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1 K-TRIO 2 Researchers in the Knowledge Triangle 2014
2 GEM From Geometry to Motion: inverse modeling of complex mechanical structures 2015
3 UNMOVED Simultaneous three dimensional multiphoton microscopy without mechanical depth scanning 2015
4 RobDREAM Optimising Robot Performance while Dreaming 2015
5 CrowdFundRES Unleashing the potential of Crowdfunding for Financing Renewable Energy Projects 2015
6 RegulRNA Modulation of RNA-based regulatory processes by viruses 2016
7 OPTIFUEL A reliable and transparent solid biofuels online quality control system 2014
8 LoCO2Fe Development of a Low CO2 Iron and Steelmaking Integrated Process Route for a Sustainable European Steel Industry 2015
9 DISAGROUP The Role of Groups in Complex Disagreement 2016
10 USES Understanding Social-Ecological Systems: Coupling population and satellite remotely sensed environmental data to improve the evidence base for sustainable development 2015
11 NITRIDE-SRH Energy losses in nitride light-emitting diodes 2015
12 LOBFRAM Lobbying and framing in foreign policy. EU and member states’ foreign policies towards Israel and Palestine 2015
13 QuantuM-nano Quantum Measurements with Bose-Einstein condensates strongly coupled to nanophotonic structures 2015
14 HLQPT Holographic lattices and quantum phase transitions 2015
15 ZPVMH Synaptic integration in the ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus in aggressive behaviour 2015
16 EmotionalActions Understanding Emotional Actions 2015
17 APTALAPS Investigation of the interaction of mesenchymal stem cells with aptamer modified surfaces using Light-Addressable Potentiometric Sensors (LAPS) 2015
18 Bioprene Bio-based high-purity isoprene through high-yield technology 2015
19 MARVIN Independent Smart Machine-Vision Based Cargo Counting Module 2015
20 FREEWAY FREEWAY : safely and effortless commute in an urban environment 2015
21 WeSmartPark Giving Drivers Access to Conventional and Electric Car Parking Lots Through the WeSmartPark Enhanced Management System 2015
22 GReen Desalination GReen Desalination: A closed-loop technology for full recovery of water and raw materials from the wastewater effluent 2015
23 WEAR3D-POC Commercialization of Wear3D - Wearable and 3D Display Technology 2015
24 DS Products study Feasibility study of internationalisation of dust control products using innovative cleantech technology 2015
25 ImpAl Improvements for a cost-effective volume production of advanced aluminum 2015
26 SERVIOPTIMAL The Global Marketplace for Optimized Field Work Delivery 2015
27 OSIRIS Optimal SIC substR ates for Integrated Microwave and Power CircuitS 2015
28 TAMING Taming non convexity? 2015
29 openMOS Open dynamic Manufacturing Operating System for Smart Plug-and-Produce Automation Components 2015
30 ReCaM Rapid Reconfiguration of Flexible Production Systems through Capability-based Adaptation, Auto-configuration and Integrated tools for Production Planning 2015
31 iPHEV Advanced Plug-in Hybrid Electric Drive System for Commercial Fleet Trucks 2015
32 Blink Software, not Hardware: Revolutionising Satellite Data Acquisition 2015
33 LHCbBaryonAmplitudes Strange baryons and exotic resonances in beauty baryon decays 2015
34 TUMAPOS Using TUnnel Magneto Resistance Technology for MAgnetic POSition MeasurementTUMAPOS 2015
35 ADDACT GmbH ADDACT - Fanpowered Concerts 2015
36 Loc8torHC A disruptive healthcare monitoring solution that by nature of what and how it monitors (IoT) improves home safety, user wellbeing and provides early warning to help avoid critical admissions 2016
37 3DWATERWAVES Mathematical aspects of three-dimensional water waves with vorticity 2016
38 USharePark USharePark: smart secUres system to SHARE PARKing places in private garages 2015
39 HElAIrcOPT Helicopter Engine Air Intake OPtimization Tool 2016
40 VocEmoApI Voice Emotion detection by Appraisal Inference 2015
41 AniAge High Dimensional Heterogeneous Data based Animation Techniques for Southeast Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Digital Content 2016
42 I4F Instant Foam for Fighting Forest Fires 2016
43 HRE Heat Roadmap Europe (HRE): Building the knowledge, skills, and capacity required to enable new policies and encourage new investments in the heating and cooling sector 2016
44 BATH A Probe for Environment Properties in Open Quantum Systems: Accessing Spectral Densities with Multi-Dimensional Coherent Spectroscopy 2017
