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H2020 projects about "displays"

The page lists 166 projects related to the topic "displays".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Light Night Light Night 2015
2 lightMaterInt Exploiting light and material interaction 2015
3 CurvedSusy Dynamics of Supersymmetry in Curved Space 2015
4 VEST Virtual Environments for Social Training 2015
5 DiStruc Directed Colloidal Structure at the Meso-Scale 2015
6 Optintegral Advertisement displays manufactured by hybrid in-mould integration 2015
7 LORIX Large Organic Robust Imager for X-ray sensing 2015
8 BODY-UI Using Embodied Cognition to Create the Next Generations of Body-based User Interfaces 2015
9 SMART-UP Vulnerable consumer empowerment in a smart meter world 2015
10 iBoard Large scale interactive multi-touch displays 2014
11 DIGISTONE P1 Production and Market entry financing of Digital Concrete Screen for Outdoor Digital Signage application 2014
12 EVOPRIMPOL Artificial evolution of a novel multifunctional human polymerase 2015
13 FITINV Fitness consequences of chromosome inversion polymorphism in mimetic butterflies 2015
14 RESILIENCE RESILIENT2: A novel thermosensory module at the interface of temperature and defense signaling 2015
15 FOREMOTIONS Formal Frameworks for Modal Notions Conceived as Predicates 2016
16 FlexCHIC Flexible Complementary Hybrid Integrated Circuits 2015
17 MoStMusic Models of Structure in Music 2016
18 TADFORCE Strengthening and survey beyond the knowledge of the TADF emitters as materials for superefficient OLED devices 2015
19 VR-Suit VR-Suit : MultiModal experiences in a Virtual World 2015
20 PRINTOO PRINTOO - flexible, thin, printed electronics prototyping kit 2015
21 DRESSFORMER Virtual 3D fitting room for online shopping 2015
22 WEAR3D-POC Commercialization of Wear3D - Wearable and 3D Display Technology 2015
23 GRAVITATE Geometric Reconstruction And noVel semantIc reunificaTion of culturAl heriTage objEcts 2015
24 eMurmur eMurmur, a software based, clinically tested medical device for automated heart murmur detection 2015
25 HiGRAPHINK Highly Conductive Graphene Ink 2015
26 AEROGLASS Augmented reality aerial navigation for a safer and more effective aviation 2015
27 EXCILIGHT Donor-Acceptor light emitting exciplexes as materials for easily to tailor ultra-efficient OLED lighting 2015
28 ETN-FPI European Training Network on Full Parallax Imaging 2015
30 ScienceSquared ERC = ScienceSquared 2015
31 cSiOnGlass Development of high-quality crystalline silicon layers on glass 2015
32 ARVisS Augmented Reality Vision for Surgery 2015
33 HoloMedical3D Holographic 3D Display for visualising volumetric images from medical scanners 2015
34 SuperHD-ToolBox Next generation Image Processing Engine to support the creation, processing, deployment and transmission of super high definition images for large format ‘smart’ digital displays and signage 2015
35 Body Interact Body Interact - Training skills environment to improve patient safety and medical education 2015
37 PLE Perovskite Light Emitters 2016
38 TROCONVEX Turbulent Rotating Convection to the Extreme 2016
39 SOLED Chiral based spin organic light emitting diodes 2016
40 ImmersiaTV Immersive Experiences around TV, an integrated toolset for the production and distribution of immersive and interactive content across devices. 2016
41 CARBOTIGHT Diffusion Barrier Layers and Anticorrosive Coatings from Functional Carbon Nanosheets 2016
42 MemoMCI Targeting reconsolidation to strengthen memories in individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment 2016
43 STREAM Strategies towards Excellence in Immuno-Oncology 2016
44 PEPTO1 Feasibility study of a novel treatment for cancer based on a recombinant peptide therapy 2016
45 DRIVOME Multi-modal interrogation of instinctive behaviours and intrahypothalamic connectivity 2016
