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The page lists 266 projects related to the topic "specialists".

# achronym  title  year 
1 AGILE Aircraft 3rd Generation MDO for Innovative Collaboration of Heterogeneous Teams of Experts 2015
2 MIND-SETS Mobility Innovations for a New Dawn in Sustainable (European) Transport Systems 2014
3 MISTRALE Monitoring of SoIl moiSture and wateR-flooded Areas for agricuLture and Environment 2015
4 BIOPOL Biochemical and mechanochemical mechanisms in polarized cells 2015
5 Swennis SweNet Innovation Specialist and Key Account Manager Service 2014
6 SELECTA Smart ELECTrodeposited Alloys for environmentally sustainable applications: from advanced protective coatings to micro/nano-robotic platforms 2015
7 MetaRNA RNA-based technologies for single-cell metabolite analysis 2015
8 iManageCancer iManageCancer - Empowering patients and strengthening self-management in cancer diseases 2015
9 Sound of Vision Natural sense of vision through acoustics and haptics 2015
10 TUMOCS TUneable Multiferroics based on oxygen OCtahedral Structures 2015
11 VIVOIMAG Multimodal imaging of the in vivo fate of bone transplants 2015
12 INCAS Understanding institutional change in Asia: a comparative perspective with Europe 2015
13 Pastguide Pastguide - guide app to run and witness full 3d reenactments of the past events in the heritage place on your mobile device 2014
15 Chinese Labour Shifting Dynamics of Chinese Labour in a Global Perspective 2015
16 TEACHPOL Freedom of Teaching and Political Control: The Case of Thomas Aquinas’ Assimilation in William of Peter Godin’s Lectura Thomasina (14th C.) 2015
17 MED-FARWEST Urban Centres and Landscapes in Transition. The Mediterranean FarWest in Late Antiquity 2015
18 EMBRYON EMBRYON - Develop and commercialize a highly innovative diagnostic-imaging product, improving success rates in the Assisted Reproduction IVF sector 2015
19 eKuore eKoure: the world´s first wireless stethoscope of the mhealth market. 2015
20 DGC SEPA in your pocket – development of a mobile payment solution based on a disruptive SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) Credit Transfer approach for banks and the payment industry. 2015
21 Enabling Excellence Graphene-based nanomaterials for touchscreen technologies: Comprehension, Commerce and Communication 2015
22 RealValue Realising Value from Electricity Markets with Local Smart Electric Thermal Storage Technology 2015
23 CORONA II Enhancement of training capabilities in VVER technology through establishment of VVER training academy (CORONA II) 2015
24 Dermtest An empowering toolkit for general practitioners to prevent, detect and treat melanoma (Dermtest) 2015
25 Respiratory Analyzer Validation of calibrated RIP (respiratory inductive plethysmography) based biomarker for diagnosis of SDB (sleep-disordered breathing) and the identification of an accessible screening solution 2015
26 Train-to-NZEB Train-to-NZEB: The Building Knowledge Hubs 2015
27 SWENNIS2 Services enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in the Enterprise Europe Network 2015
28 CaSR Biomedicine Calcium-Sensing Receptor (CaSR): Therapeutics for Non-Communicable Diseases 2016
29 ITEAM Interdisciplinary Training Network in Multi-Actuated Ground Vehicles 2016
30 MEMOIRS Children of Empires and European Postmemories 2015
31 IntercommunalSpace Intercommunal Space in Late Antiquity 2016
32 iPURXL iPURXL: Scale-Up of Liquid Nano-reactor for the Destruction of Contaminants in Turbid Fluids 2015
33 BigDataFinance Training for Big Data in Financial Research and Risk Management 2015
34 BIGCHEM Big Data in Chemistry 2016
35 One-EG Wearable Brain Monitoring Technology for Quick Diagnosis of Sleep Disorders 2016
36 REE4EU REE4EU: integrated high temperature electrolysis (HTE) and Ion Liquid Extraction (ILE) for a strong and independent European Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain 2015