45 MDC CNG Fuels- Mother and Daughter CNG Station Concept 2016
47 INTUIT Interactive Toolset for Understanding Trade-offs in ATM Performance 2016
48 MUSLIM-NLNO Muslims condemning violent extremism - An interdisciplinary analysis of public initiatives in the Netherlands and Norway 2001-2015 2016
49 TopOutEq Topological and Correlated Quantum Systems out of Equilibrium 2017
50 poro sos Efficient numerical methods for deformable porous media. Application to carbon dioxide storage. 2016
51 TranspvdW Vertical Transport and Photoresponse in van der Waals hybrid structures 2016
52 HeteroCancerInvasion Effect of heterogeneity of cancer cells on collective invasion 2016
53 GenoPri Quantifying and Protecting the Privacy of Genomic Data 2016
54 SENSE SENSE - a roadmap for the ideal low light level sensor development 2016
55 LAPARTS LArge Passenger Aircraft Reliable Touch Screen. 2016
56 BRIGHT Brilliant Researchers Impact on Growth Health and Trust in research. 2016
57 Brainwaves City Campus meets Illuminale 2016 / 2017 2016
58 SwiftBuild Swiftty web mobile builder 2016
59 2016
60 BMX-11 Providing Antifouling Additives for Marine Paints Inspired by Nature and Engineered for Industries 2016
61 LYSOSOMICS Functional Genomics of the Lysosome 2016
62 REHAP Systemic approach to Reduce Energy demand and CO2 emissions of processes that transform agroforestry waste into High Added value Products. 2016
63 DIGICOR Decentralised Agile Coordination Across Supply Chains 2016
64 BIOrescue Enhanced bioconversion of agricultural residues through cascading use 2016
65 ProBOS Protection Beyond Operating System - Development of the next generation cyber security solution 2016
66 EMMA Enriching Market solutions for content Management and publishing with state of the art multimedia Analysis techniques 2017
67 VERSATILE Innovative robotic applications for highly reconfigurable production lines - VERSATILE 2017
68 HARMONIC Studies in Harmonic Analysis and Discrete Geometry: Tilings, Spectra and Quasicrystals 2016
69 SD4Food The Spot Demetallizing Film - a unique, environment and health-friendly technology for effective food packaging. 2016
70 PANDA Production of Advanced Nano Diamond Additives (PANDA) for various industries, science and medicine 2016
71 GeoDust Utilization of secondary raw material in geopolymers production 2017
72 Intranetum Disrupting the Way We Store and Search for Files, Replacing The Folder-Based With a Context-Based Filing Paradigm. 2017
73 Obox A revolutionary and patented compact device that recovers the majority of the heat from waste water in residential and commercial places 2016
74 SmartCore Smart Core/shell nanorod arrays for artificial skin 2016
75 ENFOC Exploiting the Nonlinear Fiber-Optical Channel 2016
77 We teach to walk The Prodrobot authomatized gait trainer software developement and the EU market research 2017
78 InnSpect IoT Providing Quality of Experience Through Automated Testing of Devices 2017
79 DEVILS DEVILS (Development of Vhbr engines Innovative Lubrication System) 2017
80 THUNDER Development of the Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Inhibitor VS2-370 to Target HIV-associated Malignancies and to Purge Viral Reservoir 2017
81 CREG Chemist Researcher for Adhesive and Resolvable Electrolyte Gel Development 2017
82 MicACol Microrheology of two-dimensional active colloidal crystals and glasses 2017
83 GRAPHNANOGEL Advanced graphene nanodevices with functional hydrogels for DNA sequencing 2018
84 IGR-IDS Intergovernmental relations in divided societies 2018
85 VAC2VAC Vaccine lot to Vaccine lot comparison by consistancy testing - Sofia ref.: 115924 2016
86 ENDODEP Molecular mechanisms of endosome departure from the spindle in asymmetric cell division 2017
87 MeBeSafe Measures for behaving safely in traffic 2017
88 MIRAGE Augmented Reality Wearable Platform and Screen: Proof of Concept and Commercialization 2017
89 Metamorphosis On Request Mobile Testing Facility “Metamorphosis” 2017
90 Auxilia Hybrid Drive for Commercial Ships and Yachts 2017
91 TAKEMI5 Technology Advances and Key Enablers for Module Integration for 5 nm 2017
92 cool innov Turning the concept of magnetocaloric cooling on its head 2017
93 DEMMOW Detailed Model of a Morphing Wing 2017
94 SeaBubble Fast-Forwarding to the Future of On-Demand Urban Water Transportation 2017
95 SIMPLE FEAST HEALTHY TAKE-AWAY ON SUBSCRIPTION - delicious, organic, plant-based food in season whenever you need it. To promote good health of the European Union’s population. 2017
