Evaluation 2014
8 RepHorm A device that will dramatically improve the protection of babies during birth. It will monitor the child continuously with better acuity, resulting in better clinical outcomes at a lower cost. 2014
9 WITHDRAWAL AFTERMATH The Aftermath of a Drug Withdrawal: Modeling Spillover Effects Across Countries and Across Categories 2015
10 ReaDoubt Reasonable Doubt: An epistemological and psychological approach 2015
11 uMonitorRare Empowering Rare Disease Patients: Integrated Personalized Cloud Patient Monitoring Platform 2015
12 ScanZ Point of care medical device enabling patient self-assessment for acne diagnosis support. 2015
13 MED1C MED1C : Video Management in Medical practice 2015
14 PCMPS Precision Cancer Medicine Pipeline and Services 2015
15 eKuore eKoure: the world´s first wireless stethoscope of the mhealth market. 2015
16 PARK-IT Unobtrusive, continuous and quantitative assessment of Parkinson’s disease: hard evidence for optimal disease management with information technologies 2015
17 MEMEMTUM Neurological evaluation with simple tools to track evolution and perform early detection of neurodegenerative issues 2015
18 RAIL Radiomics of lung cancer (RAIL): non-invasive stratification of tumour heterogeneity for personalised cancer therapy 2015
19 Respiratory Analyzer Validation of calibrated RIP (respiratory inductive plethysmography) based biomarker for diagnosis of SDB (sleep-disordered breathing) and the identification of an accessible screening solution 2015
20 INSPIRE INterdiSciPlinarity and excellence for doctoral training of International REsearchers in Paris 2015
21 TransGeno The ERA Chair for Translational Genomics and Personalized Medicine 2015
23 BE-OPTICAL Advanced BiomEdical OPTICAL Imaging and Data Analysis 2015
24 FrEBT Improving diagnostics of respiratory diseases and boosting the COMAC MEDICAL Ltd. competitiveness and growth by validation of fractional EBT biomarker through new method of measurement and device 2015
25 NOVLASE Novel light sources for biomedical-imaging applications 2015
26 RecoveriX Motor Recovery with Paired Associative Stimulation (RecoveriX) 2016
27 ComaWare COMmunication and Assessment With Adaptive Realtime Environments 2015
28 AntibioDx AntibioDx: A groundbreaking in vitro diagnostic device with a billion-dollar sales potential 2015
29 Freach Open Disruptive Innovation Scheme 2015
30 ICT4Life ICT services for Life Improvement For the Elderly 2016
31 CAREGIVERSPRO-MMD Self-management interventions and mutual assistance community services, helping patients with dementia and caregivers connect with others for evaluation, support and inspiration to improve the care experience 2016
32 HANK European advanced exoskeleton for rehabilitation of Acquired Brain Damage (ABD) and/or spinal cord injury's patients. 2016
34 DigitalDoctors Making Clinical Sense: A comparative study of how doctors learn in digital times 2016
35 BEAMED Better Addiction Medicine Education for Doctors 2017
36 BiominAB-3D Revealing the composition and formation mechanism of carcinogenic asbestos bodies in human lungs 2016
37 Panatomy Panatomy 2016
39 WhiteBox EEG Big Data EEG Recording and Analysis platform 2016
40 SEIZSAFE Patient-self-adaptive system for detection, recording and alert to caregivers of night-time seizures, linked to private cloud platform for patient tracking and big data exploitation. 2016
41 VR4Health Revinax platform for 3D Virtual Reality Learning Techniques for Complex Medical Applications 2016
42 HiPerNav High Performance Soft-tissue Navigation 2016
43 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
44 RITMOCORE Arrhythmias monitoring and comprehensive care 2016
45 pCPR Personalized cardiopulmonary resuscitation device for emergency teams 2016
46 CliniTrial Enhancement of an advanced clinical trial recruitment platform for Europe to ensure maximum intake of eligible consenting patients for participation 2016
47 spinitCompanion A point of care device to provide real-time blood analysis for chronic diseases. 2016
48 PaDiCare Patient empowered Diabetes care in ambulatory settings 2016
49 M-CUBE MetaMaterials antenna for ultra-high field MRI 2017
50 PREMADES Preterm Feeding Maturity Measurement and Evaluation 2017
51 PREGNABIT PREGNABIT – the world’s first complex telemedical mobile CTG system for pregnancy examination 2017
52 CG-100 A next generation medical device that enhances patient care and treatment following colorectal surgery 2017