46 TARG-SUP Targeting TGF-β activation, likely the core mechanism of immunosuppression by human regulatory T cells. 2016
47 EngageME Automated Measurement of Engagement Level of Children with Autism Spectrum Conditions during Human-robot Interaction 2016
48 PopClandSATYRICON Popular readers and clandestine literature: the case of an early modern translation of Petronius’ Satyricon into Italian (17th C.) 2016
49 VISSUALLY Customised exhibit solutions through visual innovation 2016
50 ColloQuantO Colloidal Quantum Dot Quantum Optics 2016
51 E-TEX All-organic devices in textiles for wearable electronics 2016
52 TRACER Tree Roots: an analytical ‘culture’ of economy and religion – case-study Egypt 2050-1550 BC. 2016
53 bioSPINspired Bio-inspired Spin-Torque Computing Architectures 2016
54 EXPHYLL Discovery of new herbicides through an exploration of the chemistry and biology of the naturally occurring phyllostictines 2016
55 Nyxoah Ultra-small implanted neurostimulation device for the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea 2016
56 RADIcAL Non-invasive rapid assessment of chronic liver disease using Magnetic Resonance Imaging with LiverMultiScan 2016
57 FUTURE-PRINT Tuneable 2D Nanosheet Networks for Printed Electronics 2016
58 B-Brighter Enhancing OLED device performance using Fused Borylated Materials 2016
59 GBM-CPP Developing an anti-Myc cell-penetrating peptide for cancer treatment 2016
60 TOUCHVIE Catch what you watch; a game-changer technology that will change how people watch TV and revolutionise in-movie advertising and product placement 2016
61 GALAHD General and Light Aviation Head-up Display 2016
62 FlexTrans a universal thin film transistor platform for flexible and curved displays 2016
63 CLEARSILVER Industrial manufacturing of conductive, transparent and flexible electrodes with nanoinks fororganic electronic devices such as OPV and OLED lighting 2016
65 DanioPattern Development and Evolution of Colour Patterns in Danio species 2016
66 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
67 PACMAN Prognostics And Computer Aided Maintenance 2016
68 FLICs Enabling flexible integrated circuits and applications 2017
69 VOSTARS Video Optical See-Through Augmented Reality surgical System 2016
70 OPTINT OPTINT: Optimization-based Design of Interactive Technologies 2017
71 XTPL XTPL - A new generation of TCF layers for use in displays and thin film photovoltaic cells 2017
72 MicroCyFly Microcircuitry of the Drosophila visual system 2017
73 WOW Digitalization of outdoor advertising 2017
74 E-APIS A smart, energy autonomous, universal and cost-effective dynamic passenger information system 2017
75 APMAV Innovative drone-based solution for agriculture 2017
76 NExtNCNaBatt Novel Extended solids based on N=C chemistry for future Na-ion Batteries 2017
77 DENTADFE Dendron and Dendrimer Derived Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Emitters for Solution-Processed Non-Doped Device 2017
78 LATO Large-Area Transparent Opto-Electronics using 2D Materials 2017
79 NanoGraphInk Nano-Hybrid Graphene-Based Ink for Printable Flexible Transparent Applications 2017
80 VIVIR VIsual representations of VIew Relations to support effective data analysis on large and high-resolution displays 2017
81 EyeCode Perceptual encoding of high fidelity light fields 2017
82 OUTNANO Out-of-equilibrium nanophotonics 2017
83 THF-OLED Development of highly efficient and stable organic light-emitting diodes based on delayed fluorescent materials for solid-state lighting applications 2017
84 ROLEDS Highly Efficient Photoemitters for Light-Emitting Diodes Based on Intramolecular Rotation 2017
85 EXPHON Exciton-Phonon Coupling from First Principles 2017
86 PaVeCo Parametrised Verification and Control 2017
87 MeBeSafe Measures for behaving safely in traffic 2017
