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H2020 projects about "smartphone"

The page lists 194 projects related to the topic "smartphone".

# achronym  title  year 
1 TIMON Enhanced real time services for an optimized multimodal mobility relying on cooperative networks and open data 2015
2 PASSME Personalised Airport Systems for Seamless Mobility and Experience 2015
3 Lensless High-resolution microscopy without lenses: a new generation of imaging technology 2015
4 G MOTIT Galileo-Enhanced MOTIT: an electric scooter sharing service for sustainable urban mobility 2015
5 QoE-Net innovative Quality Of Experience maNagement in Emerging mulTimedia services 2015
6 HEARTEN A co-operative mHEALTH environment targeting adherence and management of patients suffering from Heart Failure 2015
7 PD_manager mhealth platform for Parkinson’s disease management 2015
8 Do CHANGE Do Cardiac Health: Advanced New Generation Ecosystem 2015
9 RAPID Heterogeneous Secure Multi-level Remote Acceleration Service for Low-Power Integrated Systems and Devices 2015
10 MobiliSense Air pollution and noise exposure related to personal transport behaviour: short-term and longer-term effects on health 2015
11 PRIME PRIME (Push Relevantly to Increase Mobile Engagement) 2014
12 SignSigma Launching the next generation of mobile and multi-platform signature system based on biometric parameters 2014
13 Visualfy Visual Notify - Improving Deaf People's Life 2015
14 YouBeep YouBeep – InStore mobile shopping and analytics 2015
15 SOMA Analytics Chronic Stress Biomarkers for Early Detection and Prevention of Burnout 2014
16 BrainWorkloadReader Generation of a business plan for the production of a compact and reliable device able to measure in real-time the cerebral workload state of high responsibility operators in the transport domain 2015
17 GY GameYourself - Create a virtual 3D model of a person’s face based on a short video taken with any smartphone cam. 2014
18 Assist Telocate ASSIST – Development and marketing of an acoustic solution for localization and navigation of people in buildings using the smartphone 2015
19 SMASH SMASH, SMArt SHaring device for mobility 2015
20 Smartphone-ANCIH Smartphone A new concept in hearing…”: an interactive real-time embedded audio solution that offers a significant/disruptive change in hearing technology and market. 2015
21 eKuore eKoure: the world´s first wireless stethoscope of the mhealth market. 2015
22 ENAMISS ENAMISS - Energetic Neutral Atoms Monitor on the International Space Station 2015
23 INE IAPS Intelligent active protection system for motorcyclists: saving lives through optimum use of latest advances in sensor technologies, wireless communication, Smartphone platforms, real-time analysis. 2015
24 DGC SEPA in your pocket – development of a mobile payment solution based on a disruptive SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Credit Transfer approach for banks and the payment industry. 2015
25 QuantOnCal Feasibility study for clinical validation of an innovative point of care assay for the detection of low-grade-infections in joint replacement 2015
26 OKIDOKEYS New electro-mechanic access system with dematerialized keys for residential market 2015
27 Fidzup-Retargeting Physical Retargeting, innovative mobile marketing services for traditional retailers 2015
28 QuickTicket QuickTicket 2015
29 CITYCoP Citizen Interaction Technologies Yield Community Policing 2015
30 AURA Advanced Uninterrupted RAdio 2015
31 NewEat Transdiagnostic views on eating disorders and obesity and new approaches for treatment 2015
32 EFD The e-wallet Fraud Detection 2015
33 VIMpay VIMpay- an one-size-fits-all mobile based solution for cashless payment for Europe 2015
34 FACCESS Enabling the large-scale deployment of Facial Recognition in banking security 2015
35 ANGEO2 For cognitively-impaired or visually-impaired persons suffering from spatial disorientation, a smartphone-based navigation aid that is both reliable and safe for urban pedestrian mobility. 2015