96 ARIESS Augmented Reality and Indoor Navigation for Enhanced ASSembly 2017
97 HEMs-DAM Hybrid Epitaxial Materials for Novel Quantum State Detection and Manipulation 2017
98 CROSS Cryogenic Rare-event Observatory with Surface Sensitivity 2018
99 AutoPro An adaptive system for modular automotive production to boost efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost. 2017
100 HiFi-ELEMENTS High Fidelity Electric Modelling and Testing 2017
101 L4MS Logistics for Manufacturing SMEs 2017
102 EVWRIT Everyday Writing in Graeco-Roman and Late Antique Egypt (I - VIII AD). A Socio-Semiotic Study of Communicative Variation 2018
104 ROMI RObotics for MIcrofarms 2017
105 BIGlobal Firm Growth and Market Power in the Global Economy 2017
106 PRoPART Precise and Robust Positioning for Automated Road Transports 2017
107 ExoplANETS A Exoplanet Athmosphere New Emission Transmission Spectra Analysis 2018
108 SPINMULTIFILM Physical principles of the creation of novel SPINtronic materials on the base of MULTIlayered metal-oxide FILMs for magnetic sensors and MRAM 2018
109 Magnetic Fluids A Key Enabling Technology for metals recovery and water management based on functionalized magnetic particles for galvanic industry 2018
110 AMuLET Advanced Control Unit for Morphing Leading Edge Management 2018
111 KEELBEMAN Keel beam manufacturing oriented solution 2018
112 KEEP-IT-UP KEEP-IT-UP: Redefining shelf life monitoring in the global food industry with a new intelligent Time-Temperature Indicator for perishable products 2018
113 BOOST 4.0 Big Data Value Spaces for COmpetitiveness of European COnnected Smart FacTories 4.0 2018
114 DILECO DIgitalization of ground-testing Life cycle with ECO design criteria 2018
115 KARhet Molecular architecture of heteromeric kainate receptor complexes 2018
116 BioAXOS A novel cost-efficient process to produce best-in-class prebiotics from side-products of the bioethanol industry 2018
117 CEN-CE CEN standard Certified ExpertsEU-wide qualification and training scheme based on EPBD mandated CEN standards 2018
118 ROBOTGENSKILL Generalizing human-demonstrated robot skills 2018
119 ISOMAXENT Development of a design-through-analysis methodology based on a coupled isogemetrcic-maximumentropy approach 2018
120 MemCHAPS Intramembrane chaperones : their role in folding membrane proteins 2019
121 IDEAA Techniques, methods and tools for Issue-Driven European Arena Analytics: supporting citizens to easily explore the trove of publicly available data to build a viewpoint on a specific issue. 2018
122 TAPES3 Technology Advances for Pilotline of Enhanced Semiconductors for 3nm 2018
123 SMILE A smile in return 2018
124 a tool for security assessments of emerging and legacy platforms 2018
125 IonDrive A novel cost effective industrial process for dispersion of Carbon Nanotubes on electrode materials for Li-Ion Batteries 2018
126 SkinKer Absorbable and wearable keratin-based nanofibers for wound healing and skin reconstruction 2018
127 SQ Building SQ Building – Solving the Trilemma of Comfort, Energy and Operational Costs in Buildings 2018
128 OmniBot OmniBot: Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing Bot platform 2018
129 VERTEX Swarms of underwater robots for fast & accurate water quality measurements 2018
130 VitaminBlock Development of antibacterial compounds that block essential transport function 2018
131 MaMBoQ Macroscopic Behavior of Many-Body Quantum Systems 2019
132 Grass Paper Grass Fibre as raw material for innovative Grass Paper products: the new economic and ecological resource for the European paper industry 2018
133 SPARE Full scale innovative composite pax and cargo floor grids for regional Aircraft Fuselage barrel on -ground demonstrators. 2018
134 SusBind Development and pilot production of SUStainable bio BINDer systems for wood based panels 2018
135 LiveRest Intelligent control system based on smart textiles to reduce pressure injury risk by real time measure of tissue viability, and intelligent trigger of prevention strategies adapted to user and context 2018
136 COFRARE 2020 Out of autoclave technologies for frame and shear tie of Regional Aircraft 2018
137 DIH² A Pan‐European Network of Robotics DIHs for Agile Production 2019
138 SMAART The breakthrough laser machining intelligence as saver of jobs and competitiveness for Europe's manufacturing business 2018
139 eFactory European Connected Factory Platform for Agile Manufacturing 2019