88 NePLeP Netherlandish Paintings in Ledreborg Palace: A Multi-Disciplinary Research of circa 600 Paintings 2017
89 MIRAGE Augmented Reality Wearable Platform and Screen: Proof of Concept and Commercialization 2017
90 PHOTMAT Photonically fused molecular materials 2017
91 Immersify Audiovisual Technologies for Next Generation Immersive Media 2017
92 CoupledNC Coupled Nanocrystal Molecules: Quantum coupling effects via chemical coupling of colloidal nanocrystals 2017
93 POINTS Revealing the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying the visual perception of social interactions 2017
94 HiLICo High Luminescence In Cockpit 2017
95 ImAc Immersive Accessibility 2017
96 GeoViSense GeoViSense: Towards a transdisciplinary human sensor science of human visuo-spatial decision making with geographic information displays 2017
97 Uno-sport Delivering contextual information in a hands-free experience, optimized for users engaged inaction sports 2017
98 VisIoN European Training Network on Visible light based Interoperability and Networking 2017
99 RISK Republics on the Stage of Kings. Representing Republican State Power in the Europe of Absolute Monarchies (late 16th - early 18th century) 2018
100 ecoSave Market maturation of a packaging concept for sustainable and resource efficient food packaging 2017
101 SUN-PILOT Subwavelength Nanostructure Pilot (Sun-Pilot) 2018
102 moreSense The Motor Representation of Sensory Experience 2018
103 MiLEDI Micro Quantum Dot-Light Emitting Diode and Organic Light Emitting Diode Direct Patterning (MILEDI) 2018
104 PHENOMENON Laser Manufacturing of 3D nanostructured optics using Advanced Photochemistry 2018
105 Lambda lambda -- full colour, energy efficient, ultra-thin and bendable reflective display. 2017
108 Tangi0 Touch and pressure sensitive material without electronic sensors for intuitive and eye-free control of a car’s features while driving 2018
109 MagicFACE Magnetic Hybrid Metal-Organic Interfaces 2018
110 TouchDesign A Computational Design Approach to Haptic Synthesis 2018
111 iCOMM New Frontiers in Nanophotonics: Integrating Complex Beams and Active Metasurface Devices 2018
112 WET MARS Hydrological processes on late Mars: water under the telescope and under the microscope 2018
113 MolDesign Molecule design for next generation solar cells using machine learning approaches trained on large scale screening databases 2018
114 SOCIALBRAINCIRCUITS Neuroanatomical substrates of social deficit in a mouse model of 22q11 deletion syndrome 2018
115 UVSIGNAL Unravelling the mechanisms underlying the evolution of ultraviolet signals 2018
116 ITS A DIVE Individual Three-dimensional Spatial Auditory Displays for Immersive Virtual Environments 2019
117 PeLED Towards Efficient and Stable Perovskite Light-Emitting Diodes 2018
118 EXICOM 3D experience anywhere, at any time 2018
119 LEP4BLADES Innovative Leading Edge Protection System for Wind Turbine Blades 2018
120 Tactonom Reducing the unemployment rate amongst blind people by introducing a working tool that increases their autonomy and productivity. 2018
121 OLEDSOLAR Innovative manufacturing processes and in-line monitoring techniques for the OLED and thin film and organic photovoltaic industries (CIGS and OPV) 2018
122 MEGA Heavy metal free emitters for new-generation light sources 2019
123 DIGISMART Multifunctional Digital Materials Platform for Smart Integrated Applications 2019
124 TADFlife Using the smart matrix approach to enhance TADF-OLED efficiency and lifetime 2018
125 H-Unique In search of uniqueness - harnessing anatomical hand variation 2019
126 RUST Revolutionizing the Utilization of compound Semiconductor Technology 2018
127 PERDY Perceptually-Driven Optimizations of Graphics Content for Novel Displays 2019
128 SCALE-HALO Multiscale chemical engineering of functional metal halides 2019