36 PreventIT Early risk detection and prevention in ageing people by self-administered ICT-supported assessment and a behavioural change intervention delivered by use of smartphones and smartwatches 2016
37 Sir-Park Smart Integrated system for Reliable Parking information, search and guidance. 2015
38 i-PROGNOSIS Intelligent Parkinson eaRly detectiOn Guiding NOvel Supportive InterventionS 2016
39 selfBACK A decision support system for self-management of low back pain 2016
40 NEVERMIND NEurobehavioural predictiVE and peRsonalised Modelling of depressIve symptoms duriNg primary somatic Diseases with ICT-enabled self-management procedures 2016
41 DOMINO DOMINO - Connecting Europe, Saving Energy 2016
42 SENCOGI SENCOGI® : a revolutionary gaze-tracking technology for real world applications. 2016
43 SWARM Software driven Smart Antenna powered by RF MEMS Technology 2016
44 Strength2Food Strengthening European Food Chain Sustainability by Quality and Procurement Policy 2016
45 ERcontext How to deal with how you feel: Understanding and training context-dependent emotion regulation 2016
46 SmartPosition Smartphone-based Mobile Positioning System 2016
47 iTractor Smart farmer’s assistant - iTractor ® 2016
48 ReCETT Remote Control of Electrical Transmission Tower 2016
49 iCARE MobIle health-Care system for monitoring toxicity and symptoms in cAncer patients ReceivingdiseasE-oriented therapy 2016
50 SPRAYDECO Developing Wireless Application-based Spray Printer Device for Wall Decoration 2016
51 MiniMo-Logistics MiniMo-Logistics application 2016
52 INE IAPS Intelligent active protection system for motorcyclists: saving lives through optimum use of latest advances in sensor technologies, wireless communication, smartphone platforms, real-time analysis 2016
53 CELSO Low-cost and high-performance pocket Automated Vehicle Monitoring system for Public Transport 2016
54 e-Gates Precision diagnostics using electrogating of liquids in capillary-driven microfluidics 2016
56 SOMA The Smart Way to Beat Stress at Work 2016
57 SMARTHE Smart thermostat èvolution 2016
58 Paybon Paybon - disrupting the massive global meal voucher market with a smartphone delivery system 2016
59 SHIM Shim-Scaling mental well-being through an automated self-help app 2016
61 FoodSmartphone Smartphone analyzers for on-site testing of food quality and safety 2017
62 IPCOM Next generation IP-based smart Push-to-Talk communication device for public security 2016
63 isitFlutter dIagnoSIs app for regular aTrial arrhytmia like Flutter 2016
64 Adapptise Redefining the way brands and game developers reach audiences - A fresh approach to advertising and customer retention. 2016
65 PhasmaFOOD Portable photonic miniaturised smart system for on-the-spot food quality sensing 2017
66 GlobILS Global Platform for Indoor Location Services 2016
67 YouBeep YouBeep – InStore mobile shopping and analytics 2016
68 NEOSURANCE Neosurance's objective is to propose innovative short-term insurance policies,proposed to the client a few hours before an event he is going to participate,through an advanced machine learning engine 2016
69 SOCIALBOND Social integration and boundary making in adolescence 2017
70 T-TAG Innovative tag system providing affordable time-temperature quality control of individual temperature sensitive products 2016
71 spinitCompanion A point of care device to provide real-time blood analysis for chronic diseases. 2016
73 GasApp Making Complex Gas Analytics Friendly and Available ASAP 2017
74 VideoPlus A platform for augmented video content 2017
75 NZi-VITAL Novel Smart Motorcycle helmet with integrated health monitoring system, accident detection and eCall compliance. 2017
76 LOCARP4EU potential analysis of Ecov's short-distance real-time carpooling stations relying on roadside connected hardware 2017
