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H2020 projects about "cyber"

The page lists 256 projects related to the topic "cyber".

# achronym  title  year 
1 PREVIEW PREdictiVe system to recommend Injection mold sEtup in Wireless sensor networks 2015
2 sCorPiuS European Roadmap for Cyber-Physical Systems in Manufacturing 2015
3 CREMA Cloud-based Rapid Elastic MAnufacturing 2015
4 MAShES Multimodal spectrAl control of laSer processing with cognitivE abilities 2014
5 OPT4SMART Distributed Optimization Methods for Smart Cyber-Physical Networks 2015
6 SmartTap Real-Time Monitoring System for Water Quality 2015
7 FESTIVAL FEderated interoperable SmarT ICT services deVelopment And testing pLatforms 2014
8 UnCoVerCPS Unifying Control and Verification of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
9 INTO-CPS INtegrated TOol chain for model-based design of CPSs 2015
10 SAFURE SAFety and secURity by design for interconnected mixed-critical cyber-physical systems 2015
11 CPS Summit Transatlantic CPS Summit 2015
12 CPSELabs CPS Engineering Labs - expediting and accelerating the realization of cyber-physical systems 2015
13 SCISSOR Security In trusted SCADA and smart-grids 2015
14 SUNFISH SecUre iNFormation SHaring in federated heterogeneous private clouds 2015
15 TAMS4CPS Trans-Atlantic Modelling and Simulation For Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
16 IMMORTAL Integrated Modelling, Fault Management, Verification and Reliable Design Environment for Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
17 SERECA Secure Enclaves for REactive Cloud Applications 2015
18 TAPPS Trusted Apps for open CPS 2015
19 CP-SETIS Towards Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering Tools Interoperability Standardisation 2015
20 ECRYPT-CSA European Coordination and Support Action in Cryptology 2015
21 U-Test Testing Cyber-Physical Systems under Uncertainty: Systematic, Extensible, and Configurable Model-based and Search-based Testing Methodologies 2015
22 AXIOM Agile, eXtensible, fast I/O Module for the cyber-physical era 2015
23 SYMBIOSYS Symbolic Analysis of Temporal and Functional Behavior of Networked Systems 2015
24 CAPTOR cAPTor captures Advanced System Threats 2014
25 DARWIN Expecting the unexpected and know how to respond 2015
26 WISER Wide-Impact cyber SEcurity Risk framework 2015
27 TARGET Training Augmented Reality Generalised Environment Toolkit 2015
28 DOGANA aDvanced sOcial enGineering And vulNerability Assesment Framework 2015
29 ADWICE Advanced Wireless Technologies for Clever Engineering 2015
30 EE-IT EE-IT - Centre of Excellence on Connected Digital Economy 2015
32 LASSO Learning, Analysis, SynthesiS and Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
33 WATERGUARD Safeguarding Water Distribution Systems from Contamination Threats using the SmartTap Platform 2015
34 MANTIS Cyber Physical System based Proactive Collaborative Maintenance 2015
35 MITIGATE Multidimensional, IntegraTed, rIsk assessment framework and dynamic, collaborative Risk ManaGement tools for critical information infrAstrucTurEs 2015
36 NeCS European Network for Cyber-security 2015
37 MAYA Multi-disciplinArY integrated simulAtion and forecasting tools, empowered by digital continuity and continuous real-world synchronization, towards reduced time to production and optimization 2015
38 oCPS Platform-aware Model-driven Optimization of Cyber-Physical Systems 2015
39 ERIGrid European Research Infrastructure supporting Smart Grid Systems Technology Development, Validation and Roll Out 2015
40 XS2I4MS Access to I4MS 2015
41 CYPRES CYPRES the ICS and SCADA security companion 2015
42 EXCELL Actions for Excellence in Smart Cyber-Physical Systems applications through exploitation of Big Data in the context of Production Control and Logistics 2016
43 TUTORIAL Twinning to Strengthen Tallinn University of Technology’s Research and Innovation Capacity in Nanoelectronics Based Dependable Cyber-Physical Systems 2016
44 PHANTOM Cross-Layer and Multi-Objective Programming Approach for Next Generation Heterogeneous Parallel Computing Systems 2015
