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H2020 projects about "informing"

The page lists 90 projects related to the topic "informing".

# achronym  title  year 
1 AtlantOS Optimizing and Enhancing the Integrated Atlantic Ocean Observing System 2015
2 XCYCLE Advanced measures to reduce cyclists' fatalities and increase comfort in the interaction with motorised vehicles 2015
3 RAPID-MIX Realtime Adaptive Prototyping for Industrial Design of Multimodal Interactive eXpressive technology 2015
4 EDFx European Digital Forum Thought Leadership and Policy Network Exchange 2015
5 IndustRE Innovative Business Models for Market Uptake of Renewable Electricity unlocking the potential for flexibility in the Industrial Electricity Use 2015
6 STERCP Synchronisation to enhance reliability of climate predictions 2015
7 PRIVACY FLAG Enabling Crowd-sourcing based privacy protection for smartphone applications, websites and Internet of Things deployments 2015
8 InterDemo Intercultural Democracies: insights from mining conflicts for environmental justice in plurinational Bolivia and Ecuador. 2015
9 Safe and Sound Drive Design of a serious game for cars to help increase driver skills and lower fuel consumption 2015
10 SURFACE Human-Landscape-Interactions and Global Dispersals: The SURFACE Record of Palaeolithic Arabia 2016
11 HUMANITECH Humanitarian Technology Interventions 2015
12 ENTRUST Energy System Transition Through Stakeholder Activation, Education and Skills Development 2015
13 LTI Long-Term Investment 2015
14 IL7sigNETure IL-7/IL-7R signaling networks in health and malignancy 2015
15 European Framework Initiative for Energy and Environmental Efficiency in the ICT Sector 2016
16 IDentIFY Improving Diagnosis by Fast Field-Cycling MRI 2016
17 INCASI Global trends in social inequalities in Europe and Latin America and exploring innovative ways to reduce them through life, occupational and educational trajectories research to face uncertainty 2016
18 EULAC Focus Giving focus to the Cultural, Scientific and Social Dimension of EU – CELAC Relations 2016
20 STEMM-CCS Strategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage 2016
21 TETRAPODBONES Evaluations of bone strength in the evolutionary invasion of land by tetrapods 2016
22 GallBiome Characterization of the Human Gallbladder Microbiome 2016
23 CLAiR-CITY Citizen Led Air pollution Reduction in Cities 2016
24 TWINN-LC-SMEs Towards Innovative Low Carbon SMEs 2016
25 SOFTCHARGE Charge Carrier Transport in Soft Matter: From Fundamentals to High-Performance Materials 2016
26 LIGHTS Nights LIGHTS in Lincoln – Get Hold of Tech and Science research nights 2016
27 INSPIRE Integration of Novel Stack Components for Performance, Improved Durability and Lower Cost 2016
28 IRIMA II Industrial Research and Innovation Monitoring and Analysis (stage II) 2016
29 MORALSELF Unravelling the moral self 2016
30 HOME_EU Homelessness as unfairness 2016
31 SCRREEN Solutions for CRitical Raw materials - a European Expert Network 2016
32 MilkTeeth MilkTeeth: a biogeochemical investigation of ancient weaning and dairy Milk consumption using human Teeth 2016
33 MILEAGE Microelements in Life Expectancy and Aging 2017
34 ELEONE New advanced sensor for automated metrology 2016
35 StoreHero StoreHero: An AI (Artificial Intelligence) Virtual Business Coach for Physical Retailers 2016
36 Speedingrisk Applying risk communication strategies to reduce speeding-related risks 2017
37 VINe Social Vulnerability and its Intersections: The role of gender in a comparative perspective 2017
38 TeenEduGoals Adolescents’ education transitions: Multiple insights into the process dynamics of goal-construction and youth actions over time 2017
39 WILDGUT GUT biota indices: a new tool for WILD animal conservation 2017
40 FIEC Fiction, Imagination, and Early Cinema 2017
41 PLANAFFHO PLANAFFHO - PLANning for AFFordable HOusing 2018
42 ACOUSEQ Acoustics for Next Generation Sequencing 2017
43 COHSMO (Former Hans Thor Andersen) Inequality, urbanization and Territorial Cohesion: Developing the European Social Model of economic growth and democratic capacity (COSHMO) 2017
44 INFRAMIX Road Infrastructure ready for mixed vehicle traffic flows 2017