77 Videona Videona: The first Video Social Network for journalist and prosumers allowing them to optimize the generation of quality audio-visual content through mobile phones. 2017
78 BITRIDE BIKE SHARING The solution for flexible bike sharing initiatives without fixed stations 2017
79 EYE21 EYE2021. Glasses to see with 3D sound, arrival to market. 2017
80 HOOKIE A Customizable Robot to Include Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder 2017
81 SMASH Smart Sharing 2017
82 IA-M-SHOP Intelligent Algorithm for M-Shop 2017
83 NEEDS Dynamic Urban Environmental Exposures on Depression and Suicide 2017
84 MW-R MoveWise-Research project 2017
85 mPOWER Mobile platform to empower cancer patients with fatigue 2017
86 RADAR-CNS Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse in Central Nervous System Disorders - Sofia ref.: 115902 2016
87 PRISM Psychiatric Ratings using Intermediate Stratified Markers - Sofia ref.: 115916 2016
88 INTERESTS Lost in Transition? Multiple Interests in Contexts of Education, Leisure and Work 2017
89 GlucoTear Non-Invasive Fluorescence-based Tear Glucose Sensor Integrated to a Smartphone 2018
90 Laelia Due A smart pellet stove that combines efficient heat generation with IoT 2017
91 Anapphylaxis The first Integrated m-Health solution for anaphylaxis management. 2017
92 Domo4mAI Domo4m: Scalable Intelligent home office automation for energy savings 2017
93 BlockchainKYC Blockchain-based, 100% automated KYC (Know Your Customer) service 2017
94 PRIDIKTIV Pridiktiv - Exploring European expansion through 4 pilot studies 2017
95 SHOKA Community-based cyclist navigation solution to increase safety of utility bikers 2017
96 DSS Deaf Smart Space 2017
97 Uno-sport Delivering contextual information in a hands-free experience, optimized for users engaged inaction sports 2017
98 IT-DED3 Integrated Training in Dry Eye Disease Drug Development (IT-DED3) 2018
99 MoTiV Mobility and Time Value 2017
100 SmartPhoneSmartAging Smartphones, Smart Ageing and mHealth 2017
101 BILLON Disrupting the economy – FinTech blockchain solution revolutionises direct payments. Secure, low-cost and simple bank-free payments for everyone 2017
102 SUN-PILOT Subwavelength Nanostructure Pilot (Sun-Pilot) 2018
103 OnTrack Development of a commercial manufacturing process for embeddable RFID and NFC Tags forcomplete lifecycle tracking of tyres 2017
104 IMPETUS Pilot line for paper based electrochemical test strips dedicated to quantitative biosensing in liquids 2018
105 FLAMINGO Fulfilling enhanced Location Accuracy in the Mass-market through Initial GalileO services 2017
106 STANDUP Smartphone Thermal ANalysis for Diabetic foot Ulcer Prevention and treatment 2018
107 PRODEMOS Prevention of Dementia using Mobile phone Applications 2018
108 PREDESA Non-invasive technology for remote screening and personalised therapy of sleeping disorders: EU piloting and commercialisation project 2017
109 MSH The one-stop-shop for urban and regional mobility 2017
110 HomyHub Unlocking the full potential of grarages and paving the way for 21st century garage 2017
111 roometric3D A disruptive smartphone application to measure three-dimensional spaces to digitally evaluate and view associated surface data 2017
112 DANTE DANTE: Digital Alarm Network and Tracking Equipment for forest fire detection 2018
113 BlindTouch Eye-Free user interface to give full access to smart devices for blind and visually impaired people 2018
114 Meshporto_smeIns1_2 PsstMenu allows customers to place orders directly from home or restaurant tables using only a smartphone. 2018
115 MicroSpot The first portable, low-cost, robotized scanner microscope that converts any smartphone into a high quality and intelligent tele-microscopy image diagnosis system 2018
116 Talking Hands Talking Hands 2018
117 GREENSENSE Sustainable, Wireless, Autonomous Nanocellulose-based Quantitative DoA Biosensing Platform 2018
118 eSMART The Professional Platform for sustainable and connected buildings 2018
