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H2020 projects about "organismal"

The page lists 73 projects related to the topic "organismal".

# achronym  title  year 
1 NEURAL AS Functions and evolutionary impact of transcriptomic novelties in the vertebrate brain 2015
2 MetDNASecStr Metabolism of DNA secondary structures and their impact on genome stability 2015
3 BIG4 BIG4 - Biosystematics, Informatics and Genetics of the big 4 insect groups: training tomorrow's researchers and entrepreneurs 2015
4 FlyHigh Insect-plant relationships: insights into biodiversity and new applications 2015
5 BARREN Bioenergetics in Arid Environments 2015
6 MITONUC The evolutionary and ecological implications of mito-nuclear epistasis 2015
7 MRTGS Mechanical regulation of tissue growth and signalling 2016
8 DISHY Synergistic effects of DISpersant, oil and HYpoxia in a teleost fish: Investigating the impact of oil contamination in hypoxic areas and the use of dispersant as a response technique 2015
9 HybridMiX Genetic Mapping of Evolutionary Developmental Variation using Hybrid Mouse in vitro Crosses 2015
10 D-FENS Dicer-Dependent Defense in Mammals 2015
11 RECEPIANCE Molecular reconstitution of epigenetic centromere inheritance 2015
12 LineageDiscovery Laying the Biological, Computational and Architectural Foundations for Human Cell Lineage Discovery 2015
13 PolarNet Principles of Polarity – Integrating genetic, biophysical and computational approaches to understand cell and tissue polarity 2015
14 HOTSPOT Genomic hotspots of adaptation to whole genome duplication 2016
15 PanCaT Next-generation in vivo models for improved pancreatic cancer therapies 2016
16 Organoid Dissecting microbiome and immune interactions in human intestinal (cancer) organoids 2015
17 TEMPO Terrestrial vertebrates and the evolutionary origins of morphological diversity 2016
18 HeteroDynamic Evolutionary Stability of Ubiquitous Root Symbiosis 2016
19 UAAWORM Establishing genetic code expansion as a tool to study neuronal circuit function in an animal 2016
20 Symbcompat Determing symbiont factors that affect compatibility with a novel host 2016
21 IlluMitoDNA Illuminating the mechanisms of mitochondrial DNA quality control and inheritance 2017
22 BONEPHAGY Defining the role of the FGF – autophagy axis in bone physiology 2017
23 AGG-REST-WEB Let restore our soils : using the soil food web to engineer the soil structure and functionning 2017
24 WhiteShift A calcifying phytoplankter’s response to climate change and its role in sinking carbon in the Subarctic Ocean using spaceborne and in situ observations and ecological modelling 2017
25 YEFF Comprehensive analysis of yeast expression-fitness functions (EFFs) 2018
26 SCAN-Deep Systematic Characterisation and Archiving of megafauNa on a regional scale in a Deep-sea area threatened by mining 2018
27 OPTiAGE The trade-off between longevity and reproduction: optimal control of aging 2018
28 SEAMET Multi-driver climate change effects on SEAgrass METabolism: ecosystem implications 2018
29 FEAR-SAP Function and Evolution of Attack and Response Strategies during Allelopathy in Plants 2018
30 Redox Relays Detecting, understanding and exploiting intracellular redox signaling relays 2017
31 CHIMO Chiral Morphogenesis - Physical Mechanisms of Actomyosin-Based Left/Right Symmetry Breaking in Biological Systems 2018
32 TelMetab Telomere metabolism in Genome Stability and Disease 2017
33 VOLSIGNAL Volume regulation and extracellular signalling by anion channels 2017
34 CYCLODE Cyclical and Linear Timing Modes in Development 2017
35 SelforganisingEmbryo Self-organisation across the scales in early mammalian development 2017
36 BURSTREG Single-molecule visualization of transcription dynamics to understand regulatory mechanisms of transcriptional bursting and its effects on cellular fitness 2018
37 PUNCTUATION Pervasive Upstream Non-Coding Transcription Underpinning Adaptation 2018
38 ORISPECIFICATION Molecular and structural mechanisms for metazoan replication origin specification 2018
39 Multicellularity The genetic basis of the convergent evolution of fungal multicellularity 2018
40 LSO Liver Spatial Omics 2018
41 AutoClean Cell-free reconstitution of autophagy to dissect molecular mechanisms 2018
42 FERALGEN The Genomics of Feralisation 2018
43 DNAProteinCrossRep Identification of DNA-Protein-Crosslink Repair Factors 2018
44 NterAct Discovery and functional significance of post-translational N-terminal acetylation 2018
45 MetChromTx Macrophage metabolism and signal-induced chromatin and transcription changes: an integrated, multi-layer approach 2018
46 PPRdesign Engineering synthetic pentatricopeptide repeat proteins for the site-specific genetic manipulation of plant organelles 2018
47 EVOTOOLS EVOlutionary Trends in mOrphOLogical diverSity: new comparative tools for high-dimensional data 2018
48 VARIO The influence of natural pH VARIability on ecosystem response to Ocean acidification 2019
49 POLICE The PIDDosome in Centrosome and Ploidy-Surveillance 2018
50 GrowCELL The smallest of the small: determining size through cell number 2018
51 evFOUNDRY The Extracellular Vesicle Foundry 2018
52 iBioGen Twinning for European excellence in Island Biodiversity Genomics 2018
53 BASILIC Decoding at systems-level the crosstalk between the T cell antigen receptor, the CD28 costimulator and the PD-1 coinhibitor under physiological and pathological conditions. 2018
54 REPLISTRESS DNA Replication: From Physiology to Replication Stress in Human Cancer 2018
55 Mito-recombine Homologous recombination and its application in manipulating animal mitochondrial DNA 2019
56 FlyGutHomeostasis Identification of paracrine and systemic signals controlling adult stem cell activity and organ homeostasis 2019
57 RxmiRcanceR Tumor suppressive microRNAs for cancer therapy 2018
58 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond 2019
59 IndiGene Genetics of Individuality 2019
60 ADIMMUNE Decoding interactions between adipose tissue immune cells, metabolic function, and the intestinal microbiome in obesity 2019
61 PACA-MET Genome-wide surveys and functional analysis of pancreatic cancer metastasis drivers 2019
62 mitoUPR Cellular modulation by the mitochondrial unfolded protein response 2019
63 miRhythm Understanding mechanisms and functions of miRNA oscillations during development 2020
64 TeloRNAging The role of damage-induced non coding RNA in the control of DNA damage response activation at telomeres in aging 2019
65 VIP-2 Vienna International Postdoctoral Program 2020
66 Breakborder Breaking borders, Functional genetic screens of structural regulatory DNA elements 2019
67 SCALE Projecting global biodiversity responses from first biological principles 2019
68 CHROMREP Dissecting the chromatin response to DNA damage in silenced heterochromatin regions 2019
69 RiboTrace Bridging temporal resolution gaps to dissect RNA silencing at the molecular and genomic scale 2020
70 Brillouin4Life Development of advanced optical tools for studying cellular mechanics at high spatial and temporal resolution 2020
71 DIFFER Determinants of genetic diversity: Important Factors For Ecosystem Resilience 2020
72 GLoopID Mechanisms underlying regulation and removal of G-quadruplex/R-loop transcription-replication conflicts 2021
73 TRADEOFF Deciphering fundamental constraints on pathogen adaptation 2021