37 HYDRALAB-PLUS HYDRALAB+ Adapting to climate change 2015
38 FrEBT Improving diagnostics of respiratory diseases and boosting the COMAC MEDICAL Ltd. competitiveness and growth by validation of fractional EBT biomarker through new method of measurement and device 2015
39 OPTIMISED Operational Planning Tool Interfacing Manufacturing Integrated Simulations with Empirical Data 2015
40 NEWROFEED Personalized medical device for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD based on EEG biomarkers and Neurofeedback Training 2015
41 ERROR A pEdiatRic dosimetRy personalized platfORm based on computational anthropomorphic phantoms 2016
42 PICASSO ICT Policy, Research and Innovation for a Smart Society: towards new avenues in EU-US ICT collaboration 2016
43 F-CCW Functional Cell Culture Ware (F-CCW) : Technical and Commercial feasible? 2015
44 NANOSCREEN Disruptive portable device for pre-screening of Persistent Organic Pollutants –POPs- in food products and water 2015
45 NORIMS INNOWAY Key Account Manager and Innovation Specialists Services - NORIMS 2015
46 SIGN-HUB The Sign Hub: preserving, researching and fostering the linguistic, historical and cultural heritage of European Deaf signing communities with an integral resource 2016
47 INNO-4-AGRIFOOD Capitalising the full potential of on-line collaboration for SMEs innovation support in the Agri-Food ecosystem 2016
49 MAINTRAC-Auto MAINTRAC-Auto: Automatization and validation of a liquid biopsy assay “Maintrac-AUTO CTC-analyser” for predictive real time monitoring and success control of solid tumor cancer therapy 2016
50 FUNBRUSH FunBrush – smart device to change brushing teeth into fun and healthy game 2016
51 ASEPTIC-VACBID Energy Saving Aseptic System to Empty Concentrates out of Aseptic Bags for the Juice Production Process. 2016
52 TAME-Plasmons a Theoretical chemistry Approach to tiME-resolved molecular Plasmonics 2016
53 SINet Software-defined Intermittent Networking 2016
54 QUERWG Quantum Unique Ergodicity and Random Waves on Graphs 2016
55 Panatomy Panatomy 2016
56 Dig-For-Arch Digital Forensic Archaeology 2017
58 S3NET Satellite Swarm Sensor NETwork 2016
59 AFFMA Approximation of Functions and Fourier Multipliers and their applications 2016
60 IMCIS Individualised medicine in chronic inflammatory skin diseases 2016
61 ENERI European Network of Research Ethics and Research Integrity (ENERI) 2016
62 MYA MYA, the innovative diagnostics platform for the full mapping of personal allergies 2016
63 SUPERBIO SUpport and PartnERship for the development of multiple sustainable and market ready value chains in the BIObased economy 2016
64 FemEcoMig Uneven lives: female economy, migration patterns and citizenship in Early Modern Italy 2017
65 ID-Lyme A novel immunity-based test for early diagnosis of Lyme disease 2016
66 I-SEE Intelligent Sensor Enabled Eyewear 2016
67 Neuro Care System Adaptive Neuro Care System 2016
68 CROPTI The disruptive management software that turns agricultural traceability information into actionable business data 2016
69 QUIBIM QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medice 2016
70 SEMENIZER Feasibility study of a fully automated, integrated and standardized computer aided semen analyzer system 2016
71 THERMCP Construction of microcompartments in thermophilic Geobacillus thermoglucosidasius as nano-bioreactors for advanced biofuels production at high temperature 2016
72 LoC The Logic of Conceivability: Modelling Rational Imagination with Non-Normal Modal Logics 2017
73 FINESSE Fibre Nervous Sensing Systems 2016
74 PaREGEn Particle Reduced, Efficient Gasoline Engines 2016
75 PROTECTED PROTECTion against Endocrine Disruptors; Detection, mixtures, health effects, risk assessment and communication. 2017
