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H2020 projects about "periodic"

The page lists 122 projects related to the topic "periodic".

# achronym  title  year 
1 COLOUR PATTERN Morphogenesis and Molecular Regulation of Colour Patterning in Birds 2015
2 SeSaMe Sustainable routes for Smart photonic Materials 2015
3 ExtreFlow Extreme deformation of structured fluids and interfaces. Exploiting ultrafast collapse and yielding phenomena for new processes and formulated products 2015
4 Oscillations Oscillatory signaling dynamics – a quantitative approach to reveal their origin and function in development 2015
5 BetaDropNMR Ultra-sensitive NMR in liquids 2015
6 METACLOAK Broadband cloaking and shielding of elastic waves in solids. 2015
7 SF-magnetic-stars The impact of superfluidity and superconductivity on the magneto-thermal evolution and X-ray observations of neutron stars. 2015
8 CREAM Control of Energy by Advanced Artificial Materials 2015
9 SYMULGAS Synthetic magnetism with ultracold Fermi gases of strontium 2015
10 HEATSENS_S Lab-on-a-chip microfluidic device based on plasmonicdriven thermal sensing for rapid detection of Salmonella typhimurium in agro-food field. 2015
11 ResMet Resampling methods for nonstationary stochastic processes 2015
12 IMPREX IMproving PRedictions and management of hydrological EXtremes 2015
13 RotaNut Rotation and Nutation of a wobbly Earth 2015
14 multiBB Boron-boron multiple bonding 2016
15 BIGCHEM Big Data in Chemistry 2016
16 VIPER VIbro-acoustics of PERiodic media 2016
17 ANT Automata in Number Theory 2015
18 SFSysCellBio Slow-Fast Systems in Cellular Biology 2016
19 SV2 Machine vision system for road safety inspection- SV2 2015
20 L-SID Light and sound waves in silicon and nonlinear glass waveguides 2016
21 HOBBIT Holistic Benchmarking of Big Linked Data 2015
22 DIPPHASE Exotic quantum phases with dipolar Fermi gases of spin-polarized Erbium atoms in reduced dimensions 2016
23 iBearing Intelligent Bearing 2016
24 FermiTrap Atom-by-Atom Quantum Control of Fermions in Arbitrary Potentials 2016
25 APPELS A Probe of the Periodic Elements for Life in the Sea 2016
26 BOPNIE Boundary value problems for nonlinear integrable equations 2016
27 Topological-Plasmonics Robust light manipulation in plasmonic nanostructures assisted by topological protection 2016
28 LODIS Looking Through Disorder 2016
29 Spin1D Spinor Bose Gases in 1D: Equilibrium properties, Dynamics, and Spin-orbit coupling 2016
30 SUPRACOPHS Design and synthesis of supramolecular copolymers for responsive self-assembled photonic structures. 2016
31 SYNC Synchronizing Palaeoclimate data for better understanding of the Solar effect on European Climate 2016
32 Gut-InflammAge Age-associated signatures in the composition and pro-inflammatory status of the gut microbiome in humans and mice, and the impact of a periodic fasting intervention to promote healthy aging 2016
33 ElectroMAD The Fast Periodic Visual Stimulation: a sensitive and objective approach to identify early cognitive markers of AD 2016
34 LINGOKIDS LINGOKIDS: Adaptive mobile platform for language learning for early age children 2016
35 PHOTOTUNE Tunable Photonic Structures via Photomechanical Actuation 2016
36 MeerTRAP Discovering Fast Transients and Pulsars with MeerKAT for Cosmology and to Test the Laws of Gravity 2016
37 Smartphon Small - and nano - scale soft phononics 2016
38 MATRIX Anthropogenic units detected by rare earth elements (REE) soil analysis in archaeological strata. 2016
