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The page lists 142 projects related to the topic "reflected".

# achronym  title  year 
1 TREECLIMBERS Modelling lianas as key drivers of tropical forest responses to climate change 2015
2 ChromArch Single Molecule Mechanisms of Spatio-Temporal Chromatin Architecture 2015
3 SeSaMe Sustainable routes for Smart photonic Materials 2015
4 VEST Virtual Environments for Social Training 2015
6 COREGAL Combined Positioning-Reflectometry Galileo Code Receiver for Forest Management 2015
7 MISTRALE Monitoring of SoIl moiSture and wateR-flooded Areas for agricuLture and Environment 2015
8 SAF21 Social Science Aspects of Fisheries for the 21st Century 2015
9 WiMUST Widely scalable Mobile Underwater Sonar Technology 2015
10 SMARCOAT Development of Smart Nano and Microcapsulated Sensing Coatings for improving of Material Durability/Performance 2015
11 MOVE Mapping mobility – pathways, institutions and structural effects of youth mobility in Europe 2015
12 BRISKEE Behavioural Response to Investment Risks in Energy Efficiency 2015
13 SO2SAFE Enzymatic SO2 biosensor for rapid food safety monitoring 2014
14 SEREN 3 Security Research NCP Network 3 2015
15 Brain Metastases The Role of Circulating Monocytes in the Development of Brain Metastases 2015
16 HiDDaProTImA High-dimensional data processing: from theory to imaging applications 2016
17 NLRs Mechanisms of natural auto immunity triggered by plant NLR immune receptors 2015
18 JELLYPACTS Assessment of Jellyfish Socioeconomic Impacts in the Mediterranean: Implications for Management 2016
19 3F-FutureFreshFruit Elucidating the molecular basis of fruit resistance to desiccation: The cuticle as a key factor 2015
20 Legal Culture Legal Culture under Stalinism in Poland 2016
21 Transnational Localism Transnational Localism and Music after the two World Wars: the case of Francis Poulenc 2015
22 CONTESTEDWATERS Contested Waters: Rio de Janeiro’s Public Water Supply and the Social Structuring of the City 2015
23 ICE-OTOPE “Weathering and nutrient export from subglacial environments: A novel stable isotope approach” 2015
24 GALiVMS Galileo based inshore-VMS for fisheries 2015
25 Visualfy Visual Notify - Improving Deaf People's Life 2015
26 VR-Suit VR-Suit : MultiModal experiences in a Virtual World 2015
27 EE-IT EE-IT - Centre of Excellence on Connected Digital Economy 2015
28 HyMAP Hybrid Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis 2015
29 IMFDforHIC Improved Fluid Dynamics for Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions 2016
30 papabuild Advanced physical-acoustic and psycho-acoustic diagnostic methods for innovation in building acoustics 2016
31 CAPTOR Collective Awareness Platform for Tropospheric Ozone Pollution 2016
32 AFRIGOS African Governance and Space: Transport Corridors, Border Towns and Port Cities in Transition 2016
33 ETNA 2020 European Transport Network Alliance 2020 2016
34 HELITE High precision and performance heliostat for variable geometry fields of Thermosolar Plants 2016
35 EDOR BOX Electrodermal Orienting Reactivity-based Safeguard System for Early Detection of Suicide Propensity 2016
36 GrapheneCore1 Graphene-based disruptive technologies 2016
37 SCALABLE DEMOCRACY Can Direct Democracy Be Scaled? The Promise of Networked Democracy and the Affordances of Decision-Making Software 2016
38 BWBN Black Women/Black Nationalism – Feminist Discourses on Nation-building in American and British Literature and Visual Arts 2016
39 SOSiC Southern Ocean Silicon Cycling: combining views of the past and present using silicon isotopes 2016
40 TraCTUs Tracing European Copper Age Social Dynamics through Pottery Technology and Use 2016
41 GeneREFORM Genetically Encoded Multicolor Reporter Systems For Multiplexed MRI 2016
42 FAHMRRR Focus alternatives in the human mind: Retrieval, representation, and recall 2016
43 SmartGraphene Graphene based smart surfaces: from visible to microwave 2016
44 INCEPT INhomogenieties and fluctuations in quantum CohErent matter Phases by ultrafast optical Tomography 2016
45 INTERWOVEN Collecting, Displaying and Understanding Textiles in Decorative Arts Museums: Comparative Approaches in London and Madrid. 2016
46 T2gE Transition to the Green Economy 2016
47 TRANSAFELOAD TRANSAFELOAD: Testing the real behaviour of packaged loads during transport 2016
48 MATRIX Anthropogenic units detected by rare earth elements (REE) soil analysis in archaeological strata. 2016
49 TRISORP Energy saving and reducing carbon dioxide emission by applying advanced ammonia/water absorption chillers and decentralised Trigeneration (CCHP) technology to small and medium enterprises 2016