45 ARGO WCET-Aware Parallelization of Model-Based Applications for Heterogeneous Parallel Systems 2016
46 PICASSO ICT Policy, Research and Innovation for a Smart Society: towards new avenues in EU-US ICT collaboration 2016
48 RENOIR Reverse EngiNeering of sOcial Information pRocessing 2016
49 CyberWiz Cyber-Security Visualization and CAD-Tool for the Vulnerability Assessment of Critical Infrastructures 2015
50 PROTASIS Restoring Trust in the cyber space: a Systems Security Proposal 2016
51 SINet Software-defined Intermittent Networking 2016
52 SAGE-CPSoC Self-Aware CPSoCs with Hierarchical Goal Management 2016
53 AMASS Architecture-driven, Multi-concern and Seamless Assurance and Certification of Cyber-Physical Systems 2016
54 PROTECTIVE Proactive Risk Management through Improved Cyber Situational Awareness 2016
55 SHIELD Securing against intruders and other threats through a NFV-enabled environment 2016
56 C3ISP Collaborative and Confidential Information Sharing and Analysis for Cyber Protection 2016
57 OCGN Traditional Organised Crime and the Internet: The changing organization of illegal gambling networks 2017
58 I-REACT Improving Resilience to Emergencies through Advanced Cyber Technologies 2016
59 SUCCESS Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures SUCCESS - Securing Critical Energy Infrastructures 2016
60 SafeCOP Safe Cooperating Cyber-Physical Systems using Wireless Communication 2016
61 SYSDYNET Data-driven Modelling in Dynamic Networks 2016
62 ASCEMA ASCEMA: Content Aware Technology for IP Protection in Supply Chains 2016
63 LipVerify Feasibility study on the development of LipVerify - a new viseme based user authentication service. 2016
64 ConnectProtect A total cyber protection service to Small Businesses operating critical infrastructure and Residential customers 2016
65 azoomee A Truly Disruptive Entertainment and Educational Digital Application for Primary School Aged Children 2016
66 CONCOM Control Over Noisy Communication Media 2016
67 SURE Safe Unmanned Robotic Ensembles 2016
68 GO0D MAN aGent Oriented Zero Defect Multi-stage mANufacturing 2016
69 ForZDM Integrated Zero Defect Manufacturing Solution for High Value Adding Multi-stage Manufacturing systems 2016
70 DISRUPT Decentralised architectures for optimised operations via virtualised processes and manufacturing ecosystem collaboration 2016
71 X2Rail-1 Start-up activities for Advanced Signalling and Automation Systems 2016
72 ConnectedFactories Industrial scenarios for connected factories 2016
73 ProBOS Protection Beyond Operating System - Development of the next generation cyber security solution 2016
74 SecTrap Critical urban infrastructure and soft target cyber attack protection. Users and application Behavioural Analysis supported by artificial intelligence to preempt security cyber attacks. 2016
75 Eye-O-T Cyber security system with a high IoT network visibility and fast vulnerability detection for Smart Homes. 2016
76 ThreatMark Advanced Fraud Detection System - Protecting digital transactions against cyber attacks 2016
77 Platforms4CPS Creating the CPS Vision, Strategy, Technology Building Blocks and Supporting Ecosystem for Future CPS Platforms 2016
78 DEIS Dependability Engineering Innovation for CPS - DEIS 2017
79 CPSwarm CPSwarm 2017
80 CYRail Cybersecurity in the RAILway sector 2016
81 CyBioSys An affordable Cyber Biological System combining swarming biosensors and robotics 2016
82 CERBERO Cross-layer modEl-based fRamework for multi-oBjective dEsign of Reconfigurable systems in unceRtain hybRid envirOnments 2017
83 Bonseyes Platform for Open Development of Systems of Artificial Intelligence 2016
84 CyberSure CYBER Security InSURancE — A Framework for Liability Based Trust 2017
85 SME 4.0 Industry 4.0 for SMEs - Smart Manufacturing and Logistics for SMEs in an X-to-order and Mass Customization Environment 2017
86 PerfectDashboard 2.0 First single platform for efficient and security aware management of CMS based websites 2016