129 SPECTRACON Materials Engineering of Integrated Hybrid Spectral Converters for Next Generation Luminescent Solar Devices 2019
130 4D Designing Devices by Doping on Demand 2019
131 LION-HEARTED Light and Organic Nanotechnology for Cardiovascular Disease 2019
132 NANODINK An Innovative digital solution for mobile and large display screens 2019
133 MIX2FIX Hybrid, organic-inorganic chalcogenide optoelectronics 2019
134 Piko Revealing the adaptive internal organization and dynamics of bacteria and mitochondria 2019
135 CaLA The Capillary Lock Actuator: A novel bistable microfluidic actuator for cost-effective high-density actuator arrays suitable for large-scale graphical tactile displays 2019
137 NewSense Perception with New Sensory Signals 2019
138 NarrowbandSSL Development of Narrow Band Blue and Red Emitting Macromolecules for Solution-Processed Solid State Lighting Devices 2019
139 HOCOM A Transparent Hole Conductor by Combinatorial Techniques for Next-Generation Energy Conversion Devices 2019
140 TANBCPdyes Triggerable, Anchoring Novel Block Copolymer Dyes for Use in Inkjet Printing 2020
141 AN-ICON An-Iconology: History, Theory, and Practices of Environmental Images 2019
142 TSFP Thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) sensitized fluorescent emitting polymers for low cost solution-processing organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) 2019
143 OakMycEvo Functional ecology of the plant-fungus interface: Harnessing evolutionary genomics, transcriptomics and experimental ecology to dissect communication and nutrient exchange in a mutualistic symbiosis 2019
144 MindCare AutoMatic and Personalized Mental HealthCare Solution 2019
145 MICROPIX MicroLED Pixel Display for Augmented Reality Smart glasses 2019
146 ULTRA-LUX Ultra-Bright Thin-Film Light Emitting Devices and Lasers 2019
147 UnboxingPixels Commercialisation of PXIO – a novel software infrastructure for the seamless and wireless real-time transmission of pixels from manifold pixel sources and digital devices to displays 2019
148 UDE Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision for real-time diagnosis of public spaces 2019
149 ZeNewCardio ZeNewCardio: Discovering Heart Regeneration Therapies Through Zebrafish 2019
150 Perovskite-QDD Innovative Quantum Dot material technology for stunning colours and energy efficiency in QLED televisions 2019
151 DEMETER Building an Interoperable, Data-Driven, Innovative and Sustainable European Agri-Food Sector 2019
152 VIEW-AHEAD Virtual Image Holographic Optical Elements for Windscreens, Enabling the Next Generation of Automobile Head-up Displays 2019
153 MULTITOUCH Multimodal haptic with touch devices 2020
154 ViAjeRo ViAjeRo: Virtual and Augmented Reality passenger experiences 2019
155 HEL4CHIROLED Helical systems for chiral organic light emitting diodes 2020
156 DIMOFAC Digital Intelligent MOdular FACtories 2019
157 INTUITIVE INnovative Network for Training in ToUch InteracTIVE Interfaces 2019
158 DISPLAYGHT DISPLAY backliGHT illumination by femtosecond laser micromachining 2019
159 CQWLED Overcoming the efficiency limitation of semiconductor quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes 2020
160 Digital Wallpaper The wafer thin, flexible, lightweight and endless scalable LED screen for dynamic ambient lighting and outdoor video walls 2019
161 NANOLED Toward single colloidal nanocrystal light-emitting diodes 2020
162 Nanodink Quantum Photonic Digital-Ink Solution for Large Format Displays 2019
163 COENCO Display Color-enriching nano coating for mobile displays 2019
165 BEAMOLED Beam-forming OLED with nanostructured fluorescence layer 2020
166 HI-ACCURACY High-ACCuracy printed electronics down to µm size, for Organic Large Area Electronics (OLAE) Thin Film Transistor (TFT) and Display Applications. 2020