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H2020 projects about "vulnerability"

The page lists 164 projects related to the topic "vulnerability".

# achronym  title  year 
1 EXTREME EXTREME Dynamic Loading - Pushing the Boundaries of Aerospace Composite Material Structures 2015
2 GlioVac Validation of a conceptually new treatment for glioblastoma multiforme with an IP protected small molecule 2015
3 NEUROMITO Elucidating Neuronal Susceptibility to Mitochondrial Disease 2015
4 URDNA Origin and Protection of Unstable Repetitive DNA Elements During Sexual Reproduction 2015
5 TOPWOOD Wood phenotyping tools: properties, functions and quality 2015
6 CWASI Coping with water scarcity in a globalized world 2015
7 Clock Mechanics Mechanosensation and the circadian clock: a reciprocal analysis 2015
8 EXCEPT Social Exclusion of Youth in Europe: Cumulative Disadvantage, Coping Strategies, Effective Policies and Transfer 2015
9 RESILENS RESILENS: Realising European ReSiliencE for CritIcaL INfraStructure 2015
10 DOGANA aDvanced sOcial enGineering And vulNerability Assesment Framework 2015
11 CUIDAR Cultures of Disaster Resilience among children and young people 2015
12 VULCAN Vulnerability of soil organic carbon to climate change in permafrost and dryland ecosystems 2015
13 FRAMAB Flood Risk Assessment and mitigation for Masonry Arch Bridges 2015
14 BETAPEV Beyond Empathy: Toward a phenomenological Ethics of Vulnerability 2015
15 ISSVS Immune system involvement in sex-specific vulnerability to prenatal stress 2015
16 CRISIS Coastal flood risk in Europe and the socio-economic impacts in a changing climate 2016
17 MitoTAGs Developing next-generation tools for mitochondrial dissection with cell-specific resolution. 2015
18 PHLOEMAP Hydraulic functional traits as determinants of forest function and drought responses. Putting xylem and phloem attributes into the functional trait map. 2016
19 PLIOTRANS PLIOcene TRANSient Climate Modelling: Towards a global consensus between ice volume, temperature and relative sea level for the Late Pliocene 2015
20 ROSNPD Selective vulnerability of neuronal degeneration in Parkinson’s disease: the load of routine behaviour 2016
21 ECOSOUND Ecosystem mechanisms of noise impact on marine fauna 2015
22 EAVESTROP Eavesdropping on the tropics: assessment of climate change impacts on amphibians through passive acoustic monitoring 2016
23 Diricore Exploiting vulnerabilities in protein synthesis for cancer diagnosis and therapy 2015
25 RESIN Climate Resilient Cities and Infrastructures 2015
26 Pepe-prod Personal perception for predicting product choice 2015
27 AF16 Adaptation Futures 2016 2015
28 NEUROSPECT Neurological application validation for photon counting spectral CT 2015
29 Psychosystems Psychosystems:Consolidating Network Approaches to Psychopathology 2015
30 MOvE-ECG Moving from genome wide association to elucidating causal mechanisms of electrocardiographic traits 2015
31 UPR NEURO The Unfolded Protein Response in Neurodegeneration 2015
32 NEGEVBYZ Crisis on the margins of the Byzantine Empire: A bio-archaeological project on resilience and collapse in early Christian development of the Negev Desert 2015
33 CYPRES CYPRES the ICS and SCADA security companion 2015
34 LiraTower Novel concept of cost-effective and simplified in-situ concrete tower of 140m for harnessing higher and more consistent wind velocities and enhancing the power output of wind turbines 2015
35 FrailSafe Sensing and predictive treatment of frailty and associated co-morbidities using advanced personalized patient models and advanced interventions 2016
37 PRUV Preparedness and Resilience to address Urban Vulnerability 2016
38 CyberWiz Cyber-Security Visualization and CAD-Tool for the Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures 2015
39 VOLTAIC VOLcanic lighTning: a lAb and fIeld ApproaCh 2016
40 Ko-Tsah-To Temperatures, ash and soil hydrology: predicting fire impact from plant traits 2016
41 DIFIE Direct and Indirect mechanisms of Fisheries-Induced Evolution 2017
42 NORVAS Therapeutic and Biomarker Potential of long non-coding RNAs in Vascular Disease 2016
43 PROTECT Pervasive and UseR Focused BiomeTrics BordEr ProjeCT 2016
44 CIPSEC Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection with innovative SECurity framework 2016
45 Future4Oceans Window to the future: Understanding and assessing the vulnerability of marine biodiversity to ocean acidification 2016