141 BOXBOT A fast and powerful 3D cargo space usage optimization service for logistics industry 2018
142 Glazetile Innovative approach for the digital ceramic tile glazing process, using a continuous in-line glazer 2018
143 GREENGRAPHENE Environment-Friendly and Cost-Effective Production of Graphene Nano Platelets for Composite Applications 2019
144 IMMERSE Integration Mapping of refugee and Migrant Children in Schools and Other Experiential Environments in Europe 2018
145 BEBOP Binaries Escorted By Orbiting Planets 2018
146 HYDROMA Origin and evolution of organic matter in carbonaceous chondrites: influence of hydrothermal processes 2019
147 IGOC Interactions between Groups, Orbits, and Cartans 2019
148 SINUSHUNT SinuShunt – New disruptive medical device for treatment of hydrocephalus 2019
149 MyKite Fly with Big Data 2019
150 CONCORDIA Cyber security cOmpeteNce fOr Research anD Innovation 2019
151 Solar QUEST QUalitative Electricity STorage for Solar energy 2019
152 IceAGenT Ice Age Genomic Tracking of Refugia and Postglacial Dispersal 2019
153 High-Risk-No-Gain A new approach to design wireless receivers 2019
154 BispecificsThatClick Combinatorial Antibody Synthesis for the Discovery of New Anti-Tumour Immunomodulators 2019
155 POLAR STAR Polymeric cyclodextrin-based nanoparticles for combination therapy of castrate-resistant prostate cancer 2019
156 DENMARK DNA, Environment, Mineral Association: Reaction Kinetics 2020
157 LICE LICE CULTIVATOR: Fast mechanical cultivator reducing fuel and herbicide use 2019
158 Seabubbles Delivering the future of urban water transportation with novel electric hydrofoil boats 2019
159 MICROPIX MicroLED Pixel Display for Augmented Reality Smart glasses 2019
160 hivepoll Polling beehives to monitor parasitic infestations and gather pollination information 2019
161 indepenDent The first Colour Denture Printer 2019
162 BrainMatter Enterprise Grade Lean AI platform 2019
163 Bufferblock Water buffering and drainage in urban areas by using drainage blocks under the road 2019
164 NorKHelp Using population genomics and metabarcoding to pro-actively manage kelp bioresources 2019
165 STREPUNLOCKED Unlocking the antibiotic production potential in soil bacteria Streptomyces coelicolor 2019
166 TAcTIC TArgeTed molecular Imaging and surgery for gastro-intestinal Cancer 2019
167 CSMS Smart, energy efficient air-condition 2019
168 doks Innovation Automated AI-based inventory management for logistics 2019
169 SCAT Smart Composites for Additive Technology 2019
170 MANTICA Fully Scalable Platform for Neuroscience Consumer Research and Product Development, Based on User-Friendly EEG-Headset and Cloud-Based Data Storage/Analysis. 2019
171 BatteryCheck Take the mystery out of battery life. 2019
172 AIVA AI that composes complex instrumental music for movies, games, advertising and other types of digital media 2019
173 ECRC Developing a diverse portfolio of vaccine candidates for Rift Valley Fever, Chikungunya and Ebola 2019
174 CQWLED Overcoming the efficiency limitation of semiconductor quantum dot-based light-emitting diodes 2020
175 CENSE Enabling the continuous monitoring of drinking water with an all-in-one sensor 2019
176 Mashcream Launching the Mashcream Lifestyle With the In-Home Cool Plate Ice Cream Maker 2019
177 HUPLE Huple movement and coordination development tool 2019
178 PREPARE Ships PREParE SHIPS - PREdicted Positioning based on Egnss for SHIPS 2019
179 DNA DS DNA Data storage 2019
180 Plural AI The knowledge engine for finance 2019
181 AVIAZE The social network for pilots, to make flying safer and cheaper 2020
182 PRIVATETRACK PRIVATETRACK: Privacy-friendly, low-power intelligent room occupancy detection and people counting. 2019
183 EVaP Elections, Violence, and Parties 2020
184 MCT Metacomputational Complexity Theory 2020
185 Pollenity Introducing the Internet of Bees: A Smart Beehive System 2020
186 NINI Neuronal Information through Neuronal Interactions 2020
187 CAMPVANS Investigation of carrier multiplication in van der Waals heterostructures for highly efficient solar cells 2021
188 FuturePowerFlow Exploiting the full integration potential of fluctuating renewable energies in power grid operation by new predictive technologies 2020
189 MXTRONICS MXene Nanosheets For Future Optoelectronic Devices 2020
190 MolecularMAGNET Molecular Magnetic Materials Based on Nanographenes: Controllable Synthesis and Characterization 2020