53 IDEM In Defence of Experimental Medicine: Emotional Appeals and Medical Didacticism in Germany,Britain and North America, 1870-1914 2017
54 Waterscales Mathematical and computational foundations for modeling cerebral fluid flow. 2017
55 SACCSCAN-IA-ML Developing Machine Learning Classifier Models for Eye Movements to Diagnose Major Psychiatric Disorders 2017
56 Mideast Med A regional history of medicine in the modern Middle East, 1830-1960 2017
57 IAPEMIDE Impact of Intrapartum Antimicrobial Prophylaxis as an early determinant in Microbiome Development 2017
58 THEMIS Protecting Human Rights and Public Health in Global Pandemics: A Map of the Standards Applied by EU and US Courts 2018
59 DOCTRINA A Unique Virtual Environment where Healthcare Professionals Can Find the Support that They Need for an Adequate Use of Pharmaceutical Products 2017
60 MO.RE. More: motion recognition to enable human muscles, the ultimate tom-tom of muscles for a new era of motor and sport rehabilitation. 2017
61 MathInParis International Doctoral Training in Mathematical Sciences in Paris 2017
62 FeetWell Innovative diagnostic and eHealth monitoring system for diabetic foot complications 2017
63 NOA NOA, a disruptive portable device to monitor asthma 2017
64 SidekickHealth Improving health the fun way… seriously 2017
65 KERASTOP A big jump in preventing problems in refractive surgery for myopia 2017
66 EASED3D Early screening of eye diseases using automated diagnosis of high-fidelity 3D images 2017
67 MammoWave The first ultra-high sensitive breast imaging device based on non-ionizing safe microwave 2017
68 SocialDiabetes Hack your Diabetes Experience 2017
69 Clinnova Centre of Excellence in Digital Health and Personalised Medicine 2017
70 MP-ORIF Innovative biocompatible game changing material for medical implants in trauma 2017
71 OCARIoT smart childhood Obesity CARing solution using IoT potential 2017
72 LNEXPANDS The Mechanisms and Dynamics Controlling Cycles of Lymph Node Expansion 2018
73 MERLIN Multi-modal, multi-scale retinal imaging 2017
74 Tremipen The first simple monitoring device for Parkinson and other Tremor diseases 2017
75 AITEP Accurate Intravenous Therapy for Every Patient 2017
76 DrBox eHealth platform to assess patient clinical progress due to prescribed medication 2018
77 INSULYNC INSULYNC: Changing the way diabetes is treated 2018
78 SensUS SensUS: A non-invasive and quantitative ultrasound (QUS) device for an objective monitoring of the childbirth labour process. 2018
79 TELIOTES Thermal and ELectronic Transport in Inorganic-Organic ThermoElectric Superlattices 2018
80 PREMOTHER PREvention of MOther-to-child Transmission of HIV and Syphilis using an Electrochemical Readout based on DNA Switches 2019
81 ICU-CARE Delivering BEACON Caresystem – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ICU bed-side assistant providing recommenda-tions for critical mechanical ventilation support for better care and reduced costs. 2018
82 LABPATCH Lab-in-a-patch for PKU self-assessment 2018
83 PRECRIME Self-assessment Oracles for Anticipatory Testing 2019
84 PUPILOSCOPE Pupiloscope, a Neuro-Critical Care Device, Enabling Quantitative, Real-Time, Pupillary Monitoring and Assessment of Patients with Neurotrauma and Head Injuries. 2018
85 NS System A real-time and continuous brain monitoring system to record and track brain activity and extract biomarkers for neurological conditions 2018
86 SHERPA-CAR You will never drive alone 2018
87 Raccoon.Recovery Raccoon.Recovery – effective mobile data driven hand rehabilitation solution 2018
88 Sleepwise Non-intrusive solution for Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome 2018
89 A3BL Airofit - Better Breathing, Better Life 2018
90 QuickMIC QuickMIC™ - an ultra-rapid diagnostic system for Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) 2018
91 PANDA The Game Changer of Physiotherapy towards Arthrosis Prevention 2018
92 INNOPRICK Digitalization and analysis of skin surfaces for a fast and automated allergic diagnosis 2018
93 ONCOSMART ONCOlogic patient profiling and personalized treatment through SMART bedside diagnostics 2018
94 LPPDS A portable peritoneal dialysis system for home use that monitors for infection 2018
95 Sleepiz Contactless, Multidimensional Sleep Monitoring and Assessment Solution 2018
96 MEDIKURA MEDIKURA: Digital Infrastructure for Drug Safety in Europe 2018
