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H2020 projects about "careful"

The page lists 109 projects related to the topic "careful".

# achronym  title  year 
1 Big Splash Big Splash: Efficient Simulation of Natural Phenomena at Extremely Large Scales 2015
2 SCORA A systematic characterization of human regulatory architectures and their determinants of regulatory activity 2015
3 TheLink European Training Network to Accelerate the Development Chain of Nanostructured Polymers 2014
4 HimL Health in my Language 2015
5 MACIVIVA MAnufacturing process for Cold-chain Independent VIrosome-based VAccines 2015
6 Bioenergy4Business Uptake of Solid Bioenergy in European Commercial Sectors (Industry, Trade, Agricultural and Service Sectors) – Bioenergy for Business 2015
7 PFCCMS Pattern Formation in Catalytic Colloidal Microswimmers 2015
8 ELiQSIR Engineered Light Potentials for Quantum Simulation with Individual-Atom Resolution 2015
9 Q-METAPP Quantum Metrology in Applications 2015
10 FEAT The role of Fluid pressure in EArthquake Triggering 2015
11 ICONICAL In control of exciton and charge dynamics in molecular crystals 2015
12 Zoterac Zinc Oxide For TeraHertz Cascade Devices 2015
13 SCHOCKO3 Novel Ozone and Thermal Shock Conservation Process for Vegetables 2015
14 TRANSPOP The Transformation of Popular Politics in Europe’s Long Nineteenth Century 2015
15 PERFoRM Production harmonizEd Reconfiguration of Flexible Robots and Machinery 2015
16 WipeOutFear How the Brain Learns to Forget - The Neural Signature of Fear Memory Erasure 2015
17 POLITICALMIND Explaining Politicians' and Voters' Behavior 2015
18 HIGHER HIGHER: “High performance Engine for Light Sport Aircraft 2015
20 SimCoDeQ Simulation tool development for a composite manufacturing process default prediction integrated into a quality control system 2016
21 ACO The Proceedings of the Ecumenical Councils from Oral Utterance to Manuscript Edition as Evidence for Late Antique Persuasion and Self-Representation Techniques 2016
22 PERFORM Personalised Risk assessment in febrile illness to Optimise Real-life Management across the European Union 2016
23 EVA EVA - patient ventilation beyond limits 2015
24 CARMI Cosmology, Astronomy, and Religion in Medieval India 2017
25 F-ATPase Towards a Complete Quantitative Model of the FOF1 ATP Synthase 2016
27 Token Communities Token Communities in the Ancient Mediterranean 2016
28 SmartNanoTox Smart Tools for Gauging Nano Hazards 2016
29 SET-Nav Navigating the Roadmap for Clean, Secure and Efficient Energy Innovation 2016
30 BMC Rendering Bayesian Monte Carlo for Global Illumination 2016
31 HeteroCancerInvasion Effect of heterogeneity of cancer cells on collective invasion 2016
32 DECODE Allele-specific Deconvolution of Tumour DNA Methylation and Expression Data toReveal Underlying Cell Populations 2016
33 Back2theFuture Back to the Future. Perceiving the future and the development of early modern capitalism, 1500-1700 2016
34 VisNav Vision and Navigation in Mouse Cortex 2016
35 nextDART Next-generation Detection of Antigen Responsive T-cells 2016
36 ICY-LAB Isotope CYcling in the LABrador Sea 2016
37 MACROTRADE Research on Macroeconomic Fluctuations and Trade 2016
38 SCIENCE4FUTURE WissenSchafftZukunft in der KielRegion Nacht der Wissenschaft 2016/2017 2016
39 AutoMate Automation as accepted and trustful teamMate to enhance traffic safety and efficiency 2016
40 partydemocracy The Birth of Party Democracy. The Emergence of Mass Parties and the Choice of Electoral Laws in Europe and North America (1870-1940) 2017
41 AngioResist Coordinated Development of Inhibitors and Biomarkers for Resistance to Antiangiogenics in Cancer - AngioResist 2016
42 OMiProbe Bio-optical probe technology for safe, fast and non-destructive cancer diagnosis 2016
43 ViEWS The Violence Early-Warning System: Building a Scientific Foundation for Conflict Forecasting 2017
44 REINVENT Realising Innovation in Transitions for Decarbonisation 2016
45 Extreme An Exascale aware and Un-crashable Space-Time-Adaptive Discontinuous Spectral Element Solver for Non-Linear Conservation Laws 2017
46 Matryoshka Fast Interactive Verification through Strong Higher-Order Automation 2017
47 NewSOL New StOrage Latent and sensible concept for high efficient CSP Plants 2017
48 NAROBAND Environmental friendly narrow band-gap colloidal nanocrystals for optoelectronic devices 2017
49 SPEAKER DICE Robust SPEAKER DIariazation systems using Bayesian inferenCE and deep learning methods 2017
50 PGXOME A pharmacogenomic exploration of adverse drug reactions in epilepsy 2017
51 GraTA Graphene Tunneling Accelerometer 2017
52 SCRIBE Reading the genetic history of parchment manuscripts. 2017
53 CoordPEFC Active-site modulation of metal-ligand Coordinated complex electrocatalysts for PEFCs 2018
54 BioRail Biocementation for railway earthworks 2019
55 RASCIO Reader, Author, Scholar in a Context of Information Overflow.How to master and manage knowledge when there is too much to know? 2018
57 EMODHEBREW The emergence of Modern Hebrew as a case-study of linguistic discontinuity 2017