39 EC4SafeNano European Centre for Risk Management and Safe Innovation in Nanomaterials Nanotechnologies 2016
40 HARMONIC Studies in Harmonic Analysis and Discrete Geometry: Tilings, Spectra and Quasicrystals 2016
41 SCALE Production of Scandium compounds and Scandium Aluminum alloys from European metallurgical by- products 2016
42 Quasicrystal An Optical Quasicrystal for ultracold atoms 2017
43 TraX Stability and Transitions in Physical Processes 2017
44 FLAG-ERA II The Flagship ERA-NET 2016
45 GLYCONEOBRAIN Exploring glycosidic neo-epitopes of degenerative hippocampal granules in aged mice and humans: implications for ageing and dementia 2017
46 TSuNAMI Trans-Spin NanoArchitectures: from birth to functionalities in magnetic field 2017
47 3D_Tryps The role of three-dimensional genome architecture in antigenic variation 2017
48 BINGO Bio-INspired GOld metamaterials 2017
49 NEUTRINO Nonlinear Fourier Transforms in Action 2017
50 SANDFECH Micromechanics-based finite element modeling of sandwich structures 2017
51 QMBDyn Dynamical Phenomena in Quantum Many-Body Systems 2017
52 AssAZAx AssAZAx: Innovation Methodology for Ground Subsidence Monitoring (The Assessment of small displacements Along Zed Axis) 2017
53 MalariaEgress Role of perforin-like proteins and phospholipases in malaria parasite egress 2018
54 DNA ORIGAMI MOTORS Constructing and powering nanoscale DNA origami motors 2017
55 SUPER2D Superlattices and proximity effects in 2D materials/molecules hybrid van der Waals heterostructures 2017
56 TECAM Theory, Computation and Application of Characteristics Modes 2018
57 ELECTROQUANTUM-2D Atomistic Electrodynamics-Quantum Mechanical Framework for Characterizing, Manipulating and Optimizing Nonlinear Optical Processes in 2D Materials 2018
58 FERROVOLT For a better understanding and design of ferroelectric photovoltaics: First-principles study of optical absorption and charge-carrier transport at ferroelectric domain walls in BiFeO3 2017
59 PALAEOSILKROAD A Silk Road in the Palaeolithic: Reconstructing Late Pleistocene Hominin Dispersals and Adaptations in Central Asia 2017
61 APES Accuracy and precision for molecular solids 2018
62 HD-App New horizons in homogeneous dynamics and its applications 2018
63 TOP Towards the Bottom of the Periodic Table 2018
64 IDPfun Driving the functional characterization of intrinsically disordered proteins 2018
65 SINGULARITY Singularities and Compactness in Nonlinear PDEs 2018
66 CounterLIGHT Interaction and Symmetry Breaking of Counterpropagating Light 2018
67 HamInstab Instabilities and homoclinic phenomena in Hamiltonian systems 2018
68 FunFiCO Fundamental fields and compact objects: theory and astrophysical phenomenology 2017
69 OMNISCIENT Prediction and optimisation platform for the mobile assets management 2018
70 MMGNRs Molecular Magnetic Graphene Nanoribbons 2019
71 SOS Smooth dynamics via Operators, with Singularities 2018
72 WEBOING UWB wearable apparatus for bone fracture imaging and recovering monitoring 2018
73 LasInPOP Direct Laser Interference Patterning of Ophthalmic Polymers 2019
74 SUBTOL Understanding seaweed submergence tolerance mechanisms and translating them into land plants 2018
75 WIDEA Wave-based Inspection for Damage Evaluation in structurally-Advanced composites 2019
76 MOFdynamics Investigating metal-organic frameworks using excited-state dynamics and theoretical spectroscopy 2018
77 METACTIVE Nonlinear Approaches for the Design of Active Piezoelectric Metamaterials 2019
78 OSCILLOGEL An enzyme-based self-oscillating gel 2019