119 CRIMETIME Crime and Time: How short-term mindsets encourage crime and how the future self can prevent it 2018
120 LiveSEN In-Field Live Sensing of Nitrate in Crops for Real-Time Fertilization Adjustment 2018
121 NeMESIS Neuron-based Monitoring Electrochemical Bio-Sensor Interface System 2019
122 ElectroGene Electrogenetics – Shaping Electrogenetic Interfaces for Closed-Loop Voltage-Controlled Gene Expression 2018
123 LABPATCH Lab-in-a-patch for PKU self-assessment 2018
124 Better Dairy A diagnostic tool for endometritis in cows, based on a portable automated image recognition software 2018
125 EXICOM 3D experience anywhere, at any time 2018
126 EyeCode A frictionless two-factor authentication software for secure transactions 2018
127 TALENT SWARM 7D Collaborative Work Environment for Project Lifecycle Management (PLM) of Complex Industrial Assets 2018
128 Cupris The first smartphone-connected medical device for a secure remote diagnosis of ears, nose, eyes and skin conditions 2018
129 QUPIC Ultra-fast and Cost-effective Quantum Random Number Generator Photonic Integrated Chip 2018
130 Raccoon.Recovery Raccoon.Recovery – effective mobile data driven hand rehabilitation solution 2018
131 A3BL Airofit - Better Breathing, Better Life 2018
132 FOOT TRANSPORT Foot Transport for a Smart Mobility 2018
133 Stellar i-ris First non-invasive, reliable and quickest biometric system detecting users’ fatigue and narcotics consumption for road safety and the prevention of accidents at safety-critical workplaces in Europe 2018
135 Quiske RowP The RowP system by Quiske Ltd is a game changing rowing technique measuring and coaching system for any level of rowers or crew both outdoor and indoors. 2018
136 Glucostratus Bringing the benefits of interactive digital health to the care of elderly persons with diabetes 2018
137 3DTransducers 3DTransducers: Functional 3D Printed Transducer and Sensor Systems 2018
138 AirPlatform An open integration platform for professional displays 2018
139 EUVPLASMA Laser-driven plasma sources of extreme ultraviolet light for nanolithography 2019
140 COCLICAN COllaborative Consortium for the early detection of LIver CANcer 2018
141 RedStroke Smart ICT-solution to cost-efficiently detect atrial fibrillation to Reduce Europe’s burden of Stroke 2018
142 MPA Mobile Application for Hybrid Internet 2018
143 BEAWARE Early warning system for enteropathies in intensive broiler farming. 2018
144 See Far Smart glasses for multifacEted visual loss mitigation and chronic disEase prevention indicator for healthier, saFer, and more productive workplAce foR ageing population 2018
145 Finger Port A non-invasive portable device that measures and tracks several physiological parameters in real-time to determine cardiovascular and health conditions 2018
146 Lazzus The mobility assistant for the blind and visually impaired 2019
147 DigiBreakers Putting Digital Circuit Breakers at the Centre of the Smart Grid 2019
148 RADAR-AD Remote Assessment of Disease and Relapse – Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
149 SmartEater Enhancing recovery from eating and weight disorders using mHealth and psychological theory 2019
150 QuAnGIS Question-based Analysis of Geographic Information with Semantic Queries 2019
151 BiowatchID A secure wearable for payments, ticketing, access control and ID management 2019
152 Nubart7 From museums to everywhere: Nubart's highly innovative audio guides are looking for new verticals 2019
153 VRACE VRACE - Virtual Reality Audio for Cyber Environments 2019
154 MICROB-PREDICT MICROBiome-based biomarkers to PREDICT decompensation of liver cirrhosis and treatment response 2019
155 Racefox Making better runners & cross-country skiers by real-time AI coaching 2019
156 Picterus A remote and price efficient tool for jaundice screening 2019
157 COCOON In-Seat Ventillation and Supply for Personalised Comfort Control on board an Aircraft 2019