45 SOCIORATS Social Distress Response in the Context of Empathy in Rats 2017
46 ERA Earth Resilience in the Anthropocene (ERA)Integrating non-linear biophysical and social determinantsof Earth-system stability for global sustainabilitythrough a novel community modelling platform 2017
47 GoNano Governing Nanotechnologies through societal engagement 2017
48 GendeResearchIreland Exploring gender equality in Irish higher education: Qualitative case-study research into the response to, and process of Athena SWAN 2018
49 COLSOC The Legacy of Colonialism: Origins and Outcomes of Social Protection 2018
50 IneqPol Inequality - Public Policy and Political Economy 2018
51 EURO SHOCK Testing the value of a novel strategic approach and its cost efficacy to improve the poor outcomes in Cardiogenic Shock 2018
52 FODEX Tropical Forest Degradation Experiment 2018
53 PROMOFS Nanoengineering and Processing of Metal-Organic Framework Composites for Photonic Sensors 2018
54 E-SCENT Epidermal sensors as personal chemical environmental monitoring tools 2018
55 EcoLabSS Ecovillages as Laboratories of Sustainability and Social Change 2018
56 IMMIGINTEGR The Role of the Welfare State in the Integration of Immigrants: Comparative Analysis of Latino Communities in Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States 2018
57 AMBH Ancient Music Beyond Hellenisation 2018
58 EUSKOR Europe, the United States and the Crisis on the KORean Peninsula: Between a Rock and a Hard Place 2018
59 QPlay Playing Quantum 2018
60 PATROLS Physiologically Anchored Tools for Realistic nanOmateriaL hazard aSsessment 2018
61 GrowCELL The smallest of the small: determining size through cell number 2018
62 H-Reality Mixed Haptic Feedback for Mid-Air Interactions in Virtual and Augmented Realities 2018
63 BiodivScen Promoting and implementing joint programming at the international level to reinforce research on the development of scenarios of biodiversity and ecosystem services 2017
64 E-T1IFNs Elaboration of the type I interferonopathies 2018
65 MiMus Ioculator seu mimus. Performing Music and Poetry in medieval Iberia 2018
66 SINDAM Sunlight-Induced Nonadiabatic Dynamics of Atmospheric Molecules 2019
67 MARIPOLDATA The Politics of Marine Biodiversity Data: Global and National Policies and Practices of Monitoring the Oceans 2018
68 TerrACE Terrace Archaeology and Culture in Europe 2018
69 KEPLER Key Environmental monitoring for Polar Latitudes and European Readiness 2019
70 CHILD-UP Children Hybrid Integration: Learning Dialogue as a way of Upgrading Policies of Participation 2019
71 WIISAS Plug and play LED lighting control and monitoring system for new and existing installations 2018
72 PROBIM PRO Business Innovation Moldova 2019
73 ReadCalibration Phonemic representations in speech perception and production: Recalibration by readingacquisition 2019
74 GVI Green Vehicle Index Project 2019
75 NPsVLCD Natural Product-Inspired Therapies for Leishmaniasis and Chagas Disease 2019
76 Narratives4Change Capitalising Public Narratives in the organising of Grassroots Roma Women 2019
77 MODFaBe Modelling individual farmer behaviours in Coupled Human Natural Systems under changing climate and society 2020
78 FreeDigital The impact of 'free' digital offers on individual behavior and its implications for consumer and data protection laws 2019
79 LinkFM Linking Functional impact and Microstructural properties of fiber tract demyelination and remyelination in a rodent model of multiple sclerosis 2019
80 C4IIoT Cyber security 4.0: protecting the Industrial Internet Of Things 2019
82 AIRE AIRE_ Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting Europe + 2019
83 YEELP Youth Engagement in European Language Preservation, 1900-2020 2019
85 PANTROPOCENE PANTROPOCENE: Finding a Pre-industrial, Pan-tropical ‘Anthropocene’ 2020
86 ROSA Religion and Its Others in South Asia and the World: Communities, Debates, Freedoms 2019
87 HyResponder European Hydrogen Train the Trainer Programme for Responders 2020
88 PROBIM PRO Business Innovation Moldova 2020
89 GLOBAL Tropical rain forest diversification: a GLOBAL approach 2020
90 TroPeaCC Tropical Peatlands and the Carbon Cycle 2020