50 HRMEG HRMEG: High-resolution magnetoencephalography: Towards non-invasive corticography 2016
51 SCOUT Safe and COnnected aUtomation in road Transport 2016
52 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2016
53 AERO-UA Strategic and Targeted Support for Europe-Ukraine Collaboration in Aviation Research 2016
54 WYRED netWorked Youth Research for Empowerment in the Digital society 2016
55 mySMARTLife Smart Transition of EU cities towards a new concept of smart Life and Economy 2016
56 e-ROSA Towards an e-infrastructure Roadmap for Open Science in Agriculture 2017
57 MultipleMS Multiple manifestations of genetic and non-genetic factors in Multiple Sclerosis disentangled with a multi-omics approach to accelerate personalised medicine 2017
58 CHARMED Characterisation Of A Green Microenvironment And To Study Its Impact Upon Health and Well-Being in The Elderly As A Way Forward For Health Tourism. 2017
59 MECHANICS Mechanics of cells: the role of intermediate filaments 2017
60 DEEPVIEW High accuracy error detection in curved (prismatic) surfaces at high manufacturing speed 2017
61 CitizenLab CitizenLab 2017
62 FIMBUG Heterogeneity in fimbrial length and abundance as a generic regulator of E. coli surface colonization 2018
63 TRANSCALE Reconciling Scales in Global Seimology 2017
65 AJAPP Writing Jewish History: Ancient Judaism as a Political Problem in Central Europe at the Rise of the Nation State 2017
66 Global India Explaining Global India: a multi-sectoral PhD training programme analysing the emergence of India as a global actor 2017
67 PriWa Prisoners of war between Bourbon nations and United Kingdom during the 18th Century: ways of life and humanity in misfortune 2017
68 SABER CULTURAL SAfeguarding Biodiversity and Ecosystem seRvices by integrating CULTURAL values in freshwater management: learning from Māori 2018
69 IPISA Inkjet Printed Sensor Arrays for high efficient, low cost, environmental monitoring 2017
70 DogSPEC Multimodal Spectral Imaging for Canine Skin Erythema Estimation: from the Lab to the Clinic – DogSPEC 2017
71 EBOMAN Manufacturing and Development for Rapid Access Ebola Vaccine (EBOMAN) – Sofia ref.: 115850 2014
72 DatA ESPerT Database Analysis for Evaluation of Seismic Performance Assessment Tools 2017
73 ECM_INK Cells-self Extracellular Matrices-based Bioinks to create accurate 3D diseased skin tissue models 2017
74 WoRD-DoME Women's Economic Rights and Cultural Difference: Defining Development for the Middle East 2017
75 KETBIO KETBIO: A novel cluster model to bring KEY ENABLING BIOTECHNOLOGY research closer to markets and society 2017
76 MammoWave The first ultra-high sensitive breast imaging device based on non-ionizing safe microwave 2017
77 NATVIS Characterizing neural mechanisms underlying the efficiency of naturalistic human vision 2017
78 HyFlexFuel Hydrothermal liquefaction: Enhanced performance and feedstock flexibility for efficient biofuel production 2017
79 BioCatPolymers Sustainable and efficient bio-chemical catalytic cascade conversion of residual biomass to high quality biopolymers 2018
81 AgeCogCity How visual perception shapes our cities: a cognitive model of ageing population 2018
82 PRESLHY Pre-normative REsearch for Safe use of Liquide HYdrogen 2018
83 ANTSolve A multi-scale perspective into collective problem solving in ants 2018
84 ASA Understanding Statehood through Architecture: a comparative study of Africa's state buildings 2018
85 flexiLED A new dynamic precision LED-lighting system for hydro- and aquaponic indoor farming 2018
86 CorticalSpaceShift How altered sensory experience changes the cortex: plasticity processes in the visual cortex and their relation to ecological real-life events under shifted perception condition 2018
87 PosEnt Positive Entrepreneurship 2018
88 HG-Emo How sociocultural forces shape the emotion lexicon in hunter-gatherer languages 2018
89 TakeupSLaCk Role and regulation of dendritic cell functions by Solute Carrier Transporters 2019
90 UNISECO Understanding and improving the sustainability of agro-ecological farming systems in the EU 2018
91 JOLT Harnessing Data and Technology for Journalism 2018
92 STETHOTELEPHONE Device for improving the value of the Classic/Mechanic stethoscope – An innovative device for improvement, digitization and recording of the sound. 2018
93 LEAD Miniature colon spectral scanner that gives real-time automatic alerts for pathological findings. 2018
94 AQUA PUR TM Development and market penetration of an innovative water purification technology for industrial applications 2018
95 GlasSkin 2018
96 HiVOLT HIGH-VOLTAGE LITHIUM STORAGE - secure + efficient battery storage solution of the next generation 2018
97 SOCIETY How do you spell RESEARCH? SOCIETY - Science, histOry, Culture, musIc, Environment, arT, technologY 2018