79 CarE-Service Circular Economy Business Models for innovative hybrid and electric mobility through advanced reuse and remanufacturing technologies and services 2018
80 ALPHA Alpha Shape Theory Extended 2018
81 EQFT Emergence from Quantum Frustration and Topology 2018
82 FC-Unlimited Eco-efficient and Healthy Commercial Deep Fryer 2018
83 FODBASA Advanced System for Foreign Object Debris and Bird-Aircraft Strike Avoidance 2018
84 e-BlueBox From machines to smart systems: Cloud-based IoT for lift modernization and predictive maintenance 2018
85 InterActive Interacting with Active Particles 2019
86 ULTRAFORS Ultracoherent force sensors 2018
87 PhoG Sub-Poissonian Photon Gun by Coherent Diffusive Photonics 2018
88 MPA Mobile Application for Hybrid Internet 2018
89 SPLEEN Secondary and Leakage Flow Effects in High-SPeed Low-PrEssurE TurbiNes 2018
90 SUPERSPEC Three-dimensional spectral modelling of astrophysical transients : unravelling the nucleosynthetic content of supernovae and kilonovae 2019
91 SCALE-HALO Multiscale chemical engineering of functional metal halides 2019
92 FODBASA Advanced System for Foreign Object Debris, Drone and Bird-Aircraft Strike Avoidance 2019
93 FLAG-ERA III The Flagship ERA-NET — FLAG-ERA III 2018
94 CIGNUS CuInGaSe Nanowires Under the Sun 2019
95 PreCoASD Assessing the predictive coding accounts of autism spectrum disorders 2019
96 miRhythm Understanding mechanisms and functions of miRNA oscillations during development 2020
97 TAXON-TIME Rediscovering biodiversity: using big-data to trace taxonomic knowledge through time 2019
98 Q-Skyrmions Engineering the dynamics of magnetic skyrmions using non-equilibrium protocols 2019
99 PEPREP Peptide based self-replicating coacervate protocells 2019
100 SPECMON The spectrum of infinite monster groups 2020
101 M-Runners Modal Nonlinear Resonance for Efficient and Versatile Legged Locomotion 2019
102 Smart Farm 4.0 the eye and ears of the farmer - Smart monitoring system for intensive livestock farming management 2019
104 Let-it-Bi Bismuth Redox Catalysis for Sustainable Organic Synthesis 2020
105 Extr3Me Extreme Mechanics of Metamaterials: From ideal to realistic conditions 2020
106 ConsQuanDyn Constrained Quantum Dynamics 2020
107 ASTORIA Advanced Steady and unsTeady distORtion sImulAtor 2019
108 Ph.D. Phase map of dynamic, adaptive colloidal crystals far from equilibrium 2019
109 PHOMETAPAN PHOMETAPAN- Meta-materials for Green High-Performance Soundproofing 2019
110 RheoCare Rheological Monitoring of Chronic Respiratory Diseases 2019
111 RECYCLE Removal and Mitigation of Pollution from the Use of Pesticides: Prevention, Recycling and Resource Management 2020
112 PERTURB Using periodic orbits to quantitatively describe and control 3D fluid turbulence. 2020
113 GyroSCoPe Geomorphic and Sedimentary responses to Climate Periodicity 2020
114 emergenTopo Emergent topology in photon fluids 2020
115 CollectiveDynamics Collective signaling oscillations in embryonic patterning – revealing underlying principles 2020
116 Materials 4.0 Advancing materials design by high-accuracy finite-temperature first principles calculations accelerated by machine learning potentials 2021
117 EQUATE Bridging Europe: A Quaternary Timescale For The Expansion And Evolution Of Humans 2020
118 Geowox A platform supercharging residential property valuations. 2020
119 MANTARGET Super resolution imaging of nanoPMOs for cancer drug delivery 2021
120 WAVES TRAVELING WAVES: Defining the mechanisms allowing attention to occur in space and in time 2020
121 BIOIMD Bioresorbable Self-powered Implantable Device 2020