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H2020 projects about "unmanned"

The page lists 111 projects related to the topic "unmanned".

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1 BRIDGES Bringing together Research and Industry for the Development of Glider Environmental Services 2015
2 LYNCEUS2MARKET An innovative people localisation system for safe evacuation of large passenger ships 2015
3 DEMOCRITOS Demonstrators for Conversion, Reactor, Radiator And Thrusters for Electric Propulsion Systems 2015
4 mapKITE EGNOS-GPS/GALILEO-based high-resolution terrestrial-aerial sensing system. 2015
5 COREGAL Combined Positioning-Reflectometry Galileo Code Receiver for Forest Management 2015
6 MarineUAS Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Systems for Marine and Coastal Monitoring 2015
7 AEROWORKS Collaborative Aerial Robotic Workers 2015
8 Flourish Aerial Data Collection and Analysis, and Automated Ground Intervention for Precision Farming 2015
9 RAWFIE Road-, Air- and Water-based Future Internet Experimentation 2015
10 TherVIS A Thermal-Visual Integrated System Mounted on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for 3D energy performance mapping and forecasting and damage evaluation 2014
11 SURVEIRON SURVEIRON: Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures 2014
12 FOREST 3D - ECOCARB Integration of innovative remote sensing techniques for optimum modelling of tropical forest primate habitat and carbon storage 2015
13 HELIUM High European Laboratory for Institutes, Universities and Markets 2015
14 Elistair Bringing unlimited autonomy to Civilian Drones : PULSE, an Intelligent Tethered Power Supply. 2015
15 GULWESS-PROP Green Ultra Light Weight Energy Storage System for Propulsion 2015
16 ZEBCOM Zero Emission Robot-Boat for Coastal and Inland Water Monitoring 2015
17 REALISE GroLaS Runway independent automatic launch and landing system for civil UAV based on GroLaS 2015
18 5 LIVES Search, Challenge, Fight, Care, Rescue for Lives. 2015
19 NICENAV NICENAV Navigation-grade ITAR-free Certifiable Equipment for the Navigation of manned and unmanned Air Vehicle, based on FOG technology 2015
20 SWARMs Smart and Networking UnderWAter Robots in Cooperation Meshes 2015
21 Theseus Theseus 2015
22 UPAC S-100 Feasibility study for URBAN PROTECTION AVIATION COPTER S-100 2015
23 PUMPED Poor Man's Differential GNSS for Drones 2015
24 AEROBI AErial RObotic System for In-Depth Bridge Inspection by Contact 2015
25 TULIPP Towards Ubiquitous Low-power Image Processing Platforms 2016
26 BioCarbon Rapid tree-planting through the use of remote sensing and unmanned vehicle planting technologies for large scale reforestation 2015
27 FireSpec Integrated spectroscopic sensors for the risk assessment of fires 2016
28 MOBNET MOBile NETwork for people's location in natural and man-made disasters 2016
29 ALTAIR Air Launch space Transportation using an Automated aircraft and an Innovative Rocket 2015
30 STEP2DYNA Spatial-temporal information processing for collision detection in dynamic environments 2016
31 A3R Air To Air Automatic Refuelling 2016
32 BIAF Bird Inspired Autonomous Flight 2016
33 Sea Litter Critters A compact, unmanned, renewables-powered and self-sufficient vessel able to pick up marine litter and to treat it on board for volume reduction and energy recovery 2016
34 SURVEIRON SURVEIRON: Advanced surveillance system for the protection of urban soft targets and urban critical infrastructures 2016
35 EXTREMDRON Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for protecting soft/critical urban infrastructures, and the general public in extreme environments. 2016
36 WADI WADI 2016
37 HawkEye Vision-based Guidance and Control in Birds, with Applications to Autonomous Unmanned Aircraft 2016
38 RESPONDER Resolving subglacial properties, hydrological networks and dynamic evolution of ice flow on the Greenland Ice Sheet 2016
39 SURE Safe Unmanned Robotic Ensembles 2016
40 IN2SMART Intelligent Innovative Smart Maintenance of Assets by integRated Technologies 2016
41 CPSwarm CPSwarm 2017
42 UAV-Fuvex UAV-Fuvex Blue Growth 2016
43 CONNECT Combinatorics of Networks and Computation 2017
44 ALFA Advanced Low Flying Aircrafts Detection and Tracking 2017
45 HyLIPS Hyperspectral Lightweight Imagers for micro-PlatformS 2016
46 FLIpER The first on-board automatic ship hull management cleaning system for hull fouling prevention towards maritime eco-efficiency 2017
47 M2M mapKITE to market 2017
48 aPad aPad - smaller, lighter, smarter autonomous marine surface vehicle 2017
49 IAUVcontrol Force/position control system to enable compliant manipulation from a floating I-AUV 2017
50 DUF Deep Learning UAV Networks for Autonomous Forest Firefighting 2017
51 GAMODRONE Game of Drones: Multimedia Streaming with Flying Terminals in Next Generation Mobile Networks 2017
52 ENviSION-EO Enhancing our Understanding of Earth’s Land Surface InteractiONs at Multiple Scales Utilising Earth Observation 2017
53 INCEPTION Incremental Nonlinear flight Control supplemented with Envelope ProtecTION techniques 2017
54 ROBORDER autonomous swarm of heterogeneous RObots for BORDER surveillance 2017
55 SECOPS An Integrated Security Concept for Drone Operations 2017
56 CAMELOT C2 Advanced Multi-domain Environment and Live Observation Technologies 2017