76 TEMPERA Teaching Emerging Methods in Palaeoproteomics for the European Research Area 2017
77 EJDFoodSci Food science, technology and engineering - European Joint Doctorate training towards knowledge, skills and mobility 2016
78 PBNv2 Next generation Pass-By Noise approaches for new powertrain vehicles 2017
79 RADSAGA RADiation and reliability challenges for electronics used in Space, Avionics, on the Ground and at Accelerators 2017
80 REMINDER Role of European Mobility and its Impacts in Narratives, Debates and EU Reforms 2017
81 HKADeC Human Capital Accumulation in Developing Countries: Mechanisms, Constraints and Policies 2016
82 POWDERBLADE Commercialisation of Advanced Composite Material Technology: Carbon-Glass Hybrid in PowderEpoxy for Large (60-100m) Wind Turbine Blades 2016
83 GLAUrious External Automatic Glaucoma Laser (EAGLE) for the first-line glaucoma treatment: Commercial prototype development and validation 2016
84 MonoDiaL Monolithic Diamond Raman Laser (MonoDial) 2016
85 Neurofibres Biofunctionalised Electroconducting Microfibres for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury 2017
86 Wonderlogix STUDIO Wonderlogix STUDIO: Towards Seamless Industrial Control 2016
87 IntegraMouse3 Next-generation, modular computer mouse device for disabled people 2016
88 CID Computing with Infinite Data 2017
89 EoC Ethics of Coding: A Report on the Algorithmic Condition 2017
90 AMITIE Additive Manufacturing Initiative for Transnational Innovation in Europe 2017
91 CHARMED Characterisation Of A Green Microenvironment And To Study Its Impact Upon Health and Well-Being in The Elderly As A Way Forward For Health Tourism. 2017
92 TechPolChange Technology and Political Change: Nuclear Power in the Post-Soviet Union 2017
93 CONCILIO Development of a global, inclusive, digital health concierge 2017
94 APU-OFF Auxiliary Power Unit SubstitutiOn Service For AircraFt 2017
95 AltaGram 4.0 Launching the First One-Stop Video Game Culturalization Management Platform 2017
96 Requirement Robot Software Robot Requirements: Automating requirement extraction and Analysis 2017
97 CRISP-4-CROPS CRISPR/Cas9 technology implementation for improved resistance to Abiotic Stress in cereals 2017
98 OF vacancy Expert in selective/genetic breeding 2017
99 ASSIGN Get on top of your multimedia content 2017
100 PhySense Physarum Sensor: Biosensor for Citizen Scientists 2017
101 DropContEvo A droplet microfluidic system for continuous in vivo evolution. 2018
102 CAPTIVATE Craft Malting Process Innovation for a Competitive and Collaborative Rural Economy 2017
103 NIBEA Nano Impacts for Biomedical and Environmental Analysis 2017
104 TURKEY Uncovering the Transatlantic History of Turkey Husbandry and Breeding using a Multi-Disciplinary Approach 2017
105 PhotoNanoBone Photoresponsive Smart Nanocarriers for Tetherless Regeneration of Bone Tissue 2018
106 umCryofix A microfluidic cryofixation method for time-resolved correlative microscopy 2017
107 GaTHeR GaTHeR, Gender and Transfer of Knowledge in Hunter Gatherer Research 2017
108 mPOWER Mobile platform to empower cancer patients with fatigue 2017
109 POLAR-EM Automated tools for atomic resolution mapping of electrostatic fields in the electron microscope 2017
110 Lawforms Forms of Law in the Early Modern Persianate World, 17th-19th centuries 2017
111 ESIT European School for Interdisciplinary Tinnitus Research 2017
112 FUTURE-PROOF FUTURE-PROOF: Wide Area Monitoring and Protection Systems for the Future Grid 2018
113 GeoBrown Brownian geometry: at the interface between probability theory, combinatorics and mathematical physics. 2017
114 BIOSEA Innovative cost-effective technology for maximizing aquatic biomass-based molecules for food, feed and cosmetic applications 2017
115 AdaSmartRes Adapter for a commercial grade camera or a smart phone to perform depth resolved imaging 2017
