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H2020 projects about "infancy"

The page lists 106 projects related to the topic "infancy".

# achronym  title  year 
1 NewNGR New frontiers in numerical general relativity 2015
2 DREAM Deferred Restructuring of Experience in Autonomous Machines 2015
3 FireAndRiskPrevention When the smoke clears: predicting and preventing catastrophic erosion and flooding after wildfires in volcanic terrains 2015
4 MTT How does future thinking work? Uncovering its evolutionary and developmental origins 2015
5 DEEPER Deep Earth Elastic Properties and Effective Rheology 2015
6 HistoricEpi Quantiative Study of Major Historic Epidemics and Transitions to longer, healthier lives 2015
7 APT-Met Atom Probe Tomography (APT) Metrology for future 3D semiconductor devices 2015
8 BinCosmos The impact of Massive Binary Stars through Cosmic Times 2015
9 MEMEMTUM Neurological evaluation with simple tools to track evolution and perform early detection of neurodegenerative issues 2015
10 SURFINK Functional materials from on-surface linkage of molecular precursors 2015
11 EMBRYOandLATERHEALTH Embryonic origins of cardiovascular health in later life: disentangling early causal pathways in a lifecourse perspective 2015
12 DOQS Many-Body Physics with Driven Open Quantum Systems of Atoms, Light and Solids 2016
13 ObesityDevelop Effects of maternal gestational adiposity on fetal development and perinatal, postnatal and next generation health. 2015
14 AsthmaPhenotypes Understanding asthma phenotypes: going beyond the atopic/non-atopic paradigm 2016
15 QINTERNET Quantum communication networks 2016
16 DIBOR Unsymmetric diborane(4) compounds for small molecule activation and B-B coupling 2016
17 ProNeurons Transcription Factor-mediated Neuronal Cell Fate Programming in Human Stem Cells 2016
18 SOFT-TISSUES Mathematical modelling of soft tissues 2017
19 ReachingCompleteness The Molecular Basis of Somatic Nuclear Reprogramming 2016
20 TNS Developing the Next Generation Framework for Testing Nonlinear Dynamic Structures. 2016
21 HippBoundariesPE Identifying the building blocks of episodic memory: how the hippocampus parses boundless experience into discrete events 2016
22 nanoOIPC Surface characterization of nano-particle embedded organic ionic plastic crystals and ionic liquid using advance 3D high resolution optical and electrochemical imaging 2016
23 DesignerAntibiotics Towards the prevention of aminoglycoside antibiotic-related deafness 2017
24 GeneREFORM Genetically Encoded Multicolor Reporter Systems For Multiplexed MRI 2016
25 SCENT Smart Toolbox for Engaging Citizens into a People-Centric Observation Web 2016
26 APOLOGY Political Apologies across Cultures 2016
27 DRYMIX Feasibility Study of energy efficient, sustainable, innovative Ceramic powders Dry-Mix method and enabling additives 2016
28 HiPerNav High Performance Soft-tissue Navigation 2016
29 SOLAR-TRAIN Photovoltaic module life time forecast and evaluation 2016
30 SMaRT Sand Mitigation around Railway Tracks 2017
31 OXYTRAIN Harnessing the power of enzymatic oxygen activation 2017
32 SCR Disruptive Cybersecurity SaaS for SMEs and freelance developers 2016
33 ROLINCAP Systematic Design and Testing of Advanced Rotating Packed Bed Processes and Phase-Change Solvents for Intensified Post-Combustion CO2 Capture 2016
34 MECHANO-FLUO Mechanofluorochromism: from molecular engineering to the elaboration of smart materials 2017
35 ALUFIX Friction stir processing based local damage mitigation and healing in aluminium alloys 2017
36 time-data Time-Data Trade-Offs in Resource-Constrained Information and Inference Systems 2017
37 GirlsInScience Building an Evidence-Base for Reducing Gender Bias in Educational Pathways 2017
38 ACCENT Algebraic Covering Codes Enabling Network Transmissions 2018
39 RADAR-CNS Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse in Central Nervous System Disorders - Sofia ref.: 115902 2016
40 FLIGHT The true costs of bird flight: From the laboratory to the field 2017
41 El_CapiTun An elastocapillary-enabled self-tunable microfluidic chip 2018
42 ProbSenS Probabilistic neuromorphic architecture for real-time Sensor fusion applied to Smart, water quality monitoring systems 2017
43 MEDEA-CHART The Medieval and Early Modern Nautical Chart: Birth, Evolution and Use 2017
44 Cosmic_Gas Mapping the Cosmic Gas Supply with ALMA 2017
45 SQH Superconducting quantum heat engines and refrigerators 2017
46 HBEAM Probing chemical dynamics at surfaces with ultrafast atom pulses 2017
47 ImAc Immersive Accessibility 2017
48 Railscope Improving Railway Safety Through Innovative Sensor System 2017
49 DEVOMIND How do infants mentalize? Bringing a neuroimaging approach to the puzzle of early mindreading. 2018
50 MOTION Mobile Technology for Infant Social-Cognitive Neuroscience: Interdisciplinary Training Network for Innovative Infancy Research 2018