46 MedCoRes Mediterranean Coastal Resources: benefits and constraints for Prehistoric hunters-gatherers 2017
47 NNI Neuroscience and Narratives of Intimacy 2016
48 DRIVE Quantifying the relative importance of natural and anthropogenic drivers of spatial variation in vulnerability to predict species extinction risk 2016
49 5HT-DREADD In vivo pharmacogenetic investigation of 5-HT mechanisms in emotional learning 2016
50 USECFrontiers Frontiers of Usable Security – Principles and Methods for Administrator and Developer Usable Security Research 2016
51 SEXHUM Sexual Humanitarianism: understanding agency and exploitation in the global sex industry 2016
52 RESPONDER Resolving subglacial properties, hydrological networks and dynamic evolution of ice flow on the Greenland Ice Sheet 2016
53 SMALLDIS The impact of small-scale disaster events: an exploration of disaster related losses, extensive risk management and learning at the institutional and community level in Italy 2016
54 TransSplicHD Single-Cell Transcriptomics and Spliceosome analysis to uncover new mechanisms of neuronal vulnerability to Huntington’s Disease. 2016
55 GreenProtein Revalorisation of vegetable processing industry remnants into high-value functional proteins and other food ingredients 2016
56 SCR Disruptive Cybersecurity SaaS for SMEs and freelance developers 2016
57 Eye-O-T Cyber security system with a high IoT network visibility and fast vulnerability detection for Smart Homes. 2016
58 Zoovel-UC Inaudible SMART CROWDS SECURITY through existing loudspeakers” 2016
59 EUNADICS-AV European Natural Airborne Disaster Information and Coordination System for Aviation 2016
60 ENABLE.EU Enabling the Energy Union through understanding the drivers of individual and collective energy choices in Europe 2016
61 PARTNER Probabilistic Assessment of Reduction and Transfer of Natural Earthquake Risk 2017
62 MARCO MArket Research for a Climate Services Observatory 2016
63 CVENT Risk assessment of plaque rupture and future cardiovascular events (CVENT) by multi-spectral photoacoustic imaging 2016
64 IRESCO Innovative REtrofitting for Substandard COnstruction 2016
65 MANNA MacroAutophagy and Necrotic Neurodegeneration in Ageing 2017
66 ALICE AcceLerate Innovation in urban wastewater management for Climate changE 2017
67 Sure-Rider Boats Boats with revolutionary Hull design for safer and more comfortable cruising. 2017
68 FishMan Unwanted catches of trawl fisheries: ecosystem effects and advances to an integratedmanagement approach in the Mediterranean 2017
69 VINe Social Vulnerability and its Intersections: The role of gender in a comparative perspective 2017
70 Schizo-EPICOG Inflammatory processes underlying cognitive deficits in schizophrenia: epigenetic mechanisms and pharmacological regulation 2018
71 HiddenLife Understanding the role of environmental and climatic changes in shaping subterranean diversity to preserve Europe’s unique hidden biodiversity 2017
72 SecIoT Cybersecurity Threat Detection for Internet of Things Connected Devices 2017
73 TRANSRISK Vulnerability and risk assessment of transportation systems of assets (SoA) exposed to geo-hazards 2017
74 TRIM Vulnerable trait-combinations in corals and fishes and their management 2017
75 MitoDyaD The role of the glucocorticoid receptor in dopaminoceptive neurons in mitochondrial dysfunction and vulnerability to depression 2017
76 GRECO Groundwater effects on coastal ecosystems 2017
77 TRANSFAIR Unfair transitions? A critical examination low-carbon energy pathways in the EU from a domestic energy vulnerability perspective 2018
78 PATHORISC Reprogramming of small RNA function in plant-pathogen interactions 2017
79 ASSIST ASSIST - Support Network for Household Energy Saving 2017
80 VISCA Vineyards´ Integrated Smart Climate Application 2017
81 InGRID-2 Integrating Research Infrastructure for European expertise on Inclusive Growth from data to policy 2017
82 CLARITY Integrated Climate Adaptation Service Tools for Improving Resilience Measure Efficiency 2017
83 TTNPred Development of novel computational biology pipeline for the efficient classification of titin SNPs for clinical use 2018
84 CLIMLAN Novel multivariate, high-resolution mapping of the exposure of ecosystems to climate and land use change 2018