116 Metamorphosis On Request Mobile Testing Facility “Metamorphosis” 2017
117 Fit-to-nZEB Innovative training schemes for retrofitting to nZEB-levels 2017
118 NEUROON-MED NEUROON-MED – the future of at-home diagnosis of sleep disorders 2017
119 ORCHID Organ on Chip in Development 2017
120 FONTE Fibre optic nonlinear technologies 2018
121 EuroNeurotrophin A European training network for the discovery of neurotrophins small molecule mimetics as candidate therapeutic agents for neurodegeneration and neuroinflammation 2018
122 HYBRID Innovative Training Network towards raising and supporting the next generation of creative and entrepreneurial cross-speciality imaging experts 2017
123 META-CAN Targeting the metabolism-immune system connections in Cancer 2017
124 ModulED Modular Electric Drivetrains 2017
125 Ovage OvAge: an innovative, user-friendly digital methodology that quantifies ovarian reserve by integratingclinical, biochemical and 3D-sonographic data to help decision-making in all phases of woman life 2017
126 PurinesDX Interdisciplinary training network on the purinergic P2X7 receptor to control neuroinflammation and hyperexcitability in brain diseases. 2017
127 QUIBIM Precision QUantitative Imaging Biomarkers Medicine 2017
128 A4B Analytics for Biologics 2017
129 STEVE Smart-Taylored L-category Electric Vehicle demonstration in hEtherogeneous urbanuse-cases 2017
130 NANOPORE Precise array of proton selective nanopores in 2D atomically thin membranes 2017
131 GALERACLUSTER Galera Cluster: World’s Most Advanced Technology to Protect Against Data Loss 2017
132 BILLON Disrupting the economy – FinTech blockchain solution revolutionises direct payments. Secure, low-cost and simple bank-free payments for everyone 2017
133 UMMA Urban Metamorphosis of the community of a Medieval African capital city 2018
134 COOL DH Cool ways of using low grade Heat Sources from Cooling and Surplus Heat for heating of Energy Efficient Buildings with new Low Temperature District Heating (LTDH) Solutions. 2017
135 ANIMA Aviation Noise Impact Management through Novel Approaches 2017
136 RECOPHARMA Removal and Recovery of Pharmaceutical Persistent Pollutants from Wastewater by Selective Reagentless Process 2018
137 GRAPHENART Graphene as effective anti-fading agent for the protection of artworks 2017
138 CT ‘Challenging Time(s)’ – A New Approach to Written Sources for Ancient Egyptian Chronology 2018
139 STRATO Stress as a modifier of atherosclerosis - Novel mechanistic insights and therapeutic avenues - 2018
140 Nunataryuk Permafrost thaw and the changing arctic coast: science for socio-economic adaptation 2017
141 TransFerr Transition metal oxides with metastable phases: a way towards superior ferroic properties 2017
142 RE-DEFINE Refugee Emergency: DEFining and Implementing Novel Evidence-based psychosocial interventions 2018
143 Supporting European Experts Presence in International Standardisation Activities in ICT 2018
144 INSENSION Personalized intelligent platform enabling interaction with digital services to individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities 2018
145 SMART PlantOne A low-cost IoT - solution for predictive maintenance of small electric motors towards the Factory of the Future 2017
146 YAKSHA Cybersecurity Awareness and Knowledge Systemic High-level Application 2018
147 SIZE The role of size in the sustainability of irrigation systems 2019
148 E FUNDIA Ecosystem function and Diversity in Amazonia 2018
149 FoodLoss Food Loss in History. Insights into the food produced but never consumed 2019
150 AMBER Dating fossils with molecules – innovative approach to determine the age of Baltic AMBER 2018
151 BUDDHISMAFRICA East-Asian Buddhism in Post-Apartheid South Africa 2018
152 NeoplAT Neoplatonism and Abrahamic Traditions. A Comparative Analysis of the Middle East, Byzantium and the Latin West (9th-16th Centuries) 2018