57 CLASS CLear Air Situation for uaS: Maturing ground based technologies for a real-time Unmanned Aerial System Traffic Management System (UTMS) to monitor and separate Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) traffic 2017
58 NOVIMAR NOVel Iwt and MARitime transport concepts 2017
59 FormulaGP FormulaGP - Recruitment plan for a skilled associate to help developing the patent pending IRIS GreenPlasma device 2017
60 ePatriot Evolved Sky Patriot – Phase 1 Feasibility Study 2017
61 MAGYCO Mems based Appliance for GYro Compassing in general aviation and unmanned aircraft applications 2017
62 Wind-Drone A powerful UAV-based ICT solution allowing safe, reliable and effective inspections of wind turbines 2017
63 FORROT2035 ATS Level Rotorcraft 2035 Forecast 2017
64 PANTHEON Precision Farming of Hazelnut Orchards 2017
65 AIRPASS Advanced Integrated RPAS Avionics Safety Suite 2017
66 MOMIT Multi-scale Observation and Monitoring of railway Infrastructure Threats 2017
67 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
68 HYPERNETS A new hyperspectral radiometer integrated in automated networks of water and land bidirectional reflectance measurements for satellite validation 2018
69 TWIGA Transforming Weather Water data into value-added Information services for sustainable Growth in Africa 2018
70 Aerobits Aerobits - world smallest ADS-B receivers to safely integrate drones into European airspace 2017
72 BridgeScan Laser Scanning for Automatic Bridge Assessment 2019
73 NOISE NOise Impacts of whale-watching boatS on cEtaceans 2018
74 AirSens High-Accuracy Indoor Tracking and Augmented Sensing using Swarms of UAVs 2018
75 HOMED HOlistic Management of Emerging forest pests and Diseases 2018
76 OCONTSOLAR Optimal Control of Thermal Solar Energy Systems 2018
77 ARcopter The Game Changer Free-wing VTOL Drone for Commercial and Governmental Missions 2018
78 DRAMS Drone-based Radio Aid Measuring System 2018
79 A2MIRO Airbone Asset Management Inspection Robot - Offshore 2018
80 OneSkyConnect Providing air traffic data for the drone revolution 2018
81 OILBLOCK Immediate Oil Spill containment to mitigate impact on the marine ecosystem 2018
82 ENDURUNS Development and demonstration of a long-endurance sea surveying autonomous unmanned vehicle with gliding capability powered by hydrogen fuel cell 2018
83 Vision-In-Flight Neuromechanics of Insect Vision during Aerial Interactions with Applications in Visually Guided Systems 2018
84 ODESSA Obstruction DEtection Sensor for Surveillance on Aircraft 2018
85 INFORE Interactive Extreme-Scale Analytics and Forecasting 2019
86 WingtraOne A VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) drone for mapping and surveying, uniquely combining long range, heavy payloads and ease of use. 2018
87 AutoFlyMap AUTOnomous FLYing Robots in GNSS denied environments for 3D Underground infrastructure MAPping and inspection. 2019
88 Skye Redefining Drone Safety and Autonomous Operation for Indoor Commercial Applications 2018
89 justITSELF Just-in-time Self-Verification of Autonomous Systems 2019
90 MYRIAD Airborne Artificial Intelligence for more efficient, safer and sustainable inspection and surveying of energy industrial areas 2019
91 AUTOSHIP Autonomous Shipping Initiative for European Waters 2019
92 CURSOR Coordinated Use of miniaturized Robotic equipment and advanced Sensors for search and rescue OpeRations 2019
93 aqua3S Enhancing Standardisation strategies to integrate innovative technologies for Safety and Security in existing water networks 2019
94 COMPASS2020 Coordination Of Maritime assets for Persistent And Systematic Surveillance 2019
95 IUCCF An intelligent design of user-centric cell-free massive MIMO: A deep learning approach 2020
96 Silent Flyer Solving the greatest problem of surveillance: To see without being seen 2019
97 DRONECOP The first integral control and command system for managing missions which delivers 3D cartography and georeferenced data in real-time 2019
98 THEIAUAS Threod THEIA Vertical Take-Off and Landing UAS: Solving unmanned aircraft challenges at sea and elsewhere 2019
99 Keemotion Auto-Producing TV Broadcasting System for Sport Events 2019
100 TransDB Limitless Timeseries Analysis to open up Big Data applications in Transportation 2019
101 OPTAPHI European Joint Doctorate Programme on Optical Sensing using Advanced Photo-Induced Effects 2020
102 UPTEKO First Fully Integrated Drone System for Maritime Operations 2019
103 Windrone Zenith Autonomous & Intelligent UAV-based Wind Turbine Inspection System for Cost-effective, Reliable, Safe and Actionable Blade Fault Detection and Prediction 2019
104 OZeye Developing Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence for best-quality and cost-effective live sports production and distribution 2019
105 SeaClear SEarch, identificAtion and Collection of marine Litter with Autonomous Robots 2020
106 UAVEndure II Innovative fuel cell propulsion technology enabling long endurance for small UAVs 2019
107 Evolift Evolift - Getting people out of harms way 2019
108 UCL Unmanned Chemical Lab (UCL): autonomous control system for the remote management of soluble and emulsifiable metalworking fluids 2019
109 MKD Mine Kafon Drone: An Unmanned Airborne Demining System 2020
110 Train2Wind Training school on entrainment in offshore wind power 2020
111 RAPID Risk-aware Automated Port Inspection Drone(s) 2020