97 DYNACEUTICS Remote control healing: Next generation mechano-nano-therapeutics 2019
98 PGEN Automated evaluation and correction of generation bias in immune receptor repertoires 2019
99 Symptoma Symptoma, Better Diagnosis for Patients with Rare and Complex Diseases 2018
100 EMWORK EMWORK – The fully automated EMC filter designer 2018
101 TinniMizer TinniMizer : A Patient-specific Novel Approach for Tinnitus Treatment 2018
102 Finger Port A non-invasive portable device that measures and tracks several physiological parameters in real-time to determine cardiovascular and health conditions 2018
103 LINCE Light INduced Cell control by Exogenous organic semiconductors 2019
104 MagentiqEye Automatic Polyp Detection System 2019
105 BPET The Next-Generation of Small, Cost-Effective and Mobile Brain Scanner for an Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
106 SERAS_v4.0 Seizure Risk Asessment for Epilepsy 2019
107 ECMO-BIOMARKER Delivering ECMO-BIOMARKER – a ground-breaking ICT-enabled ECMO Biomarker system providing clinicians with bedside decision support for better care and reduced costs of severe ICU patients 2019
108 GSYNCOR Graphene-syncronized coherent Raman scattering laser and microscope 2019
109 FORSEES Perspective of a real-time structural analysis tool assistant based on Computer Vision and Human Intuition 2019
110 DECOMPACT Development of Collagenase Polymeric nanocapsules as Therapeutics 2019
111 iEXTRACT Information Extraction for Everyone 2019
112 MIRACLE Metabolic Imaging with RF Antennas to predict Chemotherapy Efficacy 2019
114 BOOST HEALTH Introducing preventive management of chronic thyroid conditions through patient empowerment and a ML-powered mHealth solution 2019
115 MindCare AutoMatic and Personalized Mental HealthCare Solution 2019
116 Help4ME Evidence-based probiotic for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 2019
117 PREDICT Big Data EEG-Analysis for Advanced Personalised Medicine in Depression 2019
118 NASALFLOW A medical device for airflow simulation of the human upper airways 2019
119 P2Med IMIBIC Fellowship Programme for Personalised and Precision Medicine 2019
120 HeartService ECG patch and diagnostic service center for efficient and accurate ECG home monitoring 2019
121 VISION Strategies to strengthen scientific excellence and innoVation capacIty for early diagnoSIs of gastrOintestinal caNcers 2019
122 EpiShuttle 2.0 EpiShuttle: Isolation and Transportation of Infectious Disease Patients 2019
123 Warrick X1 Safe home-based portable peritoneal dialysis system that offers simpler dialysis and improved quality of life for patients 2019
124 COSA Contagion Spread Awareness System in Neonatal Intensive Care Units 2019
125 Cardio-kit A disruptive medical device to enable proton therapy as non-invasive and automated treatment of heart arrhythmias 2019
126 Anatomus Personalised multimedia digital consultation to revolutionise the doctor-patient consultation process. 2019
127 rid-O Improving collective decisions by eliminating overconfidence: mental, neural and social processes 2019
128 DosiKit DosiKit, a first portable field medical device for fast triage of people after external irradiation 2019
129 INSECT DOCTORS A joint doctoral program to educate tomorrow’s insect pathologists: Solving disease problems in the upcoming insect rearing industry. 2019
130 hSAI Predictive and adaptative algorithms for Smart cities, HR and Finance Industries 2019
131 CathVision Cube CathVision Cube: disruptive data-driven guidance for successful cardiac ablation therapy 2019
132 ContiTRACE Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring and automated therapeutic closed loop medical device for Intensive Care Units 2019
133 VARIXIO Medical Device for automatic preparation of high quality foam for sclerotherapy of varicose veins 2019
134 PLUTO One-of-a-kind therapy for crossed eyes. Helping families to reduce emotional and financial burden of eye therapy. 2019
135 Lottare GBM LOcalized Targeted Therapy to Avoid REcurrent GlioBlastoma Multiforme 2019
136 PatientDataChain PatientDataChain - Blockchain approach to disrupt patient-provider medical records data exchange 2020
137 trans-argentina Was Sex Inflexible? Practices, Knowledge, Techniques, and Technologies of “Sex Change” Embodiment in Argentina during the Twentieth Century 2020
138 S4DX The world’s first “digital data-fingerprint” for human blood samples. 2020