153 PhoW Photon High Way - Integrated single-photon sources: crossing the chasm 2018
154 TRANSACT Book History and Translation History: Copyright, Wages, Censorship, and the (Proto-)Professionalisation of Translators in Nineteenth-Century Britain and Ireland 2018
155 SHINE Self-Healthcare for breast cancer detection using an INtegrated paper-based Electrochemical device 2019
156 SALUS Portable, high-performance, and all-in-one digital data recovery lab for digital forensics to greatly enhance efficiency and capabilities of European investigation authorities 2018
157 SPACE-UP Assisting European SPACE Start-ups in scaling UP 2018
158 SHADOW SHADOW: An exploration of the nature of informal economies and shadow practices in the former USSR region 2018
159 EXERTER Security of Explosives pan-European Specialists Network 2018
160 STETHOTELEPHONE Device for improving the value of the Classic/Mechanic stethoscope – An innovative device for improvement, digitization and recording of the sound. 2018
161 EVE Eve – From ‘black box’ to yellow box: full insight technology for chicken hatcheries 2018
162 WELLGENETICS Disruptive tracer technology based on synthetic DNA to map subterranean resources 2018
163 Cupris The first smartphone-connected medical device for a secure remote diagnosis of ears, nose, eyes and skin conditions 2018
164 plasmaCare A small, portable cold plasma device for the treatment of chronic and acute wounds. 2018
165 Olfactomics Bringing Surgery to the 21st Century: Feasibility Verification of Real-time Tissue Analysis During Surgery 2018
166 TIMB3 Twin to Illuminate Metals in Biology and Biocatalysis through Biospectroscopy 2018
167 Stellar i-ris First non-invasive, reliable and quickest biometric system detecting users’ fatigue and narcotics consumption for road safety and the prevention of accidents at safety-critical workplaces in Europe 2018
168 UNRAVEL UNique Refinery Approach to Valorise European Lignocellulosics 2018
169 IMPLAGUIDE Smart & Autonomous Guidance System for Citizen Security in Public Transport and large facilities 2018
170 ATTRACT breAkThrough innovaTion pRogrAmme for a pan-European Detection and Imaging eCosysTem 2018
171 EUROoC Interdisciplinary training network for advancing Organ-on-a-chip technology in Europe 2018
172 REFLOW Phosphorus REcovery for FertiLisers frOm dairy processing Waste 2019
173 FISRAD Organizing FISA and EuradWaste Conference under the Romanian Presidency of EU Council 2018
174 Sleepiz Contactless, Multidimensional Sleep Monitoring and Assessment Solution 2018
175 NanoCarb Glyco-Nanoparticles for Applications in Advance Nanomedicine 2018
176 DARE Disability Advocacy Research in Europe 2019
177 RESIST Resurrection plants reveal secrets of vegetative desiccation tolerance 2019
178 Stardust-R Stardust Reloaded 2019
179 ENHANCE ENHANCing Human Performance in Complex Socio-Technical SystEms 2019
180 FINDER Fostering Innovation Networks in a Digital Era 2018
181 Wavepiston Competitive Wave Energy on Islands 2018
182 TinniMizer TinniMizer : A Patient-specific Novel Approach for Tinnitus Treatment 2018
183 ZDMP Zero Defect Manufacturing Platform 2019
184 EDJ An Etymological Dictionary of the Japonic Languages 2019
185 SELNET Sarcoma as a model to improve diagnosis and clinical care of rare tumors through a European and Latin American multidisciplinary network 2019
186 Echophone Launching the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Technology of the Future 2019
187 NOVIRUSES2BRAIN ''One size fits all'' unique drug to eradicate multiple viral species simultaneously from the central nervous system of co-infected individuals 2019
188 SERUMS Securing Medical Data in Smart Patient-Centric Healthcare Systems 2019
189 Pret-a-LLOD Ready-to-use Multilingual Linked Language Data for Knowledge Services across Sectors 2019