51 ELBA European Liquid Biopsies Academy - Towards widespread clinical application of blood- based diagnostic tools 2018
52 CORFRONMAT Correlated frontiers of many-body quantum mathematics and condensed matter physics 2018
53 VIDEO Versatile and Innovative Detector for Electron Optics 2018
54 LNEXPANDS The Mechanisms and Dynamics Controlling Cycles of Lymph Node Expansion 2018
55 MISSINGMIDDLE The Causal Effect of Public Policy and Income on Child Health and Human Capital 2018
56 MICROCRYO Microsystems for Cryomicroscopy 2019
57 CAD4FACE Computational modelling for personalised treatment of congenital craniofacial abnormalities 2018
58 ELECNANO Electrically Tunable Functional Lanthanide Nanoarchitectures on Surfaces 2018
59 COLOURMIND Colouring the Mind: the Impact of Visual Environment on Colour Perception 2018
60 LIGNOCAP Lignin-derived carbon fiber flexible supercapacitors 2018
61 hetero-switch Smart heterostructures based on 2D materials and switching magnetic molecules. 2019
62 VSC_CAT Vibrational Strong Coupling for Organic Chemistry and Catalysis 2018
63 ET-PHOTOX Functionalization of ethereal C-O Bonds Enabled by Metallaphotoredox Catalysis 2018
64 INFLA-AID The role of NLRC4 inflammasome in autoinflammatory diseases 2018
65 MOCCA Metal-Organic Cages for Catalysis Applications 2018
66 MOrPhEM Mechanics of Programmable Matter 2019
67 HUMANITY Human Lung Microbiota And Innate Immunity 2019
68 FRAPPANT Formal Reasoning About Probabilistic Programs: Breaking New Ground for Automation 2018
69 BITEXT Building conversational chatbots faster using NLP and machine learning 2018
70 NextBillionMusicians The Next Billion Musicians: Leading the Digital Disruption of Music Education 2018
71 SPRS Stochastic Processes on Random Surfaces 2019
72 INFANS INtegrating Functional Assessment measures for Neonatal Safeguard 2019
73 FOUNDCOG Curiosity and the Development of the Hidden Foundations of Cognition 2019
74 MODES Multimode light shaping: from optical fibers to nanodevices 2018
75 MicroQC Microwave driven ion trap quantum computing 2018
76 MEGA Heavy metal free emitters for new-generation light sources 2019
77 NanoBeam Quantum Coherent Control: Self–Interference of Electron Beams with Nanostructures 2019
78 SexMeth Establishment, modulation and inheritance of sexual lineage specific DNA methylation in plants 2018
79 2D-PnictoChem Chemistry and Interface Control of Novel 2D-Pnictogen Nanomaterials 2018
80 GrowBot Towards a new generation of plant-inspired growing artefacts 2019
81 AIMS-2-TRIALS Autism Innovative Medicine Studies – 2 – Trials 2018
82 IMPACT HAU The Hau of Finance: Impact Investing and the Globalization of Social and Environmental Sustainability 2019
83 CANCEREVO Deciphering and predicting the evolution of cancer cell populations 2019
84 APPS Assembly guided by particle position and shape 0
85 ULISSES Ultra low-power integrated optical sensor systems for networked environmental multichannel gas Sensing 2019
86 ConceptNet Using Network Science to Study Children’s Conceptual Development 2019
87 NumBraInf The Role of Prefrontal Cortex in Functional Brain Organization of Number Processing in Infants 2019
88 JDIL Joint Dynamics During Infant Learning 2020
89 ENLIGHTEM European Training Network in Low-energy Visible Light IoT Systems 2019
91 ConfliGram Conflicting Grammars: Gender among bilinguals in Mesoamerica and the Caucasus 2019
92 PEROGAN Novel Light Emitters based on Nanostructures of III-Nitrides and Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 2020
93 TODO Twinning Open Data Operational 2019
94 SECRET Exploitation of the SECRETory pathway for cancer therapy to address European research 2019
95 iPRODUCE A Social Manufacturing Framework for Streamlined Multi-stakeholder Open Innovation Missions in Consumer Goods Sectors 2020
96 WordMeasures Word Measures in Groups and Random Cayley Graphs 2020
97 VIA LACTEA Numerical Simulations of the Milky Way's Accretion History 2020
98 MOLEC ANTI-ARRHYT Resilience and Trigger Factors in Cardiac Arrhythmia: Risk Stratification and Drug Design 2020
99 INFANT MEMORIES Dissecting hippocampal circuits for the encoding of early-life memories 2020
100 miniNO Associative mechanisms linking a defective minipuberty to the appearance of mental and nonmental disorders: infantile NO replenishment as a new therapeutic possibility 2020
101 EPHOR Exposome project for health and occupational research 2020
102 PEROGAN Novel Light Emitters based on Nanostructures of III-Nitrides and Lead Halide Perovskite Nanocrystals 2020
103 MolecQuantumMachines Molecular Quantum Machines 2020
104 ATTO-GRAM Attosecond Gated Holography 2020
105 PreventALL Prevention of childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia immunology links oncology 2020
106 PLIM-G4 Long-lived optical probes to image G-quadruplex DNA in live cells 2021