87 certMILS Compositional security certification for medium- to high-assurance COTS-based systems in environments with emerging threats 2017
88 SECOMP Efficient Formally Secure Compilers to a Tagged Architecture 2017
89 CSP Cross-Layer Design of Securing Positioning 2017
90 APROCS Automated Linear Parameter-Varying Modeling and Control Synthesis for Nonlinear Complex Systems 2017
91 PROCSYS Towards programmable cyber-physical systems: a symbolic control approach 2017
93 EPIC Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control 2017
94 CHINO The Health Data Security Platform for EU Developers Enterprises 2017
95 ZVW Evaluation of the side effects of Virtual Reality technology on young peoples' bodies and minds to create an innovative solution to a nascent problem 2017
96 RESCUE Interdependent Challenges of Reliability, Security and Quality in Nanoelectronic Systems Design 2017
97 Domognostics Intelligent Building Automation Diagnostics 2017
98 SAURON Scalable multidimensionAl sitUation awaReness sOlution for protectiNg european ports 2017
99 EUNITY Cybersecurity and privacy dialogue between Europe and Japan 2017
100 SECOPS An Integrated Security Concept for Drone Operations 2017
101 The European watch on cybersecurity privacy 2017
102 HERMENEUT Enterprises intangible Risks Management via Economic models based on simulatioN of modErn cyber-aTtacks 2017
103 STOP-IT Strategic, Tactical, Operational Protection of water Infrastructure against cyber-physical Threats 2017
104 AEGIS Accelerating EU-US DialoGue for Research and Innovation in CyberSecurity and Privacy 2017
105 FORTIKA FORTIKA - Cyber Security Accelerator for trusted SMEs IT Ecosystems 2017
106 COMPACT COmpetitive Methods to protect local Public Administration from Cyber security Threats 2017
107 CS-AWARE A cybersecurity situational awareness and information sharing solution for local public administrations based on advanced big data analysis 2017
108 DEFENDER Defending the European Energy Infrastructures 2017
109 AF-Cyber Logic-based Attribution and Forensics in Cyber Security 2018
110 SpeakUp-LearnUp Minimizing Bullying and Harassment with SpeakUp LearnUp! 2017
111 I-MECH Intelligent Motion Control Platform for Smart Mechatronic Systems 2017
112 Productive4.0 Electronics and ICT as enabler for digital industry and optimized supply chain management covering the entire product lifecycle 2017
113 SMESEC Protecting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises digital technology through an innovative cyber-SECurity framework 2017
114 FED4SAE Federated CPS Digital Innovation Hubs for the Smart Anything Everywhere Initiative 2017
115 3ants Enhancing security of digital property rights and citizens’ awareness through an innovative anti-piracyframework of digital content based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 2017
116 STORM The first cybersecurity management system providing evidence based metrics for cyber risk at the business asset level in real-time 2017
117 REDSENTRY Proactive Operational Intelligence Cybersecurity Platform for the Financial Services Industry 2017
118 GO 4G InvizBox Go 4G - Security and Privacy, Everywhere 2017
119 CARL-PdM Next Generation Holistic Predictive Maintenance Software 2017
120 COUNTERCRAFT Intelligence campaigns in the digital realms 2017
121 FORA Fog Computing for Robotics and Industrial Automation 2017
122 MAGISTER Machine learning for Advanced Gas turbine Injection SysTems to Enhance combustoR performance. 2017
124 RESOLVD Renewable penetration levered by Efficient Low Voltage Distribution grids 2017
125 UNITED-GRID Integrated cyber-physical solutions for intelligent distribution grid with high penetration of renewables 2017
126 DRIVE Demand Response Integration tEchnologies: unlocking the demand response potential in the distribution grid 2017
127 TFence A patent pending solution/microchip for the IoT cybersecurity market requirements: no access toonline software updates, very small size, inexpensive hardware, low energy consumption. 2017
128 CybSPEED Cyber-Physical Systems for PEdagogical Rehabilitation in Special EDucation 2017