58 IBIS Platform for label-free quantitative detection of single proteins and extracellular vesicles 2017
59 AQB-CARE AQUABUDDY-CARE: A Groundbreaking Solution for Elderly and Disabled people with Reduced Mobility that Finally Enables Caregivers to Effectively and Safely Bathe/Shower them in their own Beds. 2017
60 RUN2Rail Innovative RUNning gear soluTiOns for new dependable, sustainable, intelligent and comfortable RAIL vehicles 2017
61 OrFuNCo Organic Functionalisation of N2 Using Metal-Main Group and Metal-Metal Cooperativity 2018
62 CRISS CRISPR Gene Correction for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Caused by Mutations in Recombination-activating gene 1 and 2 (RAG1 and RAG2) 2017
63 IMAGE Innovative Manufacturing Routes for Next Generation Batteries in Europe 2017
64 Swiss EENISSME Contribution of Swiss EEN to the implementation of the SME Instrument 2017
65 IMMUNISA A Next Generation Immunotherapy for Human Papilloma Virus induced Cervical Cancer 2017
66 WU TANG Selective Conversion of Water and CO2 Using Interfacial Electrochemical Engineering 2017
67 CLIC CLIC - Circular models Leveraging Investments in Cultural heritage adaptive reuse 2017
68 Io-EMP Tissue-derived acellular micro-scaffold technology reducing or eliminating diabetics’ dependence oninsulin therapy 2017
69 MRS in diabetes Novel methods in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to investigate mechanisms underlying metabolic disease 2018
70 Asterochronometry Galactic archeology with high temporal resolution 2018
71 LiftMatch Lifting Methods for Global Matching Problems 2018
72 RIFT-O-MAT Magma-Assisted Tectonics: two-phase dynamics of oceanic and continental rifts 2019
74 PHOTOCAMSYN Photocatalytic Reductive Coupling of Imines: A New Platform for Chiral Amine Synthesis 2018
75 PartAct Partial actions of monoids and partial reflections 2019
76 CREPE Composite from a REsin PErspective 2018
77 SEU-FER Southern Europe and low fertility: micro and macro determinants of a crucial demographic and cultural revolution 2018
78 EPEEC European joint Effort toward a Highly Productive Programming Environment for Heterogeneous Exascale Computing (EPEEC) 2018
79 CerebralHominoids Evolutionary biology of human and great ape brain development in cerebral organoids 2018
80 ProPeeler ProPeeler: Enhanced shrimp peeling machine with full control and optimisation of the process to enable full automation of the shrimp peeling industry 2018
81 SCIENCE4FUTURE Nacht der Wissenschaft in der Kiel Region 2018/2019 2018
82 PanINSULA PanINSULA - The next first commercially sustainable and therapeutically effective beta cell therapy for diabetes 2018
83 MANUELA Additive Manufacturing using Metal Pilot Line 2018
84 sEEIngDOM Ecological and Evolutionary Importance of Molecular Diversity in Dissolved Organic Matter 2019
85 JEWTACT Jewish Translation and Cultural Transfer in Early Modern Europe 2019
86 Euro-Argo RISE Euro-Argo Research Infrastructure Sustainability and Enhancement 2019
87 CEAD Contextualizing Evidence for Action on Diabetes in low-resource Settings: A mixed-methods case study in Quito and Esmeraldas, Ecuador. 2019
88 ELECTRA Electricity driven Low Energy and Chemical input Technology foR Accelerated bioremediation 2019
89 EU-OPENSCREEN-DRIVE Ensuring long-term sustainability of excellence in chemical biology within Europe and beyond 2019
91 ONTOP On-demand Non-hermitian TOPology 2019
92 BIOIMPROVE Improvement of food safety applied biosensors by protein engineering 2019
93 Plant Phenome Plant Phenome 2019
94 FORMSofLABOUR Forms of Labour: Gender, Freedom and Experience of Work in the Preindustrial Economy 2019
95 miRhythm Understanding mechanisms and functions of miRNA oscillations during development 2020
96 SLIPPED Maintenance and relapse in long-term desistance from crime and recovery from addiction 2019
97 RenoBooster RenoBooster - the Smart Renovation Hub Vienna 2019
98 MAX-BAS Magnetic cross-modal brain activity scanner MAX-BAS 2019
99 OnDosis01 A first in category prescription regimen for ADHD combining stimulants with intelligent dosing and digital capabilities 2019
100 MRI PADS Dielectric pads for high field MRI 2019
101 CULTURAL-E Climate and cultural based design and market valuable technology solutions for Plus Energy Houses 2019
102 NoBiasFluors Non-biased fluorescent dyes as markers of drugs for optical in cellulo and in vivo imaging 2020
103 AETHER Air-breathing Electric THrustER 2019
104 AGERPIX Artificial intelligence for yield estimations at fruit orchards 2019
105 ContiTRACE Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring and automated therapeutic closed loop medical device for Intensive Care Units 2019
106 BRAV3 Computational biomechanics and bioengineering 3D printing to develop a personalized regenerative biological ventricular assist device to provide lasting functional support to damaged hearts 2020
107 ALCO2-FUNC A Remote-carboxylation Strategy for Alcohols via a Dual-catalytic System 2020
108 SkinMicrobiome Paradigm Change in Skin Health: Novel Microbiome-based Cosmetics for Acne and Other Skin Conditions 2020
109 SchoolFlex School choice under transferable capacities 2020