190 NGI Godfathers Prog. Next Generation Internet Godfathers Programme 2019
192 PROBIM PRO Business Innovation Moldova 2019
193 GEMS General Embedding Models for Spectroscopy 2019
194 MICROB-PREDICT MICROBiome-based biomarkers to PREDICT decompensation of liver cirrhosis and treatment response 2019
195 DIAIoT An e-Health expert system for diagnosis and treatment of diabetics to reduce the risk of skin breakdown and co-existing foot diseases 2019
196 Oximonitor The first portable monitoring medical device providing accurate prognosis for patients with circulatory failure 2019
197 FlexInt Flexible Manufacturing using Semantically Interoperable Data Integration 2019
198 BitBox BitBox Enterprise - Enterprise-grade Solution for Digital Assets Custody 2019
199 CACTUSes CACTUS es, the smart and comprehensive energy efficiency suite software and services based on artificial intelligence 2019
200 Olfactomics Surgery BRINGING SURGERY TO THE 21ST CENTURY: REAL-TIME TISSUE ANALYSIS DURING CANCER SURGERY. Improving Patient Safety, Quality and Cost-Effectiveness 2019
201 ATLANTIC Advanced theoretical network for modeling light matter interactIon 2019
202 iDAPT iDAPT: ice Dependent Adaptations for Plant Terrestrialization 2020
203 NEURONET Efficiently Networking European Neurodegeneration Research 2019
204 PIE ANIMALS Of beasts and men. The animals of the Proto-Indo-Europeans 2019
205 FaultScan Passive seismic scanning of the preparation phase of damaging earthquakes 2019
206 GenALMA Kinship, Alliance and Urban Space: the Genoese 'alberghi' in the Late Middle Ages (c. 1150 - c. 1450) 2019
207 REVERE Revisiting the Seventeenth-Century Republic of Letters 2019
208 ESCAPE Abandoning ship – sex and dormancy strategies in Daphnia 2019
209 EUREKA Design of multifunctional phosphorous dendritic systems for drug delivery 2020
210 CEJaMS Choreographing Emigration: Japanese Tango Musicians in Shanghai, 1920-1945 2019
211 CHARM-Vis Chromatin accessibility landscape and transcription changes in recognition memory after visual imprinting in chicks 2019
212 MS-INFINITE MASS SPECTROMETRY WITHOUT LIMITS: Pioneer MS equipment and Automated Sample Preparation unit to boost New Therapies Development 2019
213 DESIRA Digitisation: Economic and Social Impacts in Rural Areas 2019
214 Block.IS Blockchain Innovation Spaces 2019
215 ISAC International Study on Age-related disparity in Cancer patient survival 2019
216 MDURANCE Pervasive muscle response monitoring for everyone, a physiotherapy revolution 2019
217 CO-DEfENDENCE Bacteriophages, phage-host interactions and evolution of defence mechanisms in beneficial bacterium Propionibacterium freudenreichii 2020
218 BIOSPACE Monitoring Biodiversity from Space 2019
219 CIFTRESS Climatic Impact on Food Trade RESilience and Security 2019
220 TiMoleS Time-resolved Molecular Selfies (TiMoleS): Visualising molecular dynamics in real time 2020
221 ALTAGRAM4.0 First One-Stop Video Game Culturalization Management Platform 2019
222 EarWay EarWay: a simple, safe and efficient medical device for earwax removal 2019
223 CO2Fokus CO2 utilisation focused on market relevant dimethyl ether production, via 3D printed reactor- and solid oxide cell based technologies 2019
224 TRANSPACIFIC The Structure and Impact of Trans-Pacific Trade, 16th to 18th Centuries: The Manila Galleon Trade Beyond Silver and Silks 2020
225 INTEGROMED Integration of knowledge and biobank resources in comprehensive translational approach for personalized prevention and treatment of metabolic disorders 2019
226 Dyneelax The world’s first automated laximetry device that replicates daily movements and activities through a dynamic test. 2019
227 Terra SmartHDD Worldwide unique automated mixing and dosing technology for precise dosed and homogenous mixed drilling fluids for horizontal directional drilling with AI-based soil type and wear detection 2019
