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H2020 projects about "hybridization"

The page lists 70 projects related to the topic "hybridization".

# achronym  title  year 
1 HyMoCo Hybrid Node Modes for Highly Efficient Light Concentrators 2015
2 SAPHELY Self-amplified photonic biosensing platform for microRNA-based early diagnosis of diseases 2015
3 PROCROP Harnessing Plant Reproduction for Crop Improvement 2015
4 Immuno-NanoDecoder Nanostructured molecular decoders for the quantitative, multiplexed, layer-by-layer detection of disease-associated proteins 2015
5 TentaclesOfVenom Unravelling the enigmatic origin of venom secreting cells in sea anemone 2015
6 Terra-Micro-Carbo Effect of land use induced shifts in soil microbial diversity and function on carbon cycling in soil 2015
7 GENOMIC FOOTPRINT Does a moving hybrid zone leave a genomic footprint? 2016
8 ASF_SwineResistance African Swine Fever, the Sus scrofa evolutionary genomic response 2015
9 AfterTheIce After the Ice: using a hybrid zone as a window into the genes underlying species formation 2015
10 MUCDIFF Competition between the enteric pathogen Clostridium difficile and the commensal members of the gut microbiota for mucosal sugars 2015
11 RISH Imaging of multiple mRNA targets using SERS nanoparticle labels and in situ hybridization in human cancer tissue sections 2015
12 FUNC NGS Deep screening of proteins with a next generation sequencing platform 2015
13 FISHDOPA Dopaminergic neurons and the reward system in fish: a functional neuroanatomical multidisciplinary study 2016
14 BIGWHEAT An innovative approach to boost wheat yields 2015
15 HYADES Hydrostatic pressure and prokaryotic activity in the deep sea 2016
16 MOFMAP Tailored Metal-Organic Framework: From Hybrid to Multifunctional Flame Retardant Polymer Nanocomposites 2017
17 NanoPorous DNA-array Ultra-high density three dimentional DNA arrays for biosensing 2016
18 MAESTRO Modular laser based additive manufacturing platform for large scale industrial applications 2016
19 MSLOOP 2.0 Molten Salt Loop 2.0: key element for the new solar thermal energy plants. 2016
20 VGAP The Viral Genome Associated Proteome 2017
21 TARICA PoliTical And socioinstitutional change in NoRth AfrICA: competition of models and diversity of national trajectories 2017
22 AMITIE Additive Manufacturing Initiative for Transnational Innovation in Europe 2017
23 4D hybrid Novel ALL-IN-ONE machines, robots and systems for affordable, worldwide and lifetime Distributed 3D hybrid manufacturing and repair operations 2017
24 TOPOQDot A bottom-up topological superconductor based on quantum dot arrays 2017
25 EspLORE Extending the science perspectives of linear wires of carbon atoms from fundamental research to emerging materials 2017
26 HTEPV Novel hybrid thermoelectric photovoltaic devices: modeling, development, and characterization 2017
27 HarshEnergy Perpetual Sensing in Harsh Environments: Self-powered sensors for the Oil Gas industry 2017
28 ADAPTOMICS Adaptations to temperature regimes in sponges: Genomic insights into the developmental and physiological evolutionary changes of early-branching metazoans 2017
29 AEGILWHEAT Widening gene pool of bread wheat by hybridization with Aegilops biuncialis supported by advanced genetic and chromosome genomic approaches 2017
30 SHAPPI Scaffold hybridization approach targeting PPIs 2017
31 PlaN Vibrational Polariton Nonlinear Optics and Chemistry 2017
32 Hybrid Conflicts Speciation and hybridization: a sex chromosome perspective 2018
33 NucLoc RNA localization in bacteria 2018
34 hyControl Coherent optical control of multi-functional nano-scale hybrid units 2017
35 RETVOLUTION Reticulate evolution: patterns and impacts of non-vertical inheritance in eukaryotic genomes. 2018
36 CellTrack Cellular Position Tracking Using DNA Origami Barcodes 2017
37 ASTEROID ASTronomy EuROpean Infrared Detection 2017
38 NeuroRibo Specialized Ribosomes for Neuronal Protein Synthesis 2017
39 HERA-JRP-PS HERA Joint Research Programme Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe 2017
40 TOP Towards the Bottom of the Periodic Table 2018
41 ORGANOMICS Reconstructing human cortex development and malformation with single-cell transcriptomics 2018
42 FORWARD New Frontiers for Optoelectronics with Artificial Media 2018
43 MagicFACE Magnetic Hybrid Metal-Organic Interfaces 2018
44 BUDDHISMAFRICA East-Asian Buddhism in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2018
45 ADMIRE Atomic-scale Design of Majorana states and their Innovative Real-space Exploration 2019
46 SURFInG StructURal and Functional dynamics of BrassIca napus polyploid Genome 2018
47 HybridImmunogenetics Effects of major histocompatibility complex immunogenetic profiles of wild hybrid and non-hybrid marmosets on their susceptibility to arbovirus infections 2019
48 Upbiosens Near-infrared nucleic acids sensing and imaging using lanthanide-based nanoparticles capped with DNA 2019
49 GENOMINT Biogeography and natural hybridization in the genus Mentha 2019
50 IMPACT-HEALTH IMaging Pancreatic Alpha-cells Calcium Tied with HEterogeneous Analysis of Labeled Transcription factors with in situ Hybridization 2018
51 QuESt Quantum Enhanced Organic Photovoltaics by Strong Coupling of IR Vibrations to an Optical Cavity 2018
52 NEVULA Understanding selective neuronal vulnerability in Alzheimer’s disease 2018
53 SRIMEM Super-Resolution Imaging and Mapping of Epigenetic Modifications 2018
54 Biomode Diagnosing Pathogen Bacteria Earlier and More Accurately with Biomode’s Probe4@ Rapid Diagnostic Kits 2018
56 TOCHA Dissipationless topological channels for information transfer and quantum metrology 2019
57 MANAGLOBAL Globalised governance norms and local management and business practices in Africa and on the Arab peninsula 2019
58 FIT2GO A toolbox for fitness landscapes in evolution 2019
59 ImmuNiche Identifying spatial determinants of immune cell fate commitment 2019
60 SCOPUS Smart Converters for Optimized Power Usage and Storage 2019
61 Centromere Stability Mechanisms that maintain centromere DNA repeats stability in human cells. 2020
62 DNAMAKER Molecular additive manufacturing through DNA nanotechnology 2019
63 TurtleHyb Reconstructing hybridization events between sea turtle species separated by 30 million years: genomic patterns and evolutionary consequences 2019
64 OCHRE Oat CHRomosome Evolution and drivers enabling widespread terminal intergenomic translocations in polyploid species 2019
65 MMEM Miniaturized Matrixed Enthalpy Metter - Portable, affordable, easy to operate, diagnostic device enabling a rapid & accurate diagnosis of a patient infected by antibiotic-resistant bacteria 2019
66 DIFFER Determinants of genetic diversity: Important Factors For Ecosystem Resilience 2020
67 GRAPHEME Graphene and related materials membranes for efficient removal of toxic cations from water 2020
68 OTTOLEGAL The Making of Ottoman Law: The Agency and Interaction of Diverse Groups in Lawmaking, 1450–1650 2020
69 AmpliFISH Bright nanoparticle probes for amplified fluorescence in situ hybridization in cancer diagnostics 2020
70 miRanDa microRNA assay system based on self-assembled nanoscale DNA origami arrays 2021