158 TRACE-AD Tracking the Effects of Amyloid and Tau Pathology on Brain Systems and Cognition in Early Alzheimer’s Disease 2019
159 GlucOrigami Modular DNA Origami Platform for the Design of Tunable Glucose Biosensor 2020
160 Self-EsteemProcesses A self-esteem process framework of the transition to work 2020
161 MindCare AutoMatic and Personalized Mental HealthCare Solution 2019
162 MICROPIX MicroLED Pixel Display for Augmented Reality Smart glasses 2019
164 snickerdoodle An affordable edge-computing device for high-performance and power-efficient robotics automation 2019
165 CivDrone CivDrone – fast, remote and reliable staking solution 2019
167 3DPRINTEDOPTICS 3D printed micro- and nano-optics for future integrated vision and endoscopy systems 2019
168 GOLIATH PRO The first portable and automated milling robot tool enabling professional manufacturers to produce large-size objects in whatever place 2019
169 Optium Smart charger device to increase smartphones’ battery lifetime, prevent fire accidents, and provide cross-brand flexibility 2019
170 Yetitablet Yetitablet - the most intuitive and versatile giant tablet 2019
171 MrDoc Development and commercialization of a semi-supervised learning AI for robust diagnosis in real world settings. 2019
172 MOXO-Mobile Phase-1 MOXO-Mobile: the first Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) screening mobile application, using Eye Tracking and Continuous Performance Test components to give the first evidence of attention 2019
173 Dynamic BC Dynamic Bright Code: Delivering digital content in offline environments by connecting unique LEDbased optical tags with mobile devices. 2019
174 HYGGii The therapist in your pocket - AI assisted ecosystem for enabling a patient-centric approach to mental health 2019
175 AVATAR SW application for smartphones enabling accurate and easy-to-use 3D body scanning for digitalized design and production process in fashion and textile industry. 2019
176 CRESCENT CRESCENT: Adaptive hands-free controller for people with disabilities 2019
177 PrevictDrugs Smartphone Measured Eye-Based Digital Biomarkers for Drug Use Detection 2019
178 Manuback MANUBACK, the smart garment for operator protection in the field of Manual Handling of Goods 2019
179 REScala A Programming Platform for Reactive Data-intensive Applications 2019
180 SLAM4AR Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Augmented Reality 2019
181 FreeATPOC Towards an instrument-free future of molecular diagnostics at the point-of-care 2020
182 KOMP Pro KOMP Pro - The one-button screen connecting care providers and family with non-digital seniors through pictures, messages, video, apps and services. 2020
183 Didimo Humanity in Digital Communication 2019
184 IPANEMA Integration of PAper-based Nucleic acid testing mEthods into Microfluidic devices for improved biosensing Applications 2020
185 FOCALSPEC Solving the Root Cause of Battery Short Circuits:FocalSpec high-speed 3D imaging sensors revolutionise industrial quality control 2019
186 FACE FACE: A real-time facial analysis software to improve the skincare e-commerce. 2019
187 keyper Captive Customer Connection: Easy and Secure Sharing and Selling of Tickets - and Other Personal Rights 2019
188 GISCAD-OV Galileo Improved Services for Cadastral Augmentation Development On-field Validation 2019
189 IMPACT DIABETES B2B Implementation Action to prevent Diabetes from Bump 2 Baby (IMPACT DIABETES B2B): a low-resource system of care intervention for appropriate gestational weight gain and improved postnatal outcomes 2020
190 Ofi Ofi, pool management at your fingertips! 2020
191 AVIAZE The social network for pilots, to make flying safer and cheaper 2020
192 THERA Therapeutic Drug Monitoring with Smartphone-integrated Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy 2020
193 Clarifruit Oct 19 Innovative platform for fresh-produce quality control 2020
194 LIGHTFIELD Seamless mixing of virtual & real-world objects in VR & AR 2020