85 Nunataryuk Permafrost thaw and the changing arctic coast: science for socio-economic adaptation 2017
86 FFSize Why farm and field size matters: Exploring their role for food security and sustainable agriculture in South America 2018
87 MarginScapes Long-term land use and water management strategies in arid margin landscapes 2018
88 SAFECARE SAFEguard of Critical heAlth infrastructure 2018
89 COBADIM Characterizing Congo Basin Drought resilience: an Integrative Modelling approach 2019
90 COGBIAS Neural circuitry and health consequences of cognitive bias 2019
91 DURCWAVE amending the Design criteria of URban defences in LECZs through Composite-modelling of WAVE overtopping under climate change scenarios 2019
92 NEXT New Exploration Technologies 2018
93 CYBER-TRUST Advanced Cyber-Threat Intelligence, Detection, and Mitigation Platform for a Trusted Internet of Things 2018
94 GENESIS GENetics and the Electrocardiogram for predicting Scd rISk 2019
95 SOCIALBRAINCIRCUITS Neuroanatomical substrates of social deficit in a mouse model of 22q11 deletion syndrome 2018
96 PrenatalStressOmics Prenatal Stress Investigation in Cerebral Organoids: a multi-omics study at the level of single cells 2019
97 KaIROS Keeping and Increasing Resilience Opportunities and Sustainability of communities against earthquakes 2018
98 RESIST RESilient transport InfraSTructure to extreme events 2018
99 PANOPTIS Development of a Decision Support System for increasing the Resilience of Transportation Infrastructure based on combined use of terrestrial and airborne sensors and advanced modelling tools 2018
100 InclusivePublicSpace Inclusive Public Space: Law, Universality and Difference in the Accessibility of Streets 2019
101 SENCAN Senescence therapy for cancer 2018
102 PROBE.LY - Web Application Vulnerability Scanning Suite for Agile Teams 2018
103 OpenDoTT Open Design of Trusted Things 2019
104 URBASIS New challenges for Urban Engineering Seismology 2018
105 REMESH Research Network on Emergency Resources Supply Chain 2019
106 HealthAge Joint Training and Research Program on Lifespan Regulation Mechanisms in Health and Disease 2019
107 ERARD Emotion regulation in adolescents at risk for depression 2019
108 FASTEN Fine-Grained Analysis of Software Ecosystems as Networks 2019
109 DAFINET Dynamic Attitude Fixing: A novel theory of opinion dynamics in social networks and its implications for computational propaganda in hybrid social networks (containing humans and bots) 2018
110 AMANDA AutonoMous self powered miniAturized iNtelligent sensor for environmental sensing anD asset tracking in smArt IoT environments 2019
111 PdbU Securing Continuous Operations of Mission Critical IoT Endpoints 2019
112 EXPLO Exploring the dynamics and causes of prehistoric land use change in the cradle of European farming 2019
113 SPHINX A Universal Cyber Security Toolkit for Health-Care Industry 2019
114 Neurovulnerability Molecular mechanisms underlying selective neuronal death in motor neuron diseases 2019
115 BRAINMINT Brains and minds in transition: The dark side of neuroplasticity during sensitive life phases 2019
116 THERA Timing of Holocene volcanic eruptions and their radiative aerosol forcing 2019
117 SoNAR-Global A Global Social Sciences Network for Infectious Threats and Antimicrobial Resistance 2019
118 IMAGINE Geographical imaginations and the (geo)politics of volcanic risk: cultures, knowledges, actions 2019
119 RAISD Reshaping Attention and Inclusion Strategies for Distinctively vulnerable people among the forcibly displaced 2019
120 NEXUS-DRR Building resilience in the face of nexus threats: local knowledge and social practices of Brazilian youth 2019
121 CHES Resilience of Coastal Human-Environment Systems 2020
122 CausalBoost Using causal discovery algorithms to boost subseasonal to seasonal forecast skill of Mediterranean rainfall 2020
123 MULTIRES MULTI-level framework to enhance seismic RESilience of RC buildings 2019
124 EPIC Evolution of Planktonic Gastropod Calcification 2019
125 MODFaBe Modelling individual farmer behaviours in Coupled Human Natural Systems under changing climate and society 2020
126 BuildERS Building European Communities' Resilience and Social Capital 2019
127 DIVE into AD Study of tau strains to understand the phenotypic diversity of Alzheimer’s disease: A step toward personalized therapies 2020