228 TIPAT Training towards Personalized Antibiotic Treatment 2020
229 BeMAGIC Magnetoelectrics Beyond 2020: A Training Programme on Energy-Efficient Magnetoelectric Nanomaterials for Advanced Information and Healthcare Technologies 2019
230 PUSHH Palaeoproteomics to Unleash Studies on Human History 2020
231 INEDIT open INnovation Ecosystems for Do It Together process 2019
232 METAMORFOSIS Disrupting the sports nutrition market with a healthy, high-performance, bee product-based energy gel in highly innovative compostable packaging 2019
233 FLOAWER FLOAting Wind Energy netwoRk 2019
234 AutoCapSyn Capsule based machines for the automated synthesis of organic molecules for drug discovery and medicinal chemistry 2019
235 Smarter Vision Micro The most accurate 3D sensor in the world 2019
236 Immune-Image Immune-Image: Specific Imaging of Immune Cell Dynamics Using Novel Tracer Strategies 2019
237 MERGING Manipulation Enhancement through Robotic Guidance and Intelligent Novel Grippers 2019
238 Kerefish KerecisTM Omega3 Wound: the first fish skin substitute in the European Market for chronic wound care 2019
239 FAITH a Federated Artificial Intelligence solution for moniToring mental Health status after cancer treatment 2020
240 STARTUP3 Supporting deep-tech based innovative market players to uptake opportunities, upgrade performance and upscale their business 2020
241 PEriTiA Policy, Expertise, and Trust in Action 2020
242 KiCloud Intelligent and serverless, cloud-based infrastructure for medical diagnostic devices 2019
243 KlimaFacade Feasibility analysis for the development and market introduction of an innovative and multi-functional façade. 2019
244 A Collaborative platform for EU-US NGI experiments 2020
246 CoastCarb Coastal ecosystem carbon balance in times of rapid glacier melt 2020
247 SmartGUIDE SmartGUIDE - Enabling a New Standard of Care Through a Smart Guidewire Device to Fight Stroke and Save Lives 2019
248 Osto.Me Ostomy Market Disruption: First Leak Proof Ostomy Appliance removing the need for Accessories in the Ostomy Market 2020
249 DemDX Next generation clinical decision-support & education 2019
250 BTD The EEG Dementia Index – Fast and Affordable Dementia Diagnosis 2019
251 BugWright2 Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Maintenance on Ship Hulls and Storage Tanks 2020
252 iScan Automated retinal scans for early detection of diabetic eye diseases through use of artificial intelligence 2020
253 DISCOvERIE Development, dIagnostic and prevention of gender-related Somatic and mental COmorbitiEs in iRritable bowel syndrome In Europe 2020
254 VIRTUAL-FCS VIRTUAL & physical platform for Fuel Cell System development 2020
255 PROBIM PRO Business Innovation Moldova 2020
256 FatVirtualBiopsy MRI toolkit for in vivo fat virtual biopsy 2020
257 CYBER-PDR Disempowering Cyber-Attackers 2020
258 ECCSELERATE ECCSEL ERIC – accelerating user access, growing the membership and positioning internationally to ensure long-term sustainability 2020
259 REGIOFLU Regioselective Hydrogen Bonding Phase Transfer Catalysis 2020
260 DLD-PI Developmental Language Disorder - Prevention and Intervention 2021
261 FluAttack Validation of a novel antiviral drug candidate against influenza 2020
262 NanoPAT Process Analytical Technologies for Industrial Nanoparticle Production 2020
263 Electroscopy Electrochemistry of All-solid-state-battery Processes using Operando Electron Microscopy 2020
264 EURO IMJIN European Literature and the “First East Asian War” of 1592-1598 (EURO-IMJIN) 2020
265 ViRMA Virtual Reality Multimedia Analytics: An interactive approach to large-scale multimedia analysis in a virtual environment 2020
266 IDENTIS Identity-scapes of Sardinia: productivity, burials, and social relationships of AD 100-600 west-central Sardinia 2020