129 Signa2.0 Signaturit 2018
130 TeamPlay Time, Energy and security Analysis for Multi/Many-core heterogenous PLAtforms 2018
131 SerIoT Secure and Safe Internet of Things 2018
132 ISSD The Implantable Subcutaneous String Defibrillator, an innovative subcutaneous cardioverterdefibrillator for a new paradigm in cardiac rhythm management. 2017
133 V-SPHERE Vulnerability Search and Prevention through Holistic End-to-end Risk Evaluation 2018
134 YAKSHA Cybersecurity Awareness and Knowledge Systemic High-level Application 2018
135 LABOR Lean robotized AssemBly and cOntrol of composite aeRostructures 2018
136 Cross-CPP Ecosystem for Services based on integrated Cross-sectorial Data Streams from multiple Cyber Physical Products and Open Data Sources 2017
137 FINSEC Integrated Framework for Predictive and Collaborative Security of Financial Infrastructures 2018
138 RESISTO RESIlience enhancement and risk control platform for communication infraSTructure Operators 2018
139 SAFECARE SAFEguard of Critical heAlth infrastructure 2018
140 CYBERSECURITY Cyber Security Behaviours 2018
141 DIVA Boosting innovative DIgitech Value chains for Agrofood, forestry and environment 2018
142 IoT4Industry Towards smarter means of production in European manufacturing SMEs through the use of the Internet of Things technologies 2018
143 CYBERWISER.EU Civil Cyber Range Platform for a novel approach to cybersecurity threats simulation and professional training 2018
144 REACT REactively Defending against Advanced Cybersecurity Threats 2018
145 CYBER-TRUST Advanced Cyber-Threat Intelligence, Detection, and Mitigation Platform for a Trusted Internet of Things 2018
146 PROPHETS Preventing Radicalisation Online through the Proliferation of Harmonised ToolkitS 2018
147 SPEAR SPEAR: Secure and PrivatE smArt gRid 2018
148 RESPONSE 5G Resilient and Secure Multi-controller Communication Platform for 5G Networks 2018
149 SALUS Portable, high-performance, and all-in-one digital data recovery lab for digital forensics to greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2018
150 RESIST RESilient transport InfraSTructure to extreme events 2018
151 SECREDAS Cyber Security for Cross Domain Reliable Dependable Automated Systems 2018
152 HiPERFORM High performant Wide Band Gap Power Electronics for Reliable, energy eFficient drivetrains and Optimization thRough Multi-physics simulation 2018
153 PRYSTINE Programmable Systems for Intelligence in Automobiles 2018
154 AFarCloud Aggregate Farming in the Cloud 2018
155 DDoS Analyser Revolutionary Non-Disruptive DDoS Testing Technology that significantly strengthens resistance to DDoS attacks and provides ongoing visibility on identified DDoS mitigation vulnerabilities. 2018
156 BrainedFactory Smart Manufacturing Platform for Industrial Part Production through Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Robotics 2018
157 EyeCode A frictionless two-factor authentication software for secure transactions 2018
158 THREAT-ARREST THREAT-ARREST Cyber Security Threats and Threat Actors Training - Assurance Driven Multi-Layer, end-to-end Simulation and Training 2018
159 AutoTADes Automating Timed Automata Design 2018
160 Secured IoT Secured Cellular IoT Network 2018
161 Barbara-IoT Barbara is an Operating System Software Platform which enables IoT device manufacturers to boost their level of security, reduce time-to-market, and reduce costs. 2018
162 Blocknetwork Blocknetwork - Fusing Big Data and Implementing Novel Cyber Security Solutions 2018
164 The Data Security Platform for Health Application Developers 2018
166 SIGAGuard Cybersecurity anomaly detection solution for critical infrastructures 2018
168 ISSD The Implantable Subcutaneous String Defibrillator (ISSD), an innovative subcutaneous cardioverter defibrillator for a new paradigm in cardiac rhythm management. 2018
169 TrueProactive ROMAD TrueProactive - a next generation cyber defence software for European SMEs 2018
170 SECONDO a Security ECONomics service platform for smart security investments and cyber insurance pricing in the beyonD 2020 netwOrking era 2019
