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H2020 projects about "conditional"

The page lists 78 projects related to the topic "conditional".

# achronym  title  year 
1 LIFEPATH Lifecourse biological pathways underlying social differences in healthy ageing 2015
2 PhosFunc Dissecting the functional importance of eukaryotic protein phosphorylation 2015
3 RNArepair Site-directed RNA Editing to Manipulate RNA and Protein Function 2015
4 EMEHOC Enriched Minimal Expressivism and Higher-Order Concepts 2015
5 Class II PI3K Characterization of the signalling and physiological roles of the class II PI3Ks 2016
6 TRICE QFT TRapped Ion Coherent Execution of Quantum Fourier Transform 2015
7 IntestineUb The role of Ubiquitin System on the homeostatic control of stem cell maintenance and differentiation in crypt stem cells 2016
8 APOBEC Enzymatic DNA deamination and the immunity/cancer balance 2015
9 CoCoBondsValuation New System for Credit Rating of Hybrid Securities 2015
10 Macro Identification New Approaches to the Identification of Macroeconomic Models 2015
11 ZAUBERKUGEL Fulfilling Paul Ehrlich’s Dream: therapeutics with activity on demand 2015
12 KINSHIP How do humans recognise kin? 2015
13 SYNPRIME Presynaptic Regulatory Principles in Synaptic Plasticity, Neuronal Network Function, and Behaviour 2015
14 EVILTONGUE No Sword Bites So Fiercly as an Evil Tongue?Gossip Wrecks Reputation, but Enhances Cooperation 2015
15 SYNECT Immunological synapse derived ectosomes in T cell effector function 2015
16 SimCoDeQ Simulation tool development for a composite manufacturing process default prediction integrated into a quality control system 2016
17 AML-VACCiN Clinical development of a dendritic-cell vaccine therapy for acute myeloid leukaemia 2016
18 ProNeurons Transcription Factor-mediated Neuronal Cell Fate Programming in Human Stem Cells 2016
19 QuModQu Quantification and modality in the realm of questions 2016
20 MCNTMTDC Metabolic control on NF-κB activity during dendritic cells-mediated immune tolerance to tumours 2017
21 MPSC Membrane Potential and Stem Cell Potency in Normal and Malignant Tissues 2016
22 XPGCS Single cell profiling of X chromosome reactivation during primordial germ cell specification in vivo 2016
23 IN VIVO MOSSY Is the hippocampal mossy fiber synapse a detonator in vivo? 2016
24 LAPARTS LArge Passenger Aircraft Reliable Touch Screen. 2016
25 CHEMCHECK CHECKPOINTS IN CHECK: Novel Chemical Toolbox for Local Cancer Immunotherapy 2016
26 Totipotency Transcriptional and Epigenetic Regulation of Totipotency in Mouse Early Embryos. 2016
27 PROVASC Cell-specific vascular protection by CXCL12/CXCR4 2016
28 DisDyn Distributed and Dynamic Graph Algorithms and Complexity 2017
29 MPM Modern Pattern Matching 2017
30 ConCorND Connectivity Correlate of Molecular Pathology in Neurodegeneration 2017
31 MSCFate Fate of mammary stem cells during tumorigenesis and clinical implications 2017
32 MalariaEgress Role of perforin-like proteins and phospholipases in malaria parasite egress 2018
33 BeBOP Quantum Dynamics Beyond the Born-Oppenheimer Picture: Making the most of wave function and trajectory-based approaches 2017
34 SPEM Semi-Parametric Econometric Models: Health, Obesity and Patient Expenditures 2018
35 FOROIL Objective-based forecast evaluations for crude oil volatility. 2017
36 StressPFCog Mechanisms of stress-induced cognitive deficits : Role of the glucocorticoid receptor and its partners in the regulation of PFC function. 2018
37 TrustVehicle Improved trustworthiness and weather-independence of conditional automated vehicles in mixed traffic scenarios 2017
38 PlasmaCellControl Transcriptional control of plasma cell development and function 2018
39 VOLSIGNAL Volume regulation and extracellular signalling by anion channels 2017
40 Dam2Age DNA Damage and Repair and its Impact on Healthy Ageing 2017
