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H2020 projects about "hyper"

The page lists 74 projects related to the topic "hyper".

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1 SKPLUS Super-Kamiokande plus 2014
2 BRODISE BROWNFIELD Decontamination In Southern Europe. Preparing PCP to R+D for efficient, cost effective and innovative solutions for brownfields decontamination 2015
3 AutoMat Automotive Big Data Marketplace for Innovative Cross-sectorial Vehicle Data Services 2015
4 HUMANE HUMANE: a typology, method and roadmap for HUman-MAchine NEtworks 2015
5 DANCE Dancing in the Dark 2015
6 imbh Do intermediate-mass black holes exist? 2015
7 miRNAs in TH2 cells Role of extracellular miRNAs in T cell development, TH2 cell differentiation and TH2 cell-mediated effector function 2015
8 MDR Tuberculosis Evolution and success of the multi-drug resistant M. tuberculosis SIT41 (LAM7-TUR) lineage 2015
9 DigiArt The Internet Of Historical Things And Building New 3D Cultural Worlds 2015
10 C-POC Hyper/Hypo Coagulability Assessment Photonic Integrated Chip based Point of Care 2015
11 SPIN Secure and protected interoperability 2015
12 ExaNeSt European Exascale System Interconnect and Storage 2015
13 EXIST Extended Image Sensing Technologies 2015
14 FineSol Assembly of miniaturized PCBs by using low cost hyper-fine solder powders 2015
15 NSETHIO Nodding Syndrome: a trans-disciplinary approach to identify the cause and decrease the incidence of river epilepsy 2015
16 UCoCoS Understanding and controlling complex systems 2016
17 POLIFEMO POLIFEMO - Panoramic Multifunctional Sensor for Small/Micro Satellite 2015
18 PLE Perovskite Light Emitters 2016
19 L-SID Light and sound waves in silicon and nonlinear glass waveguides 2016
20 AsthmaPhenotypes Understanding asthma phenotypes: going beyond the atopic/non-atopic paradigm 2016
21 ProHyPro Production and decay of Hypernuclei by using an intense heavy-ion beam incidenting on a Proton target 2016
22 NuSiCC Modelling the therapeutic potential of NUAK1 suppression in colorectal cancer 2016
23 BiOp-FibEnd Biopsy equivalent Optical Fiber multifunctional Endoscope 2016
24 NeMo NeMo : Hyper-Network for electroMobility 2016
25 Reedsy Connecting authors and publishers with the world`s best publishing professionals to create high-quality books 2016
26 COSMIC-DANCE Unraveling the origin of the Initial Mass Function 2016
27 HyperQC Hyper Quantum Criticality 2016
28 URBACH-ALZ Hyper-emotionality after neurodegenerative loss of inhibition of the amygdala 2017
29 BYPASSWITHOUTSURGERY Reaching the effects of gastric bypass on diabetes and obesity without surgery 2017
30 AERIALIST AdvancEd aicRaft-noIse-AlLeviation devIceS using meTamaterials 2017
31 HYPER TOWER Design of Hyper Tall Onshore Wind Turbine Towers 2017
32 CLUSTERS 2.0 Open network of hyper connected logistics clusters towards Physical Internet 2017
34 TAKEMI5 Technology Advances and Key Enablers for Module Integration for 5 nm 2017
35 HyperDrill High performance laser micro drilling machine for large Hybrid Laminar Flow Control suction panels 2017
36 HDR4EU Enabling End-to-End HDR Ecosystem 2017
37 Hyper360 Enriching 360 media with 3D storytelling and personalisation elements 2017
38 ImAc Immersive Accessibility 2017
39 EASYTV Easing the access of Europeans with disabilities to converging media and content 2017
40 RealVision Hyperrealistic Imaging Experience 2018
41 HYPER-INSIGHT Hypermutated tumors: insight into genome maintenance and cancer vulnerabilities provided by an extreme burden of somatic mutations 2018
42 REVERSEAUTISM Probing the Reversibility of Autism Spectrum Disorders by Employing in vivo and in vitro Models 2017
43 TECNEC Preclinical concept validation of tumor endothelial cell metabolism for novel anti-angiogenic therapy 2017
44 COMBINEPIC Elliptic Combinatorics: Solving famous models from combinatorics, probability and statistical mechanics, via a transversal approach of special functions 2018
45 EXTEND Bidirectional Hyper-Connected Neural System 2018
46 RAINDROPS Resilience and Adaptation in Drylands. Identifying past water management practices for drought-resistant crops 2018
47 DARE Delivering Agile Research Excellence on European e-Infrastructures 2018
48 HYFLIERS HYbrid FLying-rollIng with-snakE-aRm robot for contact inSpection 2018
49 Digital Iris Bringing the human being into the digital loop 2018
50 Pewas AQS New seed treating method - hydrostimulation - for higher crop yields in water deprived regions 2018
51 AstroMiRimage Super-resolution imaging to uncover microRNA control of astrocytes in epilepsy 2018
52 HOMED HOlistic Management of Emerging forest pests and Diseases 2018
53 TAPES3 Technology Advances for Pilotline of Enhanced Semiconductors for 3nm 2018
54 mTORmorS Role of mTOR signaling dysregulation in the tumor suppressor networks in hepatocellular carcinoma 2019
55 ECOWIFI Cooperative, Greener, Multivendor Cognitive Software to Maximize the Performance of Next-Generation Wireless Networks 2018
56 MIDA Mediating Islam in the Digital Age. Present issues and past experiences of technological revolutions 2019
57 WATERMAX First European Aeration Systems based on NANOBUBBLES TECHNOLOGY for Waste Water Treatment 2019
58 CANCER SCAN A Body Scan for Cancer Detection using Quantum Technology 2019
59 SOMA Social Observatory for Disinformation and Social Media Analysis 2018
60 ImmunoMECH High-performance biomechanical model of combined immunotherapy and anti-angiogenic cancer treatment 2019
61 RAPID The first effective remedy for acute pancreatitis disease 2019
62 BRAIN Building a Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Network 2019
63 fonYou Technology platform for telecom carriers to identify and predict mobile user behaviour by means of analytics and deep learning 2019
65 HyperCOG Hyperconnected Architecture for High Cognitive Production Plants 2019
66 StaphIMPACT SA.100: Next-generation targeted antibacterial product entering European market 2019
67 MABSTER Monoclonal Antibodies with Binding Sensitive To Environmental Regulation 2020
68 FIDA Scale-up of our disruptive antibody analytical platform based in flow-induced dispersion analysis (FIDA) to increase efficiency in the research of new antibodies and vaccines 2019
69 ROG Real Organ Generation 2019
70 DDREAMM Dna Damage REsponse: Actionabilities, Maps and Mechanisms 2020
71 PrimeWater Delivering Advanced Predictive Tools form Medium to Seasonal Range for Water Dependent Industries Exploiting the Cross-Cutting Potential of EO and Hydro-Ecological Modeling 2019
72 BONEZ Baltic Paganism, Osteology, and New Examinations of Zooarchaeological Evidence 2021
73 SOCIAL MATCH The role of social behaviour in mate choice 2021
74 NanoQI Multimodal X-ray and Hyperspectral Thin-Film Nano-material Evaluation and Quality Imaging 2020