171 TOROS A Theory-Oriented Real-Time Operating System for Temporally Sound Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
172 SAS Safer Autonomous Systems 2018
173 DiManD Digital Manufacturing and Design Training Network 2019
174 ICT4CART ICT Infrastructure for Connected and Automated Road Transport 2018
175 EPOQUE Engineering post-quantum cryptography 2018
176 Raising Awareness on Cybersecurity in Hospitals across Europe and Boosting Training Initiatives Driven by an Online Information Hub 2018
177 TRINITY Digital Technologies, Advanced Robotics and increased Cyber-security for Agile Production in Future European Manufacturing Ecosystems 2019
178 ADVANCE Addressing Verification and Validation Challenges in Future Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
180 AutoCPS Automated Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Compositional Approach 2019
181 AMANDA AutonoMous self powered miniAturized iNtelligent sensor for environmental sensing anD asset tracking in smArt IoT environments 2019
182 PANACEA Protection and privAcy of hospital and health iNfrastructures with smArt Cyber sEcurity and cyber threat toolkit for dAta and people 2019
183 PdbU Securing Continuous Operations of Mission Critical IoT Endpoints 2019
184 RADDICS Reliable Data-Driven Decision Making in Cyber-Physical Systems 2019
185 memetis Modular fluidic platform with Shape Memory Alloy miniature valves to disrupt medical technology industry (memetis) 2019
186 FeatureCloud Privacy preserving federated machine learning and blockchaining for reduced cyber risks in a world of distributed healthcare 2019
187 SPHINX A Universal Cyber Security Toolkit for Health-Care Industry 2019
188 CUREX seCUre and pRivate hEalth data eXchange 2018
189 justITSELF Just-in-time Self-Verification of Autonomous Systems 2019
190 ELEVATE ELEVATE - Automated Detection & Response Control Access Network Security Platform to face the most sophisticated security threats 2019
191 BitBox BitBox Enterprise - Enterprise-grade Solution for Digital Assets Custody 2019
192 MY-CUBE 3D integration of a logic/memory CUBE for In-Memory-Computing 2019
193 ECHO European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations 2019
194 X2Rail-3 Advanced Signalling, Automation and Communication System (IP2 and IP5) – Prototyping the future by means of capacity increase, autonomy and flexible communication 2018
195 AUTOSHIP Autonomous Shipping Initiative for European Waters 2019
196 CYBERCULT Strategic Cultures of Cyber Warfare 2019
197 PHOENIX Electrical Power System’s Shield against complex incidents and extensive cyber and privacy attacks 2019
198 SATIE Security of Air Transport Infrastructure of Europe 2019
199 SecureGas Securing The European Gas Network 2019
200 SIMARGL Secure Intelligent Methods for Advanced RecoGnition of malware and stegomalware 2019
201 InfraStress Improving resilience of sensitive industrial plants & infrastructures exposed to cyber-physical threats, by means of an open testbed stress-testing system 2019
202 CRITICAL-CHAINS IOT- & Blockchain-Enabled Security Framework for New Generation Critical Cyber-Physical Systems In Finance Sector 2019
203 Cyber-MAR Cyber preparedness actions for a holistic approach and awareness raising in the MARitime logistics supply chain 2019
204 SAPPAN Sharing and Automation for Privacy Preserving Attack Neutralization 2019
205 GUARD A cybersecurity framework to GUArantee Reliability and trust for Digital service chains 2019
206 FORESIGHT Advanced cyber-security simulation platform for preparedness training in Aviation, Naval and Power-grid environments 2019
207 nIoVe A Novel Adaptive Cybersecurity Framework for the Internet-of-Vehicles 2019
208 SOTER cyberSecurity Optimization and Training for Enhanced Resilience in finance 2019
209 AGILE 4.0 AGILE 4.0: Towards cyber-physical collaborative aircraft development 2019
210 DESIRA Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas 2019
211 MALAGA Applying Machine Learning to Cyber Risk Analysis and Mitigation 2019
212 SamurAI Samurai - Platform detecting and preventing cyber violence 2019