128 CVD in RA Mechanistic links between rheumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular complications: investigation on inflammation induced alterations in induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes 2020
129 DISTRESS Understanding the mechanisms behind tree responses to drought-induced stress with increasing tree size 2019
130 VDGSEGUR Gender Violence and Security in the Interoceanic Industrial Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec: A Critical Examination of Policies and Practices 2019
131 TRIATLAS Tropical and South Atlantic climate-based marine ecosystem predictions for sustainable management 2019
132 RECEIPT REmote Climate Effects and their Impact on European sustainability, Policy and Trade 2019
133 ARCH Advancing Resilience of Historic Areas against Climate-related and other Hazards 2019
134 CASCADES CAScading Climate risks: towards ADaptive and resilient European Societies 2019
135 TURNkey Towards more Earthquake-resilient Urban Societies through a Multi-sensor-based Information System enabling Earthquake Forecasting, Early Warning and Rapid Response actions 2019
136 HYPERION Development of a Decision Support System for Improved Resilience & Sustainable Reconstruction of historic areas to cope with Climate Change & Extreme Events based on Novel Sensors and Modelling Tools 2019
137 SHELTER Sustainable Historic Environments hoListic reconstruction through Technological Enhancement and community based Resilience 2019
138 CHINAWHITE The Reconfiguration of Whiteness in China: Privileges, Precariousness, and Racialized Performances 2019
139 ALCO-ADO Unveiling the alcohol-dependent alterations in local dendritic translation of mRNAs in the prefrontal cortex during adolescence 2019
140 MOVEMeNt Decoding alpha motor neurons diversity and selective vulnerability to disease 2020
141 EnergyShield Integrated Cybersecurity Solution for the Vulnerability Assessment, Monitoring and Protection of Critical Energy Infrastructures 2019
142 ODIX 2.0 A revolutionary cybersecurity SaaS helping small-medium business (SMEs) to protect their networks like large corporates do! 2019
143 PyroLife PyroLife - training the next generation of integrated fire management experts 2019
144 Global-ANSWER Global social work and human mobility: comparative studies on local government and good social work practices in the euro-mediterranean region 2020
145 RAVEN Routing Attack Vulnerability Evaluation for Networks 2020
146 DV SUPPORT Building an evidence base to support Polish women victims of domestic violence in the UK. 2020
147 MIMY EMpowerment through liquid Integration of Migrant Youth in vulnerable conditions 2020
148 ASILE Global Asylum Governance and European Union's Role 2019
149 CURE Copernicus for Urban Resilience in Europe 2020
150 PAVE Preventing and Addressing Violent Extremism through Community Resilience in the Balkans and MENA 2020
151 VULNER Vulnerabilities under the Global Protection Regime: how does the law assess, address, shape, and produce the vulnerabilities of protection seekers? 2020
152 UPLIFT Urban PoLicy Innovation to address inequality with and for Future generaTions 2020
153 YADES Improved Resilience and Sustainable Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage Areas to cope with Climate Change and Other Hazards based on Innovative Algorithms and Modelling Tools 2020
154 CONTESTED_TERRITORY From Contested Territories to alternatives of development: Learning from Latin America 2020
155 WorkFREE Slavery, Work and Freedom: What Can Cash Transfers Contribute to the Fight for Decent Work? 2020
156 EPHOR Exposome project for health and occupational research 2020
157 Equal-Life Early Environmental quality and life-course mental health effects 2020
158 ResilienceBuilding Social Resilience, Gendered Dynamics, and Local Peace in Protracted Conflicts 2020
159 urbisphere urbisphere - coupling dynamic cities and climate 2020
160 ClimateWeb The Effects Of Climate Change on the Web of Life 2020
161 RE-NUP Spousal Reunification and Integration Laws in Europe 2020
162 GlioTarget Inflaming the microenvironment of glioblastoma tumors by ADAR1 inhibition: a two-hit approach for the treatment of brain cancer. 2021
163 CoL Climates of Listening: Amplifying Pacific Experiences of Environmental Crisis 2021
164 NEUROPREG Eating patterns in pregnancy: unraveling the underlying neurocircuits and its deleterious metabolic consequences 2021