98 SLAMseq SLAMseq: Temporal resolution in gene expression profiling across multiple platforms 2019
99 ABC-EU-XVA Valuation Adjustments for Improved Risk Management 2018
100 LAST-JD-RIoE Law, Science and Technology Joint Doctorate: Rights of the Internet of Everything 2019
101 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2018
102 TRA2020 The Transport Research Arena 2020 in Helsinki 2018
103 iGLURs - A NEW VIEW Exposing nature’s view of ligand recognition in ionotropic glutamate receptors 2019
104 CICERONE CIrCular Economy platfoRm for eurOpeaN priorities strategic agEnda 2018
105 EDCMET Metabolic effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: novel testing METhods and adverse outcome pathways 2019
106 MAKING-CITY Energy efficient pathway for the city transformation: enabling a positive future 2018
107 RISIS 2 European Research Infrastructure for Science, technology and Innovation policy Studies 2 2019
108 EXCHANGE Dynamic Complexes and Allosteric Regulation of Small Molecule Transporters 2019
109 REMINISCENCE REflection Matrix ImagiNg In wave SCiENCE 2019
110 SSHOC Social Sciences & Humanities Open Cloud 2019
111 HyTunnel-CS PNR for safety of hydrogen driven vehicles and transport through tunnels and similar confined spaces 2019
112 CHIBRIT Is There No Such Thing As Childhood? New Childhoods in Britain and Turkey between 1976 and 1997 2020
113 SingleCellAI Deep-learning models of CRISPR-engineered cells define a rulebook of cellular transdifferentiation 2019
114 TxnEvoClim Climate adaptation in Arabidopsis thaliana through evolution of transcription regulation 2019
115 PALP Pathiana Archaeological Landscapes Project 2019
116 MAPPOLA Mapping out the poetic landscape(s) of the Roman empire: Ethnic and regional variations, socio-cultural diversity, and cross-cultural transformations 2019
117 PROACTIVE PReparedness against CBRNE threats through cOmmon Approaches between security praCTItioners and the VulnerablE civil society 2019
118 ASSESSnet Language assessment in virtual mobility initiatives at tertiary level – teachers’ beliefs, practices and perceptions 2019
119 RURALIZATION The opening of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms 2019
120 PrISMoID Photonic Structural Materials with Controlled Disorder 2019
121 CausalBrain Dynamic directed functional connectivity of causal learning 2019
122 KW Rebel Integration The International Rebel Integration Toolkit Revisited: What Approaches Work for the Successful and Sustainable Incorporation of Former Rebel Groups after Civil War? 2019
123 CHyMERA Monitoring cancer heterogeneity based on the dynamic assessment of the Warburg effect under metabolic perturbation 2019
124 FORCHAR Unlocking the hidden information in char to create a new quantitative toolkit for use in forensic fire investigations 2019
125 G20LAP G20 Legitimacy and Policymaking 2019
126 5G CONNI Private 5G Networks for Connected Industries 2019
127 DECONIZER Disrupting the food safety chain. The decontamination unit that removes more than 99% of pathogenic bacteria during poultry meat slaughtering and processing 2019
128 LIVELMIA Innovative assay for microRNAs analysis 2019
129 CohoSing Cohomology and Singularities 2019
130 SHAPES Smart and Healthy Ageing through People Engaging in Supportive Systems 2019
131 ConnectedFactories 2 Global-leading smart manufacturing through digital platforms, cross-cutting features and skilled workforce 2019
132 NeuroPa Targeting the brain sigma-1 receptor: A paradigm shift for the treatment of neuro-degenerative disorders 2019
133 SecureTracker New-generation bifacial solar tracker with integrated wind protection system for large scale photovoltaic arrays 2019
134 Clarifruit Oct 19 Innovative platform for fresh-produce quality control 2020
135 PolyCRomA Polychromy: the meaning of Colour in Roman African statues 2020
136 DIFFER Determinants of genetic diversity: Important Factors For Ecosystem Resilience 2020
137 FIRE An industry-led Forum for Innovation and Research in European Earth Observation 2019
138 QaSLA The Qur’an as a Source for Late Antiquity 2020
139 3DFOSSILDIET Tracing the Ontogenetic Evolution of Diet and Behavior in Neandertals and Anatomically Modern Humans in the Franco-Cantabrian Region. An Integrative study of 3D Tooth Wear Patterns 2020
140 Financing_Entrep Financing Frictions in High-Potential Entrepreneurship 2020
141 APOCRYPHA Storyworlds in Transition: Coptic Apocrypha in Changing Contexts in the Byzantine and Early Islamic Periods 2020
142 MulHaRes A probabilistic decision framework for MULti-HAzard RESilience of residential building portfolios subjected to floods and landslides 2020