213 MADEin4 Metrology Advances for Digitized ECS industry 4.0 2019
214 Formulate Artificial Intelligence SaaS for prescribing optimal retail merchandising decisions 2019
215 CUSTOMER Customizable Embedded Real-Time Systems: Challenges and Key Techniques 2019
216 SPIDER a cyberSecurity Platform for vIrtualiseD 5G cybEr Range services 2019
217 D-FENCE D-FENCE: Deceptive Monitored Environments for Cybersecurity in Enterprises 2019
218 CPS4EU Cyber Physical Systems for Europe 2019
219 ODIX 2.0 A revolutionary cybersecurity SaaS helping small-medium business (SMEs) to protect their networks like large corporates do! 2019
220 ENHAnCE European training Network in intelligent prognostics and Health mAnagement in Composite structurEs 2020
221 SOCCRATES SOC & Csirt Response to Attacks & Threats based on attack defence graphs Evaluation Systems 2019
222 CyberSANE Cyber Security Incident Handling, Warning and Response System for the European Critical Infrastructures 2019
223 HyperCOG Hyperconnected Architecture for High Cognitive Production Plants 2019
224 JUSTINMIND-XR Justinmind XR: The First Code-Free Rapid Prototyping Platform for eXtended Reality (VR/AR/MR) and Spatial Computing 2019
225 ESDCI KOBRA encrypted storage device for classified information KOBRA Drive / KOBRA Stick 2019
226 Blue Cloud Blue-Cloud: Piloting innovative services for Marine Research & the Blue Economy 2019
227 SUNSTONE OMTLAB’s Real time positioning system for smart & flexible manufacturing 2019
228 EPICA Improved Credentialess and Secure Cloud Access 2019
229 vACCINE AeronautiCal Cyber INtrusion dEtection mechanism 2019
230 UP2DATE Intelligent software-UPDATE technologies for safe and secure mixed-criticality and high performance cyber physical systems 2020
232 HiPEAC High Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation 2019
233 ADMORPH Towards Adaptively Morphing Embedded Systems 2020
234 AMPERE A Model-driven development framework for highly Parallel and EneRgy-Efficient computation supporting multi-criteria optimisation 2020
235 CPSoSaware Cross-layer cognitive optimization tools & methods for the lifecycle support of dependable CPSoS 2020
236 TEACHING A computing toolkit for building efficient autonomous applications leveraging humanistic intelligence 2020
237 bio-T Enabling medical device vendors to realize the potential of the data collectible by their devices 2019
238 SPECK Smart Pedestrian Crosswalk for Increased Traffic Safety at Uncontrolled Crossings 2019
239 SeCoIIA Secure Collaborative Intelligent Industrial Assets 2019
240 DIH4CPS Fostering DIHs for Embedding Interoperability in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs 2020
241 AERAS A CybEr range tRaining platform for medicAl organisations and systems Security 2019
242 Rising STARS RISE International Network for Solutions Technologies and Applications of Real-time Systems 2020
243 PJ13 - W2 ERICA Enable RPAS Insertion in Controlled Airspace 2019
244 RAILS Roadmaps for A.I. integration in the raiL Sector 2019
245 1-SWARM Integrated development and operations management framework for cyber-physical systems of systems under the paradigm of swarm intelligence 2020
246 DigiFed Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) federation for large scale adoption of digital technologies by European SMEs 2020
249 VIRTUAL-FCS VIRTUAL & physical platform for Fuel Cell System development 2020
250 COLLABS A COmprehensive cyber-intelligence framework for resilient coLLABorative manufacturing Systems 2020
251 DAN High-performance, kiosk-solution for forensic darknet analysis to gain cyber threat intelligence for companies and greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2019
252 TNT Truth-not-Trust 2020
253 CYBER-PDR Disempowering Cyber-Attackers 2020
254 PropRT Property-Based Modulable Timing Analysis and Optimization for Complex Cyber-Physical Real-Time Systems 2020
255 Sustainable-CPS Designing Human-centered Sustainable Cyber-physical Systems of the Future 2021
256 DeFacto Design Automation for Smart Factories 2020