41 deFIBER Dissecting the cellular and molecular dynamics of bone marrow fibrosis for improved diagnostics and treatment 2018
42 CGinsideNP Complexity Inside NP - A Computational Geometry Perspective 2018
43 HYPER-INSIGHT Hypermutated tumors: insight into genome maintenance and cancer vulnerabilities provided by an extreme burden of somatic mutations 2018
44 TECNEC Preclinical concept validation of tumor endothelial cell metabolism for novel anti-angiogenic therapy 2017
45 MisloQC Dissecting Quality Control Mechanisms of Mislocalized Proteins 2018
46 CLINGLIO A Clinical Phase IIB trial with 2OHOA in patients with newly-diagnosed malignant glioma. 2017
47 OligoGpivotalCF A pivotal phase IIb clinical trial of inhaled alginate oligosaccharide (OligoG) for cystic fibrosis 2018
48 COMED Pushing the boundaries of Cost and Outcome analysis of Medical Technologies 2018
49 TCAPS mRNA cap regulation and function in CD8 T cells 2018
50 RNActivate Optochemical control of cell fate by activation of mRNA translation 2018
51 MISTRO Identification of the cellular sites of cytomegalovirus latency that contribute to the induction of inflationary CD8 T cell memory against the virus. 2018
52 CORNEA Controlling evolutionary dynamics of networked autonomous agents 2018
53 Mtb CoaBC CoaBC from the Coenzyme A pathway of Mycobacterium tuberculosis as an antimicrobial drug target 2018
54 HYBSPN Hybrid Learning Systems utilizing Sum-Product Networks 2018
55 PerMet Role of peroxisomal fatty acid β-oxidation in vessel sprouting 2018
56 HDAC6_GEMM Development of a novel genetically engineered mouse model to study the role of HDAC6 in oncogenesis and metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer. 2018
57 OSTEOproSPINE Novel Bone Regeneration Drug Osteogrow: Therapeutic Solution for Lumbar Back Pain 2018
58 CausalStats Statistics, Prediction and Causality for Large-Scale Data 2018
59 IFDG INNOVATION, FIRM DYNAMICS AND GROWTH: what do we learn from French firm-level data? 2018
60 Huntingtin hPSC Unraveling huntingtin function in cortical and striatal human development 2018
61 AngioMature Mechanisms of vascular maturation and quiescence during development, homeostasis and aging 2018
62 BSLchlamy Understanding the essential function of the conserved plant-specific protein phosphatase family BSL 2018
63 TRUST Truth and Semantics 2018
64 MechanoSignaling Predicting cardiovascular regeneration: integrating mechanical cues and signaling pathways 2019
65 EVOCELFATE Evolution of cell fate specification modes in spiral cleavage 2019
66 FACT Factorizing the wave function of large quantum systems 2019
67 MADEFUN Regulation of Brain Macrophage Development and Function 2019
68 LEAFINNOX Development of the Lean Azimuthal Flame as an Innovative aviation gas turbine low-NOX combustion concept 2019
69 I-AM-GUT Impact of maternal Adrenomedullin on the Microbiome and Gut health: insights into preventing chronic intestinal disorders 2019
70 DECODE Decoding Context-Dependent Genetic Networks in vivo 2019
71 FreezeM Revivable freezing solution for the insect farming market 2019
72 EPICAN Inhibiting tumor cell plasticity by targeting the epigenome in breast cancer 2020
73 ANDANTE AttributioN of DynAmic and thermodyNamic components in exTreme weather and climate Events 2020
74 FunStructure Interdependence of functional and structural plasticity in cerebellar climbing fibers in health and disease 2019
75 XPU Extensible Processing Units (XPUs) as Enablers of the High-Performance Low-Power Embedded Market 2019
76 CodeAll The development of an innovative toolkit for learning programming with the use of the Internet of Things sensors and actuators 2019
77 ETC Solarshade Invisible metal contacts for solar cells – boosting power output while cutting costs 2019
78 ForM-SMArt Formal Methods for Stochastic Models: Algorithms and Applications 2020